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Absolutism Study Sheet by jaclynguzman


All reading questions referring to McKay: A History of Western Society 7th edition

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									Absolutism Study Sheet
Define the following terms and names: Absolutism Divine Right Edict of Nantes Cardinal Richelieu Intendants Fronde King Louis XIV Versailles Habsburgs Attack on Vienna (Austria) Pragmatic Sanction Junkers The Great Elector Frederick William I Ivan the Terrible Cossacks Time of Troubles Constitution James I English Civil War Charles I Oliver Cromwell Confederation

Answer the following questions in a few sentences:

1. In what way does the French minister Richelieu symbolize absolutism? What were his achievements? 2. Why can it be said that the palace of Versailles was used as a device to ruin the nobility of France? Was Versailles a palace or a prison? 3. What is constitutionalism? How does it differ from a democratic form of government? From absolutism? 4. Describe the Dutch system of government. How was it different from that of other western European states? What was unusual about the Dutch attitudes toward religious beliefs? 5. Prussia has traditionally been considered one of the most militaristic states in Europe. How do you explain this development? Who or what was responsible? 6. What was the Pragmatic Sanction and why were the Hungarian and Bohemian princes opposed to it? 7. What role did Ivan the Terrible play in the rise of absolutism? Peter the Great?

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