Warning Notice to an Employee for Unsatisfactory Performance


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									This is a letter that is sent from a company to an employee warning the employee of
unsatisfactory work performance. This letter acknowledges that the manager has
previously spoken to the employee about the unsatisfactory performance and outlines
ways the employee can improve performance. If the employee fails to improve their
performance, the employee can be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension.
This letter can be used by small businesses or other entities that want to officially warn
their employees of poor performance.

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                                Warning Notice to Employee


To: (Name of Employee)

Dear (Name of Employee):

On (date and time of day), we met to discuss your unsatisfactory performance.
Specifically, we identified the following as being unsatisfactory: (describe in detail).

In order to improve your performance, you should: (describe in detail).

I will assist you in any way I can to remedy the problem. However, unless these matters
can be corrected, I shall have no alternative but to undertake further disciplinary or
corrective action, which may include suspension.


                                                         (Name of Employer)

                                                         (Signature of Official of

                                                         (Printed Name and Title)

I hereby acknowledge receipt of this warning:

(Signature of Employee)

(Printed Name of Employee)

cc: Personal File

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