Why race makes you a better entreprenur

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					Why race makes you a better entrepreneur

It has often been said that the most competitive enterprise and competition are attracted to
free markets. I agree. In fact, I think some of my best training was a track star in high school
and college, such as shopping really teach how to compete and win. It's a big difference
between sports and entrepreneurship, however.

Is, for example, a star of track no rules and no one can break these rules, yes, some people
cheat by the hormones, but once the gun is fired, everyone knows the rules and the race of
life and death. You can not around the track to run to shave the distance and get away with
it. Later, I had racing machines competing road motorcycles. Once again, think of going out
too fast, and how to use the entire route.

The ability to plan, develop strategies, and beat your competitors is all good skills to
compete in the market. In business, the competition for customer dollars and provide the
best service and products to keep them coming back and recommend to their friends and
families. They must remain effective at any time, as it is not in the race.

Now I know we live in a society of political correctness, and there are people who think that
competition is bad. The competition is not bad, drives us to work harder, more efficient and
better for us. The competition is not only good for America is good for consumers, the
economy, employment and employers to improve their skills and stay on top of his game and
wants the best in their industry.

If you are starting a business or a business trip, life, there is no doubt that you are getting
them ready for the race. Whether you have visited or have seen, there is much to learn
these skills. Therefore, be it as a hobby or talent side, you are responsible for the
review. Yes, there are many entrepreneurs, I found that were good enough, and had no
errors in the race, but I can say;

Since my franchise company in the United States and someone has their application for our
team and had participated in a kind of competition, provided that their application as the
head of the list. Because I am a winner in his hobby of racing experience.

That's what I at this point of contention I mean here. In fact, I hope you will consider this and
think about it.

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