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									                 The Dartmouth General Hospital Charitable                  Foundation Newsletter • Fall 2007

                  Bosom Buddies
                 Support the DGH
EILEEN BOWLBY had much                    been beaten. She had much                      Survivor Teams Wanted
more than holiday preparations            more positive thoughts then. “I
                                                                                          Imagine taking part in a Dragon
on her mind as the Christmas              felt very grateful,” she recalls. “I              Boat Festival. A breast cancer
season approached in 1997.                never felt, Why me?' I was just                    survivor event with a twist,
                                          very thankful and very grateful                 including: typical survivor races,
She had just been diagnosed               that I was cured so quickly, and               races for supporters, slalom, team
with breast cancer and surgery            felt very blessed that I had my                   exchanges, relay race, and a
was scheduled for the morning             life back again.” For the now-                        carnation ceremony.
of Christmas Eve at Dartmouth             64-year-old Lantz resident, life               Two days: one day includes survivor
General Hospital. Her first               had a whole new meaning. “I                     competitive challenges, and the
thought was "tremendous fear,             think any cancer diagnosis with               second day dedicated as a memorial:
fear of not being a survivor, and         anybody certainly changes a                        a competitive and fun day.
definite fear of how I was going          person, changes your whole                         Proceeds from this festival
to tell my husband, my                    attitude towards your daily                          will go directly to the
children, other family                    living. “I knew immediately                       Dartmouth General Hospital.
members."                                 when I was into recovery that it
                                          was my deepest wish that I                                    WHEN:
A second surgery was necessary            would be out there helping                           July 26th and 27th, 2008
three months later, after which           other people, other women                                  WHERE:
she was told that the cancer had          especially, who are diagnosed.”                   Lake Banook, Dartmouth, NS
                                                             ( CONTINUED ON P3 )                  HOSTED BY:
                                                                                           Bosom Buddies of Nova Scotia
                                                                                                   (902) 434-2023

                                                                                        Bosom Buddies (cont’d) .... 3

                                                                                        Planned Gifts .................... 4

                                                                                        Telemetry System .............. 5

                                                                                        Revolution 08 ................... 5

                                                                                        Celebrating Our People ... 6

                                                The Bosom Buddies on Lake Banook        Auxiliary ............................ 7
                                                                                       Managing Director’s Message • Fall 2007

                                          Executive Director’s Message
                                                                   What comes       for the Dartmouth community.
                                                                   from the Heart   Every day we see wonderful examples
                                                                   goes to the      of generosity for our hospital
                                                                   Heart. This      campaigns and programs. Tribute gifts
                                                                   line sums up     and memorial gifts honouring loved
                                                                   the past year    ones, support for equipment
InTouch is published semi-annually for                             for us in a      campaigns and gifts to ensure a legacy
 friends and donors of the Dartmouth                               couple of        for the hospital. This social responsi-
           General Hospital.                                       ways. First,     bility not only improves healthcare
                                                                   we thank you     now, but builds a base for the future. If
      Dartmouth General Hospital                                   from the heart   this area of support is something that
        Charitable Foundation                                      for your         you would like more information
          Board of Directors                                       generous         about, please let us know and we
                2007                                               support of the   would be pleased to discuss a planned
                                         hospital. Secondly, our efforts have       gift with you.
                Executive                been in support of enhanced                As the holiday season approaches I
        G. David Nantes, P.Eng.          cardiology investigation services.         want to extend a very heartfelt thank
                  Chair                  Earlier this year we purchased with        you to our volunteer Board of
            Clifford A. Moir,            your help a digital echocardiography       Directors, our Special Event Committee
           Chairman Emeritus             lab. Now a top priority is to replace      Members, our supporters and donors
             Mary MacPhee                the telemetry system. You will read        for all you do throughout the year for
                 Secretary               about the need for this system a little    the Dartmouth General Hospital.
             Bill MacMaster              further in this newsletter. This makes a   Good Health and Best Wishes.
                 Treasurer               tremendous difference in heart health

