Why Carefully Choosing Right Business Laptop is Important

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                6 Easy Steps To Copy Your Laptop’s Hard

                   6 Easy Steps To Copy Your Laptop’s Hard                          1. The first thing you’ll need to do is to dig out your
                                Drive - How To                                      laptop’s user manual and find out what type of drive
                                                                                    you have in your computer so you’ll know what
                                                                                    you need to buy to replace it. Laptops use 2.5 drives
                                                                                    and are normally outfitted with one of two types
                                                                                    of drives: IDE (also called Parallel ATA, or PATA) or
                                                                                    SATA (Serial ATA). If you cannot locate your manual,
                                                                                    try the manufacturer’s website. Most manufacturers
                                                                                    provide PDFs of product manuals in the support
                                                                                    section of their websites.

                                                                                    Note that some manufacturers require a specific
                                                                                    brand of drive. If this is the case, be sure to speak
                                                                                    with or email your drive source and describe your
                                                                                    laptop (manufacturer, model, etc.) to make sure that
                                                                                    what you plan to buy will operate properly in your
                                                                                    computer. For example, a larger drive may create
                Laptops were originally designed for travel. You                    more heat. Question whether the drive you have
                had your laptop computer. You had your desktop                      selected or the laptop model you are using is capable
                computer. You weren’t supposed to need a large                      of dissipating that additional heat. Most companies
                drive in your laptop so laptop hard drives, like laptop             which sell drives will know what will work and what
                computers, have traditionally been small. Small in                  won’t. Asking the manufacturer for advice may not
                physical size and small in storage capacity.                        yield the best results as their replacement drives
                                                                                    often tend to be considerably more expensive.
                Things have changed. Laptops are increasingly ta-
                king over the function of primary computer. Opera-                                Ibm thinkpad t40 Battery
                ting systems (particularly Windows Vista), applica-
                tions, and data files (particularly photos and music)               Availability : In Stock
                are demanding more and more storage space. So, if
                you have had your laptop for awhile, it’s likely you
                have begun to feel a bit cramped for space..
                                                                                    2. Once you have determined which drive to buy,
                Replacing your laptop drive with a larger drive isn’t               you will need to figure out how to connect the new

                difficult but it can be quite time consuming (not to                drive to your computer so you can communicate
                mention irritating) to rebuild a new drive from the                 with it. If you have no way to insert a second hard
                ground up. It’s much faster and easier to simply                    drive into your laptop (which is usually the case),
                migrate your old drive–lock, stock and barrel–to                    the most practical way to connect your new drive
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                your larger drive. Here’s how you do it.                            is via the USB port. As mentioned above, laptop


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                6 Easy Steps To Copy Your Laptop’s Hard Drive

                drives come in two flavors, IDE and SATA. The dif-                your old drive. The drive will be bootable and will
                ference between the two drive types is reflected in               act just like your old drive. The only difference is
                the connectors they use to attach to your computer.               that this copy of your drive has lots more available
                                                                                  space. At this point, you will need to power down
                Neither of these will connect directly to a USB port              your computer and go back to your laptop user ma-
                so you will need either: a USB to IDE or USB to SATA              nual for instructions on removing your old drive.
                adapter. These are quite inexpensive and some even                Take particular note of the orientation of the drive
                come bundled with both IDE and SATA connectors                    (face up/face down) as it comes out of the computer.
                in one unit. A Google search should quickly bring                 Also, if your existing drive comes with mounting
                up whatever models are current. Alternatively, you                brackets that must be removed, take note of how
                could use a USB drive enclosure with either USB to                the drive fits into the bracket or brackets.
                IDE or USB to SATA conversion built in. Another
                possibility is to purchase your replacement drive                 5. Next, you will need to disconnect your new drive
                as an external storage device in the size you need.               from any adaptor device you may have used in or-
                Data Protection Solutions by Arco’s EzBackup-pd                   der to migrate the drive. If you purchased a storage
                drive, for example, can be ordered in a variety of                enclosure, you will need to remove your new drive
                sizes and comes bundled with backup software that                 from the enclosure. You may wish to install your
                would allow you to put your old drive to use as a                 old drive in this enclosure so that you can use it as
                backup drive. Again, make sure you know whether                   a storage or backup drive.
                the drive inside the enclosure is an IDE or SATA.
                                                                                  6. Install your new drive into your computer and
                3. When your new drive is hooked up via the                       close up the case. Reboot your computer and enjoy
                USB port, the next step is to install drive migra-                all that extra drive space.
                tion software to migrate the contents of your old
                boot drive to your new drive. You cannot copy a boot              Other Business News:
                drive by simply dragging and dropping files onto a
                new drive. The boot drive has a boot partition that
                is necessary for the proper operation of the drive.
                This has to be copied to the new drive as well and                CloudTag: Copy , Laptop , Hard Drive , panasonic
                this won’t happen without migration software. Ez-                 CGA-S007 batteries , nikon EN-EL3 batteries , canon
                Migration, for example, is a very simple, relatively              LP-E5 batteries , canon NB-4L batteries
                inexpensive, migration software. You install it on
                your existing drive, follow the easy instructions for
                copying your drive and very shortly you’ve got an                             Battery Wiki Related Articles:
                exact clone copy of your boot drive on your larger
                drive. Once the drive contents has been copied, Ez-
                Migration will quickly and easily repartition your
                new drive to ensure you can access all that extra

                space on your larger drive.

                                                          4. Now you have
                                                           an exact dupli-
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                                                           cate, or clone, of


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