Locker Organization by gdf57j


									                 Locker Organization

                                       More tips…
Stuff to buy:
                                       *Use colored stickers for
*Magnetic white board                  your textbooks that match
*Magnetic pencil holder                the binders
*Extra shelf or shelf basket
*Small bag for your coat               *If your binders take up
                                       too much space, put them
*Smaller backpack… no wheels
                                       in the locker “front- back,
    (since you put in your locker      back-front,… back and
    during the school day)             forth” (see the example in
*Colored stickers for texts            the locker)

                                       *Bag your coat:
                                       Stuff your coat into your
                                       backpack to stuff at the top
Buy your locker stuff this             or hang on the hook when
summer so you’re ready in              you don’t need it.
                                       * Hang your back pack on
                                       the hook, remove it to get
                                       your stuff, then put it back
                                       before you close your
   Pick a day and time                 * Regular cleaning day:
   each week as your                   Pick a regular day/ time
   locker cleaning day                 each week to clean &
   and stick with it!                  reorganize your locker
                                       (before or after school ;
   Why day/ time do                    lunch)
   you think will be
   best for you?

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