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					                                                                            Arizona Society for
                                                                         Computer Information, inc.

 VOLUME 12 - ISSUE 10                                                      OCTOBER 2005

                                        Article:                                                                     Page:
  Central Meeting
        Saturday, October 8             Upcoming Meetings, Editor’s Note ...............................Front Cover
             12:30 PM                   About the ASCIi Group ............................................................ 2
                                        Secretary Notes - Meeting Minutes (Ric Fischer, ASCIi) ................ 3
                                        Picasa - Software Review (Hank Pearson, ASCIi) ......................... 4
  • Linux - Michael J. Cady of
                                        Tip-Bits - Tips and News (Joe Zagar, ASCIi)................................ 7
    RedSeven Computers, a
    local store specializing in         Ask Mr. Modem ...................................................................... 8
    Linux, will do a presentation       Internet Explorer Tips and Tricks (Richard O. Johnson, TUGNET) ... 9
    of Linux. Linux is an
                                        BCC - Blind Carbon Copy in E-Mail (Hank Pearson, ASCIi)........... 11
    operating system based on
    UNIX. It can run on the             Membership Application Form ................................................. 11
    same computer you’re using          Maps to Meeting Locations ......................................... Back Cover
    for Windows. It is free, and
    many open source, free
    applications are available                                      Editor’s Note
    for it.
                                        I’d like to thank the ASCIi members who have written articles and
  • Beginnner’s - Ric Fischer
                                        columns for our newsletter since I’ve been the Editor. Those are the
    will show us how to use the
                                        most important, and most interesting items to read. Specifically,
    ASCIi website.
                                        thanks to Ric Fischer, Bill Funk, Hank Pearson, Kevin Svec, and Joe
  • Site Seekers - Joel Schwartz        Zagar. We all appreciate your work.

    •   Questions and Answers           There are others in our group who could also be writing, and I’d like to
    •   Announcements                   encourage you to try your hand at it. Everyone has found something
    •   Buy, Sell, or Trade             enjoyable or productive to do with their computer, or has had a bad
    •   Prize Drawings                  experience with a product or support. Don’t be surprised that others
                                        will find these experiences interesting, too. Tell us about them!
 Steering Committee
            11:30 AM                    For those who don’t know me, let me tell you a little about myself. I
                                        grew up in New York (the Bronx, then Yorktown in Westchester County).
 Eastside Meeting                       I’m a retired Army Sergeant (20 years, ‘75 to ‘95), and raised two
                                        beautiful daughters as a single parent. Currently I do computer
   Saturday, October 22                 consulting, technical support, repairs - whatever work I can find.
         12:30 PM
                                        I became interested in computers in the early 80’s, which went well
Bring your computer problems so
                                        with my electronics career in the military. I’ve always enjoyed
  we can help you solve them!
                                        desktop publishing - even before it was called that, starting with
See page 2 for more info on meetings.   WordStar and Valdocs on a CP/M-80 (pre-MS-DOS) computer.
    About the ASCIi Group
The Arizona Society for Computer Information, inc. (ASCIi) is a non-profit computer user group formed over
20 years ago. Its diverse membership ranges from beginners to enthusiasts and experts, all eager to share
experiences, and to learn from and help each other - to not only cope with, but to enjoy technology.
President: ..................... Kevin ..................(602)         680-2870
Vice-President:............... Arlene Holcombe ..................(623)                934-6988
Secretary: ..................... Ric Fischer ..................(602)       740-2940
Treasurer: ..................... Bob Nixon ..................(602)        284-0547
Newsletter Editor:................................ Tom Held .......................................................
Webmaster: ........................................ Ric Fischer ..............................................
Product Review Committee: .................. Joe Zagar, Hank Pearson
Vendor Coordinators: ........................... Joe Zagar, Hank Pearson
Membership Coordinator: ..................... Phyllis Baughman ..................................
Site Seekers Coordinator: ..................... Phyllis Baughman
Affiliate Coordinator: ............................Ric Fischer ........................................................
Steering Committee:........................................................ See “Meetings”, below
Contributing Editors: ................................... Ric Fischer, Hank Pearson, Joe Zagar                  The ASCIi Clipboard is
“Doc Elwell” Phone Tree: .....................................................................Carl Cole         published monthly by the
                                                                                                                Arizona Society for
                                                                                                                Computer Information,
Association of PC User Groups (APCUG) .............................................               inc. (ASCIi).
Arizona Alliance of Computer Clubs (AZacc)                 A subscription is included in
Microsoft Mindshare ..................................................              the yearly membership
                                                                                                                dues. A printed version is
MEETINGS                                              their ideas for the future of the user                    mailed to each member,
                                                      group. It meets at 11:30am, on the 2nd                    and a PDF version is
Visitors are welcomed at all group                                                                              available on the web.
meetings. ASCIi membership is not                     Saturday of the month - 1 hour before,
required.                                             and at the same location as the Central                   The information in this
                                                      Meeting.                                                  newsletter was obtained
Central Meeting. The 2nd Saturday of                                                                            from sources considered
the month, at 12:30pm in the Abacus                   Thanks! Many thanks to Sanders &
                                                                                                                reliable. Accuracy and
Tower, Suite 1300, located in Phoenix                 Parks, P.C. for the use of their splendid
                                                                                                                completeness are not
on the southwest corner of Earll Drive                facilities for our Central Meetings.
                                                                                                                guaranteed. Opinions
and 3rd Street (see map on back cover). W EBSITE                                                                expressed in this newsletter
There is a question and answer session,                                                                         are not necessarily those of
                                                      The ASCIi website,,
announcements of club business, buy/                                                                            the ASCIi officers and
sell/trade computer gear, educational                 provides information about the group,                     staff.
presentations, and free prize drawings                forums, archives of newsletters and
                                                      meeting minutes, Site Seekers, bylaws,                    Permission to reprint ASCIi
(sorry, only members are eligible for                                                                           members’ articles is granted
prize drawings).                                      news feeds, and members-only areas.
                                                                                                                if these conditions are met:
Eastside Meeting. The 4th Saturday of MEMBERSHIP                                                                a) the author and ASCIi
the month, at 12:30pm at the Pyle Adult Dues are $30 per year, prorated to the                                      are credited.
Recreation Center, located in Tempe on                end of the calendar year ($2.50 per                       b) a link to the ASCIi
Southern Avenue, just west of Rural                   month). See the inside back cover for a                       website is included.
Road (see map on back cover).                         membership application. You can send                      c) the article is published in
Hardware and software problems are                    in the application, or join at any                            full, without content
the main subject. You are encouraged                  meeting.                                                      editing.
to bring your PC so we can help you                                                                             d) a PDF or printed copy of
solve whatever problems you may be                    M ORE INFORMATION                                             the reprint is sent to the
having. Make sure you bring everything For more information visit the ASCIi                                         Clipboard editor.
you need to run the computer, like                    website at, contact                    Article submission deadline
monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.                        one of the ASCIi officers listed above, or                is the 1st of the month.
Steering Committee. Members who                       write to:                                                      Address questions or
attend the Steering Committee meeting                                    ASCIi                                            comments to:
are on the committee. All members are                                    1934 E Laguna Dr               
encouraged to attend and contribute                                      Tempe AZ 85282-5913