            Nancy Smithers
             Shirley Barber
            Craig Meredith
                                         Capital Equipment 2007- 2008
             Michael Wild
            Patrick O’Regan               The Foundation has been asked to fund the following capital equipment for the
            Dean Hartman                  fiscal year 2007-2008.
              Kim Conrad
               Val Conrad                 General X Ray Imaging Unit                                           $200,000
         Auxiliary Representative         (cost shared with Capital Health)
         John Murdoch, M.D.,
         Medical Representative           Telemetry System                                                     $139,000
                                          (two new units and the replacement of existing units)
           Zita Longobardi,
           Executive Director
                                          Operating Room Equipment
             Michael Stack,                 ESU                                                                $ 61,000
       Marketing & Events Manager              (cauterizing equipment for the OR and Endoscopy)
              Nicol Clarke,                    Spacelab monitor in PACU                                        $ 9,000
        Administrative Assistant
                                               Holium Yag Laser                                                $ 60,000
     All inquiries may be directed to:         Pacemakers                                                      $ 4,000
       Dartmouth General Hospital              (external)
           Charitable Foundation
            325 Pleasant Street           Bed replacement                                                      $ 130,000
         Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4G8            (multi year)
               Tel: 465-8560
               Fax: 465-1129              Ventilator replacement                                               $ 50,000
                                          (multi year)

          Visit our website at:           Bone Densitometer
                                          In addition the Foundation makes available $100,000 for small equipment items
                                          and $30,000 annually for 'Innovations in Care” projects
  Fall 2007

( CONTINUED FROM P1 )                  dragon boat festival that included     from my husband (Don), my
                                       67 breast cancer survivor teams.       children (Natasha and Mark) and
Bowlby says the biggest change                                                other family members and close
came in 2003, when she was told        Perhaps her most exciting event        friends that has allowed me to do
about Bosom Buddies, the               will be in late June when she          it.” Don, retired from Environment
Dartmouth-based breast cancer          paddles on the Yukon River with        Canada, and Natasha, who teaches
survivors dragon boat team with its    Canadians Abreast, a national          in Brandon, Man., will work as
mandate to “support and care for       breast cancer survivor race team. It   land crew during the race. Mark,
each other.” “I went one evening       is one of approximately 85 canoe       who works with the finance
and I never looked back.”              and kayak teams participating from     department in Ottawa, will be
Eileen had never been a paddler,       around the world.                      cheering from afar.
never been an athlete of any kind,     The Yukon River Quest is the
and never trained to be a              longest annual canoe race in the       Eileen’s own observation of the
competitor. Suddenly paddling          world, extending 740 kilometres        challenge ahead? “For me, to be
became a huge part of her life. “I     from Whitehorse to Dawson City.        able to contribute in some way to
knew from the first night that I       With only two mandatory time-          help women in the north is very,
went that this was a group of          outs, the wilderness race will take    very meaningful. It’s a chance of a
women I really wanted to be            about 65 hours. Bowlby is the only     lifetime. I feel really blessed.”
involved with. I felt immediately      Maritimer in the crew that will
embraced by the other women that       include seven breast cancer
were there.                            survivors and two support paddlers.    (Reprinted with Permission)
                                       “I already paddled with Canadians      Hugh Townsend,
“I knew absolutely nothing about       Abreast in Toronto last year. It was   Jan 26, 2007 The Chronicle Herald
dragon boat racing, nothing about      that opportunity that really
dragon boat paddling.” The Bosom       cemented the idea for me that, yes,    A footnote to the Yukon River race,
Buddies were what she needed. “I       I want to do (the Yukon) event.        Eileen Bowlby’s team not only
immediately saw the bonding they       “It's because of (head coach) Trena    finished the race, they won the
had with one another, the support      Josey and (assistant) Peg Borland      Spirit Award.
that they gave one another. They       and their encouragement and
gave me the impression they never      support and belief in me that I
look back in life, they're only        honestly feel I’m able to take on
looking forward, being there for       this challenge.”
one another, enjoying this moment
in time.” She was comfortable in a     Money raised in the Race to the
                                                                              The Story…
canoe. “Never once are new
paddlers put in an uncomfortable
                                       Midnight Sun will go towards the
                                       purchase of breast cancer
                                                                              Of My Gift
position because they don't know       diagnostic equipment for a new
how to paddle. They get                                                       Carol Stevens appreciated the care
                                       regional hospital in Iqaluit.          received her late sister Norma
tremendous encouragement from          Bowlby's preparation includes          Topley, at the Dartmouth General
the coaches.”                          regularly swimming 4.5 kilometres,     Hospital. Over the course of many
                                       45 minutes of deep water jogging,      months, Norma was cared for by the
The next summer, she paddled           weight training and dry land           staff of 4 West and 3 West and
with the Bosom Buddies in the          training with the Bosom Buddies.       during that time Carol spent many
Lake Banook Festival, the first                                               hours by her sister's side.
sports competition she had ever        The Halifax native, who graduated
been in. “It was more than exhila-                                            In her sister’s memory, Carol wanted
                                       from the Victoria General              to provide some care and comfort
rating. I enjoyed the race, but        Hospital's school of nursing in
coming off the water was far, far                                             for other folks who spend a lot of
                                       1964, nursed for 35 years,             time at the hospital and so in tribute
more exciting than anything I ever     including 25 years at Dartmouth        to her, she purchased two new
anticipated. It was a tremendous       General Hospital, where she was a      hospital beds and two sleeper chairs.
high, like, yes, I've done it, raced   shift coordinator for eight years      The new beds not only provide more
with the Bosom Buddies.” Since         before retiring in 2000. She says      comfort for the patient but are elec-
then, she's paddled in other events    what she's accomplished the last       tronically equipped to provide staff
in the Maritimes, in competitions      four years would not have been         with data without disturbing the
in Windsor, Ont., Toronto and          possible on her own. “It's the         patient. The attractive sleeper chairs
Vancouver. On the West Coast, she                                             fold out to provide a single bed for a
                                       tremendous support I've received
competed in an international                                                  family member.

