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July 2008, Edition 14     Website: www.wbda.org          Charity No. 1108112

Ridgeway Care & Repair                              Blue Badge Abuse & John
Anyone in need of help with things such as          Terry (article from RADAR’s
installation of grab rails, stair lifts or bigger   News Bulletin magazine)
home improvements such as an extra bath or          Chelsea Footballer John Terry
shower room as a result of old age or               has been widely lampooned for
disability might previously have used the           parking his Bentley in a
services of Anchor Staying Put. A new               disabled person‟s parking bay
organisation called Ridgeway Care & Repair          for 2 hours while enjoying a
has now taken over this role. They are able to      meal in a pizza restaurant in
advise you on how work could be funded and          Esher, Surrey. The £60 fine is
will assist you with grant applications,            unlikely to worry the £100,000
accessing loans or charitable funding.              per week former England
Ridgeway will also undertake small repair           captain; his conscience did not
jobs around the home such as carpentry,             seem unduly troubled either.
decorating, plumbing and minor electrical           He        reportedly     signed
work, all at sensible prices via their              autographs       before  driving
„Handihelp‟ service. Ridgeway is accredited         away. At least Terry did not
by all three Councils across Wokingham,             pretend that he had a Blue
Reading and West Berkshire. Their 'Care and         Badge. In Brighton & Hove, a 3
Repair' service is on 01635 588811 and their        week police clampdown on
'Handihelp' service for the smaller jobs is on      Blue Badge abuse saw 991
01635 588822 or you can email                       badged vehicles checked: 730
bwcr@ridgewaycommunity.org.uk                       were legal;        214 required
                                                    further checks; 40 badges had
                                                    been stolen or „borrowed‟ and
Lifetime Homes                                      7 had expired. If this is
Early this year the government published a          anything like representative of
major new housing strategy „Lifetime Homes,         the country as a whole, it is not
Lifetime Neighbourhoods: A National Strategy        just Chelsea footballers who
for Housing in an Ageing Society‟. This is a        are making a mockery of the
major shift that puts housing in the frontline in   blues.
both supporting older people's aspirations          WBDA Comment – it would
and preventative care at the heart of policy        be interesting to see the
making. From 2013, sixteen key features             results of any similar
making up the 'Lifetime Homes' standard             clampdown that took place
including; wider doors, improved design of          in West Berkshire.
bathrooms and staircases big enough to take
stair lifts will be a feature of every new home -
ending the need for costly adaptations.
WBDA Comment – why do we have to wait
until 2013?
Join Us for Wine & Strawberries                                  WBDA Diary 2008
All members, friends & supporters of
WBDA are welcome to join us at our                               Wednesday, 23rd July
AGM on Wednesday 23rd July 2008.                                 WBDA AGM
After the formal business enjoy a chat                           19.00hrs – 20.30hrs
and chance to network over a glass of                            Lecture Hall
wine and dish of strawberries (see                               United Reform
venue details in WBDA diary                                      Church
opposite). NB – This date has                                    Cromwell Place
changed from 21/07/08.                                           (off West Street)
                                                                 Newbury, RG14 1AF

Needed - Your views on the future of local Adult              WBDA contact details
Social Care services                                          Website: www.wbda.org
West Berkshire Council (WBC) has recently                     Email: info@wbda.org
produced a strategy for changes to social care, over          Tel: 01635 31912
the next three years, called “Putting People First in
West Berkshire”. WBC want to make sure that                   Disability Information
people have more choice and control over services,            If you are looking for
and that services deliver effective outcomes for each         info on benefits, grants,
individual. In particular, they are looking to expand         blue badges, access,
opportunities for self-directed support, a re-ablement        respite & more go to:
approach and more preventative services aimed at              www.diwb.org
supporting people so they can remain as
independent as possible in their own home. You can            Looking to get back to
respond by completing the questionnaire on the                work?
WBC                       website                      at;    Call Jayne Mills at:
http://www.westberks.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=13804 or     Pathways to Employment
by contacting Nigel Owen on 01635 503525.                     on 01635 519954.

The Café Culture – The annual assault course
As summer reaches its peak we again start to see the encroachment of even more
chairs & tables outside the cafes and bars of our towns to add to the other
obstacles faced day to day by our blind and sight impaired citizens; the desert that
is the shared space concept; bike stands; lampposts; A-frame advertising boards;
etc, etc. No wonder this group of citizens tell us at WBDA that such town centers
are becoming „no go‟ areas for them. Unfortunately pleas to reverse these trends
from WBDA have fallen on deaf ears. To minimize the impact we ask all local
businesses who wish to put tables and chairs out on our pavements to enclose
them with a solid barrier to give our blind and sight impaired citizens a chance to
feel and tap their way safely around these areas.
WBDA Comment – THUMBS UP to those businesses who already have made
such a provision – THUMBS DOWN to those businesses who haven’t.

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