2                                                       The ASCIi Clipboard                                                October 2005
                                                           • Ric Fischer - Personalize Your Homepage
            Secretary Notes

                                                           • Bob Nixon - Images   2

            Meeting Minutes                                • Joe Mertes - Search by Numbers    1

            by Ric Fischer                                 • Pat Patchin - Google Sets     3

                                                           • Carl Cole - Site Search   1

Central Meeting                                            • Joel Schwartz - Web Page Translation   1

September 10, 2005                                     1
                                                        These features can be found on
Site Seekers by Ric Fischer                   - Ric's favorite website for
                                                        These features can be found on
downloading software. This site carries lots of
Windows software and is a terrific resource for
both freeware and shareware.
                                                        These features can be found on
                                              - A Google programmer runs this
website. He moonlights as an amateur scientist.        Beginner's Session
This website is all about fun things he's thought
                                                       This was to be an HTML demonstration for
of relating to different science fields. He details
how to perform all of his experiments and, in          beginners by Robert Schulz. Unfortunately, we ran
most cases, tells how you can perform the              out of time. We'll reschedule him.
experiment with household and/or inexpensive
                                                       Steering Committee - A few of us in the users group          September 10, 2005
use this site as a terrific resource for digital       Present: Arlene Holcombe (Vice-president), Ric
cameras. Before purchasing your next digital
                                                       Fischer (Secretary), Bob Nixon (Treasurer), Bill
camera, I encourage you to check for very detailed
                                                       Funk, Joel Schwartz, Earl Jay Haley, Jr., Robert
reviews on this site.
                                                       Schulz, Pat Patchin, Lou Morgan, Larry Carr, Phyllis - This website is the home of         Baughman.
the free version of AVG, a pretty good anti-virus
program. If you're frustrated by continually paying    The meeting started at 11:30 AM.
for updates to your anti-virus program, take a look
                                                       October Central Meeting presenter is Red Seven, a
at this site.
                                                       local computer store specializing in Linux. The - Phyllis Baughman added this           beginner's presentation will be on how to use ASCIi
website to the Site Seekers for the month. It's a      website by Ric Fischer.
website that sells coupons. For example, at many
of the restaurants listed, they'll sell a $25 coupon   Future beginner's session ideas: Booking travel
for just $10. The net result is that you'll save $15   online, Powerpoint, How to make a title card for a
on your dinner bill.                                   slideshow.

