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                                                                                   ANNUAL ALLOCATION                 $1,112,144

               Nature of Equipment                                     Usage                     Purchased          Amount

Airconditioning Workshop Equipment                      Applied Technology                             Mar-09           $36,953
Audio Visual Equipment including installation           Rural Learning Centre                          Nov-09           $43,491
Bluetooth Scanners                                      Information Commons                            Mar-09            $8,856
Chain Saw and Wet Vac                                   Trowel Trades                                  Dec-09            $2,738
Chemistry Trolleys                                      Biomedical                                      Jul-09           $4,544
Clipper Brick Saw including installation                Trowel Trades                                  Jun-09            $4,860
CNC Software Licences                                   Applied Technology                             Jun-09           $30,400
CNC Tooling                                             Applied Technology                             Apr-09           $18,393
Colour Laser Printers                                   Business Services                              Mar-09            $5,500
Colour Printer                                          Holmesglen Training & Development              Jun-09            $4,000
Colour Printer                                          Information Commons                            May-09            $1,040
Computer Equipment                                      Technical Services Department                  Dec-09          $214,532
Digital Video Camera                                    Biomedical                                     Aug-09            $1,232
Digital Video Camera                                    Nursing                                        Aug-09            $1,232
Digital Video Projectors supply and installation        Institute wide                                 Oct-09          $202,383
Electric Pallet Stacker                                 Trowel Trades                                  Dec-09           $28,750
Electronic Whiteboard                                   Rural Learning Centre                          Dec-09            $2,717
Environmental Paint-Wash System                         Painting                                       Aug-09            $1,682
Fixed Scaffolding                                       Construction Finishing                         Jun-09            $3,595
Folding and Inserting Machine                           Registrar                                      Nov-09           $12,624
Gas Appliances for Training                             Plumbing                                       Nov-09            $6,890
Glass Trolleys                                          Glass and Glazing                              Nov-09            $4,450
Guillotine                                              Media Services                                 Dec-09           $31,500
I.T. Switch                                             Technical Services Department                   Jul-09           $5,495
I.T. Switches                                           Technical Services Department                  Sep-09            $9,700
Identification Card Printer                             Property Services & Security                   Dec-09            $8,745
Industrial Floor Sweepers                               Trowel Trades                                  Aug-09           $23,373
Intravenous Stands                                      Nursing                                        Jun-09              $991
Kitchen Dishwasher                                      Hospitality                                    Mar-09            $9,260
Laptop Computers                                        Plumbing                                       Oct-09            $3,200
Large Format Colour Laser Printer                       Information Commons                            Jun-09           $12,950
Laser Printer                                           Technical Services Department                   Jul-09           $1,067
LCD Display for Waverley                                Information Commons                            Sep-09            $3,880
Lead Abatement Dust Extractor & Sander                  Construction Finishing                         Oct-09            $4,660
Maintenance Buggies                                     Property Services & Security                    Jul-09          $19,091
Medication trolley                                      Nursing                                         Jul-09           $2,623
Multi-Function Fax / Printer / Scanner                  Rural Learning Centre                          Dec-09            $7,655
Multi-Function Fax / Scan / Photocopy Devices           Information Commons                             Jul-09          $13,345
Musical Instruments                                     Vocational College                              Jul-09           $7,953
PC Purchases                                            Information Commons                             Jul-09           $4,088
PC Purchases                                            Rural Learning Centre                          Nov-09            $2,717
PC Purchases                                            Technical Services Department                  Aug-09           $38,619
PC Purchases                                            Technical Services Department                  Oct-09           $73,561
PLC Upgrade                                             Applied Technology                             Jun-09           $22,073
Pumps & Injection Simulator                             Nursing                                        Jun-09            $9,000
Ride on Mower                                           Rural Learning Centre                          Dec-09           $28,300
Rigid Drain Cleaner                                     Plumbing                                       Jun-09            $3,600
Routing Aggregate for CNC Machine                       Design, Arts & Science                         Jun-09           $13,850
Sound Equipment                                         Design, Arts & Science                         Oct-09           $13,610
Staple & Nail Gun Sets                                  Design, Arts & Science                          Jul-09          $12,387
Tile Cutting Saw                                        Trowel Trades                                  May-09            $3,147
Video Production Equipment                              Design, Arts & Science                         Oct-09           $80,955
                                                Total                                                                $1,112,257

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