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									                                                                              Career Ink
                                                                                   Spring, 2011
                                                                                            Volume 1, Number 5

What’s Inside                                           CWU Etiquette Dinner
     From the Director’s Pen        Imagine you were invited to William and Kate‟s wedding banquet and reception. How
 2                                  would the dinner napkin be placed on your lap? What fork would be used for the main
                                    meal? How would you alert the waiter that you have finished the final course?
     What’s New
 3                                  Students attending the Career Services 6th annual CWU Etiquette Dinner, Monday, May
     at Career Services             9th from 5:30 to 8:00 pm at Tunstall Dining Room will find out the answers to these
                                    questions and more. Specific topics covered at Etiquette Dinner include: the ABC’s of
     Points to Know about           dining etiquette (including international protocol), managing awkward moments,
 5                                  networking, and manners.
     We’re All About Students:      Etiquette Dinner, a four-course meal and professional seminar, will again be facilitated by
 6                                  Merrily Bjerkestrand, Director of the NW School of Protocol. Merrily is a CWU graduate,
     Student profiles               teacher in the Spokane School District and is the owner of the Northwest School of
                                    Protocol, certified through the Protocol School of Washington D.C.
     Career Bites: News about the
10                                  Dining and business etiquette is an essential business and social skill that is pertinent to
     job market and finding a job   students, faculty and staff who attend weddings (especially their own!) and are requested to
                                    dine with employers, administrators, dignitaries, and significant others.
     Job Search Resources
                                                        From the Director‟s Pen
                                             Dear Readers,                                            recommend who I can talk to
                                                                                                      about a job?” Most hiring
                                             Every so often, we need to stop and                      managers are prone to
                                             acknowledge a mentor who has gone                        interview you when you are
                                             the distance, influencing many students                  referred by someone they
                                             to become all they can be. This person                   trust. Find out the actual
                                             is Ken Webber, career counselor,                         hiring manager for the job
                                             teacher of Career Management 301, and                    you desire.
                                             Assistant Director of Career Services for                Use LINKEDIN to Google
                                             the Lynnwood campus. Ken started                         these HR professionals and
                                             with CWU in 1998, serving as a                           recruiters. What groups do
                                             counselor between Lynnwood and the                       they belong to? Post smart
                                             former Sea-Tac campus. He has excelled                   input to these groups. Solicit
                                             at embracing change over the last 13                     referrals on LinkedIn.
                                             years. As Ken is about to retire this             4.     START A BLOG to
                                             summer, we honor his many                                demonstrate your creative
                                             contributions, emotional fortitude and                   ideas and expertise. Link
                                             success with students. Ken delivers a                    your blog to your social
                                             comprehensive workshop, “How to Get                      media networking.
                                             a Job in a Tough Economy.” His                    5.     GET OUT THERE. Attend
                                             advice to those seeking a job or                         job fairs at other universities,
                                             internship is relevant. We wish Ken                      workshops, networking
                                             plenty of opportunities for dancing and                  opportunities and association
       Ken Webber, Career Services’          having fun on his next adventure!                        meetings. Persevere.
     Assistant Director and Lynnwood              1.     RÉSUMÉ: It’s not                      6.     Send THANK YOU
                                                         uncommon for employers to                    NOTES to those who
    career counselor, who will be retiring
                                                         receive over 200 resumes for                 interview you and who have
              after this summer                          one job. Tailor your resume                  helped you develop your
                                                         to each different job by using               network.
                                                         key words and phrases from            7.     Display STRONG SOFT
                                                         the job description. Doing                   SKILLS, ENTHUSIASM
                                                         so allows you to pass                        AND EMOTIONAL
                                                         through the software                         INTELLIGENCE including
                                                         screening. Quantify your                     self-regulation and ability to
                                                         results whenever possible.                   problem-solve and take
                                                  2.     COVER LETTER: Have                           feedback.
                                                         you done your homework on             8.     PASSION and
                                                         the company? Do you know                     INNOVATION: Work as
                                                         the latest best practices in                 long as you can on what you
                                                         your industry? Demonstrate                   love and enjoy. If it isn’t out
                                                         what you can do for the                      there, create it. Good luck!
                                                         company to which you are
                                                         applying. Let your passion        Career Services will miss you, Ken!
                                                         shine. Use your unique
                                                         voice in writing the cover        Jackie Johnson
                                                  3.     NETWORKING: Building
                                                         powerful, positive, and
                                                         professional, ongoing
                                                         relationships is key to finding
                                                         meaningful work. At least
                                                         75% of your job search time
                                                         needs to be spent connecting
                                                         with others. When you talk
                                                         with someone who could
                                                         refer you, ask, “Is there
                                                         anyone else you might

                                                                                           Be sure to check out the On-Line Job
                                                                                           Search Resources on page 10.

