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                                                                                                                      issue 241 | June 2010

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                                                      ...A MONSTER HIT!
                                                       SPE Aberdeen Section is a sponsor of the BBC Walking with Dinosaurs
                                                       exhibition, which opens this month at the city’s Satrosphere Science Centre.
                                                       The three-month interactive exhibition and associated workshops showcase the smart science behind
                                                            the award-winning TV series and feature lifelike models, fossils and animatronics technology.
                                                                 “This fascinating and colourful exhibition represents exactly how we in SPE Aberdeen aim to
                                                                       make science and technology exciting to local young people,” says Section Chair Chris
                                                                            Nussbaum, pictured with young friends Harry Douglas (centre) and Alex Wood.
                                                                                  SPE Aberdeen is planning to hold a number of educational and social events
    RECORD NUMBERS                                                                     at Satrosphere this summer.

      ATTEND DEVEX 2010
        A record attendance of more than 400 oil and gas professionals at the
        7th DEVEX Conference & Exhibition, in May, underlined the industry’s
         recognition of the event’s main theme: that everyone plays a part in
          reserves recovery.
           Delegates to the annual subsurface forum – organised by SPE, AFES, PESGB and
           DECC – at Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, included UK and international
            geoscientists, petroleum engineers and drilling and completion engineers. Some 23 key
            oil and gas service companies participated in the busy exhibition.
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SPE review                               issue 241 | June 2010
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source.                                                                       Members of the SPE UK Communications Management Committee
                                                                              had their first face-to-face meeting in Aberdeen last month.
CONTACTS                                                                      The committee, which normally meets by teleconference, was
                                                                              jointly established by the London and Aberdeen sections earlier this
Communications Management Committee: Miriam Archer,
                                                                              year to manage shared aspects of communication. These include:
Jonathan Calvert, Colin David, Renu Gupta, Mohammad Khan, Gbenga
                                                                              the production and development of SPE review; the ongoing
Oluyemi, Ian Phillips
                                                                              management and development of the jointly-owned website
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Editorial: Judy Mackie, M&M Media, +44 (0)1224 318088,                        Pictured (l-r) are: committee members Gbenga Oluyemi (Aberdeen
           spe.editor@mmm-media.co.uk                                         Section Co-chair), Miriam Archer (London), Mohammad Khan
                                                                              (Aberdeen), Jonathan Calvert (London) and Renu Gupta (London
Advertising: Allan Montgomery, M&M Media, +44 (0)1224 318088,                 Section Co-chair); Aberdeen Board Secretary Diane Wood, and
             spe.advertising@mmm-media.co.uk                                  Aberdeen Section Chair Chris Nussbaum. Missing from the photograph
The copy deadline for the July/August 2010 issue is 30 June 2010, with        are committee members Colin David (London) and Ian Phillips (Aberdeen).
publication scheduled for 14 July 2010.


                                                                                                                                                                                                    +44 (0)20 8347 3498 info@pdc.uk.com www.pdc.uk.com
There’s still time to submit your abstract for the SPE ICoTA
                                                                               Stanhope House 4-8 Highgate High Street London N6 5JL UK

European Well Intervention Round Table (17-18 November 2010).
As Europe’s premier forum in the field, the event encompasses the
full range of well intervention practices, including coiled tubing,
slickline, e-line and hydraulic workover, as well as specialist tools
and solutions.                                                                                                                            Global Solutions – Global Reach
Visit Aberdeen Events at www.spe-uk.org for details.                                                                                      Reserves Auditing
                                                                                                                                          Would you be keen to use an alternative
SPE LONDON SECTION                                                                                                                        reserves auditor to the traditional providers?
                                                                                                                                          Then consider PDC. Over the last two years
                                                                                                                                          we have assisted oil companies and financial
2010 SPONSORS                                                                                                                             institutions in providing reserves audits /
                                                                                                      Contact us:

                                                                                                                                          competent person reports for reserves
Afren plc                              OMV (UK) Ltd                                                                                       based lending, market requirements and
Anadarko International                 Petrofac Energy Developments Ltd                                                                   internal auditing.
Energy Company
                                       Petroleum Development                                                                              Our projects in the last year include:
BG Group                               Consultants Ltd                                                                                      • Ivory Coast: Competent persons report for a billion
                                                                                                                                              barrel oilfield based on a reserves based loan
BHP Billiton Petroleum                 PetroVision Energy Services
                                                                                                                                            • Mozambique: Technical reserves report for two gas
BP Plc                                 Premier Oil Plc                                                                                        fields based on a reserves based loan
                                                                                                                                            • Nigeria: Technical reserves report for offshore
Centrica                               RPS Energy                                                                                             gas field
                                                                                                                                            • Papua New Guinea: Technical reserves report for
ExxonMobil                             RWE Dea UK Ltd                                                                                         onshore gas field

