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					This is a project work which involves building a database in Microsoft Access 2007 for my ISAS 600
(Information Systems for Managers) class. Here is what the professor will be looking for in the database
as he stated;

When evaluating your project, I will:

                            Determine how well you built your database.
                            Be looking at how well you accomplished what you "promised" in the
                             Feasibility Study.
                            Act as a novice user with no data processing experience to determine how well
                             the User Documentation "walks" me through your system.
                            Act as an experienced user to determine how well the Checklist guides me
                             through the system.

Throughout this course we have been emphasizing the need for good documentation. Act as the
manager who funded the project to determine if you are getting good value for the investment in your

In the Management Summary (Abstract) at the beginning of your User Documentation please compare
what you intended to do (purpose of your database as stated in your Feasibility Study) with what you
actually delivered, providing the rationale for any differences.

Here is what I have proposed in the Feasibility Study ;

All employees at our store channel are duly copied on their work schedule and other obligations. This is
most usually done a month in advance. Employees are expected to inform management team of any
likely events that may threaten strict adherence to it. In the event of violations of these, there is need to
document all violations in this regards. Currently, there is no system in place to document instances
when employees fail to meet these obligations. The system provides no records of how many occurrences
and the resulting corrective actions taken by the management team hence no adequate information to
make reference to employee behaviors.

With this project, I intend to create a database system to track lateness, call-outs / no shows and
habitual absence at meetings with the corresponding reasons / excuses if available and the
corresponding disciplinary measures or actions taken by the management team to correct it. Disciplinary
measures may be categorized as:

i. Level 1 (First Verbal Warning)

ii. Level 2 (Second Verbal Warning)

iii. Level 3 (Written)

I will be using Microsoft Access 2007 as the system.
The project also requires that I write a manual for my database.

Please get in touch with me if you need any more clarifications.

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