Google Sampler by Hank Pearson                         Bill asked if the group should send money to help
                                                       with Katrina. The group decided not to make a
Hank arranged with many of the users group
members to present a single feature of Google.
Even though we missed having Hank at the               Phyllis asked Joel to play NoBrainer, which can be
meeting, we had a lot of fun by having him             found at It was a lot of fun to
facilitate the presentations by way of a               watch him doing this.
speakerphone. (Thanks, Joel, for arranging the
phone call with Hank.) Here's a list of which          The Steering Committee adjourned at 12:30 PM.
members handled a specific area of Google:
                                                       Ric Fischer is the Secretary, Webmaster, and Affiliate
 • Arlene Holcombe - Calculator   1
                                                       Coordinator for ASCIi, and a long-time member. He has
 • Larry Carr - Currency Conversion   1                written many articles and columns for the group’s
                                                       newsletter. He has also served as President and
 • Lou Morgan - Earth   2
                                                       Newsletter Editor.
 • Tom Held - Groups    1
October 2005                               The ASCIi Clipboard                                              3
                                                        are presented as if they are all stored contiguously.
              Picasa                                    Picasa might help you organize your pictures but it
                                                        does not help you organize your disk.
              Software Review
              by Hank Pearson                           Proprietary Database
                                                        Many of the actions you perform are known only to
Picasa is a free picture program from Google.           Picasa. Some changes are stored only in the
Picasa helps you find, organize, edit, and share        proprietary database - not in the image files and
your images. To download Picasa, visit                  folders themselves. For example, Labels do not                                             exist, except in the Picasa database. So if you
When you first run Picasa 2.1, the program scans        perform Picasa-type actions, you are dependent on
your hard drive for picture files, and creates a        Picasa.
database for fast searching and speedy thumbnail
                                                        Edit View
scrolling. You can specify which folders and what
kinds of files to scan. By default, .png (Portable      When you double click a thumbnail, the thumbnails
Network Graphics) and .gif (Graphic Interchange         on the right are replaced by a larger picture and
Format) are not scanned.                                the folder list on the left is replaced with a dialog
                                                        with three tabs: Basic Fixes, Tuning, and Effects.
If your Windows has Administrator mode, you will        This is the Edit View.
need to log in as Administrator to install Picasa.
Instead of starting Picasa at the end of the install,   The Basic Fixes tab contains icons and buttons for
wait until you log in to your normal user account.      tools such as Crop, Straighten, Redeye, and even
Then, in the Tools menu, click Options and the File     I'm Feeling Lucky. The Tuning tab allows you to
Types tab, and check the                                                      adjust lighting and natural
types you want to scan.                                                       color. The Effects tab
                                                                              contains a dozen icons such
Library View
                                                                              as Sharpen, Sepia, and
In the Library View, folder                                                   Warmify.
names are displayed on the left and thumbnails are
displayed on the right. You can very quickly scroll     For a dark picture, I clicked the Tuning tab and
through folder after folder of thumbnails without       dragged the Full Light and Highlights sliders to
clicking each folder name. Changing thumbnail           greatly improve the picture. Then I clicked the
size is as simple as dragging a slider. You can         Effects tab and clicked the Graduated Tint icon for
drag pictures to other folders (although you might      a quick but not elegant tweak of the sky.
prefer to use Windows Explorer).
                                                        Changes in the Database
When you select pictures, they are placed in a
                                                        Instead of exporting the picture or saving a copy, I
Picture Tray near the bottom. You can Hold
                                                        closed Picasa, for a test. When I opened Picasa
multiple pictures in the tray and perform certain
                                                        again, my changes were still there in the picture
operations on those pictures.
                                                        because Picasa saves the changes in the database
Labels                                                  even when the image file remains unchanged.

For example, you can Label individual pictures or       Unlimited Undo and Redo
groups of pictures to organize them in multiple
collections as if you copied them into various          Then I clicked Undo Graduated Tint and Undo
folders, but without taking up additional space on      Tuning to revert my picture back to the original
your hard disk. These collections, called Labels,       look. Picasa has unlimited undo and redo, even
now appear above the folders in the same list.          from session to session!

