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					Aspects                                 AspectType   Priority   Status
Biodiversity & Urban Landscapes         Activity     L          Proposed
Community Involvement                   Product      M          In Progress
Construction & Refurbishment            Service      H          Complete
Energy & Water                                                  On Hold
Health, Welfare & Safety                                        Waiting On Someone
Income & Investment
Resource & Waste Management
Education for Sustainable Development
Sustainable Procurement
Environmental Initiatives Register (Enter past & current initiatives, then enter completed projects from the Envir
                      ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT AREAS
Date             ~ Main       ~ Secondary          ~ Other   INITIATIVE                  PERSON               SERVICE AREA
Added                                                                                    RESPONSIBLE

29-Oct-08 Education for                                      Ethical Guide               Justus Rollin, E&E   Student Activities
          Sustainable                                                                    Officer

29-Oct-08 Education for     Community                        Environment and Ethics      Justus Rollin, E&E   Student Activities
          Sustainable       Involvement                      Forum                       Officer

29-Oct-08 Energy & Water                                     Environmental Audit         Students' Union      Students' Union

29-Oct-08 Sustainable       Biodiversity & Urban             Change of Beaver printers   Executive Editor     The Beaver Newspaper
          Procurement       Landscapes

29-Oct-08 Sustainable                                        Paper Cups                  Catering Manager     Students' Union Café
29-Oct-08 Energy & Water                                     Light Switch labelling      Students' Union      Central Students' Union
                                                                                         Treasurer/E&E        Services

29-Oct-08 Energy & Water                                     Waterless Urinals           General Manager      Three Tuns Bar
29-Oct-08 Sustainable          Community          Vegetarian Café            Catering Manager     Students' Union Shop
          Procurement          Involvement

29-Oct-08 Energy & Water       Resource & Waste   NUSSL Sound Impact         Students' Union      All Students' Union
                               Management                                    Treasurer            Services

29-Oct-08 Resource & Waste                        Re-use Sales               E&E Officer          Student Activities

29-Oct-08 Resource & Waste                        Fatless Fryers             General Manager      Students' Union Café
29-Oct-08 Resource & Waste                        Separation of waste into   Bar Managers         Three Tuns Bar
          Management                              different recycling
29-Oct-08 Resource & Waste                        Envelope re-use            Administration       Central Students' Union
29-Oct-08 Management
          Sustainable                             Induction Week             Assistant Union
                                                                             Students'            ServicesActivities
          Procurement                                                        Communications

29-Oct-08 Education for                           Re-usable bags             Students' Union Shop Central Students' Union
          Sustainable                                                        Manager/Communica Services
          Development                                                        tions Officer

29-Oct-08 Income & Investment Education for       Interest Free Loans        Finance Assistant    Central Students' Union
                              Sustainable                                                         Services
29-Oct-08 Sustainable            Education for   Stocking Belu water        Students' Union Shop Students' Union Shop
          Procurement            Sustainable                                Manager

29-Oct-08 Resource & Waste                       Used Mobile Phone          RAG                   Student Activities
          Management                             Collection

29-Oct-08 Sustainable                            Bio-degradable packaging   Catering Manager      Students' Union Café
29-Oct-08 Energy & Water                         Lighting and Equipment     Students' Union       Students' Union
                                                 responsibility plan        Treasurer/E&E

26-Nov-08 Income & Investment                    10% price reduction        General Manager       Students' Union Shop

19-Jan-09 Construction &         Sustainable     Reuse furniture in new     Students' Union       Central Students' Union
          Refurbishment          Procurement     offices                    Treasurer             Services

21-Jan-09 Resource & Waste                       Re-use of promotional      Students' Union       Student Activities
          Management                             mugs                       Treasurer/Chair of
                                                                            Sustainable futures

25-Mar-09 Biodiversity & Urban   Community       Rooftop Gardening Project Justus Rollin, E&E     Student Activities
          Landscapes             Involvement                               Officer
21-Apr-09 Education for   Job Description update   HR consultant   Students' Union
ojects from the Environmental Action Plan sheet)

        ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFIT                   DETAILS                                           SCHEDULE           COSTS                    RECOMMENDATIONS &
        Education of new students about         Ethically produced guide handed out at the                 Oct-08 Minimal, paid for by        Build on this guide to produce
        environmental best practise when living start of the academic year                                        re-use sale                 a more comprehensive
        in London.                                                                                                                            version for subsequent years.