                                                                                          What’s New At The Dartmouth General • Fall 2007

Ordinary People -
Extraordinary Gifts
Have you ever thought that you would like to make a substantial gift to the                   Gifts of Life Insurance
hospital but you feel that your cash flow may not permit it? In reality,
ordinary people make extraordinary gifts to charity all the time and with                     Existing Policy - You might wish to
recent changes to taxation on capital gains, the time may be right for you to                 give the hospital a policy that is fully
consider these options.                                                                       or partially paid up. If you assign
                                                                                              ownership of the policy to the
Gifts of stock -                                                                              hospital you will receive a tax receipt
How do I actually save more and give more by donating                                         equal to the cash surrender value of
gifts of securities?                                                                          the gifted policy and, where
                                                                                              applicable, tax receipts for subsequent
Donations of stock can be made directly to the DGH Foundation or Online                       premium payments.
through our website ( at CanadaHelps.

The following example provided by CanadaHelps illustrates just how beneficial                 New Life Insurance Policy
this maybe for you. Let's say you purchased common shares in ABC Company
for a cost of $1,000. If the current market value of the shares has increased to              You may choose to purchase a new
$5,000, you would have a capital gain of $4,000. If you sell these shares, and                policy that names the Dartmouth
donate the cash, you would need to pay tax on the capital gain. Instead, by                   General Hospital Charitable
donating the shares, you get a tax receipt for the $5,000 and pay zero capital                Foundation as owner and beneficiary.
gains tax. As a result, you now have a tax credit of $2,300, which is $920 more               Since the gift is irrevocable, you will
than if you had sold the shares and donated the proceeds. Thus, this method                   receive a tax receipt each year equal to
of giving is more tax-efficient.                                                              the premium paid to the insurance

                                                                                              When you name a charity as
                                                                                              beneficiary on your life insurance
                                                                                              policy, your estate will receive a
                                                                                              donation receipt for the proceeds of
                                                                                              the policy. The life insurance proceeds
                                                                                              will pass outside your estate and will
                                                                                              not be subject to probate tax.


                                                                                              You can create a personal legacy with
                                                                                              a gift in your will that makes a
                                                                                              statement about what matters to you
                                                                                              through supporting an organization
                                                                                              close to your heart. This can be done
Total benefit of donating $5,000 of appreciated securities over an equivalent gift            as simply as adding a codicil to your
of cash: $920.                                                                                existing will.
*This information provided is general in nature, does not constitute legal or financial
advice, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice. We
strongly encourage you to seek professional legal, estate planning and/or financial
advice before deciding upon your donations to charity.

 Fall 2007 • What’s New At The Dartmouth General

Getting to the Heart of the Matter
Replacing the Telemetry System is a top priority for the hospital. Telemetry is a
continuous cardiac monitoring system.

“Patients who need monitoring but who are not in need of intensive care can be
admitted to a telemetry bed. Telemetry electronically sends patients' heart rhythm and
other cardiac data to a computer screen for staff to monitor for abnormalities on an
ongoing basis. ”
                                                        Jennifer Matheson Parkhill
                                                        Nurse Manager, ICU/CCU

Telemetry patients may be those with myocardial infarction, unstable angina,
coronary artery disease and a variety of cardiac rhythm disturbances. In addition
to medical needs, staff work with patients by providing education, strength
building, emotional and moral support with an overall emphasis on a speedy
recovery. Replacing the telemetry system along with the purchase of two new
units is an investment of $139,000.

