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					    Introduction to
 Law Career Services:
Career Essentials for 1Ls
               LCS Staff Members
                           Bannan, 2nd Floor
Vicki Huebner, Assistant Dean for Law Career Services:
Morgan Dain, Assistant Director for Law Career Development:
Jennifer Babcock, Assistant Director for Law Graduate Employment:
Natalie Bautista, Interim Assistant Director:
Christina Johnson, Program Coordinator:
C.J. Tessari, Communications Manager
Sarah Mercer, Public Interest LCS Coordinator
Carolyn Kim, Public Interest LCS Coordinator
Student Assistant Staff
How to reach us:
, 408-554-4350,
       How Can We Help You?

 Educational Resource for Your Self-
  Directed Job Search
 Individual Career Advising
 Programs and Networking Events
 Self-Assessment
 Job Listings/Resume Collects
 On Campus Interview Coordination
 Resources (print & online)
 Public Interest Law Career Services
             How Do I Get Started?
   November
     –   Make an initial advising appointment-Get access to SCU Law Jobs!
     –   Research! Look at SCU Law Jobs, Gov. Honors Handbook, etc…
     –   Explore skills, interests and expectations
     –   Begin to think about strategy for Spring and Summer
     –   Update marketing materials (resume, cover letter, etc…)
     –   Attend LCS programs and networking events

   December/January
     – Schedule a follow up with LCS! Where are you at?
     – Determine your target audience(s)
     – Research application strategies (1L Advising Handbook-online, timelines)
     – Apply to large law firms after Dec. 1st
     – Begin application procedure for public interest organizations, PIPS Day-Feb 12
       judicial externships, government agencies and small to mid-sized firms

   February/March
     – Assess strategy and review job search progress
     – Mark your Spring calendars for upcoming events such as High Tech Career
        Fair, Public Interest/Public Sector Day and Preview of Fall Recruitment
     – Schedule a follow-up advising appointment with LCS
     SCU Law Jobs/Symplicity
 SCU Law Jobs: What is this and how do I
  access it?
 Online career database that features jobs,
  employer information, document storage,
  on-campus interview process, more….
 Log in from LCS Homepage
 User name/password
SCU Law Jobs Homepage
    What Are My First Steps?
 Attend Diversity Gala (Nov. 3rd)
 Schedule an appointment
 Plan to discuss the WHY and WHAT
 bring updated resume
 Obtain SCU Law Jobs (Symplicity)
 Learn about additional resources
 Make a follow up appointment!
         Additional Resources
   LCS Homepage, Claranet, Legal Websites
    (Martindale, NALP, Chambers Associates,
    PSLawnet, PIC, Lawjobs, Glassdoor,
    Patent Buddy, Gov and Non-Profit sites,
    Law Career Services
Law Career Services
posts information
to several online
sites including:
    • LCS Blog
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Linkedin

                  LCS Blog
The LCS Blog is
the home for all
of our content.
Postings include
notifications, law
school updates,
and videos.

       LCS Blog | Videos
We produce several
types of videos
including panelist
presentations, LCS
advisor tutorials,
and SCU Law Alumni

    Twitter | @sculawlcs
Law Career
Services posts 3-5
updates per day
to our Twitter
account. Postings
include event
reminders, career
advice, and
alumni news.

    Twitter | Account Lists
We’ve created
several lists on our
Twitter account for
students to follow.
Twitter lists allow
you to get status
updates from a
particular category.
Lists include legal
jobs, career advice,
and SCU Law
LCS has a
Facebook Fan
Page where we
post information
to several times
per day. To get
our posts sent to
your FB News
Feed, click the
“Like” icon on the
top right of the
LCS webpage.
LCS has a
Linkedin Group
page. We post
about LCS
events, alumni
news, and job

  Search Groups: Santa Clara University Law Career Services
     Linkedin | Job Postings
LCS regularly posts
job opportunities
to the Linkedin
Group page. As a
member of the
group, you will
notifications when
a new job has
been posted.
  Click on the “Jobs” tab on the top of the LCS Group Page to view
1L Information Sheet