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Saurabh Vajpayee

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                                        Fahad Sayeed Siddiqui

Present Address                                                  Permanent Address

Flat 501, Daffodils                                           Flat 402, Iqbal Yusuf complex,
Gulmohar City                                                    Coffee House Road, Ashok Raj Path
Kharadi, Pune, India                                         Sabzibagh, Patna-800004
Phone: 91-9860020265                                            Phone: 91-0612-2668553                                      

             7 months of technology consulting, design and development experience.
             Experience of all phases of Software Delivery Life Cycle, from requirements gathering,
              analysis, design, implementation, transition to support.
             Experience in J2EE technologies.
             Experience in J2ME technologies.
             Experience in Network Programming
             Experience in javaScript and HTML.

Computer Skills

             J2EE Technologies: Java, EJB 2.0, JSP, Servlets, Struts, XML
             J2ME Technologies: MIDP-2.0, Blackberry (7520 and 7100i)
             Networking: TFTP, UDP, GPS
             Other Technologies: Ansys8.0, AutoCAD
             Databases: Oracle 9i (XML DB), Oracle 10g, SQL Server, MySQL
             Application Servers: JBoss, JRun, Weblogic
             Web servers: Apache, Tomcat
             Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, UNIX,
              LINUX, Solaris
             Dev Tools: Eclipse, SQL Plus, Websphere studio, Matlab, Latex
             Other programming languages: C++, FORTRAN, Perl, Shell scripting
             Beginner at: Assembly programming, C, JMF, Xlets(JAVA TV api)
             Other Tools : Ant, Hibernate, UML, AJAX

Professional Experience

Synechron Technologies Pvt. Ltd.                                         (Jul, 2005 till present)

Title: Associate Consultant.

Work profile: Design and Development of enterprise level applications.
            Client: Prophesy Mobile Comm
            Role: Developer
            Technology: J2ME with MIDP-2.0 specs, Struts enabled
            Description: Prophesy is one of the pioneers in Trucking industry in US and has a string
            of products for Assets Management. The carrier trucks each have a Motorola i355 with
            GPS enabled which is used to tracking and filing of tax returns. The application was a
            MIDlet which runs on i88s and had user interactive inputs to keep track of loads being
            completed, time and other relevant information which was also deployed on the web for
            the administrators and users to keep a check on the assets and misuse. Prophesy has a
            number of products in the market such as Fleet tracking, Tax Tally, Dispatch etc…
            Client: Criticall
            Role: Developer
            Technology: J2EE architecture , Ant and EJB 1.2
            Description: Criticall is a UK based client hosting similar services as to 911 in US. It
            receives incoming distress calls and according to the registered account and the
            specifications, it redirects the call to respective numbers, notifies via e-mail, sms, voice-
            mail. Sends recorded messages to recipients etc.
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Projects Done:

i355 migration with MIDP 2.0 compliance, Prophesy                          (Aug 2005-Sept 2005)
            The application runs on i88s emulator of motorola which used api’s provided by Motorola
            classes for GPS data capturing. This was migrated to i355 and according to MIDP-2.0
            specs, PUSH Registry functionality was improvised. Time Clock and Gps Monitoring
            features were also added.
            Configuration, repository design and programming.
            Designing the database engines in PL/SQL
            Formulating the role for UDP communication and failure of communication

R&D for Blackboxes, Prophesy                                               (Sept 2005-Sept 2005)
             Research on the various blackboxes existent in the market and exhaustive evaluation of
             GNX, BBX and LMU.
             Cost analysis in view of the development effort, cost and finalisation of GNX.

Design and development of server-side GNX, Prophesy                        (Oct 2005- Nov 2005)
           The incoming communication with GNX blackbox was using TFTP and outgoing
           communication was UDP. Multi-threading followed the server side implementation of the
           incoming data and storage. Web UI was developed for the viewing of the parameters for
           the box, input values from UI and implementation of Truck tracking using the
           Pepperwhite software to map the GPS data.
           The GNX deposited .csv files in TFTP directory which was read and when the data was
           confirmed to be correct, stored in DB and UDP message sent back to GNX. Immediate
           location command were provided through UI and send through UDP packets.