                                                   Revolution 2008

     Register now for Revolution 2008 - April 18, 2008                         

          Revolution 08, one of the largest indoor biking events in Canada, is scheduled for April 18th at
          Historic Properties, Halifax. Proceeds support the new 64-Slice CT Scanner at the Dartmouth
          General Hospital.

          “We have created a relaxed and fun event that brings energetic, health minded individuals together for
          a great cause. Our goal of raising $500,000 over five years is well on the way”
          says Dean Hartman, Chair and President of Nubody’s. “Last year, Revolution raised $130,000 and
          we plan to surpass that amount this year.”

          How can you participate? You can sign up online, join a team or sponsor a spinner.

                                                                                                     • Fall 2007

                      Celebrating Our People
                                                              The Dartmouth General Hospital
                                                        Charitable Foundation Is pleased to recognize
                                                                  Fred and Nancy Smithers
                                                                   With the naming of the

                                                      CT Scanner Room
In recognition of their commitment and generous support of the Dartmouth General Hospital.

Capital Health Heart Award for
Philanthropy Leadership
The Capital Health Heart Award for Philanthropy Leadership recognizes
outstanding philanthropy leadership supporting patient care. Heart Awards were
presented to Mr. Kim Conrad, President of Conrad Brothers and the DGH
Auxiliary for their work on behalf of the hospital.

Presenting the awards at the Annual General Meeting this year are Garnet Burns,
Chair, Capital Health Board of Directors and Chris Power, President and CEO,
Capital Health.

                                                                                  Tom Forrestall
                                                                                  honoured with
                                                                                  the Order of Nova
                                                                                  The Dartmouth General
                                                                                  Hospital Charitable
                                                                                  Foundation was pleased to
                                                                                  nominate Tom Forrestall for
                                                                                  the Order of Nova Scotia in
                                            Accepting the Heart Award             recognition of his long
                                            on behalf of the Auxiliary is         standing support of the
                                            Auxiliary President,                  hospital.
                                            Val Conrad
Fall 2007 • Report On The Auxiliary

                                      Auxiliary Update

  Dartmouth General Hospital
  Auxiliary Executive 2007-09
                                          We welcome new volunteers throughout the year. If you would like
        Val Conrad, President             more information on volunteeriing at the Dartmouth General, please
    Shirley Morash, Past President        contact us at 426-8534.
    Arleen Frizzell, Vice-President
     Michael MacLean, Treasurer
    Val Strum, Assistant Treasurer
    Lori Beard, Recording Secretary
 Norma White, Corresponding Secretary
                                          DGH Garden
                                          Project Update
                                                                               The Healing Garden
                                                                               isn't blooming
                                                                               yet…but things are
                                                                               taking shape. Over
                                                                               the past several
                                                                               months, concrete
                                                                               pathways have been
                                                                               laid, planter boxes are
                                                                               painted, new earth,
                                                                               mulch and trees are
                                                                               in place and the fence
                                                                               will soon be added.
                                                                               By spring, the garden
                                                                               will be a glorious
                                                                               array of colour for
                                                                               patients, visitors and
                                                                               staff and volunteers.

                                                                                                          uch for your supp
                                                                                         ank You very mcould mean saving the
                                                                                      Th                y
                                                                                      Helping us todane in our community.
                                                                                      life of a loved o
                                “Yes, I want to support the Dartmouth General Hospital Campaign
                                                  for priority medical equipment.”
                Option 1      Enclosed is my cheque or money order for $              payable to: Dartmouth General
                              Hospital Charitable Foundation.
                Option 2      Please charge $           to my credit card.   Visa    Mastercard     AMEX
                              Card Number:                                                        Expiry:

                                                         SIGNATURE (TO PERMIT TRANSACTION)

                Option 3      I’d prefer to pay in monthly installments. Please deduct $         from my bank account
                              on the 1st or 15th of each month for         months or until further notice.
                              I’ve attached a ‘voided’ cheque.
                                                Ms.   Mrs.   Mr.     Dr.     Other
                Name (Please print)

                Postal Code                            email (optional)

ARE THERE WHEN YOU NEED THEM   A tax receipt will be issued promptly. Charitable registration #BN 12245 5611 RR0001

Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation
325 Pleasant Street
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B2Y 4G8
Tel. (902) 465-8560/8531
                                                                                                                  Agreement No.40028771

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