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					                         April 28-29,2011

               Tablet Coating Seminar
    A two day comprehensive hands-on session

About This Course:
“Tablet Coating” is the culmination of more than 20 years of training, troubleshooting, and
equipment in film coating of Pharmaceutical and Dietary Supplement tablets & capsules

Who Should Attend:
This course is designed to provide powerful tools that the participant can put to work immedi-
ately. If you are involved in the tablet coating and manufacturing environment this course is for
you, including: Managers, Supervisors, Operators, Tech Services, R&D, or if you are new to
the coating world you will benefit from this seminar.

This Course Covers:
Hands-on workshops, coating solution preparation, spraying technologies, air flow & treatment
technologies, step by step instruction, defects resolution, and troubleshooting sessions.

Techceuticals Training Center, Bluffton, South Carolina USA

    Techceuticals 365 Red Cedar St Unit 202 Bluffton, South Carolina USA 29910
 email:     phone:843 815 7441      web:
Tablet Coating: Join us for a two day
comprehensive course providing a basic
                                                                   Topics & Schedule
knowledge of a tablet coating operations,
equipment type and function, and ad-           Day 1— 8:30* am - 5:00 pm
vanced application training with hands-on             Core preparation
experience for the participant.                       Coating fundamentals
 Learn the basics of tablet coating
                                                      Solution Prep
 Understand common nomenclature
                                                      Spray technology
 Differentiate between various coating de-
   fects                                              Coating dynamics
 Learn about the various coating technolo-
   gies used in manufacturing today            Day 2— 8:30* am - 3:30 pm
 Test your knowledge                                Hands on sessions
 Create a basis for good communication                    Prep, loading, coating & cooling cycle
                                                               and unloading
                                                      Coating Defects and resolution
                                                      Continuous coating
                                                      Summary and Q&A

                                               Instructor: Michael Tousey , and guest speaker

                                               Course Fee and information
Training Center:
The Techceuticals Training Center in           This course fee will include the 2 day course, a detailed
Bluffton, SC provides the perfect setting      course manual, personalized training certificate, along with
for a comprehensive manufacturing semi-        continental breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages each
nar.                                           day. Special diets can be accommodated, please be sure to
                                               discuss your needs with our registration team!

                                               Fee Schedule:
                                                Single: $995
                                                2-4 People: $895 each
                                                5 or more people: $795 each

                                               Class size will be limited to 12 people!

Guest Speaker:
O’Hara Technologies                            *Classroom doors open at 8 am Dress: Casual

        “This should be a required
          class for everyone who does
          film coating”
        “We put this knowledge to
          work immediately”
        “Worth every dime, created
          immediate savings”
                          Techceuticals Seminar Registration

                                             PARTICIPANT INFORMATION ~ REGISTRATION

                                                NAME ________________________________________
                                                COMPANY NAME
Travel Recommendations:                           ________________________________________
                                                MAILING ADDRESS
Airports: Savannah/Hilton Head Interna-           ________________________________________
tional Airport (SAV) is approximately 40     
minutes from Bluffton, SC and Hilton            CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE
Head Regional Airport (HHH) is approxi-
                                                _______________________________________
mately 15 minutes from Bluffton, SC.         
Charleston International Airport (CHS) is       EMAIL ADDRESS
approximately 2 hours north of Bluffton,     
                                                _______________________________________
SC. Rental cars are available at all air-    
ports.                                          TELEPHONE NUMBER ____________________
Hotel: Our preferred hotel is The Hilton     EXT. _______________

Garden Inn, 1575 Fording Island Rd, Hil-  Dietary Restrictions or Allergies:
ton Head Island, SC 843-837-8111. Rates 
for this session will be $95/night when
you mention you are with Techceuticals.
Dress is casual as there will be hands-on PAYMENT INFORMATION
breakout sessions each day.               PLEASE INVOICE ME AT:
                                             • NAME
If you need any assistance making travel     • COMPANY NAME
arrangements, need directions, or have       • MAILING ADDRESS
questions, please let us know and we will    • CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE
be happy to help you!                        • EMAIL ADDRESS
                                             • TELEPHONE NUMBER EXT.

                                             Sending Payment
                                              Check will be sent____
                                              Please call with credit card information if paying by
                                                credit card—thank you!

                                                      CONTACT TECHCEUTICALS
                                                      Techceuticals 365 Red Cedar Street, Suite 202
                                                          Bluffton, South Carolina USA 29910
                                                        Phone: 843 815 7441 Fax: 843 815 7446
      Julie Catron

I have been involved in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries since 1973
and have provided consulting & training to pharmaceutical and nutritional companies
throughout the world. Everyone within the manufacturing facility from management to the
operator, including R&D, QA, Tech Services, Maintenance, Supervisors, and Leads will
benefit from our consulting & training programs. The goal is to have everyone exposed to
the same information, to create a common denominator, and to open communication. Com-
panies that participate in our programs are encouraged to use our training materials to im-
prove their own in house training programs.

You’re invited to visit our website for technical tips, published articles, and many other
resources. Please visit us at: If you would like to discuss this infor-
mation with me in person, please contact me.

Michael D Tousey
Technical Director/CEO

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     Techceuticals 365 Red Cedar St Unit 202 Bluffton, South Carolina USA 29910
  email:     phone:843 815 7441      web: