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									                                      CyberSource Essentials

Process payments via the same
systems used by Fortune 500

Protect your account with built-
in fraud screening services

Four easy-to-set-up payment
processing connection methods

Detailed transaction reporting
and search capabilities            The complete, easy-to-use eCommerce payment solution for
Built-in payment security          new and growing businesses. Everything from one source.
scanning services
                                   More Powerful Payment and Fraud Tools                                Two Value-Packed Solutions
Award-winning support                  Process credit cards, PayPal and eChecks
                                       Built-in fraud screen (merchant configurable)
Process a wider variety of             Subscription payments with TotalCollect™ technology                         Essentials
payment types, including           Easy to Implement and Manage                                        Our easiest-to-install, lowest priced
                                                                                                        Our easiest-to-install, lowest priced
                                                                                                       offering. Turnkey solution designed
                                                                                                        offering. Turnkey solution designed
subscriptions/recurring billing:   Includes merchant account and gateway services                      for new and lower volume merchants.
                                                                                                        for new and lower volume merchants.
                                                                                                       No programming required.
                                                                                                        No programming required.
                                   Four payment processing connection options
                                   1. Web-based virtual terminal–no programming
                                   2. “CyberSource-Ready” shopping carts
                                   3. Link from your Web site (Hosted Order Page)                             Essentials Plus
                                                                                                              Essentials Plus
                                   4. Integrate from your Web site (Simple Order API)
                                                                                                       For mid-volume merchants and those
                                                                                                        For mid-volume merchants and those
                                   Easy to manage                                                      that want maximum control over
                                                                                                        that want maximum control over
                                                                                                       order page functionality.
                                       Detailed transaction reporting (order view)                      order page functionality.
                                       Web-based “dashboard” manages everything
                                                                                                      see back page for feature comparison
       Includes                    Highest Reliability, Security, Support
     CyberSource                       Same processing system that powers Fortune 500 companies        Process more than 4,000 orders per month or
   Merchant Account                    Highly reliable (99.9+% uptime)                                 require advanced capabilities? Consider our
        Option                         Visa certified datacenters (cardholder information security)    CyberSource Advanced line of solutions.
                                       Award-winning support

                                   Sign-up Today
Powerful Payment and Fraud Tools
More Payment Options Than Other Solutions
1. Process more eCommerce payment types to capture more sales
   Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club®, and JCB®. E-checks
   and PayPal too. The CyberSource payment gateway is certified on all major processing
   platforms. Credit card authorizations are processed in real-time, usually within 3 seconds.
   CyberSource automatically processes the transactions with the appropriate data to help
   ensure you qualify for the best transaction rates.
   Process With The Highest Reliability & Security
                                                                                         Convenient CyberSource Merchant Account Option
   We process payments for many of the Web’s largest and
   most demanding merchants: half of the Dow Jones                  Get Your             To process payments online you need a merchant account. This is
   Industrials, over 25% of the Fortune 100, and 30% of the         Merchant             available from CyberSource or a merchant bank. Get your credit
   Global 25. Your payments are processed via these same                                 card merchant account from CyberSource—the eCommerce
   systems when you use CyberSource Essentials.                     Account
                                                                                         expert—and save yourself the hassle. We offer great low rates, fast
   • Processing uptime that meets or exceeds banking                From                 approval, and single source convenience. Available with our
     standard (99.9+% uptime)                                       CyberSource          Essentials or Essentials Plus package options. We can also arrange
   • Visa certified datacenters protect cardholder                                       to set-up your account for eCheck and PayPal.
     information with unparalleled security

2. Built-in subscription, recurring and “on-demand” billing                                      Features:
   Subscription payments is a full featured, ready-to-use system that provides the                Subscription or installment payments
   recurring payment functionality you need to sell products on a subscription or
   installment payment basis. It includes CyberSource TotalCollectTM Payment                      “On-demand” subscriptions—securely store
   Technology to protect up to 10% more subscription revenue than standard                        cardholder data at CyberSource and bill to the
   subscription systems.                                                                          card on demand.

                                                                                                  Payment Cards & eChecks – Works with all
                                                                                                  major cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover,
                                                                                                  American Express, Diners Club, JCB) and
                                                                                                  electronic checks.

                                                                                                  TotalCollectTM Exclusive Billing Technology –
                                                                                                  CyberSource’s TotalCollect™ Technology
                                                                                                  automatically re-captures temporary failures—and
                                                                                                  minimizes banking costs. TotalCollect™ also
                                                                                                  overrides and presents expired card data
                                                                                                  automatically to further maximize subscription
                                                                                                  retention. TotalCollect™ technology even
                                                                                                  automatically profiles the transaction to ensure the
                                                                                                  best processing rate possible.