2                                                                                                       Career Ink, Spring 2011
Spring Quarter                              What‟s New at Career Services
Events                                       Peer Advisor                             Monday-Thursday 12-1pm, workshops
                                                                                      with the Residence Halls (Choosing a
     Resume Doctor Table: Mondays
                                                                                      Major, Résumé Writing, Interviewing
                                                                                      Techniques, and basic Career Services
     through Thursdays 12:00-1:00                                                     Resources offered) and creating new
     (except event days and holidays),       By Cori Montgomery, Peer                 ideas to promote Career Services.

     SURC Hallway                          Advisor, Family & Consumer                 Most recently, the peer advisors have
                                              Sciences Education Major                been brainstorming on creating a short
                                                                                      film that will promote Career Services
           Etiquette Dinner 5:30-8:00                                                 through what we like to say “Glee”
           Tunstall Dining Hall,                                                      style.

           Ellensburg, Tickets Required                                               Now that most Career Services events
                                                                                      are completed, (except Etiquette Dinner,
           Night Owl Résumé Café                                                      one of my favorite!), the peer advisors
    5/10                                                                              are working extremely hard on
           5:30-7:00                                                                  continuing our efforts on outreach.
           SURC 140, Ellensburg
                                                                                      As the quarter comes to an end, we
         SOURCE, including business                                                   unfortunately have to say goodbye to
    5/19                                     Peer Advisors Jazmarae Beebe, Cori       Darina Davidson who is graduating
         plan judging                       Montgomery (bottom l, r), Jordan St.      with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
                                           John, and Darina Davidson (top l-r) and    and a minor in Spanish this spring.
         8:00-5:00                         career counselor Vicki Sannuto (center)    Darina will be greatly missed! The rest
         SURC, Ellensburg                     at the 2011 Education Career Fair       of the team will hopefully be returning
                                                                                      next academic year. We look forward
           Banana Splits and Bucket        Now that we, the Career Services Peer      to hosting many more events and have
    TBA                                    Advisors, have gone through weekly         been so grateful to be peer advisors!
           Lists                           trainings with the Leadership Center,      Come and see us in the SURC hallway!
           Date, time, and location TBA    Diversity Center, Sexual Assault Victim
                                           Advisor and received training in
           Ellensburg                      delivering clear communications, and
                                           have also participated in outreach and
                                                                                        Career Quest
       Keep up-to-date on our events and
     workshops at
                                           events, we finally feel as though we are
                                           “getting the hang of things”.                       Job &
                                           We are extremely happy to have all of
                                           the team back together for this Spring     Internship Fair
                                           Quarter! We hope to once again ignite
                                           the Design Your Future Club which          CWU‟s 38th Annual Career Quest Job
                                           will include holding events such as        and Internship Fair was held Thursday,
                                           Résumé Café scheduled Tuesday May          April 13th. Approximately 55
                                           10th 5:30-7pm in SURC 140 and the          companies attended as 635 students
                                           2nd Annual Banana Splits and Bucket        crowded the SURC ballroom to pursue
                                           Lists event (date and time TBA).           job and internship opportunities. Were
                                           Besides regrouping to make the club        you one of those fortunate 635 who
                                           more successful, the peer advisors are     spoke with employers? To learn more
                                           continuing their outreach through          about recruiting opportunities, contact
                                           Résumé Doctor in the SURC hallway          Career Services.
                                                                                                         (continued next page)

3                                                                                                  Career Ink, Spring 2011
Coming Fall                                                My
                                                                                        wrote down answers to potential
                                                                                        questions, and rehearsed by myself, as if
                                                                                        in an actual interview.
Quarter                                           Interviewing                          Six weeks later, I had another invitation
                                                                                        for a conference call with a major

