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BISON STAIRLIFTS by jizhen1947



                                                          Here at Bison, we understand
                                                          the difficulties that reduced
                                                          mobility can bring; this is why
                                                          we have created safe, simple and
                                                          comfortable solutions to making
                                                          long and often painful trips up
                                                          and down the stairs a thing of
                                                          the past.
                                                          Bison Stairlifts have helped thousands of people regain
                                                          access to their entire home, and have been designed to
                                             Bison 80
                                                          adapt to practically any staircase.
Bison stairlifts have a slimline fold-away design which
saves space, and allows full access to the staircase.
                                                          Bison Stairlifts ensure the highest standards in design,
                                                          comfort, engineering and safety, and you’ll be amazed by
                                                          how effortlessly our stairlifts can be operated. All Bison
                                                          lifts are controlled by a single touch and the comfortable
                                                          swivel seat eliminates the need to twist your body in
                                                          order to get on or off the stairlift.

                                                          All Bison Stairlifts have also been designed to be as slim
                                                          as possible. The fold-away design will enable you and
                                                          your family to use the stairs as normal. Where safety
                                                          features are concerned, our stairlifts have both electronic
                                                          and manual brakes, giving you complete peace of mind,
                                                          and numerous safety edges ensure that the stairlift will
                                                          stop immediately if an obstruction is encountered on the
                                             Bison 50
                                                          staircase. Once you’ve had your Bison Stairlift installed,
The swivel seat means no twisting of the body
when getting on or off any Bison Stairlift.               you will begin to wonder how you managed without it!
Bison 80
For a straight staircase, the Bison 50 is the perfect choice,
and will blend seamlessly into your home. For more
complex staircases, the Bison 80 is the solution, its unique
modular rail system allowing it to be installed as easily
and quickly as a regular stairlift.

The near-silent motion of all Bison Stairlifts guarantees a
quiet, smooth ride. Our ‘soft start and stop’ technology
also ensures your travel is free from any sudden jerks or                                                        Bison 50

jolts while you effortlessly move up and down the stairs.            The hinged rail eliminates any problem you may
                                                                     have with an obstruction at the foot of the stairs.

Every Bison Stairlift is tested to ensure it reaches the
highest safety specifications, and is powered by a
maintenance-free DC battery pack, which ensures the
stairlift will work in the event of a power cut. Bison
Stairlifts also feature an onboard digital display panel that
highlights the status of the stairlift and makes you aware
of any pending issues before they arise.

Once you’ve chosen your Bison Stairlift, our highly trained          Easy to use controls are operated by the lightest of
                                                                     touch, even by those with limited dexterity.
installers will not only fit the lift into your home, they will
also rigorously test it to ensure a perfect installation. Once
this is complete, our Installers will happily demonstrate
the stairlift to you and answer any questions that you
may have.

Your truly exceptional experience with Bison will not
end once your stairlift has been installed. Our unrivalled
customer service and continuous support is just a phone
call away.                                                           The on-board diagnostic digital display informs the
                                                                     user of the status of the stairlift at all times.

                                                                                                                 Bison 80
 Bison 80                                                            Multiple safety edges ensure that the stairlift
The unique modular curved rail system of the Bison 80 dramatically   will stop immediately if an obstruction is
reduces installation time.                                           encountered on the staircase.

1 The directional switch is operated by the lightest
  touch, even by those with limited dexterity.                             1
2 The arms, footrest and seat fold away to allow                                                                       2
  easy access to the stairway.

3 A safety belt is included for added security.                            3

4 A padded seat ensures that the Bison Stairlift
  gives the most comfortable ride available.                                                                       5
5 The swivel seat allows the user to safely board
  and leave the lift without the need for twisting                                          6
  the body.

6 A diagnostic digital display informs the user of                    7
  the status of the lift.

7 All Bison Stairlifts fix quickly and easily to your
  staircase, so there’s no mess, and no need for
  any repairs.                                                                              8
8 Safety sensors on the footrest and carriage
  stop the lift automatically if any obstruction is                                                               9
                                                    AVAILABLE OPTIONS
  encountered on the stairs.
                                                                Powered Swivel Seat
9 Remote controls allow users to ‘call’ or ‘send’               Powered Footrest
  the lift up and down the staircase.                           Powered Hinged Rail

  Bison 50 Dimensions                mm         inches
   A   Overall height (from floor)    915-1025   36-40
   B   Height of seat                450        18
   C   Overall depth (from wall)     615        24
                                                                       B                          G
   D   Overall depth (when folded)   297        12
   E   Width of footrest             375        15
   F   Overall width                 567        22
   G   Depth of seat                 370        15

  Bison 80 Dimensions                mm         inches
   A   Overall height (from floor)    950-1030   37-41
                                                                           D                          E
   B   Height of seat                490        19
   C   Overall depth (from wall)     640        25                                                         F
   D   Overall depth (when folded)   320        13
   E   Width of footrest             375        15
                                                          Bison, in keeping with its policy of continual development,
   F   Overall width                 567        22       reserves the right to change specification without prior notice.
                                                         All measurements are approximate. All images are shown for
   G   Depth of seat                 370        15            illustrative purposes only. Product may vary slightly.

                      MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR HOME
                          WITH A BISON STAIRLIFT
                      Don’t forget to ask about warranty plans for your complete peace of
                      mind. Bison welcomes customer feedback to ensure our standards of
                                   service and quality remain second to none.

                               CALL NOW for friendly advice or to arrange your
                       no-obligation meeting with one of our home mobility consultants.
                                    We look forward to speaking with you.

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