                                                                                                  Schedules – Provides choice of seven payment
                                                                                                  schedules (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly,
                                                                                                  quarterly, twice-yearly, yearly), with options to
                                                                                                  accommodate trial periods and payments in

                                                                                                  Management – Lets you easily create, cancel and
                                                                                                  modify subscriptions programmatically via our API
                                                                                                  or via our Web-based interface.
                                                                               Powerful Payment and Fraud Tools
                                                                                                       Built-in Fraud Protection

3. Built-in fraud protection with Smart
    Authorization: Only CyberSource gives
    you built-in fraud protection. Easily select
    conditions for order acceptance or review and
    rejection. SmartAuthorization automatically
    protects your account by assessing six key
    fraud determinants based on the acceptance
    rules you select:
        AVS (address verification service)
        Card Verification Number
        Additional checks for risk including:
        ‐    Obscenities
        ‐    Nonsensical input
        ‐    Billing/shipping matching
        ‐    Check for denied parties

 You can customize your fraud control based on
 your business policies through the Smart
 Authorization Settings page.

                                                        Smart Authorization
                        AVS                            Card Verification Number                Additional Fraud Screens

  Merchant-configurable service                      Merchant-configurable service          Merchant-configurable service
 that checks against the address                    that checks against the 3 or 4         that checks for risk associated
 provided by the card associations and              digit verification number printed on   with obscenities, nonsensical
 issuing banks in the U.S. and some                 the credit card (Visa,                 input, billing/shipping address
  EU countries.                                     MasterCard, American Express,          matching, compliance with U.S. export
                                                    Discover).                             regulations (check for denied parties).

       123 Maple Street                                                                             SHIPPING MISMATCH
                                                            AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE
       Mountain View, CA                                                                            OBSCENITIES
       94043-1307                                         Name Here                                 NONSENSE
                                                                                                    DENIED PERSONS

Easy to Implement and Manage
Four Payment Processing Connection Methods to Choose From

                                                                                          1. Virtual Terminal: An easy-to-use online form. You manually
                                                                                                enter payment data provided by your customer after an order is
                                                                                                received. The Virtual Terminal is used mostly for phone, fax, or
                                                                                                mail orders. It can also be used for Internet orders if you wish to
                                                                                                input payment information supplied by your customers (or have
                                                                                                limited technical resources to integrate online payment

                                                                                                The online form, securely hosted by CyberSource, connects to all
                                                                                                payment processing services required. It is the easiest of all
                                                                                                connection methods.

                                                                                                 This is a sample of what the virtual terminal looks like. You may select
                                                                                                 fields displayed that are appropriate for your business.

                                             Start processing in less than 10 minutes!

         CyberSource Makes it Easy!
         One source for your merchant account
           and payment processing services

                                           Built-in Payment Security
                                            Compliance Scanning

2. CyberSource-Ready Shopping Carts: CyberSource comes pre-integrated with a variety of shopping cart solutions,
    providing you with a direct connection from your storefront order pages to CyberSource payment and fraud control services.
    Set up and technical requirements depend on the shopping cart package you use. All shopping carts are able to access
    CyberSource’s powerful payment and fraud tools via one interface. CyberSource Ready Shopping Carts include:

    • AbleCommerce                    • EZCart                              • Microsoft Business Solutions (Great Plains)       • SearchFit
    • ArCart                          • Fiserv                              • Miva Merchant (4.16 +)                            • Telution
    • Cart32                          • Gotshopping Cart                    • OS Commerce                                       • UnitedU Connected Commerce
    • Comersus Cart Open Source       • King Cart                           • Pactolus                                          • Via Subscription
    • CommercialWare                  • Kurant StoreSense                   • Rainbow Technologies                              • X-Cart
    • Easy Store Creator              • LaGarde StoreFront                  • Sandlot                                           • 3dCart (informart 2000)
    • Epages                          • MerchantSpace Commerces
                                                                                                      Easy to Implement and Manage
                                                                Four Payment Processing Connection Methods to Choose From

3. Hosted Order Page: A ready-to-use, secure order page. You
    simply create a link from your web site to a page hosted by
    CyberSource. Allows you to process payments in real-time without
    programming—a simple script that you paste into your web page
    creates the link. Your customers enter payment information and receive
    payment approval in real time. No need for an SSL certificate –
    CyberSource provides the certificate for you.

    The Hosted Order Page contains all the fields required to process
    payments online in real time. The payment order form is displayed when
    customer enters checkout process on your site. You configure the page
    to coordinate with your site by choosing the color scheme and fields you
    wish to have displayed.

                    You can customize email receipts
                    and error pages through the
                    Settings page!

          This is a sample of what your page might look like. You may select
          color scheme, fields displayed, etc. that are appropriate for your

                                                                       Removes Risk of
                                                                       Storing Sensitive
                                                                      Customer Payment                Silent Order Post Option Also Available
                                                                          Information                     Easier than a full API implementation

4. Simple Order API (available only with the CyberSource Essentials Plus package): This option gives you the most flexibility
   and control over the look and behavior of your checkout page. The interface provides a direct connection between your order pages and
   CyberSource payment and fraud control services. Requires programming expertise to implement. Available clients are: .NET, ASP, Java, and COM.

