Mosquitoes, malaria and can leave the customer

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					Mosquitoes, malaria and can leave the customer

I like the deconstruction of the psychology of the entrepreneur on the basis of the services

So what should the car for someone looking to start yet?

I can cook in just two words

"Urgent changes"

What I mean is it something in the affairs of its customers or potential life is a big problem
that you now need to be different. Or maybe you want something bad enough they are
willing to do, something now.

I love shoes and broke him in the heel. I want to change things, so go to a cobbler to get it
I do not know how I look in the mirror, because I get 15 pounds, so I'll weight loss coach or a
trainer, because I want to change my appearance.
I'm sad and depressed and I feel so lost in my life. So I go to a therapist or life coach to help
No urgency, your prospects or potential customers, if the problem acute enough to want to
do something.

It must now be a problem.

I'll give you an example. In Africa, malaria kills hundreds of thousands of children every
year. It turns out that nets $ 6, which prevents mosquitoes bite children to sleep, that is a
great preventative measure. However, unless the nets are distributed free, they tend to sell
anything. On the other hand, if the child gets malaria, the parents everything they can to get
drugs to save his son's life.

Why not buy an African father, a bed for 6, if this action could also save the lives of their

That does not take care of their children - whether they are willing to spend hundreds of
dollars on drugs when their child gets malaria.

Prevention is not enough for someone to invest a motivator. It is simply not an urgent

Some reasons for not set, if your prospect has a current need to be a state of emergency:

There is motivation enough for someone, something, to learn that's not a pressing issue that
will help people not yet in a position.
Steps to make sure something has not happened enough motivation. One can sleep under a
mosquito net and malaria. They eat well and do not get sick. To liability insurance so you
can get your money when you need it.
It's easy to hesitate if the need is not common. Yes, you can use your service appear
attractive to your potential customers, but if it is necessary now to say simply "I'll see him
The moral of this story ... Ensure identified an urgent problem to resolve with their service
packages and products. And be sure to get the result that people are really looking to
identify with this problem. It is actually the foundation of your business. These are the tiles in
your online store. Without it, the success of a little hard to grasp.

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