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Fulbright by liaoqinmei


Senator Fulbright
  The Australian-American Fulbright Commission

    …to promote mutual understanding through education
    and cultural exchange

    … provide a bi-national educational scholarship program
    that is highly regarded and recognised for its quality,
    values and opportunities

             The Fulbright Scholarship Program


                                     •   Established in 1946 by U.S. Senator J. William
                                         Fulbright and the U.S. Government.

                                     •   Largest education scholarship program in the
                                         world – exists between the USA and 155

                                     •   Over 300,000 Fulbright Scholars worldwide to

Senator J. William Fulbright

            The Australian–American Fulbright Commission

                                                     FULBRIGHT COMMISSION
                                                     •   Established in 1949 – bi-national treaty
                                                         between Australia and the U.S.

                                                     •   Funded by Australian & U.S. governments
                                                         and corporate sponsors

                                                     •   Australian Prime Minister and U.S.
                                                         Ambassador are the Honorary Co-Chairs

                                                     •   Board of 10 members appointed by the
The Fulbright Agreement was signed in Canberra
in November 1949 by U.S. Ambassador to                   Australian Minister for Education and U.S.
Australia, Hon. Pete Jarman (left) and the               Ambassador
Australian Minister for External Affairs, Rt. Hon.
Dr H.V. Evatt.
                                                     •   Over 2,700 Australian and 2,000 American
                                                         Fulbright Scholars

                    Fulbright Australian Scholarships

                                                    CORE SCHOLARSHIP
                                                    Approx 25 Scholarships on offer each
                                                      year for Australians:
                                                    •   12 - 15 Postgraduate Scholarships for 8-12 months
                                                        study or research including state and sponsored

                                                    •   1 - 2 Postdoctoral Scholarship for 3-12 months research

                                                    •   Up to 4 Professional Scholarships for 3-4 months
                                                        research and/or short course

Kirsty Guster                                       •   Up to 3 Senior Scholarships for 3-6 months
2000 Postgraduate Scholar to the Manhattan School       research/guest lecturing
of Music

                Fulbright Australian Scholarships

                                       STATE AND SPONSORED SCHOLARSHIPS
                                       •   State Scholarships – TAS, WA, SA, NSW, VIC, QLD, NT

                                       •   Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship in Climate Change
                                           and Clean Energy – funded by Australian and U.S.

                                       •   Fulbright Indigenous Scholarship – sponsored by

                                       •   Fulbright Professional or Senior Scholarship in Nuclear
                                           Science and Technology – sponsored by ANSTO

                                       •   Fulbright Professional Scholarship in VET – sponsored
                                           by DEEWR

2010 U.S. Scholar Professor Sasha      •   Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Australian-
Barab with aboriginal artist Clifton
                                           American Alliance Studies – sponsored by DFAT
Biendurry in WA.

               Other Scholarships for 2012

                                      OTHER OPPORTUNITIES

                                      •   Fulbright International Science and Technology
                                          Award – supports a full PhD program at top U.S.
                                          University – applications close 1 May annually

                                      •   Anne Wexler Masters Scholarship
                                           – Supports a 2 year Masters degree in Public
                                             Policy studies in the U.S.
                                           – Applications open 1 July and close 30 Sept

Sam Nester
2010 Fulbright Scholar to Manhattan
School of Music

Australian Fulbright Scholarship Benefits

                            •   Professional network – Alumni & U.S./
                                International connections & collaborations

                            •   Enrichment seminars in the U.S. with
                                international Fulbright Scholars

                            •   Fulbright Alumni support networks

                            •   Academic Training – one year to legally work in
                                the U.S. on completion of study/research

                            •   Fulbright Presentation Dinner & Orientation

                            •   Access to travel grants to enrich Fulbright
                                experience including Fulbright Gregory Schwartz
       Fulbright Selection Process

                                          SELECTION PROCESS

                                          •   Applications close 31 August

                                          •   Short list and interview at state level (Sept/Oct) for
                                              Postgraduates and Postdoctoral applicants

                                          •   Senior Scholar and Professionals considered at
                                              National level without interviews

                                          •   Recommendation to National Selection Committee
Robin Brimblecombe
2007 Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship   •   National Selection (December)
in Science and Engineering sponsored by
BHP to Princeton University.
                                          •   Begin Scholarship between 1 July following year
                                              and 30 June the year after.

               What makes a good Scholarship application?

                                        Fulbright Selection Criteria

                                        • Academic / professional excellence

                                        • Relevance of proposed program

                                        • Potential outcomes

Melissa Tacy
                                        Note: no age limit, open to any field
2007 Postgraduate Scholar to the        and host
University of California

                  What makes a good Scholarship Application?

                                                    SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS

                                                    Good Planning
                                                    •   Identify the best scholarships and multiple

                                                    •   Understand what Fulbright is and why it
                                                        best fits for you

                                                    •   When & how will it fit with your studies

                                                    •   Identify and negotiate best host
2010 Australian Scholar Elizabeth Jens Scholar to
Stanford University
                                                    •   Long lead time

                                                    •   Good professional guidance and referees

                   What makes a good Scholarship Application?

                                      SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS


                                      • Understand and address scholarship focus
                                      • Write it in plain English (multidisciplinary)
                                      • Get someone outside your field to proofread
                                      • Select and brief your referees
                                      • Submit on time and ensure it is complete
                                      • Apply as if it is your DESTINY

Eliza Matthews
2005 Postgraduate Scholar to George
Washington University

                     What makes a good Scholarship Application?

                                                       SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS

                                                       •   Prepare

                                                       •   Highlight and value add relevant to

                                                       •   Why you and your proposal, in plain

Julie Owen
                                                       •   Aware of options and how it will happen
2007 Postdoctoral Fellow to Arizona State University
                                                       •   Engage Committee

       What makes a good Scholarship Application

What defines a Fulbright Scholar?

• Excellence - Demonstrated achievement
• Passion - about field and study

• Ambassadorial skills – articulate

• Vision – for themselves and their field

• Interesting people – wider interests


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