Best partner for Sony’s New VAIO Z Series Notebook

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					     Best partner for Sony’s New VAIO Z Series Notebook

Keyword: Sony’s New VAIO Z, ZTE MF180 3G Modem

Summary: The wireless network card has enjoyed lots of popularity, why? The main
reason consists in the function of enabling to connect 3G internet with the notebook, ZTE
MF180 modem could be a wonderful example.

Have you ever heard the new VAIO Z series? It’s regarded as the world lightest 13-inch
standard voltage PC, which features the ultra slim design with lighter and thinner feeling.
As the latest notebook, it will definitely be welcomed by certain people, and do you want to
make the laptop more convenient? 3G modem may play an important part in this aspect;
ZTE MF180 3G modem impresses people firstly by its compact size, so that the
movement will be particularly available, and the specific operations could be worked out
very easily.

If you desire to surf on the net smoothly and practically with Sony’s new VAIO Z series,
ZTE MF180 modem will be a nice choice, it’s a multi-mode USB modem that works under
HSDPA/WCDMA/GPRS/GSM networks, the surface design contains the SIM/USIM card
slot and USB connector, the latter is helpful to connect the notebook mentioned above.

The specific operations are as follows:
1. Insert the SIM card; open the back cover of ZTE MF180 modem to access the slot.
2. Connect the modem with Sony’s new VAIO Z notebook using USB cable.
3. As soon as you connect the modem with laptop, it will automatically pop up the
   installation procedure, and you just need to install it, please be patient, it will take
   several minutes.
4. After the installation, you’ll be ready to go as soon as the connect button is available.
   Then, go to the network zone, you will find that the network is available, and you could
   get on the internet now.

It will be very enjoyable to use the Sony’s new VAIO Z notebook with practical ZTE MF180
3G modem, you don’t need to set up the complex procedure, just in accordance with the
operating process, enjoy the stable internet now.

If there should be any questions about the usage, you could click here to look at the
detailed answers. The installation will create an icon on your laptop to be clearly seen.
And please make sure the SIM card is correctly inserted, if you don’t need the internet,
please remember to push disconnect button to end it.

ZTE MF180 could support most types of laptops, when you carry your laptops out, you
can still access the internet on the move, so don’t worry about the business stuff and
communication from now on!

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