                                                                                                             Superior Transaction Security

                                                                                                              1024 bit 3 “Triple” DES digital
                                                                                                              signatures. This protects you
                                                                     API documentation is available           from imposter transactions.
                                                                     in PDF and HTML
                                                                                                              We also use 128 Bit SSL
                                                                                                              communication. This protects
                                                                                                              the transmission of transaction

Easy to Implement and Manage
Detailed Transaction Reports for Easier Reconciliation                                                                                  Access reports
and Customer Service                                                                                                                    24 X 7 in CSV,
                                                                                                                                        PDF and XML

Authorization Detail Report
   Displays each credit card authorization that you requested and shows
   whether each request was successful. If an authorization was declined, the
   report indicates whether it was declined by the credit card processor or by
   Smart AuthorizationSM. Daily or monthly versions of this report are available.

                                      Use this report to help ensure your fraud
                                     controls are tuned for optimal performance.

                                                      Authorization Summary Report
                                                      Provides an overview of your business activity for a full month, organized by the type of credit
                                                      cards your customers use. The report includes graphs that show the percentage of orders
                                                      transacted by each card type and the total amount of purchases made with each card type. This
                                                      report is available monthly.

                                                                                                                 Use this report to better understand
                                                                                                                your overall business activity by payment

Capture Detail Report
  Shows each payment capture or credit that you requested and shows
  whether the credit card processor accepted the request. The report also
  shows the total amount of successful and unsuccessful captures and
  credits. You can view daily or monthly versions of this report. In the
  capture reports, transactions paid with a PayPal account are identified in
  the Card Type column.

                                                     Use this report to help reconcile your accounts.

                                                                              Order Detail Report
                                                                              A daily downloadable report that shows all your order activity from the
                                                                              previous day. The report is provided in either CSV or XML format.

                                                                                                                Use this report to get a complete record of your
                                                                                                                transaction detail.
                                                Easy to Implement and Manage
                               A Single Web-based Interface to Manage all Payment Tasks

                  Business Center
                                                               Access the Virtual
                                                               Terminal and other
                                                                  tools via the
                                                                Business Center

                                                           Transaction Search

   Virtual Terminal

User Administration             Support                  Award Winning   CyberSource is the only
(Define Access Privileges)                                               payment provider to
                                                         Support         win the prestigious
                                                                         North Face ScoreBoard
                                                                         Award for support
                                                                         excellence in 2003,
                                                                         2004 and 2005. 98% of
                                                                         our customers rate us
                                                                         as meeting or
                                                                         exceeding their support
                                                                         expectations. No other
                                                                         payment provider can
                                                                         make this claim.

CyberSource Essentials Solution Options
CyberSource Essentials line of solutions come
in two package configurations. Each are available with
or without, a built-in merchant account. Solutions start                                 CyberSource Essentials                            CyberSource Essentials Plus
as low as $29 per month.                                                         Our easiest-to-install, lowest priced               For mid-volume merchants (>900 orders
                                                                              offering.  Turnkey solution designed for new          per month) and those that want
Call 1-888-330-2300, or order online at                                       and lower    volume merchants. No                     maximum control over order page
                                                                              programming.                                          functionality.
                                                                                         1                        2                          3                     4
                                                                                    All-In-One                 Payment                  All-In-One              Payment
 Feature                                                                            Package                    Gateway                  Package                 Gateway

 Payment Options

 Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB Processing

 American Express, Diners Club Processing

 eCheck Processing

 PayPal Processing

 Subscription Payments (cards, checks)
 with TotalCollect Payment Technology

 Merchant Account (Visa, MasterCard)                                                                              No                                               No

 Merchant Account (eCheck)                                                            Option                     Option                   Option                 Option

 PayPal Account                                                                       Option                     Option                   Option                 Option

 Built-in Fraud Protection (includes merchant controllable settings)

 AVS (Address Verification Service) Check

 Card Verification Number Check

 Obscenity & Gibberish Check

 Denied Parties and Export Compliance

 Administration & Management

 Easy-to-Use Web-based Console

 Online & Downloadable Reports

 Supports 1 Gateway ID and 10 Users

 Connection Options

 Virtual Terminal
 Lets you manually enter payment data using a web browser. No
 programming required.

 Hosted Order Page/Silent Order Post
 Lets your customers enter payment data directly to a web page hosted by
 CyberSource. Implements via a link from your product page.

 CyberSource-Ready Shopping Carts
 Lets you integrate online payment capability with your shopping cart
 software. Customers enter payment data to secure order page hosted at
 your site. Degree of programming depends on shopping cart software

 Simple Order API/Web Services
 Lets you customize payment/checkout experience. Customers enter                       No                         No
 payment data to secure order page hosted at your site. Some
 programming required.

 Built-in Support (installation and ongoing)

 Phone/email support: 6am-5pm Pacific Time, M-F
 except holidays, does not include code review

 Note: If you anticipate processing more than 4,000 orders per month or require advanced services, consider our Advanced solution

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                         CyberSource Corporation                            CyberSource Ltd.                                        CyberSource KK
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                         Mountain View, CA 94043                            Thames Valley Park                                      Tokyo 150-0002 Japan
                         T: 888.330 2300                                    Reading RG6 1PT                                         Phone: +81.3.4363.4111
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