Gaffney-Cline                          Sasol Petroleum International                                                                      In the last year PDC has provided vital support
Geoscience Limited                     Schlumberger Oilfield Services                                                                     for raising over US$300 million for our clients
                                                                                                                                          and are keen to work with you to assist in
Hess Ltd                               Serica Energy
                                                                                                                                          reserves based lending projects or to satisfy
MND Exploration and Production         The Curzon Partnership                                                                             stock market requirements.
Oilfield Production Consultants        Tullow Oil
(OPC) Limited
                                       Weatherford International Ltd

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                                                                                                                        7th European Production and
                                                                                                                        Development Conference

                                                                                                                          RECORD NumBERS
                                                                                                                          ATTEND DEVEX 2010
                                                                                                                        The technical conference was launched by keynote
                                                                                                                        speakers Olivier Le Peuch, VP Schlumberger
                                                                                                                        Oilfield Services (centre), and Eelco von Meyenfeld,
                                                                                                                        Development Manager for Shell Europe (left). Their
                                                                                                                        respective topics, ‘Brownfields: the call for efficiency’
                                                                                                                        and ‘Maximising asset value in late field life’, set the
ENERgISINg TEAChERS                                                                                                     scene for a lively two-day discussion of international
                                                                                                                        in-field challenges and innovations.
SPE Aberdeen Career Guidance Committee             Forty papers were presented, combining       “Making time for professionals to
                                                                                                                                               ‘And the winners are…’
Chair, Colin Black (far right), attended the       powerful case studies on integrated          develop in a wider industry context will       ‘DEVEX 2010 Best Poster’
third annual Energy Education Institute,           teamworking with technical discussions       ultimately be beneficial for all. Please       awards went to:
held on 6 May at OTC, in Houston, USA. The         across a range of Exploration and            support the professional societies
                                                                                                                                               Committee Choice – Chris Hill, Paul
inspirational hands-on event gave teachers         Development disciplines. Poster sessions     by providing an environment in the
                                                                                                                                               Reid, Sarah Buchanan (BP): ‘Defining
                                                                                                workplace where participation in
and high school students the opportunity           complemented the main programme.                                                            the future potential of a mature
                                                                                                external activities, such as this event, are
to participate in the international oil and        Following the event, DEVEX 2010              valued, supported and even expected.”          oilfield’.
gas conference and exhibition, providing           Chairman Graham Davis, of CNR                                                               Delegate Choice – Magdy Samir
                                                                                                Representing the service sector, keynote
workshops to create greater energy                 International (above, right), said he        speaker Olivier Le Peuch said that             (Schlumberger): ‘H2S, HPHT and
awareness within schools. During his               was delighted by the record-breaking         further cost-cutting will compromise           sticking – what can do about them
visit, Colin shared with SPE International         attendance and particularly by the           the supply chain’s ability to invest in        when sampling in open hole?’.
colleagues his Committee’s experience              number of young professionals who            new technology and innovation when             Winner of the Best Conference
in holding a similar event, Energise Your          participated this year.                      it is most needed. He proposed a
                                                                                                                                               Presentation was Christopher Bugg
Future, at Offshore Europe 09, and the                                                          commercial model aimed at rewarding
                                                   “Where DEVEX really wins is that it gives                                                   (Shell UK), with: ‘The Howe field: and
                                                                                                operational efficiency and called for new
group discussed the ongoing strategy of            our different discipline groups a valuable                                                  over-performing Fulmar interpod’.
                                                                                                contractual relationships to allow such
SPE’s global energy4me (www.energy4me.             – and necessary – shared insight into the    models to develop further.                     What the delegates said:
org) initiative.                                   bigger picture.”
                                                                                                From an operator’s perspective,                “I love DEVEX because for two days
More on the CG Committee’s education               In his opening speech, Graham told           Eelco von Meyenfeld explained that             I can focus on the subsurface and
activities next month.                             senior managers in the audience:             integration of surface and subsurface
                                                                                                                                               get a global perspective on what’s
                                                   “There is a window of opportunity            activities adds considerable value not
                                                                                                only by reducing rising unit operating
                                                                                                                                               happening on the ground and what’s
                                                   closing in the North Sea as ageing                                                          coming next”.
                                                                                                costs, but also through new dynamic
ApTITUDE FOR                                       infrastructure shuts down and
                                                   potentially strands both existing residual
                                                                                                ways of working and this is essential to       “The papers are good quality and
                                                                                                prolonging end of field life of mature         very informative. It’s great to see such
ENgINEERINg                                        oil targets and emerging new resource        assets.                                        a lot of input from the operators”.
                                                   plays. Conferences such as this, where
SChOOL pRIzE                                       we share our technical expertise and
                                                                                                The 2011 DEVEX Committee meets for
                                                                                                the first time this September, with an
                                                                                                                                               “It’s diverse, encompassing all of
                                                                                                                                               exploration and development, yet it’s
                                                   learn from each other’s experience, are      SPE member in the chair. If you’d like to
The London Section has created a new award         vital in accelerating our understanding
                                                                                                                                               compact and not too overwhelming.
                                                                                                join the committee as a volunteer, please
                                                                                                                                               For me it’s a good way of getting a
to be given to pupils in the lower sixth who       to keep that window open for as long as      contact Graham Davis: graham.davis@
                                                                                                                                               snapshot of the industry and seeing
have an excellent aptitude for engineering - to    possible.                                    cnrinternational.com.
                                                                                                                                               what’s going on beyond my area of
encourage pupils to think about engineering                                                                                                    expertise”.
as a career choice.
The selection and judging process would             INTERACTIVE wORkShOp SETS
be run by the school. The winning pupils
would then be invited to apply for the SPE          Yp pRECEDENT
STAR Scholarship/Fellowship funded by               DEVEX’s first YP technical workshop was held on day two of the show.
                                                    The interactive event, focusing on ‘Making the unconventional energy resource conventional’, was
We would like to invite you to put forward          organised by YPs from SPE, PESGB and AFES, and was supported by the DEVEX main organising
a school of your choice to be considered for        committee. The discussion centred on the challenges new generations need to face in order to make
the initiative – this could be your old school,     sustainable the development of new resources, such as CBM (coal bed methane) and tight gas.
your children’s school or a well-known local
school. We would also encourage you to              The workshop, facilitated by Kate Findlay, Facilitators LLP
take a small but active role in presenting          Int, featured guest speakers Fazrie Wahid, Chief Production
the award should the school join the                Engineer (North Sea Geomarket) Schlumberger, and Andrew
programme – although this is entirely               Gunning, Operations Manager CBM, Centrica Energy.
optional.                                           With their broad range of backgrounds, the participating
                                                    groups, including geoscientists, students and petroleum,
All applications should be sent to katespe@
                                                    reservoir and drilling engineers, enriched the discussion
aol.com with a short paragraph about the            by assessing from different perspectives the issues of
school and the reasons you think it should be       developing unconventional resources. However, they shared
selected. Together with the name of the school /    a common interest in terms of respect for the environment
address and location a heads name/ or head of       of the different locations where these new resources are to
science department would be most useful.            be exploited.
We have 40 places this year and hope to             Event co-organiser, Maria Trujillo, of the SPE Aberdeen
expand this number in the forthcoming years.        Another Perspective Sub-committee, says: “Participants said the workshop had helped them gain valuable
                                                    insights from technical experts into the new unconventional resources and how they can be developed.”

              
               
                  

        Maximizing oil and gas production in mature and                                                              Joh. Heinr. Bornemann GmbH
                                                                                                                     P.O. Box 1162
        marginal fields.                                                                                             31676 Obernkirchen, Germany
                                                                                                                     Fon: +49 5724 390-0
        Onshore, topsides and subsea as well as in new                                                               Fax: +49 5724 390-290
        field development.                                                                                           www.bornemann.com

                                                                                               JOIN THE WORLD’S BEST OPERATORS!
                                                                                               4th International
   Single and multiphase uid ow specialists: modelling wells, gathering
                                                                                               Operations Excellence Seminar
   systems, pipelines and forecasting production and gas storage systems.

                                                                                               Production Reliability:
                                                                                               Achieving Operations Excellence
                    Nodal Analysis • Underbalanced Drilling • Managed Pressure Drilling
                    Operating Envelope for UBD/MPD Design • Arti cial Lift Design
                                                                                               October 13 & 14, Houston
                  • Thermal Applications • Down-hole Electric Heating • Flow Assurance
                  • Acid Gas Disposal • Hydrates • Steam injection • Production Optimization

                  • Import ow relationship data directly from WELLFLO to PIPEFLO
                                                                                               Day 1 :
                                                                                                     utive Roundtable

                  • Flow Assurance • Pipeline Design • Automatic Facility Locator
                    Advanced Sensitivity Studies • Export to OLGA® • Hydrates
                                                                                               Day 2:
                  • Process Simulator Links to HYSYS® and UniSim Design®

                                                                                                O shore / Deepwater
                  • Corrosion • Pipeline Cool Down Calculations
                  • Pipeline Optimization • Pipeline Looping

                  • Model, Optimize, Forecast • Field Development Scheduling
                  • Reservoir to Sales Line • Flow Assurance • Acid Gas Disposal
                  • Gas Storage • Hydrates • Production Optimization
                  • CO Sequestration
                                                                                               To Register: Contact Jenny Jackson, Seminar Coordinator at
                                                +44 1483 307 870
                                                                                                +1.403.234.4297 email: jennifer.jackson@ziffenergy.com
                                                                                                         w w w.ziffenergy.com

                                       London Section Continuing
                                                Education Focus
                                                             MAkINg YOUR CAREER DREAMS COME TRUE
                                                             Buoyed up by its best-ever attendance of 116 delegates, SPE London’s 4th annual Women in Energy
                                                             Day, on 13 May, delivered a packed programme of inspirational presentations and breakout sessions
                                                             focusing on the theme: ‘The next step: make your ambitions happen’.
                                                             The interactive event, which attracted women from both technical and non-technical functions of
                                                             the oil and gas and mining sectors, was sponsored by Worldwideworker.com and Schlumberger,
                                                             and organised by Emily Spearman, Principal Environmental Consultant, Scott Wilson; Bunmi Titiloye,
             Event Spea kers                                 Senior Consultant, CapGemini, and Kara Sadybakasova, Commercial Advisor Gas Commercialisation,
      (Above - From left to right) Sally Martin (Shell),     The seminar launched with a fascinating session in which women with very different career
 Joan MacNaughton (Alstom), Rhonda Morris (Chevron)
                                                             backgrounds talked about their own career development, challenges and ambitions. The speakers
         and Maria McCaffery (RenewablesUK)
                                                             (pictured left) shared a wealth of personal insights and advice, summarised below.
                                                             An ice-breaker exercise was led by Emma Chilvers, Founder of LeaderWithin, who encouraged
                                                             the delegates to identify and share their ideas on what they really wanted in their personal and
                                                             professional lives. Professional Coach Angela Dunbar’s subsequent session on becoming assertive
                                                             without being aggressive provided plenty of food for thought, with practical tips on how to stay calm
                                                             and in control, even in the most challenging situations.
                                                             A session on how to fast-track your career and develop your own brand, by Mark Huggins, of Aziz
                                                             Corporation, delivered its promise of giving delegates robust and focused career development
                                                             advice, and some diplomatic counsel on how to develop the art of good negotiation was ably
                                                             provided by Anthony Layden CBE, of the UK Foreign Office.
                                                             The event concluded with a talk by Jan West, of MentorSet, on why it’s important to find the right
                                                             mentor, followed by practical mentoring breakout sessions led by experienced mentors.
     ‘Women in Energy’ break-out session                     An informal networking session in the Geological Society library rounded off an intense, but highly-
                                                             enjoyable day.
                                                                                                                        Senior women’s career advice
                    Think two or three jobs ahead of your own:        Do what you enjoy because is correlates with            Recognise that credibility needs to be built
                    find people at these levels and find out what     your output                                             Never demand equality: assume it is a birth
                    you need to achieve to be a credible candidate    Build allegiances and win friends, particularly         right
                    for those jobs                                    among women                                             Always be the best version of yourself
                    Trust your own instincts and listen to            Master the art of the 30-minute meeting                 Assertiveness without humility is aggressive;
                    your internal voice
                                                                      Don’t take yourself too seriously                       assertiveness with humility is invincible!
                    Set priorities and be true to them
                                                                      Communicate clearly
                    Don’t underestimate your abilities

                                                              By Andrea Turner, Reservoir Engineer

‘Listening to Mother Nature’ was the theme of a one-day Reservoir Characterisation Seminar, organised
by the SPE London Continuing Education Committee, in March.
The event highlighted the wide range of disciplines and understanding required to achieve a good
representation of the subsurface. The success of the day came through the excellent presentations, based
on real data, along with examples of the innovative work being carried out both in companies and at
                                                                                                                                 ‘Reservoir Chara cterisation’ partici pants
Presentations focused on uncertainty analysis, rock property and geological inputs, fluid characterisation              (From left to right) Mike Christie, Andrea Turner, Fran Ray,
and an in-depth case study on the geological and engineering aspects of the Buzzard Field.                              Kasim Sadikoglu, Iain McNeil, Lekan Aluko, Brian Moffatt

Kasim Sadikoglu, of BP, presented a working approach to the challenges of uncertainty analysis in a multi-field development and the benefits of automated
modelling from geo-model seed selection through to simulation and result generation.
Quentin Fisher, of Leeds University, took the audience through the practical use of realistic fault rock mapping; single and multiphase flow properties of fault
rocks, and the importance of having realistic transmissibility multipliers based on geology and not just values set to achieve a good history match.
Brian Moffatt, of Petrophase, reminded us of the complex and tortuous path hydrocarbons can take from source to trap and the possible compositional
changes along the way. Brian’s presentation focused on the H2S variation seen across the Buzzard Field, which tied nicely to the case study ‘Anatomy of the
Reservoir from Appraisal to Production of the Buzzard Field’.
                                                           INTO FSU OIL AND gAS OpERATIONS

                                                  On 29 April, the SPE London Continuing Education Seminar series continued with a Regional
                                                  Focus on the Former Soviet Union. More than 65 international oil and gas professionals
                                                  attended the event, which featured a diverse range of first-class presentations.

