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                                            Page 46                             THE FIRST ENGLISH LANGUAGE DAILY IN FREE KUWAIT
                                                                                                  Established in 1977
NO. 13883                                                                                                    SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2010 / SAFFAR 30, 1431 AH                                                                                                           48 PAGES         150 FILS

Riyadh gives Yemen rebels 48 hours to free Saudis
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ‘No assassination bid’
                                                                                 Love gets stronger                                                                       Govt appeals court ban
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                RIYADH, Feb 13, (Agencies):
                                                                                 with age: research                                  US seeks to track citizens through cellphones                                                                              Saudi Arabia’s deputy defence
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                minister said on Saturday he
                                                                                 MONTREAL, Feb 13, (AFP): Older cou-                                                                                                                                            has given Yemeni Shiite rebels
                                                                                 ples are more in love than most and contin-         WASHINGTON,            Feb     13,        mation sought by police pro-          seizure.                                   48 hours to hand over five
                                                                                 ue to have satisfying sex lives, despite            (Agencies): A US appeals court            vides only a general indication         The courts have previously               Saudi soldiers believed to be
                                                                                 some physiological hurdles, according to            began weighing Friday whether             of an individual’s location at cer-   ruled against the government.              held captive.
                                                                                                                                     police should be allowed to track         tain times.                             In February 2008, a court in               “They must return our five
                                                                                 Canadian researchers.                                                                                                                                                          prisoners, and we have given
                                                                                   Persons older than 65 obtained the high-          suspected criminals through                  But privacy and human rights       Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania said
                                                                                                                                     their cellphone signals without           groups, including the Electronic      police must be able to show                them 48 hours to do so,”
                                                                                 est scores of 119 and 120 points on the                                                                                                                                        Deputy Defence Minister
                                                                                 Spanier Dyadic Adjustment Scale, which              first obtaining a warrant.                Frontier Foundation (EFF) and         probable cause before they can
                                                                                                                                                                               the American Civil Liberties          obtain cellphone tracking infor-           Prince Khaled bin Sultan said
                                                                                 measures couples’ happiness, compared to               Government lawyers argue                                                                                                at a defence show in Riyadh,
                                                                                 the Canadian average of 114.                        police should be able to ask tele-        Union (ACLU) say the process          mation.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The government is appealing              adding his country would “not
                                                                                   “It’s a significant difference,” said Gilles      coms companies to hand over               is invasive and violates individu-                                               permit militants to remain on
                                                                                                                                     information showing the past              als’ privacy.                         that ruling before the federal
                                                                                 Trudel, a psychology professor at the                                                                                                                                          our soil.”
                                                                                                                                     whereabouts of their cellphone               They also argue it violates the    appeals court in Philadelphia                The countdown started from
                                                                                 University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM).                                                                                            and the case has attracted con-
                                                                                   The scale takes into account sexual               subscribers because they are not          Fourth Amendment to the US                                                       Friday, his aide, General
                                                   Photo by Mahmoud Jadeed                                                           actively tracking citizens.               Constitution, which protects          gressional attention, with senior          Ibrahim al-Malek, told AFP.
Kuwait shops were well stocked with flowers Saturday in preparation for
                                                                                 satisfaction, but also how well couples
                                                                                                                                        They also say that the infor-          against illegal search and                  Continued on Page 12                      Continued on Page 12
                Valentine’s Day which falls on Sunday.                                     Continued on Page 12

      Eve of Valentine’s                    U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE HEADS FOR QATAR, SAUDI
  Red teddy bears
  on black market
  JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, Feb 13,
  (AFP): With a waist-high, lipstick-
  red teddy bear poised outside his
                                            Clinton woos Gulf for Iran sanctions
  shop, it was hard for Mohammed to
  hide his Valentine’s Day black mar-       ‘Tehran bluffing’
  ket goods inside a mall in the Saudi
  port city of Jeddah.
     It was Saturday, the eve of            WASHINGTON, Feb 13,
  Valentine’s, and he was worried that      (Agencies): Secretary of
  the Saudi religious police, who call      State Hillary Clinton
  the holiday a heretical practice in       heads Saturday to Qatar
  Islamic society, would confiscate his     and Saudi Arabia to
  red, pink and white stuffed bears and     build the US case for
  other gifts.