Folder List                                             Exporting
The folder list can be sorted by name, date             Next, I did redo and exported my changed picture
created, or date changed. But there is no               so it could become available to other programs.
hierarchy shown in the list. For example, in name       When you export, you can specify the folder name,
sequence, a folder named 'Inner' appears above a        a new picture size (width in pixels), and a new
folder named 'Outer', even though 'Outer' contains      compression factor. By default, the file is stored
'Inner'. You can look at the properties of a picture    with the same name, in a folder of the original
to see the folder path, but the folder list is not a    folder name, which is stored in a folder named
nested tree. Folders spread all over My Pictures        Picasa Exports.
4                                           The ASCIi Clipboard                                October 2005
Now, after the export, I sorted the folders by           might be fine. If you know and care how your
name, and I have four sections in the folder list:       pictures are filed, Picasa is terribly awkward.
Labels, Folders on Disk, Exported Pictures, and
Other Stuff. Other Stuff contains pictures Picasa        Help
considers to be filed in non-standard places (such       If you want to read help as a manual, you are out
as not in My Pictures). Note that the file in the        of luck. First of all, Help is on the web. When you
Picasa Exports folder is in Exported Pictures.           click Help, a site opens in your browser.
Picasa does a "good" job of "disguising" the real        Sometimes Picasa says "You must have an internet
locations of pictures. The changed picture does          connection to use online help" even when
not appear near the original, no matter how the          connected.
folders are sorted.
                                                         When you summon help, you see FAQ (Frequently
Next I did another export, this time creating a          Asked Questions) and a Search form where you
folder named similar to the original. Picasa put yet     can type what you are looking for. There is a
another folder with the original name inside my          Readme and Getting Started Guide but no tutorial
new folder and still displayed the folder in the
                                                         or reference manual.
Exported Pictures section instead of Folders on
Disk. So, although one folder is in My Pictures and      If you know what Picasa calls the concept you are
the other is in Picasa Exports, Picasa shows two         looking for, the search works well. If the Picasa
folders in Exported Pictures with the same name,         term is not the same as in other programs, the
and there is no way to tell them apart - no way to       help says, "Your search ... did not match any
see the path - except by looking at the properties       answers in our knowledgebase." The search is
of the individual pictures.                              unforgiving; they did not add any synonyms to
                                                         help you find your answer.
You can also "Save a Copy", which keeps the              I am a big fan of Google, the owner of Picasa. It is
original file, adds '1' to the end of the filename for   almost the only search engine I use. And I use
the copy, and saves it in the original folder. You       many other Google services and tools such as
cannot change the folder, filename, file type,           Google Local and Calculator. But Picasa
compression, or anything else. Although the menu         documentation does not yet measure up to Google
entry contains an ellipsis (...) indicating a dialog     standards. In fairness, Google purchased Picasa,
box, there is no dialog box. There is no Save As         and maybe it will be documented better in the
menu entry although you can create folders, move,        future. In the meantime, there are other sources
and rename in Picasa, if you really want to take a       for assistance. You can check the Picasa forums
roundabout approach.                                     and write to support.

To test Save a Copy, I made a backup, using              Not Snappy
Windows Explorer. Then, in Picasa, I rotated the         Picasa does not load instantly, by the way. It does
picture and saved a couple of copies. The                not feel light, like IrfanView. But they are quite
filenames ended with .1.jpg and .2.jpg. The new          different programs and serve different audiences.
file sizes were smaller. Picasa did not do a lossless
rotation as is available in IrfanView.                   Slideshow
IrfanView                                                Picasa does not have a full screen view except for
                                                         the slideshow. And when you start a slideshow, it
What is IrfanView? IrfanView is a free image
                                                         begins in automatic mode, which advances the
viewer available at IrfanView is not
                                                         pictures with a slow fade transition. When you
related to Picasa. I used IrfanView to check Picasa
                                                         move the mouse, a row of controls appears across
results and compare some features. IrfanView
                                                         the bottom. There you can set the display time
works with the real files and folders. Picasa feels
                                                         from 1 second to 20 seconds. When you stop
artificial, like smoke and mirrors. I have to admit,
                                                         moving the mouse, the controls disappear, leaving
I have used IrfanView for a long time and Picasa is
                                                         the whole screen for the picture.
new to me. So it is possible that there are many
points to learn to get more control of Picasa.           Press the spacebar during a slideshow to toggle
                                                         between automatic and manual. In manual mode,
Not Intuitive
                                                         the pictures are brighter, they look more natural,
If one has to learn by trial and error how to gain       and they switch faster, without the slow fade. In
more control, then Picasa is not as intuitive as it      either manual or automatic mode, you can press
appears. The interface is indeed friendly looking.       an arrow key to switch pictures (without waiting
And if you don't need to feel in control, Picasa         for the timer when in automatic mode).
October 2005                                The ASCIi Clipboard                                              5
Some IrfanView Shortcut Keys                          Importing Pictures
In IrfanView, you can press Enter to instantly        When I inserted a flash card from a camera,
toggle between the interface and full screen          Picasa switched to an import view with thumbnails
views. In either view, you can press the plus         on the left and one selected picture on the right.
and minus keys to zoom in and out. When               A tip on the screen says "After your pictures have
zoomed in, you can pan and scroll with the            finished loading, click Finish to continue. Click
arrows and Home, End, PageDown, and PageUp.           Cancel to return to Picasa without importing any
To switch pictures (in either view), press the        pictures."
spacebar or Backspace, or click the right or left
mouse buttons, or when not zoomed in, press           Captions
the right or left arrow keys, or PageDown or          You can type captions in Picasa. They are stored
PageUp. And to exit full-screen mode, just
                                                      in the picture files themselves as IPTC data. IPTC
Escape (or Enter).
                                                      (International Press Telecommunications Council)
Zooming in Picasa                                     is a standard developed and used by news
                                                      organizations to transmit identifying information
If you really like that kind of flexibility and       with pictures. You can see the captions in Picasa
control, you won't find it in Picasa. In a Picasa     in Edit View and in manual slideshows. You
slideshow, you can't zoom at all!                     cannot change the font, size, or color of the
To zoom, you must return to the Edit View,            caption (or any other text in Picasa). In the
where your viewing area is restricted to the right    slideshow, the caption bubble covers a significant
side, beside the editing dialog. You can drag a       portion of the picture, and you cannot move or
slider to zoom, or press the up or down arrow         size the bubble.
key. When you zoom, two objects obstruct your
view, overlaying part of the picture: a zoom
overview and a filmstrip showing the picture in       Picasa might be a terrific program, as I have
context with other tiny thumbnails.                   barely scratched the surface. But for now, I can't
                                                      take any more, as it is so cumbersome, compared
The overview contains a thumbnail of the entire       to IrfanView, for the way I generally use a viewer.
picture with an outlined rectangle showing where
                                                      Here are just a few of the many more features of
the current magnified view is in the picture. To
pan and scroll, you can drag the tiny rectangle,
or you can drag the larger magnified view              • Picasa works with Hello, a free picture sharing
directly. When you click the close button to get         program that precludes e-mailing pictures
the overview out of the way, the zoom is               • You can upload photos directly to your Blogger
cancelled. There is no way to see an                     web editor
unobstructed magnified view.
                                                       • Picasa works with removable drives without
Certain Keys Disabled                                    rescanning when they are connected
When watching the slideshow, I could not switch        • Picasa can print CD covers
to another task, to write this article. The Alt-Tab    • Picasa uploads to any photo printing service
method does not work, as it does in full screen
                                                       • You can burn a backup CD or a gift CD with a
mode in IrfanView (and other programs). Of
                                                         Picasa installer
course the task bar is not visible in either
slideshow since the pictures are displayed full        • You can print various standard size pictures
screen.                                                • You can make collages
To exit a Picasa slideshow, you can normally           • You can make a movie out of still pictures
press Escape to return to the Library View
                                                      For a viewer, I prefer IrfanView. For an editor, I
(thumbnails) or Edit View (a single picture). But
                                                      prefer Paint Shop Pro. For moving files, I prefer
if you have attempted to Alt-Tab to another task,
                                                      Windows Explorer. But Picasa is interesting. You
then Escape does not exit the slideshow, and
                                                      might like it.
spacebar does not toggle manual/automatic. But
you can move the mouse to display the controls,       About the author: Hank Pearson is a long-time member of the
and then click the Exit Slideshow button. This is     Arizona Society for Computer Information, inc. (ASCIi). He
another example of a non-intuitive interface,         frequently writes articles for the group’s newsletter, and has
despite the friendly appearance with lots of icons    served as the President and Newsletter Editor.
and buttons and thumbnails (in the way).                                             c
6                                         The ASCIi Clipboard                                        October 2005
                                                       The biggest drawback to upgrading to Firefox Beta
            Tip-Bits                                   1 would be the loss of Firefox extensions that you
                                                       may rely on. Most extensions are lost during the
            Tips and News                              upgrade process.
            by Joe Zagar
                                                       If you wish to try this Beta version it can be
                                                       downloaded from
AOL Users                                              Proper E-Mail Etiquette
America Online (AOL) has announced that it is           • Do not write in all Caps, this is considered
deploying anti-spyware technology from Computer           shouting.
Associates (CA). AOL will now use eTrust
PestPatrol to scan AOL users’ software for 28,000       • Do not forward chain letters, rumors and virus
kinds of spyware.                                         warnings.
This product, AOL Spyware Protection (ASP) 2.0,         • Delete names and addresses before forwarding
will allow for more frequent scans - as often as one      e-mail messages.
per minute. This gives CA                               • Clean up the text before forwarding to eliminate
an additional customer                                    any extraneous forward >> symbols.
base of 20 million or                                   • Remember, not everyone you know will think
more users. The                                           the same things are funny.
larger the base, the
more data that can                                     How To:
be gathered, and the more accurate the spyware
                                                       When sending e-mail to a group send the e-mail to
detection becomes.
                                                       yourself and put all the others in the blind carbon
In addition, with this product entire system scans     copy (BCC) field.
that used to take two hours can be done in
                                                       When you wish to forward a message that contains
                                                       addresses, with AOL you can just highlight the text
AOL users not currently on this system can obtain      and then click on forward. Or, you can highlight
it by entering the key word SPYWARE. For more          and delete the addresses before forwarding.
information, visit:
                                                       Double check your work and be sure you only send
                                                       the copy before clicking on send.
Firefox 1.5 Beta                                       With chain letters and rumors, use your head. Bill
                                                       Gates is not likely to be writing to you or your
Firefox 1.5 Beta was released this month and is        friends, so don't go sending on those silly e-mails.
shaping up to be a worthwhile upgrade. It              When in doubt, check with They list
addresses some of the shortcomings of the prior        all hoaxes and tricks.
editions.                                              Joe Zagar is an ASCIi member, a licensed Arizona fishing
The only noticeable surface change involves the        guide (, and the Vice-President
RSS (Rich Site Summary or                              and Webmaster of the Sunland Village East Computer
                                                       Club (
Really Simple Syndication)
feed icon, moving it from                                                         c
the bottom status bar to
the top address bar.
However, once you access the menu,
and especially the Options dialog, you notice that
it has been shifted to a more horizontal tabbed
interface, and things look much different.
A welcome feature, especially for those who
share browsers, is that all surfing information,
including histories, cookies, and cache, can be
deleted via a single menu, or by hitting Ctrl-
Beta 1 also makes it much easier to work with
browser tabs, bookmarks, and to access or
reorganize the tabbed windows and bookmarks.
It is all a matter of dragging and dropping.
October 2005                               The ASCIi Clipboard                                               7
                                                        Q. I'd like to be able to visit Web sites
                                                        anonymously. Can you suggest the best way
                                                        to do that?
                                                        A. Even your question was submitted
                                                        anonymously, but rest assured questions from
Q. I just bought a new computer and was                 witnesses under federal protection are always
wondering what's the easiest way to move                welcome. A service known as The Anonymizer
                                                        ( makes you invisible while
programs and data from my old computer to
                                                        you visit Web sites. You surf the Web through the
my new PC?
                                                        Anonymizer which prevents sites from tracking
A. Moving programs, data and settings to a new          your online explorations. Normally, you would
computer can be a time-consuming ordeal.                have to start your surfing at the Anonymizer Web
Loading applications from their original installation   site, but if you download the free Privacy Toolbar
CDs isn't a problem, but configuring the programs,      (, you'll have
then copying your data into the newly installed         an on-off switch located within Internet Explorer so
software can ruin your day. Let me introduce to         you can become invisible at the flick of a switch.
you your soon-to-be new best friend, Aloha Bob
(                               Mr. Modem’s DME (Don’t Miss
Aloha Bob PC Relocator Ultra ($70) comes with a              ‘Em) Sites of the Month
USB cable and makes program and data transfers          Diner Slang
between computers a breeze. First, install PC
                                                        Diner slang was popular in diners, lunch rooms and
Relocator Ultra on both computers, then launch it
                                                        luncheonettes from the 1920s until the 1970s.
on both. A thorough preparation process walks
                                                        Although many of the terms were created for fun,
you through steps ranging from a virus check to         using distinct names for menu items helped the
power setting changes to ensure a smooth                short-order cooks, as well. So next time you feel like
transfer.                                               "Adam and Eve on a raft," or "hounds on an island
Next, on your old computer you'll run a wizard to       and a pair of drawers," just ask your soup jockey.
guide you though a variety of options to help you
decide what data to transfer. When you purchase
                                                        Halloween on the Net
a new computer, think about doing some
housecleaning and avoid transferring items you're       Links to many Halloween-related sites, including
not likely to use again in the future. Once the         product reviews, a search engine of Halloween
tough decisions about what data to transfer have        resources, Halloween safety, ghost stories (boo!),
been made, run Aloha Bob on the destination             humor, a photo gallery, scary domains, and more.
(new) computer.                               