John Lanterman, Chevron: the recently-completed TengizChevroil Sour
Gas Injection and Second Generation Project, Kazakhstan, has added
250 mbpd to capacity. Key success factors include using in-house and      Luis Coimbra, Chevron: FSU pipelines are at or over full capacity. The
contractor experts, understanding priority trade-offs, new technology     inter-relation of increasing pipeline capacity and the development of
development and use of prototypes.                                        major fields is a focus area. A future bottleneck is looming in 2016, when
                                                                          it is predicted that an additional 1m bbl/day capacity will be required.
David Woodgate, BG Group: since 2006, 17 wells in the supergiant gas
condensate Karachaganak field, Kazakhstan, have been successfully         Harry Verkuil, Regal: in the Ukraine, Regal has focused on drilling
stimulated by placing multiple fractures, adding around 1600 bopd per     performance and reduced the well time from 24 months to 80 days,
well.                                                                     by bringing in newly-built, safer, faster drilling rigs. Many logistical
                                                                          challenges face the oilfield services sector, but efficient operations are
Paul McMorran, BP-TNK: Russia’s petroleum professionals are being         achievable.
developed through BP-TNK’s partnerships with academia and SPE. A
recent success was the launch of SPE Professional Certification.          Jim Gillet, Gaffney Cline: Don’t believe all you read about the
                                                                          Turkmenistan gas market, particularly with regard to the differences
Ian Thom, Woodmac: Russia’s reserves and production dominate, and in      in the reserves estimates before and after the discovery of the giant
the smaller FSU countries future production is driven either by majors,   Yolotan Field (“equivalent to four Karachaganaks”)!
by large and mid-cap companies, or by Asian/Chinese NOCs. Capital
investment in the next five years is projected at around $160 billion     Jeff Karfunkle, Weatherford: service companies face some unusual
(Russia) and around $100 billion (smaller FSU countries).                 challenges in FSU and Russia, including bears, floods and ice! There is
                                                                          a vast Russian workover market and many challenges are associated
Theodor Felder, HIS: Russia was the world’s biggest oil producer in       with the ageing fleet of equipment and the introduction of new
2009 and is ‘looking East’ in terms of its export markets. Investment     technologies.
opportunities for Western companies do exist, provided the right local
partner is chosen.

       Do you face:
           significant risks?
           large investments?
           conflicting objectives?
           diverse stakeholders?
       Our Decision Risk Management TM process
       helps you identify the best course of action

      Contact Pete Naylor:
      T +44(0)1305 217434 E drm@rpsgroup.com
      W www.rpsgroup.com/DRMteam

                        A FRESh AppROACh TO
                              MANAgINg ThE AgEINg pROCESS
                                                                                                             A large contingency of fresh-faced
                                                                                                             attendees at the SPE Aberdeen April
                                                                                                             meeting put paid to any idea that
                                                                                                             issues affecting ageing wells are more
                                                                                                             interesting to senior members of the
                                                                                                             oil and gas community.
                                                                                                             Guest speaker and Apache Drilling Manager
                                                                                                             Brett McIntyre, who presented on Forties Well
                                                                                                             Integrity, said he was pleasantly surprised by
                                                                                                             the youthfulness of his audience, being more
                                                                                                             used to addressing the mainly mature end of the
                                                                                                             demographic spectrum.

                                                                                                             However, he added: “I’m acutely aware that the
                                                                                                             net Forties experience in any gathering like this
                                                                                                             in Aberdeen is significantly more than Apache’s
                                                                                                             experience of the field, and I’m always interested
                                                                                                             to hear what people have to say about Forties
                                                                                                             historically. It adds to the information in the 20-30
                                                                                                             thousand archive boxes we inherited when we took
                                                                                                             over the field!”

