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					                                    COOLING TOWER
                                       WATER TECHNOLOGY

              David H. Paul, Inc.

CONTENT                              Cooling Tower Water Technology
                                     This work shop will identify the common as well as some of the uncommon problems that occur
Page 1                               in cooling tower water systems. It will identify the chemicals, generically, used for corrosion,
Who Should Attend                    scale, fouling, and microbiological control including new developments. The course will address
                                     what needs to be monitored and how to assure good results. There will be detailed discussions
                                     of corrosion associated to copper “enhanced” tubes and what needs to be done for optimum
Technologies Covered
                                     corrosion protection. It will show how to prevent “white rust” in galvanized cooling towers. and it
                                     will show how to identify MIC (Microbiologically Induced Corrosion and its control. Great for new
Why You Should Attend                operators as well as for utility managers and those who want to learn why the supplier wants
                                     you to do certain things.,Another course where you can ask any and all questions to receive very
What You’ll Receive                  practical answers

Page 2                                Who Should Attend
                                      Anyone wanting to know the latest, UNBIASED information on cooling tower water treatment
                                      technologies (DHP is a training company, NOT an equipment vendor). Anyone owning or operating
                                      a cooling tower water system and suppliers of cooling tower treatments.

Overview of Topics
                                     Technologies Covered
What You’ll Learn                    • Cooling Towers                      • Develop a Complete Cooling Water Treatment
                                     • Cooling System Equipment Protection • Effective Monitoring of Corrosion, Deposits, and Microbio
                                     • Green Cooling Water Treatments
Certificate of Completion

What Others Say About
                                      Why You Should Attend
                                      Decisions made today affect your design, operation and budget tomorrow. It’s hard to get
DHP Training Seminars                 unbiased information about cooling tower water treatments and the risks and benefits of different
                                      membrane products. As the world’s leader in advanced water treatment training, David H. Paul,
Page 3                                Inc. has trained and consulted in hundreds of facilities and knows what works and what doesn’t.
Detailed Agendum                      This seminar has been designed to offer you an unbiased, fact-finding, well-rounded
                                      experience that will put cooling tower water treatment in perspective and in a way that is simple to
REGISTER AT                   This seminar is presented in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step, interesting and educational
                                      format, delivered without a sales pitch and taught by an unbiased industry expert. Return to your
                                      facility with the ability to make the right decisions based on what you learned.

                                      What You’ll Receive
                                      • 8 hrs of enjoyable, interesting, easy-to-understand cooling tower water treatment training
                                      • 8 hrs of the latest in multimedia training
                                      • A highly illustrated workbook
                                      • Break refreshments