        Results in improved, co-ordinated       This group brings together Presidents and  Ongoing                   Minimal, currently       Increase funding for better
        environmental campaigning               other members of all the environmental and                           covered by the           training of members to
                                                ethical societies on campus to run joint                             Environment and          increase their effectiveness as
                                                activities.                                                          Ethics Officer budget    environmental campaigners.

        Highlights immediate areas of           Carbon Trust invited to carry out audit in        Carried out        None                     Bi-annual review process
        improvement. Reducing our carbon        Easter 2008                                       Easter 2008
        Reduction in deforestation              Change to Guardian printers meant that the Introduced                Increased costs          Other Students' Union
                                                Beaver is produced on recycled paper       October 2008              associated with          puiblications to use recycled
                                                                                                                     higher print run and     paper.
                                                                                                                     change of size but
                                                                                                                     not because of paper
        Prevents unrecyclable expanded          Paper cups brought in to replace use of plastic                 2005 Marginal increase in     Move towards reusable mugs
        polystyrene going to landfill           equivalents                                                          cost
        Prevents energy wasted through bad      Banks of lightswitches labelled to remind                       2006 No cost, stickers        Teams of students to work
        practise                                people to turn them off                                              supplied through         across the School labelling
                                                                                                                     collaboration with the   banks of lights
                                                                                                                     carbon trust
        Reduction in waste water produced       Older Urinals replaced with newer models          Early 2000s                                 To be extended across
Vegetarian and Vegan Foods have a far                                                     Closed 1999       Profit making venture Look into the possibility of
lower carbon footprint than Meat                                                                                                  increasing the
Products                                                                                                                          vegan/vegetarian range
                                                                                                                                  currently offered by Union
Results in a variety of environmental      The Union has been signed up to this           Ongoing           The biggest issue is Previously our approach has
benefits as a result of better waste       scheme for three years which places                              the lack of a payback been adhoc and we have only
management, a reduction in energy          Students' Unions across the country in                           period for the Union, received awards as a result of
usage                                      competition with each to improve their                           otherwise most costs the work of students rather
                                           environmental impact.                                            would be repaid in a than the Union. Achieving
                                                                                                            matter of months      Silver Award criteria should be
                                                                                                                                  built into our environmental
                                                                                                                                  action plan
Reduction in waste going to landfill and   Items, such as pans, file etc donated by       Occurred last     None, event run by    Increased advertisemnet of
carbon impact from purchase of new         leaving students in Summer term and then       year, will take   volunteers            initiative and more storage
products                                   sold onto students in Michaelmas term.         place again at                          space in order to sell on more
                                           Money raised used to fund environmental        the end of                              items.
                                           projects                                       summer term.
Reduction in usage of cooking oil          Deep-fat fryers replaced with fatless fryers   Lent 2008

Reduction in Waste going to Landfill       All bar staff trained to separate waste as part In progress      Marginal impact on    Recycling bins in main bar
                                           of their induction process                                       staff time            area during the day for the
                                                                                                                                  benefit of students
Reduction in waste created, reduction in Envelopes collected in Students' Union postroom Ongoing            None, result in       Extending the scheme to the
paper usage deforestation
Reduction in                             andhandbooks and flyers produced on
                                         All reused for outgoing correspondence          Introduced         reduced cost
                                                                                                            Costs actually        To be continued in other
                                                                                                                                  LSE postroom and future
                                         recycled paper, using environmentally           October 2008       reduced on previous years
                                         friendly inks. Camera bought also second-                          year as a result of
                                         hand                                                               extensive tendering
Reduction in number of bags going to       Sale of canvas bags in Students' Union shop                      Reduction in costs of To be continued in future
landfill                                   as an alternative to carrier bags. Also                          purchasing duplicate years
                                           teamed up with the library to distribute their                   bags
                                           bags for life instead of doubling up and
                                           buying our own
Encouraging use of public transport        Interest free loan offered to all staff to     Ongoing           None
                                           purchase travel cards
Prevention of non-biodegradable plastic Stcoking Belu Water alongside other bottled Ongoing           Marginal, similar GP Replacement of all bottled
going to landfill                       waters. Belu bottle is compostable and CO2                                         water with Belu bottles
                                        emissions in its production are offset