                Accounting Pre-Screen              Experience                           corporation in Seattle. This time I
                                                                                        extensively prepared for the interview,
                Ellensburg and Westside                                                 and when the time came, I delivered. I
                                                                                        was relaxed, had an answer for every
                Centers                                                                 question, and approached each question
                                                                                        with the same tactic: described the
              Fall Job, Internship, and                                                 situation, explained my actions and
    10/27                                                                               gave the results or outcomes. At the end
              Graduate School Fair                                                      of the interview, I was exhilarated. All
              SURC Ballroom, Ellensburg                                                 the work I had done to prepare on my
                                               By Yann Folkestad, 2010                  own and with Rich paid off. I really felt
                                                                                        like I connected with the interviewers,
            Engineering Technologies &       Computer Science Graduate                  and finally knew how to have an
            Construction Management        I graduated winter quarter, 2010, and
                                                                                        effective interview.
            Fair                           began interviewing for my first job in       Whether or not I get this position, I
                                           computer science six weeks ago with a
            SURC Ballroom, Ellensburg      corporate company in Bellevue, WA. I
                                                                                        now know that I can deliver a great
                                                                                        interview with any company because of
                                           was very nervous and had no idea             my renewed confidence.
       Keep up-to-date on our events and   what to expect. To prepare, I reviewed
                                           my programming skills and fundamental
      workshops at     concepts of my degree program. When
                                           the telephone interview began, I started         Fall Quarter
                                           to have butterflies in my stomach. I tried
                                           to calm and compose myself, but could
                                           not manage to be completely relaxed.
                                                                                          Partnership in
                                           Initially, the employer asked basic
                                           questions about programming
                                           fundamentals that I studied early on in
                                           my college career. I knew the answers,
                                           but suddenly began losing my ability to        (PIE) Awards
                                           articulate my thoughts and tried
                                           desperately to regain control. The more
                                           I tried, the worse it got, and the more
                                           panicked I felt, causing a snowball effect
                                           that only worsened my situation.             The winners of the cooperative
                                           Realizing that I did not say what I          education Partnership in Excellence
                                           meant to say, I ended up blurring my         awards for fall quarter 2010 have been
                                           answers. It was clear in the interviewer’s   announced.
                                           voice that the interview was over, which
                                           was not too surprising to me either.         Student of the Quarter:
                                           Extremely embarrassed, I could only
                                           imagine what thoughts were crossing
                                           the interviewer’s mind. Shortly
                                           thereafter, the interview was over, and I
                                           was completely devastated with my

                                           Over the following weeks, I had              Haley Matz, Interdisciplinary Studies
                                           additional interviews with various           major, Comcast Arena at Everett
                                           companies. I slowly became more
                                           comfortable with the process and began       Faculty Advisor of the Quarter:
                                           to get an idea of what to expect.
                                           Eventually, I met with my career
                                           counselor, Richard Schillinger, and
                                           began working with him on interviewing
                                           techniques. We did several mock
                                           interviews and discussed problem areas.
                                           I began to study how I interviewed,
                                                                                        Prof. Robert Moore, Law and Justice

4                                                                                                    Career Ink, Spring 2011
                                                 Points you will be glad you know
                                                      about the Cooperative
                                                        Agreement Process
                                                 It‟s not to late to find an internship! Get help from your major advisor, Career Services,
                                                 and our web site with locating an internship and the interview/application process. See us
                                                 in Barge 204M!

                                                 Download and Complete the Learning Agreement and Student Release Form.
           Photo: Washington State Legislature

                                                 Involve your faculty instructor in your learning agreement preparation and internship

                                                 40 hours of approved field experience = 1 credit hour. Clock hours may include time
                                                 spent to complete the work phase and the academic phase (term paper/project, journal or
                                                 log, progress reports, assigned readings, final report etc.).

                                                 Requirements and Credits:
                                                         Good CWU academic standing, maintaining at least a 2.0 GPA
                                                         No holds on your SAFARI account.
                                                         Credit requirements prior to enrolling for co-op / internship:
                                                 Co-op 290 (1 – 5 credits) Need 45 credits, including a minimum of 15 CWU credits,
                                                 Co-op 490 (1-12 credits) Need 90 credits, including minimum of 15 CWU credits
                                                 Co-op 590 (1 – 8 credits) For Graduate students (If doing a FS 590, please contact your

                                                 Submit your forms to Career Services for registration AT LEAST ONE WEEK prior to
                                                 the CWU quarterly add/drop deadline. Late agreements will be charged a late fee, and
                                                 may cause Financial Aid problems.

                                                 Overload: If your Co-op will put you in credit overload, you must submit an Overload
                                                 Slip (with proper approval signatures) with your Learning Agreement.

                                                 Tuition: Due through Financial Aid or the Cashier's office upon registration.
                                                 Summer Financial Aid is not automatic; you must APPLY for it.