Aloha Bob will transfer programs, data files,           Moral Sense Test
desktop (including wallpaper, sound schemes, and        How do humans throughout the world decide what
screensavers) and Internet settings, e-mail             is right and wrong? To answer this question,
(including encryption), bookmarks and Favorites,        Harvard University presents a series of moral
Internet connections, user profiles, digital            dilemmas designed to probe the psychological
signatures, and other items.                            thought processes underlying our ethical
                                                        judgments. An anonymous registration process is
Q. How much information can fit on a 1.44MB             required before participating.
floppy disk? Is there any way to estimate the
number of pages, for example?                 
                                                        Online Hearing Test
A. 1.44MB or megabytes, the capacity of a 3.5"
floppy disk, equates to approximately 1.5 million       Not intended as a replacement for your physician
characters or individual letters, which is              or licensed audiologist, this free, online hearing
approximately 700 pages of double-spaced, 12pt.         test will give you an idea whether you should seek
text. But floppy disk drives are disappearing from      follow-up testing.
the computing scene and the disks themselves are
destined to go the way of the 5.25" floppy. By
                                                        For personal answers to your questions by e-mail, plus
contrast, a CD-ROM can hold 650 megabytes of
                                                        easy-to-understand computer tips, tricks and great Web
data, which equals 450 floppy disks or a little over    sites delivered to you each week, subscribe to Mr.
300,000 pages. A DVD can hold 4.7 gigabytes of          Modem’s newsletter. For more information, visit
data, which equates to 7 CD-ROMs or more than 
3,100 floppy disks or 2.1 million pages.                                          c
8                                           The ASCIi Clipboard                                 October 2005
                                                      Optimize the Toolbar
            Internet Explorer
                                                      Unless you maintain only a dozen or so
            Tips and Tricks                           Favorites, you'll want to take full advantage of
            by Richard O. Johnson, TUGNET             the Links option for the IE toolbar, which you
                                                      activate with the right-click toolbar menu.
                                                      Drag the Favorites you'll want to have most
Internet Explorer, despite inroads made by
                                                      prominent into the Links section of the toolbar.
Firefox and other browsers, overwhelmingly            Using the right-click Properties menu of each
remains users' browser of choice (perhaps             "Link," you'll probably want to assign it a
because it comes bundled with all new Windows         unique icon and, to save space, rename it to a
computers). The following pointers are designed       shorter form.
to help you get the most out of your use of
Internet Explorer. They're written with IE6 in        Tip: You can save additional space by
mind, although most will apply to earlier             shortening the "Links" title on the toolbar.
versions, and some may apply to other browsers        Unfortunately, simply renaming the "Links"
as well.                                              folder won't work. You'll need to open the
                                                      Registry Editor, by choosing Run from the
Use Keyboard Shortcuts                                Start menu and typing regedit. After pressing
My regular readers will know that to increase         Enter, drill down to HKEY_CURRENT_USER >
efficiency I strongly encourage the use of            Software > Microsoft > Internet Explorer >
keyboard shortcuts in preference to the use of        Toolbar. On the right-hand side you'll see
the mouse. Here are my favorite IE keyboard           LinksFolderName="Links". Change the word
                                                      within the quotation marks to a one-character
                                                      name you'd like to use instead, perhaps "." or
 • Use Alt-Home to bring up your home page.           "+," and close the Editor. (Use extreme
                                                      caution, as making a wrong entry in the
 • Use Ctrl-H to open or close your history
                                                      Registry Editor can have dire consequences!)
                                                      You should unclutter the toolbar by instructing
 • Use Ctrl-I to open or close the Favorites
                                                      it to "Remove" nearly all the toolbar buttons.
                                                      These not only occupy valuable space but can
 • Use Ctrl-B to organize your Favorites              actually interfere with efficient browsing (by
                                                      discouraging use of the keyboard shortcuts
 • Use Ctrl-N to duplicate the active page in a       described above). You get to the Remove
   new window.                                        command via "Customize," on the right-click
 • Use Ctrl-F to find a word, partial word, or        menu. Of the built-in IE toolbar buttons, the
   phrase on the current webpage.                     only ones I recommend displaying are those for
                                                      Size and Back. All the other button functions
 • Use Backspace (or Alt-Left) instead of the IE      can better be facilitated via the keyboard or by
   Back button, to navigate back.                     other means. (For a complete list of IE
 • Use Alt-Right to navigate forward.                 keyboard shortcuts, go to
                                                      bskn. The reason for keeping the Back button
 • Use F11 to toggle full-screen mode.                is its associated pull-down menu.)
 • Use Alt-D to move to the address bar. (Or          Keep IE secure
   use Ctrl-O, and you won't need the address
   bar! See "Other Tips” #3, below, for details.)     It goes without saying that you need to keep IE
                                                      fully patched, perhaps with the use of
 • Once in the address bar, use Enter to bring        Windows Update or Microsoft Update. But
   up the specified webpage or Ctrl-Enter to          what of the Internet Explorer security settings
   first surround what you've typed with              (accessible via Tools > Internet Options >
   "www." before and ".com" after, and then           Security)?
   bring it up.
                                                      In the "Internet Zone" - the default zone for a
 • Use F5 or Ctrl-F5 to refresh a page. It's a        webpage - it's prudent to be more rather than
   good idea when refreshing to routinely hold        less restrictive. (Better safe than sorry!) The
   down Ctrl (whether you're using the keyboard       easiest way to go is simply to move the
   or the mouse), to bypass the IE cache and          "Default Level" slider to High. Or you could
   give you a more effective refresh.                 use the "Custom Level" to make a
October 2005                               The ASCIi Clipboard                                       9
determination for each setting. In that case            the Ctrl-Enter address bar shortcut (see
you may want to consult a guide such as the             Keyboard Shortcuts, above).
one at              4. You might be able to save considerable time if