Reduction in hazardous waste going to     Phones collected during RAG week, raising   RAG week 2008 No cost, collection         Year round collection from the
landfill                                  money for charity                                          boxes supplied by          Students' Union reception
Reduction of plastic going to landfill    Wooden cutlery replacing plastic and                Jul-08 Marginal increase in       Café to supply Students'
                                          packaging for sandwiches biodegradable                     cost                       Union shop with sandwiches
By assigning individuals specfic          See previous box                            Ongoing        Staff time                 Introduction of failsafe system,
responsibilities to ensure lights and                                                                                           with managers responsible for
equipment are not left on saves energy                                                                                          sub-ordinates and turning off
                                                                                                                                unneccesary lights

Reduction in logging, use of pesticides  When 2.5% VAT reduction introduced, no       Implemented    Staff time, costs          Expansion of this kind of cross
etc                                      reduction in most general products and a     November 2008 monitered to ensure         subsidisation.
                                         10% saving encorporated into the price of                   that gross profit
                                         recycled, fairtrade or organic products                     remains unchanged
Reduction in furniture going to landfill During move to new office additional         Carried out in Resulting cost less        This system to be used in first
and also no carbon impact associated     furniture required first sourced from LSE    January-       than ordering new          instance for any new furniture
with the production and delivery of new estates and then second-hand furniture        February       furniture                  orders.
furniture                                dealers
Reducing waste going to landfill in the  200 mugs granted to the Students' Union by   January         None, money saved         Discount system to be
form of unused promotional mugs.         external company. These were passed onto                                               introduced across Union
Prevented carbon cost of producing new sustainable futures to help their re-usable                                              Services for individuals who re-
mugs                                     mugs pilot project.                                                                    use mugs.
Gardening will not use pesticides or     Rooftop of the St Clement's Building to be   Ongoing         Currently, we are         Depending on the success of
petro-chemical fertilizers to grow. Will used for a variety of large pots to grow a                   projecting that the       this project we could apply for
also act as a way of encouraged          variety of vegetables, flowers and herbs.                    cost of this initiative   additional funding from
members of the LSE community to grow This project will be run by both LSE students                    will be £1,130.           "Growing Communities" and
their own food. Carbon footprint reduced and staff members                                                                      extend over other LSE
as a result.                                                                                                                    rooftops. Produce grown could
                                                                                                                                be sold to generate money to
                                                                                                                                fund gardening workshops.
Meeting key sustainability targets now   We are currently undergoing a major re-      21 April to 18   -   Effectiveness to reviewed after
part of the measure by which all staff   organisation of the Students' Union. New job May 2009             18 to 24 months.
performance is accessed                  descriptions will contain commitments to
                                         meeting our environmental credentials

     ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS (any change to the environment, positive or negative, wholly or                             PRIORITY (Low, Medium, High)
                                        partly, resulting from the aspects)
               Positive                            Negative                   Potential (ideas for improving Legislation        Impact (both         Visibility
                                                                                     upon those impacts)                      positive & negative)

    Arena for environmental        Huge volumes of paper etc                  Difficult- ensure that waste is      L                   H                 H
    societies and E&E officer to   produced, Banners                          recycled from Freshers.
    raise awareness. New sign up                                              Communicate with societies
    system reduces need for paper.                                            before hand.

    Effective means of                                                        Slight increase in number sent       L                   M                 H
    communicating with our                                                    out per week? Environmental
    members, and allowing students                                            initiatives to be highlighted.
    and societies to advertise                                                Possibility of increasing the use
    events, without having to resort                                          of face book/twitter/blogs to
    to wasteful poster/leaflet                                                provide dynamic content that
    campaigns.                                                                encourages people to check
                                                                              back. Creating a credible
                                                                              replacement for flyering
    Effective means of                  Electricity usage by host and web     Improvement of website to            L                   M                 H
    communicating with our              providers. No system for carbon       increase web traffic and reduce
    members, and allowing students      offsetting currently in place.        reliance on postering/leafleting.
    and societies to advertise          Difficult to locate most sections     Brief for new website to
    events, without having to resort    on the website, including section     designers states need for
    to wasteful poster/leaflet          on better environmental practises     website to live up to the
    campaigns.                                                                environmental aspirations of the
    Publicity produced on recycled      Use of paper both in use of exam      Cap on number of posters             L                   M                 M
    paper using sustainable inks.       papers and poster publicity           produced.
    Now through website as well.
    Previous campaigns run by           Can result in campaign fatigue or     Run campaign workshops to            M                   M                 H
    officers and societies have         in backlash from some silos.          advise activitists on new ways to
    sought to achieve environmental     Paper usage, production of T-         engage students. Institute t-shirt
    goals. This year some races         shirts, making placards/banners`      exchange with local charity
    decided to be 'paperless'.                                                shops. Look into possibility of
    Cardboard is stored for re use.                                           purchasing sustainable paints.
    Priroty campaign has used only
    recycled materials to make
    placards. Made our own
    banners. Communication has
    been through texting and
    phoning, minimisng need for

    Running two environment                                                   More donations for Relove-           L                   M                 H
    focused awareness weeks,                                                  publicisie better to divert more
    provides an opportunity each                                              from land fill. Train students to
    term to raise student awareness                                           be their own Dr bikes.
    of environmental issues. 3 termly
    Green days as well.