                                            To bring everyone up to speed, Brett began with an             Brett then discussed a number of discrete well integrity
FORTIES hISTORY                             overview of the former BP field’s history and outlined
                                            Apache’s ongoing wells programme (see bottom left), which
                                                                                                           issues relating to the water injectors, deep gas lift, external
                                                                                                           corrosion, annulus communication, and trees and
                                            began in 2004 and included the drilling of some 18 new         downhole safety valves. In terms of managing these issues,
                                            wells during 2009.                                             Apache has worked a number of solutions, including:
- Discovered: Oct 1970                                                                                     putting straddles in the gas strings (which has achieved
                                            As a parent closely involved with his children’s
                                            development through Aberdeen Athletics Club, he had            variable success); carrying out operational risk assessments
- Initial oil in place: +/- 5 billion bbl                                                                  and monitoring increased allowable annulus pressures,
                                            seen the performance statistics of club members of all ages
                                            and reached the conclusion that “the older you get, the        and, where achievable, performing ESP workovers and
- First production: Sept 1975                                                                              sidetracking.
                                            harder you have to work, and usually for diminishing
- Peak oil rate: 500+ mbbl/d                returns”. This, he said, could be                                                       He also showed examples of
                                            related to Apache’s asset integrity                                                     some of the surface refurbishment
- > 300 wellbore penetrations to date       work on the 35-year-old Forties                                                         activities carried out in recent
                                            field, although he stressed that                                                        times, including refurbishment of
- Apache acquired field in 2003             having worked in international                                                          wellheads and drilling rig upgrades.
                                            drilling and operations for more                                                      The company, he explained,
- Current oil rate: 65 mbbl/d               than 20 years, he has found the                                                       operates an intensive well services
                                            Forties wells to be remarkably                                                        programme. This involves two
                                            robust for their age: “by and large                                                   well services crews and three tree
                                            they’re in pretty good shape.”
ApAChE DEVELOpMENT                                                                                                                technicians working permanently
                                            The field’s well integrity issues are                                                 in the field to carry out more
OF FORTIES                                  directly related to its history of                                                    than 200 interventions per year,
                                            phased development, he explained, which moved from             including scale squeezes, integrity work on DHSVs, and
- Ongoing wells programme: 2004 to date     natural (zero water) production, to seawater injection, to     minor well performance-related operations, such as coiled
                                            the use of deep and shallow gas lift, to the introduction of   tubing cleanouts and well perforating.
- 71 sidetracked wells                      corrosion resistant alloys and ESPs, and finally to Apache’s   In summary, returning to his athletic analogy, Brett said
- 7 surface wells                           current programme of produced water injection. Inevitably,     that as with human performance, old wells decline,
                                            each development brought its own issues, including             maintenance is relentless and it doesn’t get any easier with
- 109 workovers                             corrosion and production casing string failures. Looking       time. However, it’s better – and less expensive in the long
                                            ahead, with a new programme in place to convert Forties        term – to deal with issues sooner rather than later.
- > 200 well services interventions         Charlie from shallow gas lift to deep gas lift by the end of
  per year                                                                                                 “We are in the fortunate position that there is enough
                                            this year, the resultant doubling of gas injection pressure    life in the Forties field to enable us to keep on
                                            will bring more integrity challenges that will need to be      development drilling and keep on top of integrity issues,”
                                            carefully managed.                                             he explained, and he concluded: “I’m a strong believer
                                            On the plus side, he said: “One of the nice things about       generally that the way integrity issues are dealt with is
                                            the integrity issues we have on Forties is that the            a direct reflection of the integrity of a company’s senior
                                            majority of wells are redevelopment opportunities for us.      management and engineers.”
                                            We have more targets than we have slots, so if a low rate      A valuable lesson for the young and not-so-young, alike!
                                            well has integrity problems, we can sidetrack it to a new
                                            target and repair the integrity issues at the same time.”
oil and gas has
met its match.

BJ Services, the Fracturing Experts.
Fracturing formations and shattering records every day.
            BJ Services has earned a reputation for providing reliable fracturing services for virtually every
            major shale oil and gas operator. Since 1981, our skilled engineers and crews have successfully
            designed and pumped thousands of unconventional oil and gas stages around the world.
            We offer the most advanced fracturing technologies in Europe–the right fluids, proppants and
            equipment–needed to “crack the code” for optimum frac designs and operations.
            Don’t get stuck on someone else’s learning curve. Ask us how to unlock the full potential of
            your European oil and gas wells. Contact James Curtis, Europe Business Development Manager,
            at +44 7760 624941, or email: james.curtis@bjservices.com.

            Real world. World class. Worldwide.


     To continue our new series, this month we meet SPE Aberdeen volunteer Sarah Gordon, a Consultant with Odgers Berndtson Executive Search.
     1. When and why did you join SPE?
     I joined in early 2008, when I moved to Aberdeen from London. I saw SPE as a good networking tool and a means of
     building upon existing, and also forming new, relationships within the industry.

     2. When and why did you decide to start volunteering for SPE?
     Having seen the ‘Call for Women’ request in an edition of SPE review last year, I was intrigued to find out more and
     subsequently became a committee member of Another Perspective (AP). AP is a sub-committee of the SPE, focused
     upon promoting greater demographic diversity across the oil and gas industry.

     3. What does this involve?
     As AP is a relatively recent initiative, our focus to date has been to raise our profile. An integral part of this involved
     organising a launch event at Aberdeen Art Gallery, a well-attended event attracting a diverse cross-section of
     individuals. Oonagh Werngren, of BP, gave a presentation which led to an audience participative discussion on how           Sara h Gord on
     best to generate greater diversity at all levels of seniority in the industry. In addition, AP created a desk calendar
     depicting women in various roles within the sector. This was sold to major operators and service companies in
     Aberdeen. A recent highlight for AP was the hosting of a technical presentation by Maria Jimenez, of Senergy, entitled ‘The role of coupled Geomechanics –
     Fluid Flow Reservoir Modelling for Water Injection Performance Prediction’. AP, in conjunction with the SPE Aberdeen Young Professionals, was also involved in
     the creation of a workshop at DEVEX 2010. As well as organising and being involved in industry events, AP is also on hand to provide support and guidance to
     individuals joining the industry and, where we can, helping people find industry sponsorship.

     4. Any particular achievements in your role as volunteer?
     I have been encouraged by the excellent support our initiatives have received to date.