Design and development of MIDlet for Blackberry 7520, Prophesy            (Nov 2005- Dec 2005)
           The working application on i355 was imported on Blackberry 7520 and changes were
           implemented accordingly using the JDE 4.1 provided by Sun. The look and feel was
           changed to comply trackwheel specifications but the functioning complied to i355 initial
           functioning. The Push Registry was employed and GPS data was collected using the
           Location api’s provided by Java.
           This was then mapped for the key settings of Blackberry 7100i and similar features were

Migration from JRun 3.1 to JBoss 4.2, Criticall                               (Dec 2005- Jan 2005)
            The various aspects of the pros and cons of migration from JRun to JBoss was analysed
            and the complete system changes were employed for the proper functioning of the
            existing platform as it used to. It had dedicated servers to handle the incoming traffic
            which had to be migrated.

Live Auction Engine, Global Auction Network                                     (Jan 2005- present)
            Development of a complete live auction engine to be hosted on a site using the eBay
            api’s and providing a live video feed of the ongoing auction on the engine using Flash
            Media Server and allowing bidding also and keeping all these synchronized. It would also
            involve AJAX for the jsp component of the auction engine for automatically talking to the
            server and getting the updated bids and displaying them without refreshing the page.

Training at Synechron conducted by CEED                                  (Jul 2005- Aug 2005)
            Developed a complete banking application in awt and then changed it to web based
            using MS-ACCESS database
            Developed Chat interface using rmi registry and sockets.
            Well versed with PL/SQL scripts and database communication

Under graduate Experience

IIT Bombay India                                                       (Jun 2001 to May 2005)

Projects Done:

B.Tech. Project:-"Extrapolation Methods to analyse pile load test data"
(July 2004-April 2005)
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             Richardson’s method, least-squares method, rational extrapolation and E-algorithm was
             thoroughly studied and implemented to the data of pile loading tests and the error
             calculation was done using the Romberg’s table.

B.Tech. Seminar:-"Water Pump Systems in Urban Areas"                          (July 2003-Dec 2003)
           The study involved complete analysis of the categorization of pumps in use in urban
           areas, their differentiation on basis of discharge, head, usability and the problems faced
           when to choose for a specific purpose. It also dealt with the problems faced in
           maintenance of it during the long run.

Summer Internship                                                           (May 2004-June 2004)
             Was involved in the building of machinery foundations going on in Hindustan
             Aeronautical Limited in nashik which involved extensive application of structural
             mechanics and structural design theories.

Paper Presentation

       Presentation on Root-Zone Bed Technology (RZB) which consisted of the study of history
        of development of RZB, the need for such a method to be developed, its success and a case
        study of Mahabaleshwar, where RZB was first tried out and success declared.
       Presentation on Dual Gauge System which are used to measure precipitation in an area. It
        discussed the different types of gauges available in the market, there advantages and
        disadvantages and which gauge should be chosen for a particular geological location to
        provide reasonably accurate data of precipitation.


             3D drawing of a hostel complex in AUTOCAD which involved very extensive knowledge
             of the various aspects covered in AUTOCAD and cost-estimation of the proposed
             structure taking into account the market value of the materials required.
             FORTRAN project to divide two polynomials of n and m degrees and giving out the
             resultant polynomial quotient and the remainder in the first year of B.Tech.
             Developed a program in Java to find the Stiffness Matrix of pin-jointed trusses and also,
             developed programs in C++ to solve CFD problems involved in Fluid Mechanics course.

Co-curricular Activities

       Completed certified course of Management Development Program and Entrepreneurship
        Development Program conducted by e-cell of IIT Bombay.
       Worked as a coordinator in Techfest 2003 (IIT Bombay annual Technology fest) and Mood
        Indigo 2002 (IIT Bombay annual Cultural fest).
       Took up a summer project under Prof. Atanu Ghosh of S.J.M. School of Management Bombay
        which involved getting feedback about ATM facilities provided in different cities which was
        sponsored by ICICI Bank.
       Was placed fourth in the Bridge tournament in IIT Bombay.
       Held the captaincy post for 2 years in school days.
       Won many accolades for fastest runner in school and participated in Freshers cross-country
        race in IIT.


       Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Civil Engineering from Institute of Technology
        Bombay, Mumbai, India. Year of graduation May, 2005.