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									Sophomore Career Experience
Preparing for Success at Career Fairs

Presented by:
Joe Furino
University Relations Manager

 Reasons to Attend a Career Fair
 What to Expect at a Career Fair
 Before the Career Fair
   5 Things to Prepare & Take to a Career Fair
   Preparing a One-Minute “Elevator Pitch”
 At the Career Fair
  Things Not to Do at a Career Fair
   What to Take Away from a Career Fair
 After the Career Fair
 Simulation
Reasons to Attend a Career Fair

 Investigate positions and career opportunities
 Meet representatives from the company
 Gather information & get answers to your questions
 Increase your chances of interviewing with an
 Receive sound job search advice
 Develop a network
What to Expect at a Career Fair

 Employers from specific geographic regions or
 company divisions
 HR professionals, hiring managers and alumni
 Most career fairs are held in large spaces
 (auditorium or outdoors)
 Tables are decorated with company information
 Expect to wait in a line to speak to the employers
  Before the Career Fair
5 Things to Prepare/Take to a Career Fair
1. Game plan
     Focus on your ideal employer list
     Go with a mission, gather information first, and focus on meeting your
      target companies
     Plan on about 15 minutes with each company
2. Copies of your resume
     You read it, have others proofread it, then you read it again
     Don’t use “creative” fonts or a font size smaller than 10
     No pictures on the resume
3. A smile, strong handshake, and a positive attitude…
   …packaged in professional attire!
4. A one-minute “Elevator Pitch”
5. Career Fair Guide (provided by career center)
Before the Career Fair, Cont.
Research your preferred companies
    Directories
    Web sites
    Annual reports
    Press releases
    Career opportunities
Do your research on yourself
    Know your skills, accomplishments, experience,
    qualities, interests, needs, preferences and goals
 Does your profile match what the company offers?
Before the Career Fair, Cont.
 Preparing a One-Minute “Elevator Pitch”
     Name
     Class (senior, junior, sophomore)
     Major & Graduation Date
     Opportunities that you are seeking
     Relevant experience
     Something unique about yourself
 Prepare relevant questions
     Could you tell me more about your training?
     What is your company culture like?
     What does the hiring process consist of?
     What is a typical day/week like for an engineer?
     How would you describe the work-life balance?
At the Career Fair
5 Things Not to Do at a Career Fair
   Don’t cruise the booths with a group of friends
   Don’t carry your backpack, large purse
   Don’t come dressed for rugby practice
   Don’t wing it with employers
   Don’t arrive during the last half hour of the event

What to Take Away from a Career Fair
  Business cards from the recruiters you have met
  Notes about contacts you made
  Information about the organization & potential
  Self-confidence in interacting with employer
  A better sense of your career options
 After the Career Fair

Organize the brochures and business cards
  Review/make notes on the companies you've visited & are
   interested in pursuing
Develop a plan of action
  Within two weeks, follow up with companies that impressed
  you (phone, e-mail or letter)
     Send the employer rep a thank you note if you have their contact info
  Follow up with the Career Development Center
  Keep time open in the following weeks for interviews
  Revisit company website for updates and job opportunities

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