    Thinner than last year, so cut out Removed the environmental              Prioritise environmental section     L                   M                 H
    lots of waste.                     section (along with many other         next year.
                                                                                                                   L                   L                 L
   Date      Project          Person                                                                                                                                                    Baseline Data
                                                  Location          Overview                        Objectives                    Targets (SMART)                 Indicators                                       Resource Requirements                    Timescales (S, M, L)      Status
  Added       Name          Responsible                                                                                                                                                   Required
1-Apr-09   Society Travel Students' Union     Students'      Arranging discounted         Reduce environmental impact        Assemble list of most common     Reduction in            No. of society trips    Staff: Existing                        M – Year Long Pilot           Proposed
           Scheme         Treasurer/Societies Union          coach/rail travel for        of student trips arranged by       society destinations over the    societies arranging     abroad over the last
                          Manager                            societies, in order to       societies                          past three years by Julu 2009.   flights. Uptake of      three years.
                                                             arrange a competitive                                           Compile contacts for train and   other forms of
                                                             alternative to cheap flights                                    coach companies by July 2009.    transport.
                                                                                                                             Approach these companies to
                                                                                                                             negotiate the possibility of
                                                                                                                             providing group discounts.
                                                                                                                             Inform all societies of new
                                                                                                                             system by September 2009.

1-Apr-09   Environmental Joint responsibility   Students'    The first two weeks of term   Ensure all documents made are     When a printing tender is        All documents           Figures for number of   Staff: Existing, Budget: We are        S - By September              Proposed
           Induction     of all senior          Union        are the most intensive in     produced with recycled            requested the option of a non-   recycled. Average of    leaflets etc produced   confident that we will get increased
                         management                          terms of activity for the     materials and where possible      recycable option will be no      one web hit for every   by the Union last       sponsorship of publications to cover
                                                             Students' Union. The          sent to students in electronic    longer be included. Website      new student on          year. Hits on Union     costs. Website costs are already
                                                             result is that this period    format                            and e-mail strategy to be        website. Decrease in    mini-site last year.    covered by the annual fund grant
                                                             has a much higher                                               finalised by August 2009         amount of print
                                                             environmental impact. We                                                                         media produced
                                                             need to ensure that we                                                                           during this period
                                                             build on work last year to
                                                             make this period less
                                                             harmful to the
1-Apr-09   The Silver     Students' Union     Students'      The Sound Impact Awards       Gain Silver in the Sound Impact Identify key criteria which are    Winning Silver Award Workbooks from the         Key Resource is again staff time       S - By November               In Progress
           Standard       Treasurer/Societies Union          are sustainability awards     Awards                          currently outstanding - Done.      at next year's Sound past three years
                          Manager                            that are run by NUS                                           Introduce these changes by         Impact Awards.
                                                             services. The Union has                                       November 2009. Deadline
                                                             been an entrant for the                                       pushed back due to re-
                                                             past three years but the                                      organisation
                                                             highest award received as
                                                             a bronze. By planning in
                                                             advance we hope to gain
                                                             a silver award.

1-Apr-09   Society        Students' Union     Students'      Introduction of preferred     1) To reduce the environmental    Identification of a small number No. of each type of     No. of societies.     Budget: Existing. Staff: Existing,       M – Year Long Pilot           Proposed
           Sustainable    Treasurer/Societies Union          ethical suppliers list for    impact of Students' Union         of items commonly purchased item bought                  Historical figures of
           Procurement    Manager                            commonly purchased            Societies; 2) To encourage best   by societies which can have a                            society purchases. In
                                                             items for Students' Union     practice by using bulk buying     considerable environmental                               year figures of
                                                             Societies                     power to drive down costs.        impact by July 2009. Approach                            society purchases
                                                                                                                             sustainable suppliers to
                                                                                                                             negotiate bulk deals by August
                                                                                                                             2009. Inform all societies of new
                                                                                                                             system by September 2009.