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					           Intermediate – Grades 4-6

                 2002 - 2003


                   Revised – 2002-2003
  "In accordance with Public Act 33-0346 effective January 1, 1994,                Dear Parents,
  Pekin Public School District #108 Board of Education adopted Policy
  #179 (Student Discipline) December 20, 1993. This policy eliminates
  the use of corporal punishment for all students."
                                                                                       Please review this handbook with your child, sign the
                                                                                   Parent/Student Acknowledgement (insert), and return the contract
GUN-FREE SCHOOLS POLICY                                                            to your child’s teacher.
  BOE POLICY 719 responds to the mandates of the GUN-FREE                              Welcome to the Intermediate Schools of District 108. The
  SCHOOLS ACT, providing that, "a student who uses, possesses,                     staffs at Washington and Wilson Schools want fourth, fifth, and
  controls, or transfers a weapon, or any object that can reasonably be
  considered, or looks like, a weapon, shall be expelled for at least one
                                                                                   sixth grades to be rewarding learning experiences for your child.
  calendar year, but no more than 2 calendar years. The                            Being successful in the classroom begins with an understanding of
  Superintendent may modify the expulsion period and the Board may                 the discipline code.
  modify the Superintendent’s determination, on a case-by-case basis." In
  addition, “the Building Principal or designee shall immediately notify               One of the most important responsibilities a student has in
  the local law enforcement agency, State Police, and the student’s                school is good behavior. Good behavior allows every child to have
  parent(s)/guardian(s).”                                                          a good learning environment.
SMOKE-FREE SCHOOLS POLICY                                                             A discipline code tells about the rules of the school, the kind of
   "The School Visitation Rights Act (Public Act 87-1240) permits                  behavior that is expected of students and, also, the kind of
   employed parent(s)/guardian(s), who are unable to meet with educators           behavior that will not be accepted at school or on the bus.
   because of a work conflict, the right to an allotment of time during the            If unacceptable behavior does occur, the discipline code
   school year to attend necessary educational or behavioral conferences at
   their child's school. Please contact the school office if you need              explains the actions that may be taken by the teacher, the principal,
   additional information."                                                        or support personnel.
                                                                                       You have a right to clear communication from the school
                                                                                   through phone calls and conferences with the teacher, support staff
  BOE POLICY 830.01 responds to the mandates of the PRO-
                                                                                   and principal.
  CHILDREN ACT and establishes a smoke-free environment for all
  school sites and grounds. This policy states, "…no person on school                 You have a responsibility to collaborate in making and
  property shall: smoke or otherwise use tobacco products…"                        implementing instructional and disciplinary decisions.
                                                                                      Together, you and the school staff can make this a happy and
                                                                                   successful year for your student.
  District 108 makes the Internet available as a tool for life-long learning.
  The use of the District's Internet is a privilege, not a right. Any student
  who violates the District's Internet policies and procedures will lose
  privileges, suffer disciplinary actions, and/or be referred to the authorities
  for appropriate legal action.

                                                            PEKIN PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT #108_____________715.11
Philosophy of Discipline

                                                            DISCIPLINE - Removal from Classroom
   The Pekin Elementary School District is committed
                                                            Teachers shall maintain discipline in the schools. In all matters relating to the
to the goal of a positive, effective, and orderly process   discipline in and the conduct of the school and the school children, they stand in
                                                            the relationship of parent(s) and guardian(s) to the students. This relationship shall
of instruction. Members of the Board of Education,          extend to all activities conducted with the school program, and may be exercised at
                                                            any time for the safety and supervision of the students in the absence of their
central office personnel, school administrators,            parent/guardian.

teachers, parents, support personnel, and students          Standards and procedures which provide for the removal of a student by a teacher
                                                            from the classroom for disruptive behavior, and which provide due process to
assume their share of the responsibility for the            students, shall be established and maintained by the School Board. The standards
                                                            and procedures shall be recommended to the School Board by the Superintendent
attainment of this goal.                                    after input from the staff, students and the parent/teacher advisory committee on

