installing ubuntu server

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					                                    Installing ubuntu server
for the first time installing ubuntu server like screenshoot below

        1. Insert the cd installer into cd rom and boot your computer

        2. Choose languange for insttaltion
3. Choose zone for installation

4. Choose keyboard map layout for installer
5. System will checking your cd for installation

 6. Ubuntu installing base system and the other program for ubuntu
7. Installing network configuration but if you will choose manually skip this session

8. Configure hostname
9. Partion the hardisk you can choose manually or automatic

10. Installing base system
11. Adduser name on the system

12. Set user password
13. Retype password

14. Seting proxy for installing ubuntu you can skip this step
15. Configure apt for ubuntu

16. Choose the packet for installing
17. Installing packet software

18. Installing grub and reboot
       19. Finish installation

After all step above finish and success now we have ubuntu machine and ready for use we can
use it for all linux server.

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