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					                                           Chairperson’s Message

                                               “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you
                                               there.” - Lewis Carroll
Helpful Links:                                 Charting our 2010 roadmap has been a top priority for your
                                               Leadership team. I share our strategic plan with you, not just to                             help you understand the direction of our Chapter this year, but to
                                               invite your participation.                                    ASIS International Vision: ASIS International will be the recog-
                                               nized leader advancing security worldwide.
                                                ASIS International Mission: To achieve its vision, ASIS
                                                International will promote excellence in and recognition of the                                   security profession. Regional Vice Presidents will coordinate an
                       implementation plan in each chapter for the below goals in support of the ASIS      International 2010 Strategic Plan.
                       GOAL 1: Identify and Fulfill the Needs of Members and Potential Members:
                       Ensure that all members receive benefit from ASIS programs and services in a cost-
                       effective manner. Chapter leaders annually discuss ASIS benefits.              Chapter Implementation Plan: Keep meeting costs low through advance planning;
                         consider offering a “free” meeting once per year with costs picked up by the Chapter;            conspicuously post benefits of membership on website; promote ASIS award and
                         scholarship opportunities; establish a Placement committee and post professional
                         opportunities to the website.
                       GOAL 2: Provide Quality Education and Training           Enhance educational programming and networking opportunities at Chapter and regional
                       levels.            Chapter Implementation Plan: Conduct a law enforcement/military transition
                         seminar; host Reid Interview class; host certification review class; bring in external        speakers on business (Jane Bowman); and host 2 local webinars on current topics.
                       GOAL 3: Provide Opportunities for the Exchange of Ideas and Information            Support and create opportunities for localized collection and dissemination of relevant
                       intelligence sharing between and among public and private sectors.
                         Chapter Implementation Plan: Joint meetings planned with IAHSS & InfraGard;
                         establish a liaison with Mass. Chiefs of Police; set best practice for private/public
                         working group based on model operating in Cambridge.

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                                  Table of Contents

    Chairman’s Message                   1              Feature Article                              6
    ASIS National & Intl Events          2              CPP and PSP Review Questions                 7
    Upcoming Local Events                3              Privacy Update                               8
    Treasurer’s Report                   3              Monthly Meeting Recap                       10
    New Members                          3              Expo Sponsors                               11
    RVP Letter                           4              White Paper – FIPS 201                      12
    Outgoing Chair Recognized            4              Career Opportunities                        13
    Chairman’s Message (cont.)           5              Leadership & Committees                     14

       Upcoming ASIS National and International Events

Mar 8 -11       APC I: Concepts and Methods                                        San Francisco, CA
Mar 15 -16      Spring Conference of the CSO Roundtable                            Washington, DC
Mar 17          Cloud Computing and Software-as-a-Service:                         Webinar
                An Overview for Security Professionals
Apr 8 - 9       CPP, PSP, PCI Review                                               Chicago, IL
Apr 12 -13      Enhanced Violence Assessment and Management                        New Orleans, LA
Apr 12 -13      Operating in an Uncertain International Environment:               Alexandria, VA
                Security at Home and Abroad. The 27th Conference on
                Global Terrorism, Political Instability, and International Crime
Apr 12 -14      Managing Your Physical Security Program                            New Orleans, LA
Apr 14 -15      Active Shooter: Prevention, Intervention, and Response             New Orleans, LA
Apr 18 - 21     ASIS International 9th European Security Conference                Lisbon, Portugal
Apr 21          Recruiting and Hiring Liabilities: Protecting Your Organization    Webinar
                from the Harmful Effects of Web 2.0
May 3 - 5       Transportation Security: Have Things REALLY Changed                Denver, CO
                Since 9-11?
May 3 - 6       Crisis Management: Introduction to the Response Plan               Denver, CO
                and Advanced Topics
May 17 -19      Organizational Resilience: Implementing and Auditing the           Philadelphia, PA
                ASIS American National Standard
May 17 - 20     APC II: Practical Applications                                     Philadelphia, PA
May 19          Developing a Strategic Mindset: How to Become a                    Webinar
                Trusted Strategic Advisor
Jun 14 -17      APC III: Functional Management                                     Tucson, AZ

