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Letter of support sample _CDP_ IAAM_


									                                 The successful build and launch of the online ArtsReady tool
                                 will be due to the partnership and support of a broad range
                                 of organizations and stakeholders who believe that being
                                 ArtsReady is the healthy posture for all arts organizations.

                                                                                                  April, 2010
Your written indication of support for ArtsReady will be valuable in broadening our base of support, and help
us work with each of your individual organizations regarding how the ArtsReady tool development can be
most beneficial.

At the time of this presentation, the business plan for ArtsReady is still in development. Specific details
regarding a financial model that will keep the cost-per-user low through the support of multiple underwriters
will be clearer in the next 90 days. We recognize that you may be unable to commit your organization to a
specific dollar figure at this time. What we do ask is for your statement of support regarding the potential
value and benefits of ArtsReady to your organization and to the arts community, and your commitment to
participate as you are financially able. We expect that as the financial participation structure is defined, we
will continue this conversation with you to identify the specific level of your partnership. Your letter will not
obligate you further than you are comfortable with, but will allow us jointly to move closer to making the tool
a reality by listing your organization’s name as a supporter.

Address your letter to: Gerri Combs, Executive Director, South Arts, 1800 Peachtree St. NW, Suite 808,
Atlanta, GA, 30309. Submit by mail or to by June 4, 2010. Please tailor your letter to
your organization’s own situation; here are some points to consider.

    -   What motivates your belief in ArtsReady? Are you an organization that has survived an emergency
        and sees the need for pre-planning? Are you a funder that sees the need to protect the assets of your
        grantees through readiness planning? Do you want to take readiness planning as your next
        management step? Were you part of the community design process?
    -   What specific benefits do you see in the use of the ArtsReady tool? Will it help to jumpstart the
        conversation within your staff and board regarding preparedness? Do you see being ArtsReady as
        making you more competitive in funding proposals? Do you see the opportunity for your local arts
        community to collectively move ahead on managing its risk?
    -   Discuss your organization’s likely participation type:
            o As an Endorser (appropriate for service organizations and public arts agencies), you foresee
                contributing a modest amount toward the building of the tool, and/or operational support, and
                promoting it to your membership/constituency. Your financial participation may underwrite
                low-cost use of the tool for your members/constituents.
            o As an Underwriter (appropriate for public and private funding organizations), you foresee
                contributing a leadership amount toward the building, or operations, or both, of the tool;
                promoting its use; and participating in the ongoing governance of ArtsReady.
            o As an Advisor (appropriate for those involved in management and/or technology training and
                services to the arts sector), you foresee contributing expertise to the ongoing open-source
                community which will guide ArtsReady’s development.
            o As an Early Subscriber (appropriate for arts presenting or producing organizations in all
                disciplines), you foresee participating in the development and testing of the tool.

    Please be in touch with one of the ArtsReady team members as you develop your letter so that we can
    understand your interest and answer your questions:
    Hannah Leatherbury, ArtsReady Project Co-Manager –, 404-201-7939
    Mollie Lakin-Hayes, ArtsReady Project Co-Manager –, 404-201-7941
    Ann-Laura Parks, Communications and Development Director –, 404-201-7935

    Letters are requested by June 4, 2010. Thank you for your partnership.

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