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									Kerry Morrison:
Wild and Productive
Sefton, part of the NewHeartlands Housing
Market Renewal Pathfinder in Merseyside
'An environmental art project that maps and explores the flora and fauna of an urban
canal, through a series of events, installations and projects to engage local people'
Kerry Morrison is an environmental artist      The Wild and Productive project
who works in public places, creating           documented the wildlife, habitat and
temporary artworks and performances            environs of the Leeds and Liverpool canal
that draw attention to green                   from Seaforth in South Sefton through to
infrastructures and ecology in urban           Bank Hall in North Liverpool over a nine
areas. She has been exploring derelict         month period from January to September
sites in towns and cities to investigate       2009. It included investigations,
their importance for urban wildlife, and       happenings, action installations,
how these spaces function as a leisure         interventions and journals, all
resource for urban citizens to experience      underpinned by community engagement.
nature on their doorstep.
                                               Kerry worked with botanist Dr Alicia
                                               Prowse, physical geographer Emily
                                               Fallows and artist Emma Kemp on this
                                               project. Key activities and outputs
                                               • the installation of ten community
                                               • the training of 20 community
                                               bee-keepers from the neighbourhood
                                               • 10 new litter bins being installed along
                                               the canal
                                               • the establishment of the Seaforth
                                               Environmental Group

Kerry Morrison: Wild and Productive            As part of the Urbanism '09 conference,
Photo: Liverpool Biennial                      Kerry also led a light-hearted project
called The Poo Performance - using a          This is what people had to say about Wild
sense of humour to highlight the growing      and Productive:
problem of dog-fouling on an otherwise
                                              ‘I thought my own practice had little
attractive stretch of the canal.
                                              relevance to Kerry's, so didn't particularly
                                              see how it could benefit my own
The outcomes of this long-term project
                                              development. However, by seeing how
speak for themselves. More than 100
                                              Kerry's project has developed and the
days of artists' time was used, two mentor
                                              complicated logistics involved I have a far
placements were delivered, one public
                                              greater insight into being an artist than
artwork was created, two short films were
                                              previous work with arts organisations has
produced, and almost 200 people actively
                                              ever got close to revealing.’ Artist Mentee,
took part in various ways.
                                              Emma Kemp

Wild and Productive was part of the Art for   ‘I've performed before, but never with a
Places project, which is run in partnership   curly wig on…nor in something called a
with NewHeartlands, Liverpool Biennial,       'Poo' performance. The reaction from
Arts Council England, North West, local       people was great.’ Margaret Roberts,
authorities and local housing associations.   Seaforth Resident
It operates across the three Pathfinder
intervention areas in Sefton, Wirral and      ‘Just to let you know Chloe, my 11 year
Liverpool, and works with local               old daughter, has been visiting some local
communities to use public art as a way to     schools and groups talking about the
explore and establish a sense of place        bees. This resulted in her being
and identity.                                 nominated for an award at the Sefton
                                              Community Champions Awards that she
                                              went on to win. Just thought you should
                                              know as it was your project that started
                                              the whole thing off. So a big thank you
                                              from us!’ Pete McFadyen, Bee Keeper

                                              The Housing Market Renewal Arts
                                              Partnership is part of the Arts Council's
                                              north west regionwide programme, and
                                              aims to share the vision, values and
                                              practicalities of using the arts to support
                                              sustainable regeneration across housing
                                              market renewal areas, and inspire others
                                              to use creativity as a regeneration tool.
Kerry Morrison: Wild and Productive
Photo: Liverpool Biennial

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