The PFC Raymond Ranellucci Jr Memorial Scholarship Award

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					 The PFC Raymond A Ranellucci Jr.
Veterans Memorial Scholarship Award

   Awarded by:
   Robert L. Weininger V.F.W. Post #8692
   Colonie, New York
P.F.C Raymond A. Ranellucci Jr.
United States Marine Corp
   Raymond A. Ranellucci Jr. was born and raised in
    Rensselaer County. Raymond was a student of
    Averill Park High School during the Viet Nam War
    era. In 1963 Raymond’s patriotism called him to
    serve and he joined the United States Marine Corp.
    Raymond immediately after boot camp was sent to
    Viet Nam. In 1964 Raymond Ranellucci Jr. lost his
    life in battle. This memorial fund was developed by
    his family / friends to remember Raymond, the
    sacrifice he made serving his country and to
    promote awareness of The United States Armed
Scholarship Information
   Robert L. Weininger Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #8692 is an
    organization dedicated to providing a High School Senior in the
    Capital District a one time scholarship award. The scholarship
    value is a one time award of $500.00.
   To qualify for this award you must be a son / daughter or relative
    of a veteran of The United States Military service or any high
    school senior that will be entering ROTC / Military Academy as a
    freshman in college. An additional focus will be on a student who
    is participating in community / school activities and has
    maintained an above average GPA.
   This High School senior will be required to write a brief essay on
    the topic of “The true meaning of Memorial Day” .
   VFW Post #8692 will administer and disburse the scholarship
    award. The selection will be made by the PFC Raymond A.
    Ranellucci Jr. Veterans Memorial Scholarship Fund Award
Scholarship Process
    The scholarship process consists of the following procedures:
1.   Scholarship application must be postmarked by April 08, 2011.
2.   Application must be filled out completely and signed by the
     student and a representative of the High School Guidance staff.
3.   There is absolutely no fee associated with this scholarship.
4.   Once the application is received, it will be reviewed by the
     scholarship award committee.
5.   The scholarship recipient will be notified by April 22, 2011 .
6.   The scholarship will be awarded at the VFW Post #8692 Loyalty
     Day Celebration during the month of May ( May 1th, 2011).
7.   The recipients name will be posted on the PFC Raymond A.
     Ranellucci Jr. Veterans Memorial Scholarship award plaque
     located at the VFW Post #8692 facility.
Scholarship Requirements
    To apply for the PFC Raymond A. Ranellucci Jr. Veterans
     Memorial Scholarship award the following is required:

1.   A written essay on the topic “The True Meaning of Memorial Day”. This
     essay must be a minimum of 500 words and no more than 1,000 words.
2.   Participation in a community event / service that in some way promotes
     patriotism or was connected with any Veterans programs.
3.   High School Senior who is a son or daughter or relative of a Veteran of
     the United States Military service that is accepted to a 2 year / 4 year
     College of choice. (proof of parents – relatives military status required & college acceptance necessary)
4.   Or – A High School Senior who is accepted to 2 year / 4 year ROTC
     program at a College or Military Academy of choice.
5.   Has participated in school activities. (Clubs, Student Council, or Sports
6.   A brief bullet point biography of applicant.
7.   Resident of Albany County, Rensselaer County, or Schenectady County.
Students Name__________________________________________________
City, Sate, Zip Code_______________________________________________
Telephone Number _______________________________________________
High School Attending_____________________________________________
High School Address______________________________________________
Counselor’s Name__________________ 4 year HS GPA Avg ______ Certification / Transcript Attached_____
High School Activities _____________________________________________
Name of College Attending _____________________ROTC______________Copy of Acceptance Letter________

Essay Enclosed ( ) Certificate of community service / event participation ( )
Proof of Parents Military Service ( )        Bullet Point Biography ( )
I am submitting this application to be considered for the PFC Raymond A. Ranellucci Jr. Scholarship Award. My status is a high
      school senior in the Capital District area. I am a Son / Daughter / relative of a Veteran of Military Service or I am registered and
      accepted in a ROTC program. By applying for this scholarship I understand that I am being considered for this award and that
      all materials submitted will be reviewed by the awards committee. I also understand that if I omit any of the required documents
      my application will be voided. I understand that I will be notified by mail of my status. Your High School Guidance office will be
      notified. I understand that there will be no fee required to submit this application.

Applicant Signature __________________________Date__________________
Printed Name_______________________________
Counselor’s Signature ________________________Date__________________
Printed Name_______________________________

Mail To: Robert L. Weinninger Memorial Post #8692, Veterans of Foreign Wars Of The United States of America, Post Office Box
      12083, Albany, New York 12212. Attention: Scholarship Committee
Must be Postmarked by April 6, 2011.
Certificate of Community Service / Event
  I certify that ________________ of
   ______________High School has participated in the
   service / event
   _______________________________ on
   ______(date). This service / event was sponsored
   by __________________.
Signature of certification________________
Title _________________
Contact Telephone # __________________
Signature of Applicant__________________
Robert L. Weinninger V.F.W. Post #8692
Scholarship Award
   Scholarship / Account name:   PFC Raymond A. Ranellucci Jr. Veterans Memorial Scholarship Award

   Curriculum:                   Open to all

   Amount of Award:              Minimum $500.00. Additional awards granted based on available funds.

   Number of Awards:             1

   Frequency of Awards:          Annual

   Established by:               Robert L Weinninger V.F.W. Post #8692, Colonie N.Y.

   Date Established:             February 1, 2004

   Contact Name                  James Haas, Awards Committee Chairperson

   Contact Address               P.O. Box 12083, Albany, New York 12212

   Contact Telephone Number      (518) 452-1395 or

   Award Eligibility:            Awarded to a High School Graduating Senior who is a Son / Daughter or relative of a Veteran
    of the                        United States Military Service. OR a High School Senior accepted to a ROTC program /
                                  Military Academy. Must also participate in a community event / service that promotes