                                              Upcoming Local Events

 Mar 15-18             Boston Chapter CPP, PCI and PSP Review                                                 Chelmsford, MA
 Mar 18                Joint meeting (IAHSS/ASIS),                                                            Boston Marriott Hotel
                       Speaker: John Tello, Assistant Director, Safety &                                      Newton, MA
                       Security | Boston Region, Prudential Center
                       Topic: Emergency Preparedness: Lessons Learned
 Apr 27                ASIS EXPO - Learn • Network • Earn CPEs                                                Holiday Inn
                                                                                                              Boxborough, MA
 May 20                Dinner Meeting                                                                         Boston Marriott Hotel
                       Speaker: Cynthia Hetherington, Owner, Hetherington Group                               Newton, MA
                       Topic: Computer-based Investigations and Analysis
 Jun 7 - 9             Facility Security Design                                                               Boston, MA
 Jun 10                Public Safety Luncheon                                                                 Lantana
                       Speaker: TBD                                                                           Randolph, MA
 Jun 17                Annual Golf Tournament                                                                 TBD

 Treasurer’s Report                                                      Welcome to Our
     Jan. 2010                                                        Newest Chapter Members
 Advertising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$500.00        Frey Bombiela
 EXPO 2009 Vendors . . . . . . . . .$2000.00
 EXPO 2010 Guests . . . . . . . . . . .$375.00               Brent Davenport, Infrastructure Design, Inc.
 EXPO 2010 Vendors . . . . . . . .$14,030.00
 Interest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1.17
                                                             Kenneth P. Dubinski, Ratheon
 Meeting Income . . . . . . . . . . . .$2,625.00             David M. Hillman,
 TOTAL INCOME . . . . . . . . . . .$19,531.17                Todd Kaplan

 EXPENSES                                                    Brian H. Webber, Apollo Security
 Bank Charges
  AMEX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$115.58
  RBS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$194.57
  Other . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$7.17
 Web Site . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$125.63

 TOTAL EXPENSES . . . . . . . . . . .$442.95

 NET INCOME . . . . . . . . . . . .$19,088.22
                                                                                  Access Control
                                                                              Closed Circuit Television
 Primary Checking . . . . . . . . . . .$58,314.32                                     Systems
 Internet Account . . . . . . . . . . . . .$5,628.99
                                                                                 Digital Recorders
 Manning Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$162.13
 Goodman Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$9087.39
                                                                                  Asset Protection
                                                             36 Jackman Street • Georgetown, MA 01833 • Tel.: 978.352.5232 • Fax: 978.352.2581

              Letter from Our Regional Vice President

Now that the holiday season has passed and spring is not far away, Region 18 has also come back to life.
And the Boston Chapter is no exception, as our largest Chapter in the region we look to you to set the bar
high for us all. My hope again this year is that as a region we meet together to share our goals and objec-
tives. On April 27, 2010, the Boston Expo will again provide a chance for members from Connecticut to
Maine to gather as one.

I also ask that you focus on the ASIS International awards calendar this year, not only for Chapter awards
but for individuals. There are many members who go above and beyond every year to make the Chapter
great! We should take the time to recognize them with National awards. There is also a community service
award: when a Chapter provides support to community-based groups, ASIS will award additional dollars in
the name of your Chapter.

Please continue to support the Boston Chapter and your new Board members; they will need your participa-
tion in 2010 to make this another successful year. As I enter my second year as Regional Vice President, I
want to personally thank all of you for your commitment to the Boston Chapter ASIS International.

Bob Johnson, RVP, Region 18

             Outgoing Chair Craig McQuate is Recognized
                   for His Leadership During 2009

                     Dick Parry presenting award to Craig McQuate, outgoing Chairperson

                               Chairperson’s Message

(continued from page 1)

