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					                               Registered Investment Advisors
                               An Indispensable Marketing Resource

                               Reach more Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) with the help of
                               this powerful online business development tool that puts the market
                               intelligence you need at your fingertips.
                               Looking to grow your business? RIA eDirectory supports:
                                      • Asset managers seeking new distribution opportunities
                                      • Software providers targeting growing RIAs
                                      • Broker/dealers looking to market their services
                                      • Insurance companies focused on increasing annuity sales
                                      • …and more

                               Pinpoint Your Best Prospects – Quickly and Easily
                               Money Market Directories (MMD) has been in the business of helping firms successfully
                               penetrate financial markets for nearly 40 years. Today, MMD’s RIA eDirectory enables
                               users to efficiently reach over 59,000 investment advisor contacts identified by their
                               multiple areas of responsibility, whose firms are registered with the SEC or their respective
                               state commissions, and who collectively manage more than $48 trillion in taxable and
                               tax-exempt/tax-deferred assets.

                               Whether you’re focused on fee-based advisors and financial planners who direct retail
                               investments in mutual funds, annuities and other securities, or institutional money
                               management firms that oversee trillions of dollars in pension fund assets, the power of
                               RIA eDirectory can help you quickly identify and target the right firms to support your
                               growth initiatives.

                               Thousands of Vital Contact Details – Right on Your PC
Pinpoint Your Best Prospects
Enhance Marketing Efficiency         • Company address, phone, and fax        • Portfolio Managers
Get Your Competitive Edge            • Company E-mail and web site            • Directors of Research/ Analysts
                                     • Personal E-mails                       • Managers of Trading/Traders
                                     • Affiliate/Subsidiary information       • Directors of Operations
                                     • Executive Officers                     • Compliance Officers
                                     • Investment Officers                    • …and more
                                     • Marketing and Sales Contacts
                 “For well over a decade our firm has tapped into the resources of the Directory of
                 Registered Investment Advisors. Our security market activity demands straight through
                 access to RIA executives so we can help provide them with maximum benefit market
                 information. The resource is dynamically updated and extremely well organized.”
                      Don Winton
                      Chief Operating Officer, Crews & Associates, Inc.

Enhance Marketing Efficiency
With RIA eDirectory, you can spend less time compiling data and more time contacting prospects. User-friendly online
search tools enable you to easily locate firms by name or city/state, display individual listings, and print out in-depth
profiles of organizations of interest. You can also look up prospects that appear in a series of Tables and Reports (see
example) that classify organizations by assets managed, type of service provided, and much more. Hyperlinks enable you
to select an organization from any report and link back to its profile.

Get Your Competitive Edge
Our approach to data gathering is unmatched in the industry and allows us to provide a wealth of information not
available elsewhere. It is based upon our professional staff’s year-round research using a combination of questionnaires
and direct telephone interviews, complemented by information received directly from the SEC and state commissions.

Many Fields Are Unique to RIA eDirectory
                  • Job function                              • International assets and countries
                  • Percent of assets internally managed      • Assets by client type
                  • Investment style                          • Mutual fund assets managed
                  • Tax and tax-exempt assets managed           and allocation
                  • Socially screened investments             • Branch offices
                  • Portfolio allocation                      • …and more

Give Your Growth Plans a Boost.
Comprehensive information in an easy-to-use format, designed to help you make the most of your marketing initiatives.
That’s RIA eDirectory.

                         Contact us for a free demonstration to see
                    how RIA eDirectory can help you grow your business.
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