     This is an annual battle between       tougher sanctions over
  Saudi romantics and the feared            Iran’s nuclear plans in
  Islamic police, or Muttawa, who ear-      meetings with key Arab
  lier in the week sent out their yearly    and Muslim leaders.
  message warning that all things red          Clinton will also pursue the
  would be seized the day before            Obama administration’s bid
  Valentine’s.                              to promote Arab-Israeli peace
     Red cakes, red-dyed chocolates,        and “turn the page” on ties
  the ever-popular stuffed bears and        with Muslim countries — the
  even red roses were strictly off-lim-     latter in a speech to the US-
  its.                                      Islamic World Forum in the
     But shops and clients still            Qatari capital Doha.
  schemed to make the best of the day,         She is departing a day later
  with telephone orders being made          than planned after her husband
  for bouquets and sweets for delivery      Bill Clinton, the former presi-
  from stock hidden in back rooms.          dent, had a heart operation on
     Couples looking for a romantic         Thursday, but the delay will not
  night out tried to skirt the kingdom’s    cause her to miss any of her
  conservative Islamic laws, which          meetings, State Department
  ban unrelated men and women from          officials said.
  socialising, and hunted for restau-          Clinton may ask the Saudis
  rants shielded from the watchful          — whom she sees Monday and
  gaze of the Muttawa.                      Tuesday following a speech to
     Or, said a single woman in her         the US-Islamic World Forum
  20s, romantic dinners with the oppo-      — to offer the Chinese
  site sex were planned for the 13th or     increased oil supplies to try to
  15th.                                     win Beijing’s backing for sanc-
     “Two years ago we lost 6,000           tions against Iran.
  roses,” said Jeddah flower shop              China imports much of its oil
  attendant Maher, counting the loss in     from Iran.
  several thousand dollars from the            “I wouldn’t rule it out that
  confiscations carried out by the          that might be part of the discus-
  Muttawa.                                  sions,”     a    senior     State
     Red flowers and gifts were abun-       Department official told AFP
  dant in his shop on Friday but he said    when asked whether the chief
  that early Saturday he would move         US diplomat would make such                              Performers are seen during the opening ceremony for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Feb 12. (AP) — See Pages 47 & 48
  the goods out of sight, and pray that     an appeal to the Saudis to win
  the Muttawa would not come by.            over China.
     “It’s worth the risk, because it is
  good business,” he said, noting that
  roses had doubled in price to 10
  riyals ($2.70) a stem this week, and
  could go higher by Sunday.
                                               China appears to be the sole
                                            holdout to sanctions among the
                                            five veto-wielding members of
                                            the UN Security Council,
                                                                                 8 Iraqis face trial for UK ‘Red Cap’ killings
                                            which is also composed of the                                                                                                                   tion over to the Iraqi authorities, and argued           “We’ve known now for nearly seven years
     Asked what would happen if he          United States, Russia, Britain       LONDON, Feb 13, (Agencies): Eight Iraqis           ing the killers of the six Royal Military Police
  was caught dealing in red roses           and France.                          are to be tried over the killings of six British   personnel brought to justice,” the ministry             that negligence by army personnel led to their       ... that these alleged killers walked the streets
  under the counter, another florist           Moscow has hardened its           military police officers in a remote town in       said in a statement.                                    deaths.                                              wearing the trophies from the six Red Caps.”
  crossed his wrists in the universal       stance toward Iran lately.           Iraq in 2003, the Ministry of Defence said on         “We are assisting the Iraqi government in               An inquest into the killings in March 2006            Campaign
  sign of being handcuffed.                    During her stop in Riyadh,        Friday.                                            every way possible to secure convictions,               found the men had poor communications                    A political coalition led by one of the Iraqi
     Jeddah residents say it’s not too      Clinton is set to meet Saudi            The six officers, members of a unit known       including access to UK investigative materials          equipment and inadequate ammunition. But             prime minister’s fiercest critics temporarily
  hard to get away with celebrating         Arabia’s King Abdullah bin           as the “Red Caps”, died in June 2003 in            and expertise.”                                         the coroner ruled the deaths could not have          halted its campaign Saturday for next month’s
  Valentine’s Day, because the reli-        Abdul Aziz Al-Saud and               Majjar when angry residents stormed a police          The British military said at the time that the       been avoided.                                        parliamentary elections after a number of its
  gious police had been put on a tight      Foreign Minister Prince Saud         station.                                           deaths stemmed from a misunderstanding                     Reg Keys, whose son Corporal Thomas               candidates were barred from running.
