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									                    WILLIAM E. KOPPERUD, CIE
                    ROEL CONSULTING SERVICES
                               P.O. Box 80216
                         San Diego, CA 92138-0216
                     (866) 662-7635; Fax: (619) 297-5510
                   www.roel.com (Construction Forensic Services)

                            CURRICULUM VITAE
      Involved since 1977 in the construction industry in fields of EIFS, lath,
      plaster, welding, panelized exterior wall systems, ceramic tile, window and
      curtain wall installations and performance evaluations, water intrusion,
      indoor air quality, mold investigations and building forensics.


2004 to Present    ROEL CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. San Diego, California
2000 - 2003        ROEL CONSULTING GROUP

                   Expertise in the fields of building envelope and water intrusion
                   issues, fenestration, EIFS, lath, plaster, indoor air quality/mold, thin
                   shell concrete panelization, architectural pre-cast issues, and
                   ceramic tile for all types of construction
                   Qualified City of San Diego SPECIAL INSPECTOR of EIFS,
                   certified to perform inspections on projects using an Exterior
                   Insulation and Finish System (EIFS)

2003 - 2004        BIOCLEAR, CORPORATION, San Diego, California

                   VICE PRESIDENT of OPERATIONS for a moisture intrusion
                   building forensics and mold remediation company; responsible for
                   sales development, job estimating and job scheduling; conduct
                   building forensics and destructive testing relating to water intrusion
                   and perform mold remediation using the BioClear process
1999 to 2000   CROWN EXTERIORS INC., Lakeside, California

               PRESIDENT, FIELD SUPERVISOR, responsible for estimating,
               product purchasing, project management, and field supervision of
               systems, including exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS),
               conventional lath and plaster, and waterproofing (i.e., caulking,
               deck coatings and finishes)

1995 to 1999   STUCCO-LITE, Lakeside, California

               OWNER, responsible for all operations of this company, which
               specialized in new construction and in-house design of existing
               retrofit construction for the commercial and residential markets;
               systems included direct applied finish systems, polyisocyanurate
               systems, EIFS and plaster maintenance and repair; engaged in
               special training in moisture drainage systems

               Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada

               DRYVIT products, providing architectural and sales support;
               responsibilities included:
               •   Hands-on training of contractors and their employees for the
                   purpose of issuing applicator certificates
               •   Provision of technical information and assistance in job specific
                   detailing to architects and engineers
               •   Performance of on-site inspections of projects during
                   application for the purpose of issuing product warranties
               •   Outside sales and training and support of sales staff

1991 to 1993   UNIQUE CONCEPTS, San Diego, California

               EIFS PROJECT FOREMAN providing quality control, employee
               supervision, and EIFS installation

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1987-1991      COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES, Lakeside, California

               PROJECT SUPERINTENDENT with responsibilities including
               employee supervision, quality control, installation off systems such
               as EIFS, conventional lath and plaster, drywall, light-gauge metal-
               framing, foam shapes, architectural pre-cast and EPS

1978 to 1987   E.F. BRADY/ DESIGN CAST WEST, San Diego, California

               Initially served as PLANT MAINTENANCE MECHANIC for two
               years before transferring to the metal framing department, leading
               to the acquisition of three welding certificates; duties included the
               manufacture of steel and/or rebar reinforcing frames for pre-cast,
               epoxy/exposed aggregate, and Exterior Insulation and Finish
               Systems (EIFS) panel systems
               1980 marked the beginning of a seven-year period of almost
               exclusive involvement in installation applications of the EIFS (foam,
               detail, base coat /mesh, and finish) panelization and field
               application in San Diego and other Southern California locations

1977 to 1982   SWANSON TILE, Lakeside, California

               Part time employment first as a helper/tender, then grouting and
               eventually as a setter of ceramic tile on floors and walls for track
               homes, custom residential and commercial buildings throughout
               Southern California


               31-Story Five-Star Hotel, San Diego, California; As (Vice
               President     of   Operations,   Bioclear)    acting   PROJECT
               SUPERINTENDENT and MOLD REMEDIATOR, provided forensic
               investigation, documentation, repair recommendations, and mold
               remediation of bio-organic growth in two floors of meeting rooms
               and all HVAC plumbing chases for 750 guest rooms

