ADVANCE Dual Career Couples at NMSU

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					           ADVANCE: Dual Career
             Couples at NMSU
             Pacific Section: AAAS Conference
             Utah State University, June 16, 2004
              Lisa M. Frehill, Program Director

This research was funded by the National Science Foundation, NSF #0123690.
Summary: Activities Related to
Dual Career Couples
 Report compiled at the request of the
 Provost, Fall, 2002
 Policy statement approved by Faculty
 Senate, Fall 2003
 Brochure crafted—collaboration with UTEP
 ADVANCE, Spring 2004
 One-on-one facilitation for couples:
 Summer, 2003 and Spring, 2004
Report: Spousal Assistance
 Information gathering:
   Some literature review.
   Reviews: other institutions’ programs.
   Meetings with all deans.
   Quick e-mail survey of STEM department heads involved in
 Post-report feedback gathered via meetings with:
   Individual faculty
   College department heads’ meetings
   Departmental meetings
   Faculty Senate
   Provosts’ Council
Overwhelming Support:
Shared Funding, Centralized Program
 Vita of “trailing” spouse goes to potential
 Potential departments approve or disapprove.
 If “approved,” trailing spouse funded for some
 period (2-3 years) with 1/3 funds from “Primary”
 hire dept., 1/3 from “Trailing” hire dept., and 1/3
 from Provost’s office.
 After time period: person must be fully supported
 by own dept.
 No feasible way to fund this kind of
   Lack of funding in Provost’s Office
   Lines “stay” in the Colleges due to past
 Some faculty enthusiastic for DCC others
 far less enthusiastic.
 Skepticism of centralization.
Back to the Drawing Board:
Collect MORE Data!
 Work with existing dual career situations to craft
 workable procedures and determine cost of these
 Provide token levels of financial support from
 ADVANCE to have opportunity to inform new
 People send their “stories” to Frehill.
 Will ask a senior faculty member in each
 department to discuss why faculty had left that
 department in the past 9 years.
ADVANCE Initiatives
 Faculty Senate Bill
   General policy statement BUT no real “teeth”.
   Dual career couples comprise an increasing
   percentage of university professionals. To recruit
   and retain diverse employees, New Mexico State
   University supports efforts to accommodate the
   needs of dual career couples. Assistance in
   identifying employment opportunities in the
   southern New Mexico and El Paso, Texas area is
   available to aid in family relocation to our
ADVANCE Initiatives
 Collaboration with the University of Texas at EL
 Paso (UTEP) ADVANCE Program
   Planned: future meetings at the Provost’s level.
 One-on-one “interventions”:
   Retention of a mid-career productive male in EE via
   hiring of spouse in college-track position in Astronomy.
   Retention of a 2nd year male in Math: spouse a
   geographer/political scientist.
   Recruitment: male in ME by identifying opportunities
   for spouse a PhD in clinical psychology.
Lessons Learned
 Can’t rely upon good will.
 Women are the ones who are getting #$%^&* in dual
 career situations.
   Need to integrate women into academic communities.
   Part time but not marginalized.
   Mentoring and travel support.
 Need to work with people BEFORE they come to the
 RAPID response and personal attention are essential.
Lessons Learned, Cont’d.
 Someone who KNOWS the institution and is familiar
 with multiple disciplines needs to make dual career
 accommodation a part of their job.
 Continue work with faculty and departments to build
 support and decrease skepticism about centralization
 of resources, etc. I.e., centralization is OKAY when a
 clear connection to value is seen.
 Two body problem  two body opportunity.