   The parent is the child’s first teacher and remains      The standards and procedures shall ensure the following:

the most important teacher throughout the formative         1. the District's definition of disruptive behavior;
                                                            2. the expectations of the teacher for student behavior are fair, reasonable, within
years. It must be recognized from the outset that              the District's guidelines and are known by the student;
schools and parents should be active partners in            3. the student knows the consequence of violation of the teacher's expectations for
                                                               student behavior;
preparing students for their role in our society.           4. disruptive behavior by the student shall lead to the development by the teacher
                                                               and the student of a plan to prevent future disruptive behavior;
   .                                                        5. continued disruptive behavior by the student shall cause the involvement of
                                                               parents/guardian and additional appropriate staff, as well as the teacher and
                                                               student in the development of a remedial plan;
                                                            6. the written remedial plan shall be filed by the teacher with the administration
                                                               and shall serve as a warning that the student, upon violation of the plan, shall
                                                               be removed from the classroom;
                                                            7. appropriate personnel shall listen to the student and shall provide due process
                                                               for the student should the student be removed from the classroom;
                                                            8. disruptive behavior by a student which could cause harm to himself, other
                                                               students or the teacher shall be cause for immediate removal from the

                                                            LEG REF          ILL REV.STAT.CH.122 para. 24:24
                                                            CROSS REF        520.25.71501.71503
                                                            Adopted by the School Board on October 19, 1987
SPECIAL EDUCATION STUDENTS                                          TEACHER Rights and Responsibilities
                                                                        Teachers should provide the best possible education through
Special Education students who violate student disciplinary         a positive classroom climate in which respect for others is
rules and regulations will be disciplined in accordance with the    shown and taught. Discipline will be enforced in and outside of
                                                                    the classroom through the use of class and school rules.
District's regular students disciplinary policies and procedures
                                                                        Teachers have the right to be treated in a respectful manner,
unless the behavior is attributable to the student's handicapping
                                                                    be protected from physical assault, and theft. They have the
conditions. Parents of special education students should refer to   right to expect students to work up to their potential, exclude a
Parents' Rights in Brief from the Illinois State Board of           student from class for misbehavior, and call for a conference
                                                                    with parents when appropriate.

 It is the purpose of Pekin Public School District to comply
 with P.A. 89-191 on the use of behavioral interventions for
 students with disabilities. The fundamental principle of the
 policy is that nonadversive or positive interventions designed
 to develop and strengthen desirable behaviors should be used
 to the maximum extent possible and are preferable to the use
 of adverse and more restrictive procedures. All of the
 procedural protection available to students with disabilities
 and their parents under the Individuals With Disabilities Act
 (IDEA), including notice and consent, opportunity for
 participation in meetings, and the right to appeal shall be
 observed when implementing/developing behavioral

