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									8 questions before asking an entrepreneur

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs, is the dominant applicants about the importance
of digging deeper into what their real motives for starting a business and if their lives are
really ready for this change. They are so busy trying to figure out the logistics to get your
idea on the grounds that no attention paid to some of these very important issues that
significantly before the start of your enterprise.

Here are the eight most important questions you must ask yourself if you want to succeed -

1st "What are my motivations for wanting to be entrepreneurs?"

If you are toying with the idea of starting their own business, you first need a solid foundation
for their thinking and acting. The place to start is their true intentions and motives behind the
desire to make this step question. His argument has to be strong and important to ensure
that your home business is not related to the heights and depths of experience. We all know
that a company has its ups and downs, and if you through difficult times, which are (in their
thinking and motivation), which led to start your business for the first time to go, you will be
able to maintain.

2nd "I have a personal vision and a plan?"

Often, we believe that our work is independent of our personal lives. We forget that if all
goes well, our personal and professional life have to be in the lineup. The work we do have
an effect on how happy or sad we feel. After all, spend 8-10 hours a day, five days a week,
and our work. Your business plan should include what you enjoy doing, what you like and
who you are. If you are a conscious decision to become entrepreneurs make, you must
ensure that your personal vision for a place to store and any necessary adjustments made.

3rd "As my family for me the feeling to start this business is?"

If you follow their dreams and to a businessman and decide, is married with a family, you
have to talk to. How do you feel the change? They are prepared for this change? They would

If you are single, like your friends and family in your circle of support they feel to change
that? Do you feel this is the right step for you?

4th "I'm the right person?"

We know that we are all entrepreneurs, even if we wish. People can have great ideas, a
passion to support these ideas, but a successful entrepreneur requires more, requires very
specific personality traits. Some of us were born with them, others may have them sleeping
and need to develop it. Look at your strengths and weaknesses necessary "determination,
creativity, perseverance, patience, flexibility and the ability to continue to learn some of these
features are.

5th "Do I need a clear business idea?"
Companies can not rely on a vague notion. Your idea must be defined clearly. You can
develop and change over time, but you have the viewpoint that it is healthy and strong
start. Start with a clear definition of terms: What do you want to do what services and
products that are involved in, what are the advantages and offer the benefit of your

6th "What can I do for the rest of my life?"

When you think about your ideal job, what comes to mind? It was something I always
wanted, but they have the opportunity to go further? You want to connect with their ideals.

7th "Do I have to create the background and experience, what I try?"

Although this is not always necessary to be qualified or have previous history with the
business idea, you work for, it is certainly important that you know what you are doing. If you
already have experience, is very good, are you ready for this experience to work. If not, then
you need to skills in a specific area for your company work required.

8th "What about my finances?"

Every company needs a starting capital. How and where do you get? They are using their
personal savings or obtaining a loan from the bank or anywhere else?

It takes a year or two, sometimes more, to earn money. It usually takes 12-18 months to
reach equilibrium, and two or three years of benefits. Do you think you are financially ready
for it? Think you're ready to give a check for stability?

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