GOAL 4: Develop Security Guidelines and Standards
Continue to develop security standards and guidelines while more aggressively and effectively promoting ASIS's
standards and guidelines to members and non-members. Communicate ASIS's role as a standards developer to the
media, government officials, and other targeted stakeholders.
  Chapter Implementation Plan: Develop a Private/Public Working Groups best practice document; feature a
  “Standard of the Month” on the Chapter website and in the Chapter newsletter.
GOAL 5: Promote Professionalism and Ethical Conduct
Promote the ASIS Code of Ethics. Chapters to discuss code at least annually. Promote certification as a professional
competency standard through an annual chapter certification event.
  Chapter Implementation Plan: Establish local “Certification Month” (March) during which benefits of certification
  are highlighted in the Chapter newsletter and on the website (coincides with Chapter Certification review
  program). Publish the Code of Ethics prominently in the newsletter and website as a “feature” twice a year.
GOAL 6: Promote and Represent the Profession and ASIS to Key Audiences
Continue to build, market, and communicate its brand position as the “recognized leader advancing security
worldwide” to members, non-members, and other key stakeholders in the security community of interest.
  Chapter Implementation Plan: Establish Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter accounts for the Chapter. Consider a
  Chapter Chair “blog” to be linked to these sites, but hosted on our local website to drive people to the website.
  Consider re-design of the current website to promote new interest in it.
GOAL 7: Enhance the Effectiveness of ASIS Volunteer Leadership
Ensure that ASIS’s governance structure and processes use volunteer leaders as resources in an effective and
efficient manner.
  Chapter Implementation Plan: Select the Nominating Committee in Q1 to develop long range plans for
  mentoring future leaders. Assign responsibility to elected officers for oversight of certain committees to ensure
  accountability and support for their missions.
GOAL 8: Assure the Continued Strength of ASIS
Monitor and rigorously assess opportunities that expand and complement ASIS’s core membership.
  Chapter Implementation Plan: Look for collaborative opportunities with other security-based organizations. For
  example, consider hosting a Region 18 Chapter Chair event for ASIS chapters
  and other security group Chairs in the area to give leadership a chance to
  understand the direction of these other organizations and look for synergies in
  advancing security.
We believe that our roadmap will support our high level objectives for the Boston
Chapter for 2010:
  • Valuing Our Tradition   • Embracing Innovation     • Responsible Revolution
Most importantly, our plan provides an opportunity for you to develop professional-
ly and personally. What can you add?
     I can be reached at or at 617-871-3074. Please let
me know what you think about OUR roadmap.

Dick Parry, Chairperson, Boston Chapter

                              Feature Article
                     LandShark Sighted at Logan Airport
                                                   Tyngsborough-based Black-I Robotics' LandShark
                                                   Series D - an umanned ground vehicle (UGV) capable of
                                                   detecting and disarming explosive devices without risking
                                                   human lives - has been added to Logan Airport’s arsenal
                                                   against the domestic war on terror
                                                   LandShark Series D is an advanced prototype designed to
                                                   fight terror threats in airports and other non-military tar-
                                                   gets. This 500-pound device will increase the
                                                   Massachusetts State Police Explosive Ordinance Disposal
                                                   Squad’s ability to investigate and disarm explosives from a
                                                   distance by handling suspicious luggage or entering a
                                                   vehicle and disabling an explosive device with a mounted
                                                   water cannon. This particular UGV features an extendable,
                                                   clawed arm capable of lifting 150+ pounds at a 6-foot
                                                     The unmanned ground vehicle was designed to remove
                                                     humans from dangerous situations after Black-I Robotics
co-founder Brian Hart’s son, Pfc. John Hart, was killed during a 2003 roadside attack while traveling in an
unarmored Humvee in Iraq. Derek Hines, the son of MA State Police Lt. Steve Hines who is stationed at
Logan Airport, was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2005. Both soldiers were members of the 173d Airborne.
The Logan LandShark has been dubbed the “Black Knight”, the West Point mascot, in honor of Hines and all
the West Point soldiers who have died in the global war on terrorism.
LandShark Series D is constructed using two electric hybrid motors powered by three heavy-duty car batter-
ies. Similar to playing a video game, a X-Box 360 controller is used to drive the unit from a distance of over
one-half mile using the digital radios on the robot while the operator watches the video screen on the
Operator Control Unit (OCU). Mounted on its own trailer, a 250 pound backscatter x-ray device is positioned
near the target by the Landshark to acquire a high-definition image of the explosive. These images have
been accepted by the Courts.
In our fight against terrorism, the LandShark provides another layer of safety for law enforcement, airport per-
sonnel and the traveling public. Rather than using dogs to detect and humans to disarm or detonate explo-
sives, the LandShark allows action to be directed from a considerable standoff distance. According to Sgt.
Brian Moran, MA State Police, the robot will be an integral piece of equipment that enhances the capabilities
of the bomb squad because “distance is good.” The LandShark Series D replaces an older model at the air-
port. Funding was made available through a congressional earmark sponsored by Representative Niki
Tsongas from Lowell. Black-I Robotics works closely with the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG), the
National interagency research and development program for combating terrorism requirements at home and
abroad. Entering the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, & Nuclear Countermeasures (CBRNC) venue,
LandShark is currently being adapted to deal with Hazardous Material issues. Black-I Robotics is presently
collaborating with the Boston Fire Department to establish a device that can help hazardous materials han-
dlers, emergency medical services, fire departments, and law enforcement agencies mitigate life-threatening
Robert Hughes, Vice President, Black-I Robotics, can be reached at 978.703-1236 or
Special thanks to ASIS Boston Chapter member Michele Freadman, MASSPORT Deputy Director of
Corporate Security, for coordinating sources for this article.