                                                 International Internships: An additional signature from the International Studies Office is
                                                 required. It takes a little extra work, but it worth the effort to do an internship outside the
                                                 US. Tuition is exempt.

    Peer advisors presenting at the 2010         Insurance Coverage: (Read this even though you don‟t want to)
    Night Owl Resume Café. The 2011              Central Washington University does not have an obligation to, nor do they, provide health,
     Resume Café will be on May 10.              accident, and hospitalization insurance. CWU has no liability for injury or property damage
                                                 that may result from the use of a personal vehicle by an intern for the benefit of the
                                                 Interns will not be entitled to any labor and industries or unemployment compensation benefits from
                                                 the University during or after the completion of the Program.

                                                 For More Information About Internships:
                                                 We advocate ALL students to do an internship, no matter what your major.

5                                                                                                                     Career Ink, Spring 2011
                                                                                             We’re All
                                                                                        About Students:
                                                                                           Haley Matz
                                                                                                Studies 2011
                                                                                        Student Profile

                                                                     Photo: Joe Mabel

    The highlight of my career so far has been my two internships at the
    Comcast Arena at Everett that have turned into a permanent position with
    the company. I have gained so much knowledge and job experience from
    the initial internship opportunity.

    The main role model/mentor for me has been Geoff Weatherbie, manager
    in my department, who has taught me so much. I have also learned by just
    talking to other employees and managers within the arena.

    I am a pretty organized person, and very hardworking. I know what I have
    to do and I get the job done. I always try my best and go the extra mile.

    I think from the beginning of Fall Quarter 2010, when I started my second
    internship in the Guest Services Department. I had one more quarter of
    school, I was doing this professional internship that I was so happy to have
    received, and I really felt like things were coming together. Now that I
    have graduated and an employee there, I still feel very “alive” I feel like I
    am in the prime of my life, as funny as that sounds.
                                                                                        “Never count yourself
    Always doing my best will help me succeed in life because my efforts will           out.”
    eventually get me to where I want to be.                                            – Haley Matz
    Don’t count yourself out; I never thought I would be where I am today. I            Fall 2010 PIE Award
    did not think I would get any of the internships I applied for, and I never
    dreamed I would be where I am now, at a job where I am getting                      Winner
    meaningful career experience, and working with great people. I would also
    encourage others to do an internship. It is the best way to get experience.

6                                                                                                  Career Ink, Spring 2011
                                                                                                  We’re All
                                                                                             About Students:
                                                                                              Emily Brustad
                                                                                                      2010 Graduate

                                                                                             Student Profile

    WHAT ARE THE HIGHLIGHTS OF YOUR CAREER STORY SO FAR?                                    Photo: Emily Brustad
    I moved to Portland the day after I graduated from college. One of the last jobs I
    applied for was a position at a Dental Insurance Company, Willamette Dental. I
    was never interested in dental or insurance work but in a down economy, I needed
    to keep an open mind. I received a phone call the next day asking me to complete a
    phone interview and come in the following day for an interview. I don’t think I
    have ever been so nervous during an interview! After the interview, I thought I
    didn’t get the job, that I probably talked too much and that I should have sat still!
    That same night, I got a phone call offering me the job! It was an amazing feeling!

    My mom is a major role model and coach in my life. She is one of the hardest
    working and determined individuals I know and takes every opportunity to make
    the most out of life. My former bosses at Career Services are major mentors, role
    models, and friends who have helped me get where I am today. I can’t thank them
    enough for the wonderful experiences and learning opportunities. One of the most
    important things I learned from my time with Career Services was the power of
    laughter. It is amazing what a simple melody of laughter can do to influence
    someone’s day.

    I really enjoy taking on new tasks. I believe that the more knowledge you have, the
    more versatile you become!