Copies of the procedures, in entirety, will be given to parents
or guardians at the beginning of the school year or after
entering school.
Students,                                                          LEVEL FOUR
   Welcome to the Pekin Intermediate Schools.                       Discipline for Misconduct:
    The purpose of this handbook is to guide you successfully
through the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. It contains many different
rights and responsibilities that will enable you to have a safe,
meaningful experience allowing you to attain the best possible           Examples of                  Consequences which
level of academic achievement.                                           Level Four                    may occur for any
                                                                         Misconduct:                    given offense:
You have specific rights as a student
You deserve:                                                       • Continued Level Three           • Suspension from school (not
                                                                     acts of misconduct                to exceed 10 days)
    A challenging curriculum and a written code of
                                                                   • Furnishing or selling of        • Expulsion (not to exceed the
     classroom rules                                                 controlled substances             remainder of the school
    To be protected from any physical or verbal abuse               (drugs)                           year)**
    A school climate free of violence                             • Possession or use of            • Referral to proper authority
    To have adults represent you when in conflict with school       weapons                           or agency
     authority                                                     • Bomb threats
    Due process                                                   • Setting fires/igniting          **Invoked by the Board of
                                                                     fireworks                        Education
    To be disciplined in a fair and humane way
                                                                   • Setting false alarms
                                                                   • Taking property of others
You have specific responsibilities as a                              with force or violence
                                                                   • Possession and/or sale of
student                                                              stolen property
                                                                   • Other acts of misconduct
    Arrive on time                                                  which are seriously
    Dress appropriately and practice good personal hygiene          disruptive and/or create a
     and safety toward yourself and others                           safety hazard to students,
    Respect the right of fellow students and school personnel       staff, and/or school
     at all school related activities                                property
    Respect school and community property                         • Explosives
    Obey all school rules, city, state, and federal laws
                                                                         Federal law requires that the student will be expelled for
                                                                         one calendar year if a weapon is brought to school or a
                                                                         bomb threat is made.
LEVEL THREE                                                       Levels of Conduct
 Discipline for Misconduct:
                                                                  LEVEL ONE
                                                                  Acts that are minor, but interfere with normal
     Examples of              Consequences which                  classroom operation, school operation, and/or bus
     Level Three               may occur for any                  operation
     Misconduct:                given offense:
                                                                  LEVEL TWO
• Continued Level Two acts    • Temporary removal from
  of misconduct                 class                             Frequent or serious acts that disrupt the learning
• Possession or use of        • Financial restitution (in cases   climate of the classroom, school, and/or the bus
  tobacco on or adjacent to     where damage or loss
  school property               incurred)
                                                                  LEVEL THREE
• Possession, use or under    • Time out room/temporary in-
  the influence of alcohol      school education center           Acts directed against persons or property that may
• Possession or use of        • Detention                         endanger the health and safety of others in the school
  controlled substances       • Out-of-school suspension          and which may be in violation of the law
  (drugs) and/or drug           (not to exceed 10 school
  paraphernalia or              days)
  inappropriate use of        • Suspension of bus privileges      LEVEL FOUR
  inhalants                     (not to exceed 10 school          Behaviors so serious as to require action that will
• Possession or use of          days)                             result in at least the temporary removal of the student
  matches/lighters            • Contact proper authority
• Fighting                    • Referral to proper authority
                                                                  from the school
• Threats to others             or agency
• Use of bigoted and/or                                           Referring Persons:
  racial expressions                                                    Principal
                                                                        Teachers
• Vandalism
• Extortion (obtaining                                                  Staff member or support personnel (classroom assistants)
  others’ possessions with                                              Secretary
  threats)                                                              Custodian
• Trespassing                                                           Lunchroom/playground supervisor, or bus personnel,

                                                                  The referring person will maintain a proper and accurate record
                                                                  of the offense, and disciplinary action.
LEVEL ONE                                                  LEVEL TWO
 Discipline for Misconduct:                                  Discipline for Misconduct:

     Examples of          Consequences which                     Examples of               Consequences which
      Level One            may occur for any                      Level Two                 may occur for any
     Misconduct:            given offense:                       Misconduct:                 given offense:
• Classroom disturbance   • Notification of unacceptable   • Continued Level One acts      • Classroom Management Plan
• Dishonesty                behavior                         of misconduct                 • Conference with student
• Failure to carry out    • Classroom Management Plan      • Truancy and/or                • Conference with parents
  directions (homework    • Conference with student          unnecessary, excessive          (phone or in person)
  included)                 and/or verbal reprimand          absenteeism                   • Detention
• Tardiness               • Conference with parents (by    • Forgery or the use of         • Time out room/temporary in-
• Playground misconduct     phone or in person)              forged notes/excuses            school education center
• Lunchroom misconduct    • Withdrawal of privileges       • Disrespect or                 • Withdrawal of privileges
• Bus misconduct          • Detention                        insubordination (refusal to   • Suspension from school (not
• Defiance                • Behavioral contract              cooperate)                      to exceed 10 school days)
                          • Counseling                     • Giving a false name or        • Referral to proper
                          • Temporary removal from           refusal to identify self        authority/agency
                            classroom                      • Loitering
                                                           • Gambling
                                                           • Verbal abuse/profanity
                                                           • Stealing
                                                           • Failure to abide by
                                                             corrective measures for
                                                           • Internet use violation
                Grades 4-6

               1999 - 2000

 108       Revised – Summer 1999

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