     5. What do you think are the benefits of volunteering – both for yourself and for SPE?
     The benefit for SPE is that things happen. Without volunteers organising local events and networking programmes, I don’t think the SPE would have the level
     of following and support it currently does. I have benefited from being able to meet new people in Aberdeen.

     6. Do you think there’s a sense of community within SPE and within the oil and gas industry generally?
     I do, and I think that within the SPE this comes from connecting like-minded people with common aims and ambitions for their careers. Aside from being a
     good networking tool, SPE, and those you meet through it, can also provide career advice and support. The oil and gas industry consists of people from
     different backgrounds, nationalities and disciplines all working together. It has created room for networking, friendship and professionalism, regardless of
     discipline area. This gives a sense of global community.

     7. Do you intend to volunteer for any other SPE activities in future?
     At present, AP keeps me busy enough, so I won’t be taking on additional volunteering activities imminently. Incidentally, we are keen to bring new members
     ������������� �����������������������������������������������������
     on board to help further drive the initiative. Anyone interested in finding out more is welcome to contact: another_perspective@spemail.org

           A simple approach to a complex problem; analytical techniques made simpler by modern methods allowing opportunities
           to improve well performance.
          OPC’s core activities include:
           Sub-Surface Studies where the team communicate well to maximise efficiency.
           Specialist training in Reservoir Surveillance, PTA and other OPC core skills.
           Provision of Technical Consultants, Junior to Team Leader, and teams for ongoing work
           and data rooms drawn from our extensive global resources.
           Reservoir and Petroleum Engineers required for ongoing projects in house in London.
           Please forward your resume to cv@opc.co.uk
                                                            Oilfield Production Consultants (OPC) Ltd
               LONDON Telephone: +44 (0)20 7428 1111 Email: london@opc.co.uk ABERDEEN Telephone: +44 (0)1224 329111 Email: aberdeen@opc.co.uk
                    HOUSTON Telephone: +1 713 973 2151 Email: houston@opc.co.uk QATAR Telephone: +974 4911771 Email: qatar@opc.co.uk
                                                 ATYRAU Telephone: +7 7122 996090/89 Email: atyrau@opc.kz
                                                                                                management knowledge expertise

                                                                                    SpE CONSULTANTS LISTINg
     LEARNING                                                                       David Aron: Development studies, negotiations, evaluations, expert witness • tel:

     OPPORTUNIT Y                                                                   020 8347 3498 • fax: 020 8347 3499 • email: davidaron@pdc.uk.com • Petroleum
                                                                                    Development Consultants Ltd, Stanhope House, 4 – 8 Highgate High Street, London
                                                                                    N6 5JL • www.pdc.uk.com
SPE YOuNG PROFESSIONALS                                                             Maurice Cotterill: CEng, FIMMM – exHPHT expertise, well design, advanced casing/
                                                                                    tubing analysis, studies/reviews • email: maurice.cotterill@sede.co.uk • SEDE Ltd, Rose
LONDON SECTION 2010 Annual Field Trip                                               Cottage, Church Lane, Thwaite, Eye, Suffolk IP23 7EJ

                ‘Regional Geology & Analogues                                       Rick Hoskins: Consultant for cementing designs that prevent annular fluid-
                                                                                    movement after cementing • tel: 01330 860772 • mob: 07885 436671 • email:
                  of Carboniferous Reservoirs’                                      cementing@aol.com • Cementing Specialists Ltd, Craigshannoch Lodge, Midmar,
                    Derbyshire, UK - 11th & 12th September                          Aberdeenshire AB51 7LX

