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Two towels, a bucket, sponge and 27 years of hard work


									Two towels, a bucket, sponge and 27 years of hard work

Yes, we live in the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind, and I can prove
it. You see, I was able to start a company at the age of 12 had to wash at the airport. I
started with two towels, a bucket, and sponge and built my business by reinvesting profits.
The company has grown and grown, and finally large enough, where I the franchise. Over
the years I had my franchises in 23 states, 450 cities in four countries.

Some people say, 'Wow, that's pretty successful. Of course, not happen overnight, it took 27
years of hard work. One thing that worries me, because I now begin that many
entrepreneurs to see how they do it, only to look to the side, come to me and expect
superstar entrepreneurs for business and rich people, the right next to the door. They see
the successes in the media, magazines, social networks and online news. There are also
success stories in television, which promotes the American dream.

This is fine, and I also have to read 100 biographies of entrepreneurs and industrial
capitalists in recent years, all of which is much more successful than me and took all that
reading this, the reality of hard work and takes time, and today's kids are too impatient and
think they will make millions of dollars in a scheme that dream on the Internet. Simply not
true, and is not to say that can not happen, can, and people in the lottery win.

But what I'm saying is that the lottery is one of six in the future can not save a good financial
strategy for retirement. If you are not willing to put in the effort, and get with the program, you
do not deserve to be a successful entrepreneur, and if you're lucky and get a successful
businessman in this way you can lose your money that not respect wealth, or if you are
smart enough to know, how to keep it.

When I look back I smile up to the beginning, and I realize how much work it was hard. I’m
also aware how much they earn it, and I hate it when a politician decides he wants me to
forget taxes. Or if a politician starts to get a kind of class struggle re-elected. It is not
fair. And yes, it's not a perfect world, no one said life fair, and no one promised that
everything would be fine all the time.

But in this case I'm right and I hope you keep all this in a philosophical perspective. If you
are not prepared, in that what it takes to get there are set, you do not deserve it, and likely
will not keep anyway. In fact, I hope you find something you love into your life and your
business and working overtime to win the game. It will not be easy, will not be free, and you
need more than luck. Think about it.

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