    There are two instances where I have felt most alive in my life. The first moment
    was being accepted into college; the first step towards becoming an adult and being
    independent. The second moment was graduating from college and stepping into
    the “real” world. It was, and still is, an “awakening” moment of my life. I knew
    that life outside of college was going to be different, but I never really understood
    the extent of that difference.                                                          “EMBRACE the
    HOW DO YOU OR WILL YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE?                                               opportunity to listen
    I am not sure how I will make a difference, but I believe that everyone is here for a
    reason; whether that reason it is to make a change to the government, community, a      and learn!”
    friend, or an animal.
                                                                                            – Emily Brustad
    Always EMBRACE the opportunity to listen and learn! Every person or situation
    you come in contact with has a story to tell or lesson to give. Always laugh! It is
    amazing what a simple laugh can do for the soul! It can help turn a horrible day
    into something special! And finally, know what you are WORTH! Have
    confidence in yourself and know that you have something unique to give to the
7                                                                                                            Career Ink, Spring 2011
                                                                                                  We’re All
                                                                                             About Students:
                                                                                              Maira Navarro
                                                                                                   2010 Graduate

                                                                                             Student Profile

                                                                     Photo: Maira Navarro

    Last spring, while working for Career Services, we hosted our annual Career Quest
    and Target was amongst the employers who attended the fair. I met two great
    Target Team Leaders who were very friendly. Representing Target, the Team
    Leaders shared what the mission of the company is and the many careers and
    development opportunities as well as promotion opportunities within. Target is a
    team oriented company and one of the company’s focuses is to give back to the
    community while providing a brand store for guest’s great shopping experience.
    Target is very selective when it comes to hiring individuals to work for the
    company. While attending Central Washington University and working for Career
    Services, I gained great knowledge that prepared me professionally for the
    competitive employment search. As a CWU graduate I am one of the lucky ones to
    have career choices upon graduating from the University. Target offered me the
    training and opportunity to lead and apply my well-rounded knowledge to help
    manage and support the company’s goal of making Target the best company ever.

    Many Central Washington University staff have endlessly helped me throughout
    my university career. My educational success wouldn’t have been the same without
    the help of Career Services. The university prepared me for the knowledge to
    survive in the real world but Career Services prepared me with the tools needed to
    present what I learned in a professional manner. That is what made an impact on
    my employer. Thanks to Randy Williamson, whose spirit is still imprinted in
    everything that I do on a daily basis. My professionalism wouldn’t have been the
    same without the knowledge of Jaqualyn, Teresa, Vicki, Sandy, JoAnn, Richard,
    Ray and many others. Career Services staff helped me know myself and prepare for
    the future through career counseling, mock interview, job search, resume                 “Do not try to struggle
    preparation/review and the most importantly, the practice of the skills at Career
    Fairs.                                                                                   on your own; there are
    WHAT ARE YOUR TALENTS/STRENGTHS?                                                         many campus centers
    My talent is the ability to engage and inspire others. With my university education,
    I am skilled in leading a large team to support morale and engage the team to be the     like Career Services that
    best. Before working with Career Services, I was fairly shy and would frequently get
    stage fright when speaking to a large group of people. Career Services helped me
                                                                                             could guide you in the
    build my confidence by working on mock interviews that made a significant
    difference with interviewing or public speaking.
                                                                                             right path when you feel
                                                                     (continued next page)   lost.”
                                                                                             – Maira Navarro
8                                                                                                       Career Ink, Spring 2011
                                                 (continued from previous)                   as I like to think of them.

                                                                                             HOW DO YOU OR WILL YOU
                                               A strength that I can easily identify is      MAKE A DIFFERENCE?
                                               communication skills. Any university          I will pass on the knowledge and
                                               graduate should have learned the proper       professionalism to prepare others for
                                               communication skills to succeed.              success just as I was prepared and
                                               Professionalism is the key to anyone’s        guided to the right career path in life.
                                               career pathway. Career Services
                                               complimented my communication skills          WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU
                                               by showing me how to work with                OFFER OTHERS?
                                               professional people. Now, I apply these       In order for you to meet your
                                               skills within my professional setting.        educational goals, you must be willing
                                                                                             to give it your 110%. Don’t be a hero.
                         Photo: Kelly Martin   WHAT HAS BEEN THE TIME IN                     Do not try to struggle on your own.
                                               YOUR LIFE WHEN YOU FELT                       There are many campus centers like
                                               MOST ALIVE?                                   Career Services that could guide you in
                                                I received three job offers after going to   finding the right path/direction when
                                               the Career Services Spring Career Quest       you feel lost. College could be a great
                                               right before graduation. After the            experience if you associate yourself with
                                               interview process with a couple of            others who have the same vision and
                                               employers, I realized how much Career         passion as yourself, to want to make a
                                               Services influenced my decision and           difference in your lifestyle and the lives
                                               also taught me how best to negotiate the      of others. Your educational career will
                                               salary package. Without all their help, I     be the foundation of your life and the
                                               might have been like the majority of          values you will live life by. Never give
                                               university graduates who don’t have a         up! Make Career Services part of your
                                               job upon graduation. Thanks to all the        educational experience-- that will
                                               Career Services staff or “career angels”      definitely make a difference in your