                                                        you bypass your home page (start page) when
Remember that if your security restriction              you don't need to see it. Here's how: Enter
interferes with the proper viewing of a page,           "about:blank" [without the quotes] in the IE
Windows will let you know - although most often         address bar, to create a blank quasi-webpage.
you'll be able to view the page just fine               Then use Right Click + F to turn that page
notwithstanding what Windows says. To remove            into a Favorite, and drag the new Favorite's
the restriction for a given page, you can add that      icon into the Quick Launch section of your
page to your "Trusted" sites, against which the         Windows task bar, before deleting the
restriction won't ordinarily apply. (You may have       Favorite. You may want to assign a different
to refresh the page after adding it.) To simplify       icon to your new IE shortcut with the use of
moving webpages to your trusted list, a free            its right-click Properties menu. (You can
program is available at                                 use this same technique to set up a                      "secondary home page" instead of a blank
An alternative method does not require you to
move all such sites to the Trusted zone. For         Add-ons
this you'll need the laudable Push the Freakin'
                                                     Useful IE add-ons, free except as noted, include:
Button software, available at modest cost at With PTFB in            • Google Toolbar, at,
place, use IE's Custom Level to choose                  which enables too many useful features to
"Prompt" instead of "Disable" for every feature         even hint at here. Highly recommended.
except any that you're absolutely sure you'll
                                                      • Favorites Search, at, which
never want to use. Then instruct PTFB to push
                                                        lets you speedily locate a Favorite, no matter
the "No" (disallow) button when the prompt
                                                        how many you've stored.
appears. Should you decide to permit the
feature in question, you can with a double click      • Y!Q DemoBar, at
disable PTFB, and just as easily re-enable it ,
when done.                                              which enables context-based searching. This
                                                        can easily be squeezed onto the same line as
A good (free) test to assess your IE vulnerability      the IE address bar.
may be found at
                                                      • ieSpell, at, which will                              quickly spellcheck all the text you've entered
Other Tips                                              in any Web form.
                                                      • AddaButton, at
1. To execute a link in a new window, hold down
                                              , which will
                                                        let you fit more buttons onto the IE toolbar.
2. Is IE acting strangely? You can often fix it by      These buttons can open documents and
   using the IE Repair utility accessible via           applications (not just websites) and don't
   Add/Remove Programs (in the Windows                  require space-consuming displayed names.
   Control Panel), upon selecting "Microsoft            Shareware, $11.95
   Internet Explorer" and then "Add/
                                                     Richard O. Johnson is a writer and editor, and founder/
   Remove."                                          administrator of FREE FOR ALL The Skills Pool, a 29-
3. You can dispense with the address bar, by         year-old membership organization
   using Ctrl-O to open a webpage or other           ( He is a volunteer with
                                                     TUGNET HelpContact for assistance with Internet
   location. You can then completely hide the
                                                     Explorer, Outlook Express, and Gmail. He welcomes
   address bar (using the IE toolbar's right-        feedback, at
   click Customize function) or shrink it down
                                                     There is no restriction against any non-profit group
   to its title only (having first "unlocked" the
                                                     using this article as long as it is kept in context with
   toolbar, also with the right-click menu).         proper credit given the author. The Editorial
   Losing the address bar will eliminate the         Committee of the Association of Personal Computer
   temptation to go there with the (less             User Groups (APCUG), an international organization of
   efficient) mouse, and can free up space that      which this group is a member, brings this article to
   may be better put to other use. On the            you.
   downside, you'll also lose the functionality of                              c
10                                        The ASCIi Clipboard                                 October 2005
                                                      of the list of people for sending them
              BCC Tip                                 advertising, jokes, and even infections. Even
                                                      when there is no intention of spreading
              Blind Carbon Copy
                                                      malware, you increase your exposure to spam
              in E-Mail                               and other problems by sharing addresses. Give
by Hank Pearson                                       your recipients the respect they deserve. Don't
                                                      share their information. (Use BCC.)
                 Just this week, somebody said        Another way to minimize misuse of e-mail is to
                 BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)              delete names and addresses before forwarding.
                 doesn't work, since he can look      We have all received messages with dozens or
                 at the properties of the e-mail      hundreds of names and addresses. If you are
                 message to see the BCC list.         going to forward the message on, just take a
                 Only the sender can see who          few seconds and delete all the names and
                 was BCC'd. The recipients            addresses.
cannot see the names and addresses of the
people who were blind carbon copied.                  Finally, when you do forward a joke or
                                                      something that is likely to be forwarded again,
When you send a message to many people,
                                                      add a note to the bottom of the message:
especially people who do not already know each
other's e-mail addresses, it is good practice to                           ***
use BCC. In the To field, put your own address.       Important: If you forward this, first delete all
Put the recipients in BCC fields. Your recipients     names and e-mail addresses, and use BCC
will not see each other's contact info.               (Blind Carbon Copy). Thank you.
                                                      About the author: Hank Pearson is a long-time member of the
You say you know your friends would not               Arizona Society for Computer Information, inc. (ASCIi). He
misuse names and addresses. But e-mail tends          frequently writes articles for the group’s newsletter, and has
to be forwarded on and on. Eventually, it is          served as the President and Newsletter Editor.
likely to reach someone who will take advantage                                      c

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