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									  EU Initiatives
Case of Vojvodina

          European Affairs Fund - AP Vojvodina

         Аутономна Покрајина Војводина
          Autonomna Pokrajina Vojvodina
           Vajdaság Autonóm Tartomány
          Autonómna Pokrajina Vojvodina
           Provincia Autonomă Voivodina
          Avtonomna Pokraїna Voйvodina
         Autonomous Province of Vojvodina
Geographical position
              Belgrade    82
              Timisoara   156
              Sarajevo    286
              Zagreb      356
              Sofia       472
              Ljubljana   497
              Podgorica   500
              Skopje      516
              Vienna      545
              Trieste     658
              Roma        1.365
              London      1.968
              Stockholm   2.233
              Brussels    1.658
   Vojvodina situated in
    the northern part of
   Area: 21.506 km2
   Sub-regions: Bačka,
    Banat and Srem
   Features: Pannonia
    plain, Fruška Gora,
    Vršac hills
   Waterways: Danube,
    Sava, Tisa, canal
    network, lakes
 2.2 milion (30 nationalities and ethnic groups)

                                    Source: Census 2002

         Industry & Services
 Machineries (machines for agriculture, cables,
  railway wagons, electr. machines)
 Petrochemistry – Production and rafirenment of
  oil, fertilizers, pharmaceutics
 Construction Industry
 ICT Hub
 Textil Industry
 Paper industry
 Transport & Logistics Centers
Transport & Logistics
 Pan-European Corridor X
   Road Corridor X
   Railway Corridor X
 Pan-European Corridor VI
 Developed and developing goods and transportation

River transport potential:

 Danube stretch in Vojvodina – 587.35 km
      * EU Strategy for the Danube Region
 Tisa stretch in Vojvodina - 164 km
 Danube-Tisa–Danube Canal – 664 km
 1,650,000 ha farmed land
 Crop fields, orchards, vineyard, meadows
 Forestry and fish farms
 Cultural and natural wealths
 Monasteries of Fruška Gora
 Hotels and resorts
 1,700 km long shores available marinas,
  beaches, fishing
 Spa tourism
 2 million hectare of hunting terrains
 The granges, as a typical Vojvodinian
  brand, retain all the authenticity of the area
  through centuries
    Administration potentials
 Government of AP Vojvodina
 Provincial Secreteriats
 Funds
      Investment opportunities


   Vojvodina Development Fund
   Guaranty Fund
   Agriculture Development Fund
   Development Bank of Vojvodina
 EU border region
 Logistical hub for international businesses
 Well trained and flexible human capital with a high level
  proficiency in foreign languages
 Competitive labor costs
 Various financial and tax incentives for foreign investors

The main areas financed:

    Road infrastructure
    Spatial planning and development
    Environment protection
              EU Support – IPA
   IPA – integrated pre-accession instrument for
    candidate countries (Croatia, Turkey) and potential
    candidate countries (countries in the Western
   IPA replacing previous pre-accession funds (PHARE,
    ISPA, SAPARD and financial instrument for Turkey),
    as well as CARDS.

   Components:

     I.     Assistance for transition and institution building
     II.    Cross-border cooperation
     III.   Regional development
     IV.    Human resources
     V.     Rural development
                       IPA for Serbia

   Components              2011          2012              2013

1) Assistance for
transition and          189,956,810   193,801,948      203,101,005
institution building
2) Cross-border
                        11,922,790     12,097,244       11,630,694

     SUM (€)           201,879,600    205,899,192     214,731,699

                                        * numbers are in millions Euros
   EU initiatives towards Vojvodina

 Achievement of uniform and sustainable socio-economic
  and regional development
 Rapprochement and familiarisation with countries with
  good EU practices and procedures
 Joint engagement in project
              Cross-border programs
Programs 2004-2006           Hu-Srb
 Hun-Srb                                      Ro-Srb
 Rom-Srb
 Bulg-Srb                 Cro-Srb
 Adriatic Program

Programs 2007-2013 (IPA)
 1. Hun-Srb                 Srb-BiH
 2. Rom-Srb
 3. Bulg-Srb
 4. Adriatic Program
 5. Cro-Srb
 6. BiH-Srb
 7. Mng-Srb                         Srb-Mng
              Successful examples
   Executive Council of Vojvodina - DKMT Formation of thematic tourist route
    groups in the DKMT Euroregion;
   Municipality of Pancevo - Euroregional Centre for Democracy, BANAT 22 –
    Promotion of top 22 tourist locations and events in Banat;
   Tourist Organization of Zrenjanin - Municipality of Zrenjanin’s Sustainable
    Tourism Development Study;
   Association of ecologists “Richard Csornai”, Possibility of development of rural
    tourism in cross-border regions, Subotica;
   Municipality of Bela Crkva, Development of rural tourism in Bela Crkva;
   Municipality of Novi Becej - Touristical offer improvement in Novi Becej;
   Regional Agency for development of small and medium enterprises, Alma
    Mons, Ltd, Integrated quality tourism development based on wine roads in the
    South Great Plane Region and in South and North regions of Backa;
   Municipality of Secanj, Development of regional ecology action plan;
   Municipality of Sombor, Bicycle path beside Danube - Phase 1, Sombor.
   Vojvodina Metal Cluster, Enhancing and increasing the competitiveness of
    companies in the metal sector in Vojvodina
          European Partnership
 European Affairs Fund
   Coordination of IPA Fund
   Promotion of European values and standards
   Cooperation with EU institutions and regions
   Education and direction of local self-government

European Affairs Fund European partner in Vojvodina

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