  leash in the relatively liberal city.     Al-Faisal. She will meet other          Britain joined a US-led invasion of Iraq in     between troops and residents over weapons               Keys was killed in the attack, said he was               The Iraqi National Movement, led by for-
     But elsewhere in Saudi Arabia, it’s    Saudi officials in the Red Sea       March 2003 to topple Saddam Hussein.               searches.                                               hopeful convictions could be secured within          mer Shiite premier Ayad Allawi, suspended
  a big challenge.                          port of Jeddah.                         A Ministry of Defence spokesman said an            The incident caused an outcry in Britain             the next few months.                                 campaigning for three days while it attempts
     In the eastern city of Dammam,            In Doha, she is to meet           Iraqi judge had indicated there was enough         after reports that the men had been killed in              But he was critical of the time it had taken      to negotiate the return of dozens of its candi-
  nothing red was in sight in any           Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-         evidence to put on trial eight suspects current-   cold blood by a mob rather than in combat.              to bring the alleged killers to justice.             dates, said spokesman Haydar al-Mulla.
  flower shops on Thursday.                 Thani, Qatar’s emir, and                                                                                                                                                                                 The back-and-forth political wrangling over
                                                                                 ly in custody in Iraq.                                Families of the six were critical of the                “The bodies were looted, my son’s watch
         Continued on Page 12                   Continued on Page 12                “The UK government is committed to see-         British government for passing the investiga-           was taken,” he told Sky News.                                    Continued on Page 12

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Slight hike seen in excessive bleeding
        Day by Day                                                                                                                        Newswatch
                                                                                                                                                                                     ‘Migraine drugs don’t up birth defect risk’
   WE shuddered in fear when we                                                                                                     MOGADISHU: Somalia’s sports minister
   boarded a Kuwait Airways flight                                                                                                  has died in hospital in Saudi Arabia weeks       NEW YORK, Feb 13, (RTRS): A study in nearly                 However, the authors of the study in Headache
   recently as we remembered a                                                                                                      after he was critically wounded in a suicide     70,000 pregnant women has found no link                  note, untreated migraine may itself carry risks for
   press statement issued earlier by                                                                                                bombing at a medical graduation ceremony         between migraine drugs called triptans and the           mother and child; some studies have linked it to
   the board chairperson of Kuwait                                                                                                  in Mogadishu, relatives and officials said       risk of birth defects.                                   pre-eclampsia, a potentially deadly pregnancy
   Airways Corporation (KAC) on the                                                                                                 on Saturday.                                        However, the researchers did find a “slight           complication.
   deplorable condition of the corpo-                                                                                                  Saleban Olad Roble passed away on                                                                         “While it is important to exert caution when
                                                                                                                                    Friday at a hospital in the Saudi capital        increase” in the risk of excessive bleeding during
   ration’s aircraft.                                                                                                                                                                labor, and the failure of the uterus to contract nor-    using any medications during pregnancy, this
      Although we knew that KAC                                                                                                     Riyadh, where he and other victims of the
                                                                                                                                    Dec 3 blast at the Shamo Hotel had been          mally after delivery, for women who used the             study indicates” that pregnant women can either
   has carried out the necessary                                                                                                                                                     drugs while pregnant.                                    start or continue taking triptans without “any
   maintenance work, we were still                                                                                                  flown for treatment.
                                                                                                                                       Twenty-two people were killed, includ-           Triptans are among the most powerful drugs            major risk” of miscarriage, premature delivery,
   anxious about the condition of the
   plane and we sought confirmation                                                                                                 ing three other government ministers —           used for migraine; others include aspirin,               or other bad outcomes, the authors conclude.
   from the management of the air-                                                                                                  education, higher education and health —         Excedrin, and ibuprofen.                                    Nezvalova-Henriksen and her team studied
   line. What we have been hearing                                                                                                  and 10 members of Benadir University’s              While as many as three in 10 women may                nearly 70,000 women. Two percent, or 1,535,
   about the situation of KAC is not                                                                                                faculty and students. (RTRS)                     develop migraines during their childbearing              had used sumatriptan (Imitrex), rizatriptan
   just political wrangling among the                                                                                                              ❑      ❑    ❑                     years, women often shy away from using such              (Maxalt), zolmitriptan (Zomig), or eletriptan
   executive, legislature, media and                                                                                                JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia: Saudi women                drugs during pregnancy because of safety con-            (Relpax) in pregnancy. Less than one percent —
   the corporation’s management.
                                            Will Booth (front), 13, and Hunter Stevens enjoy a wild ride as they are                angry at being forced to buy intimate            cerns, according to study co-author Katerina             373 women — had used the drugs before getting
         Continued on Page 12               towed aboard a kayak behind a utility vehicle at the base of the Main Harbor                     Continued on Page 12                    Nezvalova-Henriksen of the University of Oslo            pregnant but not during pregnancy.
                                                               levee in Ridgeland, Miss, Feb 12. (AP)                                                                                in Norway and her colleagues.                                         Continued on Page 12

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