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					Social Business: How to clarify your idea - target wave action

To clarify how his idea of social enterprise - Waves of specific actions and

It is common in many business thinkers. That was a great idea and great. However, the
head was too big and too overwhelming. Clarity is needed in their quest for social
entrepreneur or a business idea. Keep it simple. Otherwise it becomes too big and too
random, and it will be impossible to perform an action.

Now get a notebook and a pen, a computer or iPhone, and be willing to work with these
techniques. Be sure to write. This is very important. If you do not write, he can bend his head
firmly into the same cycles of the UN in action over and over again.

Here are two pictures to clarify your ideas:

Hedgehog Concept (by Jim Collins Good to Great)
Tony Robbins OPA
Hedgehog Concept:

What are the most passionate in the world? (What social problem to be addressed?) Do not
limit your social business idea. Just a list of everything you think. This is crucial for enterprise
social entrepreneurs in the social field, that most are passionate about the issues? What
makes you angry when you hear? Write.

Now the rate. What are your first two? Once done, you will be more clarity about what the
social enterprise should really focus.

What you do best in the world? Or another way to say what you like most in the realization of
the planet? Is structured, as the company directs. You can even change the direction of the
idea of social enterprise. Are you better speak about networks, write to sell, say, the
connection with people who administration?

What drives your economic engine? (Or if you are a nonprofit, in his book Good to Great, in
the social sector, says Collins, that the circle, as we develop a sustainable resource engine
that provides superior performance in comparison to deliver our mission to be
changed). What is your business model? How will you make money from that risk? They
said the biggest problem or social passion that we want to overcome. You said you are the
best in the world (as you personally to solve the social problem).And besides, how can you
make money, the best way, his idea of a social impact.

Sometimes there are aspects of our ideas that we have very close for any reason. What are
the elements in your social business idea is not negotiable? What exactly does it
mean? What certainly has to be there?

If you think it is very important, why? Is it with what aligns with the most passionate, perhaps,
what you or your business model? If not, then maybe I should not be there. PA Model - Tony
Robbins Now that you've done that, you should have a bit clearer now. Let us now go one
step further. At the end of this, we hope, you have to wear a particular set of action points
and do.

OPA - sales / profit, but shares

Results: Enter the final result. Try to be very accurate. Not just say, I want to feed the
orphans. Said:

My job is to clothe the orphaned children around the world, starting with India. I'm going to
sell my own unique design T-shirts and give a buy to do for everyone. These shirts are sold
in stores spare parts stock in Texas and go from there.

This is just a small example of the top of my head. Overlap should be achieved by the
above-mentioned principle of Hedgehog.

Subject: 10/15 list of reasons to do so.

Actions: Brainstorm as many action points that you think you can do. From highest to
lowest. Many of them are large projects with their own set of action points. For example, you

Call John to see the purchase price of product X from him.
Create a Business Plan
Create a site
Began to publish regularly
Meeting with the x on the possible relationship
it is clear that John is calling for a single step. The creation of a business plan is a big project
in itself. Similarly, designing a website, a project with several action items at the end. Do not
worry today. Later, after completing the exercise. You have to go through each, including the
selection of projects and another part of the acquisition. Rate each item on its
importance. Go through each item, choose the most important projects and create a new bid
for them.

There you have it. I hope I have clarified your business idea, it came in an area of focus. You
also need to go a clear set of action items in order of priority to you.

Write the result and purpose of the computer, some assembly may also tonic photos and
specifications, and hang on the wall to see, every day. This is important. There will be days
when you do not want, if you do not want to get out of bed and write the next article. Days
when they do not want to the sales page or a book that convene the next meeting. Look, let
us again!

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