                                                                                                                                     Page 1
                        David H. Paul, Inc. | P.O. Box 2590, Farmington, NM 87499 | 505.599.0248 | 877.711.4347 |
                   COOLING TOWER
                         WATER TECHNOLOGY
Instructors                                                               What Others Say About
                    Paul R. Puckorius is president and CEO of
                    Puckorius & Associates, Inc. with corporate
                                                                          DHP Training Seminars
                    offices in Arvada, Colorado and a regional             DHP has trained over 16,000 water treatment professionals
                    office in Sebring, Florida.                            worldwide since 1988. Trainees include industrial,
                                                                          governmental and drinking water clients. The average rating
                                                                          given by attendees for all DHP seminars, including this one, is
                     Paul Puckorius has over 50 years experience          over 9 (on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being a terrible rating and
                     with water treatment problem solving and             10 being an outstanding rating).
water treatment program development. He has concentrated on
cooling water systems mainly in cooling and boiler applications.
                                                                                        The following are typical comments
He has provided training workshops on water recycle and water
conservation as well as cooling water, boiler water, and waste water.
                                                                                         from attendees of DHP Seminars:
He has authored over 150 technical papers covering all phases of
water problems and practical water treatment. This also includes                   “Great Course! Well worth the time.”
facilities that have serious problems or wish to have an independent          Bob Castle - Water Quality Manager, Marin Municipal Water District
evaluation of their cooling water treatment program.
                                                                           “Excellent training materials and presentation.”
                                                                                               Gary Trent - Abbott Laboratories
Mr. Puckorius has considerable knowledge and experience with
ozone, Legionnaires disease, matching water using systems with
the proper water quality and treatment, proper startup on cooling
                                                                             “Excellent… got what I was interested in and
systems, and how new developments in cooling system equipment                more, especially in the inner workings of UF.”
has impacted the water treatment requirements, plus much more.                                   Eric Lozano - Austin Energy
He has personally worked with refineries, chemical plants, utility
power plants both fossil and nuclear, and universities for reuse            “Well presented and well worth the investment.”
water use in existing equipment. This also includes facilities that               John Countz - Operations Manager, Consolidated Water Co.
anticipate reuse water prior to building the facility so that the most
cost effective fabrication will enable maximum reuse.                                “Excellent! More than I expected.”
                                                                                         Mark Hall - Texas Water Development Board
Mr. Puckorius is a member, past president and active on the cooling
water committee of the Cooling Technology Institute (formerly                                      “It was great!”
                                                                                        Trent Hughes - Civil Engineer, Black & Veatch
Cooling Tower Institute), member and on the executive committee of
the International Water Conference, member and past chairman of
several committees including cooling water corrosion,passivation,
                                                                                                  “Great Course.”
                                                                                                 Joe Gonzales - Xcel Energy
and microbio control of the National Association of Corrosion
Engineers and a member of AWWA                                                                   “Most Excellent!”
                                                                                            Mike Milner - Alternative H2O Solution

Certificate of Completion
Each attendee will receive a DHP certificate of completion
following the course.

                                                                                                                                             Page 2
                   David H. Paul, Inc. | P.O. Box 2590, Farmington, NM 87499 | 505.599.0248 | 877.711.4347 |
                          COOLING TOWER
                             WATER TECHNOLOGY
Detailed Agendum                                                      3:15     Microbio-Control Methods
                                                                               • Oxidizing Biocides
7:45   Refreshments ( Provided)                                                • Non-Oxidizing Biocides
8:00   Introductions                                                           • Non-Chemical Control
                                                                               • Non-Toxic Control
8:15   Cooling Tower Water Systems                                             • Developing a Microbio Treatment Program
       • Cooling Towers
       • Heat Exchanger Design/Operation                              4:00     Legionnaires Disease
       • Most Common Problems                                                  • What/Where/Who Concerns
       • Calculations                                                          • Control Methods
9:00   Break ( Refreshments Provided)                                          • Testing Methods

                                                                      4:30     Summary and Conclusions
9:15   Deposition-Causes and Control                                           • Final Questions and Answers
       • Most Common Scales                                                    • Seminar Evaluation
       • Predicting Scale Potential
       • Common Control Methods                                       5:00     End
       • Chemical & Non-chemical Methods
       • Fouling Causes & Control
10:15 Break ( Refreshments Provided)

10:30 Corrosion- Causes and Control
      • Mild Steel Inhibitors
      • Copper alloy Inhibitors
      • Enhanced Copper Tube Corrosion
      • Stainless Steel Equipment
      • Galv. Steel Corrosion & Control
11:30 Lunch

12:30 Corrosion- Causes and Control ( cont.)
      • Developing a Corrosion Control Program
      • Rapid Monitoring vs Corrosion Coupons

1:30   Passivation Technologies
       • New & Cleaned Heat Exchangers
       • Entire System Method
       • Individual Heat exchanger Method
2:00   Break ( Refreshments Provided)

2:15   Microbio- Causes
       • Problem Microbes
       • Corrosive Microbes
       • Identifying Problem Microbes
       • Monitoring Methods
2:00   Break ( Refreshments Provided)

                                                                                                                           Page 3
               David H. Paul, Inc. | P.O. Box 2590, Farmington, NM 87499 | 505.599.0248 | 877.711.4347 |