                                                      The Journey
                                               One day you finally knew                      enough, and a wild night,
                                               what you had to do, and began,                and the road full of fallen
                                               though the voices around you                  branches and stones.
                                               kept shouting                                 But little by little,
                                               their bad advice----                          as you left their voices behind,
                                               though the whole house                        the stars began to burn
                                               began to tremble                              through the sheets of clouds,
                                               and you felt the old tug                      and there was a new voice
                                               at your ankles.                               which you slowly
                                               "Mend my life!"                               recognized as your own,
                                               each voice cried.                             that kept you company
    Peer Advisors Jessey Allen and Kelsey      But you didn’t stop.                          as you strode deeper and deeper
      Whiteside presenting at the 2010         You knew what you had to do,                  into the world
                                               though the wind pried                         determined to do
    Banana Splits and Bucket Lists. Keep       with its stiff fingers                        the only thing you could do --
    an eye on the Career Services website      at the very foundations,                      determined to save
             for the 2011 event.               though their melancholy                       the only life you could save.
                                               was terrible.
     Jessey Allen is employed in Spain.        It was already late                                                         - Mary Oliver
     Kelsey Whiteside is an Accounting
    Senior, and Beta Alpha Psi President.

                                                                                                           Career Ink, Spring 2011
                                                                              Create résumés that get read (Puget
         Career Bites                            Featured                     Sound Business Journal)

                                                                              Internships: Invaluable experience and
                                                  Articles                    an inside track to permanent
                                                                              employment (Jobs Journal)
                                 Online etiquette flubs could crush your
                                 career (Fortune)                             Translating your skills (New York Times)

                                 The Internet is a double-edged sword for     How can you reinvent yourself in a
                                 job seekers. Social networking tools, job    recession? (Diversity Inc.)
                                 boards, and company websites can
                                 speed the job search. However, the same      The belief that‟s sabotaging your
                                 technologies create challenges for job       career (Fast Company)
                                 seekers as well. Learning the internet job
                                 search’s techniques and risks can make       Six lessons from judging Harvard‟s
                                 all the difference for your search.          business plan competition (Fast
                                 LinkedIn tips from a „LinkedIn
                                 Rockstar) (Seattle Times)                    The best industries for starting a
                                                                              business right now (INC.)
                                 For job seekers, company sites beat
                                 online job boards, social media (Wall        Unemployment falls in two-thirds of
                                 Street Journal)                              states (National Public Radio)

                                 “Where will you be in five years?”           Hiring, recruiting activity jump in
                                 answers (GovCentral)                         February (NACE Knowledge Center)
 CWU Career Services
 400 E University Way            How to turn a rejection into a job offer     5 green jobs for saving the planet (Fox
                                 (Forbes)                                     Business)
 Barge Hall 202 & 204M
 Ellensburg, WA 98926-7499       How to conquer the interview                 EHS, CWU alum has traveled far and
 509-963-1921 and 509-963-2404   question: “Tell me about yourself”           wide (Daily Record)
                                 (experience Blog)

 Des Moines Center
 206-439-3800 x3841
                                              On-Line                provides helpful hints
                                                                              on job search e.g. cover letters, resume
                                                                              writing, negotiating, using LinkedIn

 Lynnwood Center
                                            Job Search                        along with free webinars.

                                                                              One Day One Job is a good blog with
 425-640-1570 x3878                          Resources                        job search resources.

                                                                     is good with a re-
                                 O Net and the Occupational Outlook
                                                                              design of onet information & resources.
                                 Handbook both provide in-depth
                                 information on KSAs for certain
                                                                     is an online job search site.
                                 positions and an overview of a
                                 particular industry.
                                                                              College Job Connect and
                                                                     are geared towards
                                 The blog, Ask A Manager provides
                                                                              newer grads and alumni of colleges.
                                 great career-search strategies and advice
                                 on how to survive in the workplace
                                                                     has a "who do I know"
                                                                              button that allows job seekers to find
                        and for
                                                                              jobs and use their LinkedIn and/or
                                 salary research.
                                                                              Facebook network to see who in their
                                                                              network works there or knows someone
                        is a database of
                                                                              who does.
                                 nonprofits and provides salaries of top
                                 executives and financial information.

10                                                                                         Career Ink, Spring 2011

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