Richard Steele, Deputy Chief Geologist for BG Group, will lead a small group        Kwabena Kwakwa: BSc, MPhil – 30yrs+ experienced applied geomechanics specialist
through areas of interest in the Peak District, North West England, including:      • wellbore stability, sand production, depletion effects, fracturing design, etc • tel: +44
                                                                                    (0)1932 560484 • mob: +44 (0)7989 383084 • email: kkwakwa@energy-tech.co.uk
 • Basin & depositional settings
 • Fractures/faults and effects on fluid flow                                       Tim Lines: CEng – Acquisitions/farm-outs, finance available, technical, economic,
                                                                                    contracts • tel/fax: 0845 165 1891 • mob: 07960 793308 • email: tim.lines@
 • Importance of understanding sedimentology logs
                                                                                    oilfieldinternational.com • www.oilfieldinternational.com • Kingswood, Stamford
 • Seismic resolution                                                               Avenue, Hayling Island PO11 0BJ
 • Upscaling of data for simulation
                                                                                    Merlin Extended Reach Drilling: Feasibility/design/training, equipment specification,
The geological setting has historical importance to the onshore oil fields          risk & cost reduction; wellbore stability solutions; Spitfire flypasts! • tel: 01738 627922 •
developed by BP, as well as analogues with the gas fields of the Southern North     email: iain.hutchison@MerlinERD.com • www.MerlinERD.com
Sea. This field trip is a must for anyone involved with geological modelling,
reservoir monitoring and simulation, and anyone with an interest in geology.        Henry Smith: CEng – 25yrs experience. Cased hole log analysis and training, well test
                                                                                    analysis, well design and production optimisation • tel: +44 (0)7946 547059 • email:
 Booking: As numbers are restricted, please register your interest with:
 yplondon@spemail.org and further details regarding the trip, including costs and
 how to book, will be sent separately.                                              Haoran Zhang: BSc, MPhil, PhD – Over 25 years’ experience: prospect evaluation,
                                                                                    field development planning, reservoir engineering, reservoir simulation, reserves
                                                                                    assessment, IOR/EOR, PVT/EoS, software development and training, project
              FORThCOMINg EVENTS                                                    economics • tel: +44(0)7827 089527 • email: haoran@petengplus.com or info@
   LONDON                                                                           petengplus.com • www.petengplus.com • PetEng Plus Limited, 28 Evergreen Way,
                                                                                    Wokingham, Berkshire RG41 4BX
   • 17 June: YP Cocktail and Networking Evening
                                                                                    To appear in this listing, please write to Allan Montgomery at M&M Media,
     VENUE: 6.30pm Coq d’Argent, London
                                                                                    24 Cairnaquheen Gardens, Aberdeen, AB15 5HJ, with: your contact details • up to TEN
   • 15 September: SPE London, SPEE and The Geological Society                      words describing your services • advance payment by cheque for £10 inc VAT x the number
     Petroleum Group Annual Debate: ‘Unconventional Resources:                         New & Emerging Plays A5 Mono Ad_2.qxd 25/5/10 11:32 M&M
                                                                                    of months you are booking a listing (cheque payable to Page 1 Media).
     do they have unconventional reporting?’
     VENUE: 6.30-9.30pm The Geological Society, Piccadilly, London W1
     For information and registration visit www.geolsoc.org.uk
   ABERDEEN                                                                                                   International Conference: Call for Abstracts

   • 17-18 November: SPE ICoTA Well Intervention Round Table                                                  New and Emerging
     VENUE: Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre
                                                                                                              Plays in the Eastern
   • A major new SPE International event launches next February in                                            Mediterranean
     Vienna, Austria. The first SPE European Conference on Health Safety                                      23 - 25 February 2011
     and Environment in Oil and Gas Exploration takes place on 22-24                                          The Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London
     February, with the theme ‘HSE performance across Europe – from
     mature assets to new frontiers’.
         Call for papers deadline: 2 July 2010. www.spe.org/events/ehse

            TEChNICAL TOpICS SURVEY RESULTS                                               Convenors:

   SPE London Programme Committee thanks the 100+ members who                             Andrei Belopolsky
   responded to its recent survey on suggested topics for next session’s series                               Call for Abstracts - To be submitted by 15 September 2010
                                                                                          Jonathan Craig      Recent exploration success in the Eastern Mediterranean offshore has highlighted the enormous
   of technical meetings. The top five preferred topics (of 75 suggested) are:            (Eni)               petroleum potential of this region. Significant discoveries offshore Egypt, Libya and Israel have
                                                                                                              opened new basins and new plays for petroleum exploration, particularly in deep water. New
                                                                                          James Iliffe        seismic data, the results of the recent and upcoming exploration wells and licence activity
   1. Risk and decision making, and value of information in decision-                     (BP)                offshore Lebanon, Cyprus, Libya, Tunisia and Italy will all redefine the hydrocarbon potential
      making processes.                                                                   Gabor Tari
                                                                                                              of this emerging region in the near future.

                                                                                                              This conference will discuss new ideas on the tectonic evolution of the region, basin formation,
   2. Well integrity in ultra deep water: must get it right!! And challenges of                               new plays, petroleum systems, and the linkage between the onshore and the offshore. It will
                                                                                                              provide a common platform for sharing information and results between industry and academia.
      deepwater drilling exploration – history – depths – challenges – prizes.                                Basins covered: Levant, offshore Nile, Herodotus, offshore Cyrenaica, offshore Sirt,
                                                                                                              Pelagian, Malta, Sicily Channel, Adriatic, and others.
   3. Future prospects for the North Sea.
                                                                                                              Abstracts or sponsorship enquiries should be sent to steve.whalley@geolsoc.org.uk
   4. Shale gas potential in Europe vs US: state of technology and                                            For further information about this conference, please contact:
                                                                                                              Steve Whalley, Event Co-ordinator: +44 (0)20 7432 0980
      challenges.                                                                                             or email: steve.whalley@geolsoc.org.uk

   5. Future directions in reservoir modelling.
     For full list visit: www.spe-uk.org (London Section – Programme                                                                      At the forefront of petroleum geoscience
     Committee page).
   If you can suggest suitable individuals or organisations to present on
   these topics, please contact Kate McMillan at: katespe@aol.com                                                                                                                                                 11
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