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              Oceanside Historical Society, Oceanside, California; As (Vice
              President    of     Operations,       Bioclear)   acting    PROJECT
              SUPERINTENDENT and MOLD REMEDIATOR, provided mold
              remediation of a five unit historical retail/museum building
              The Marina Village, San Diego, California; (Roel Consulting
              Services) – Independent third party peer review and quality control
              for window installation and sealant joints, steel stud framing for
              sound transmission, drywall, fire-caulking, and penetrations in fire-
              rated wall assemblies for two 25-story high-rise condominium
              Tweeters, San Diego, California; (Roel Consulting Services) – As
              SPECIAL INSPECTOR for the city of San Diego, provided
              inspection services for two retail stores undergoing exterior
              renovation using an EIF system
              Edwards Cinema-Plex, (Crown Exteriors) – Riverside, California;
              Provided estimating, field supervision and project coordination for
              approximately 130,000 square feet of EIFS and conventional lath
              and plaster to entire shopping center (excluding theater)
              Walgreen’s Drug Store, (Crown Exteriors) – Provided estimating,
              field supervision and project coordination for EIFS and lath and
              plaster on new commercial construction of seven southern
              California stores
              Autozone, (Crown Exteriors) – Provided estimating, field
              supervision and project coordination for EIFS and lath and plaster
              on new commercial construction of ten southern California stores
              The Beverly Center, Beverly Hills, California; First, EIFS retrofit
              over earthquake-damaged plaster for the eight story shopping mall
              and parking structure (as Calply/Dryvit Technical Representative)
              than two years later as an independent sub-contractor (Stucco-lite)
              of a $300,000+ EIFS renovation
              Union Bank Retrofit, Long Beach; (Calply/Dryvit Technical
              Representative) – Retrofit with new Dryvit of aged Dryvit, originally
              installed in 1978 for this high-rise office building (
              LDS Temple, La Jolla California; (E.F. Brady) – A 20-story EIFS
              and Marble-crete exterior (EIFS Applicator)

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              El Cajon Regional Center, El Cajon, (E.F. Brady) – California; A
              10-story office building with exterior EIFS panels (EIFS applicator;
              steel frame and drywall fabricator)
              MTS Trolley Tower, San Diego, California; (E.F. Brady and
              Commercial Enterprises) – A 10-story office building, 14-story clock
              tower, and six-story parking structure with EIFS exterior with
              exposed aggregate finish (EIFS applicator)
              Hyatt-Seaport Village, San Diego, California; (E.F. Brady) – A 45-
              story panelized and in-place EIFS (EIFS applicator)
              Merridian Tower, San Diego, California; (E.F. Brady) – A 40-story
              thin shell, pre-cast concrete panel system (framer/ welder and mold
              George Brown Residence, El Cajon, California; (Swanson Tile) –
              High end custom home with ceramic tile over mortar base,
              including kitchen, bathrooms with custom sunken tub and floors
              (tending, grouting and tile setting)
              Union 76 Service Stations, (Swanson Tile) – Tile renovations of
              public restrooms and lobby areas for multiple stations throughout
              southern California (tending, grouting and tile setting)
              Los Angeles Valley College, (Roel Consulting Services) –
              Performance testing and evaluation of window/curtain wall
              assembly per ASTM and AAMA Standards and Guidelines
              Quechan Casino and Resort, Winterhaven, CA; (Roel Consulting
              Services) – Quality Assurance oversight of the Exterior Insulation
              and Finish System (EIFS) and store front window/door assemblies
              for ROEL Construction.


              California State Contractors License Board - Active (C-17 Glazing)
              California State Contractors License Board - Active (C-35 Lath and
              California State Contractors License Board - Active (C-54 Ceramic Tile)
              Forensic Expert Witness Association, Member (FEWA)
              AAMA Technical Consultant and Certified Window Installer (Level),

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              AWCI INTERNATIONAL (Association of the Wall and Ceiling
              Industries), Certified EIFS Inspector (CEI), AWCI trained and
              certified; Business Professional / Independent Third Party Inspector
              STO Industries, Irvine, California; Certified EIFS Applicator
              DRYVIT Systems, Inc., Certified EIFS Applicator
              IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association), Member No. 7867
              ACAC (American Council for Accredited Certification), Council-
              Certified Indoor Environmentalist, CIE No. 02183


              El Capitan High School, San Diego, California – 1978
              Residential Construction Course (ROP) – 1977-1978
              Special training in:
              •    U.S.A.C.E. Construction Quality Management / Southwest
                   Division Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)
              •    AAMA Installation Masters, Window and Glazing for Residential
                   and Light Commercial Construction
              •    Ultra-tex and Ply-dek Waterproofing and Finish Systems
              •    DRYVIT MD System
              •    Association of Wall & Ceiling Industries (AWCI), Professional
                   and Independent Inspectors Course

              Certificate of Completion in the following courses:
              •    Council-Certified Indoor Environmentalist Course (ACAC)
              •    Certified Investigator Microbial Course (ACAC)
              •    OSHA Class IV – Asbestos Awareness
              •    Preparing for Future of Mold
              •    Below Grade Waterproofing
              •    Keys to Quality EIFS

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                   •   Low Slope Commercial Roofing Systems
                   •   Above Grade Clear Water Repellent Treatments
                   •   Moisture Management for Steel Stud Walls


                   Married with four children
                   Member of Foothills Christian Fellowship, El Cajon, California
                   Hobbies include desert and river camping, boating, motorcycle and
                   ATV riding, tennis, racquetball, water-skiing, snowboarding, and

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