           Certification - Test Your Knowledge                                    – Mark H. Beaudry, CPP

CPP and PSP Review Questions.
  1. Excluding the top guard, standard barbed wire fencing intended to prevent human trespassing should
    be not less than:
           a. 7 feet high
           b. 6 feet high
           c. 10 feet high
           d. 8 feet high
  2. For general security usage, excluding the top guard, chain link fence should be:
           a. 7 gauge wire and a min. of 10 feet high
           b. 9 gauge wire and eight feet high
           c. 9 gauge wire and seven feet high
           d. 10 gauge wire and seven feet high
  3. The type of fencing generally used for protection of permanent limited and exclusion areas is:
           a. Chain link
           b. Concertina
           c. Barbed wire
           d. Barbed tape
See page 9 for answers.

                                              Privacy Update
                                        – Division of Professional Licensure

Is Your Business Compliant with 201 CMR 17.00: Standards for the Protection of Personal Information
of Residents of the Commonwealth?
The Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation has created a 201 CMR 17.00 COMPLIANCE
CHECKLIST to help businesses comply with the new Massachusetts data privacy law. This checklist is
designed to help businesses develop a written information security program to adequately protect “personal
information”. Get your copy at

The State of Massachusetts now requires mandatory compliance with 201 CMR 17:00 - “Standards for the
Protection of Personal Information of Residents of the Commonwealth”. The Office of the Division of
Professional Licensure has authorized the posting of the following letter.

          To:     Those Who Receive, Store, Maintain, Process or have Access to Personal
                  Information about any Resident of the Commonwealth
          From: George K. Weber, Director, Division of Professional Licensure
          Re:     Compliance with 201 CMR 17:00: Standards for the Protection of Personal
                  Information of Residents of the Commonwealth
          Date: February 2, 2010

          In November 2009 the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation, pursuant to
          the authority granted to it by G.L. c. 93H, promulgated 201 CMR 17:00, a regulation set-
          ting standards for the protection of personal information of Massachusetts residents. The
          Division of Professional Licensure reminds persons (defined below) who own or license
          personal information about a resident of the Commonwealth about their obligations under
          this regulation and the March 1, 2010 deadline for full compliance.
          Any person that receives, stores, maintains, processes or otherwise has access to per-
          sonal information acquired in connection with employment or with the provision of goods
          or services to a Massachusetts resident has a duty to protect that information. A "per-
          son," for purposes of the regulation, may be an individual, corporation, association, part-
          nership or other legal entity. Personal information includes a surname, together with a
          first name or initial, in combination with one or more of the following three data elements
          pertaining to that person: Social Security Number; driver’s license or state-issued identifi-
          cation card number; or financial account or credit or debit card number, with or without
          any other data element, such as a code, password, or PIN, that would permit access to
          the person’s financial account.
          The duty includes the requirement that the person develops and maintain a comprehen-
          sive Written Information Security Program ("WISP") to safeguard such information. If the
          person electronically stores or transmits personal information, the WISP must include a
          security system covering the person’s computers and any portable and/or wireless
          devices. Safeguards should be appropriate to the size, scope and type of the person’s
          business, to the person’s available resources, to the amount of stored data and to the
          need for security and confidentiality of consumer and employee information. They must
          be consistent with safeguards for the protection of personal information, and information
          of a similar character, that are set out in any state or federal regulations that apply to the

                                                                           (continued on page 9)
                                          Privacy Update
                                    – Division of Professional Licensure

(continued from page 8)

         A WISP must provide administrative, technical and physical safeguards for personal
         information under 201 CMR 17.00. It must address a wide range of matters that
         include, but are not limited to:
           • Designation of the individuals who will oversee and maintain the WISP;
           • Analysis of the reasonably foreseeable risks to the security, confidentiality and
             integrity of records, in any form, that contain personal information, of the effective
             ness of any current safeguards for limiting those risks, and of the need to develop
             improved safeguards;
           • Policies and procedures relating to employee training on the importance of the
             WISP, its specific requirements, the consequences of failure to comply with those
             requirements, and prevention of access by former employees;
           • For paper records, provisions for secure storage of materials containing personal
             information, including restrictions on physical access to such records and, for elec-
             tronic records, control measures that restrict access and include secure user
             authentication protocols;
           • Encryption of personal information that is stored on computers, laptops or other
             portable devices or is transmitted across public networks or transmitted wirelessly;
           • Provisions to ensure that any electronic records system that is connected to the
             internet includes firewall protection and operating system security patches, that
             security software includes malware protections and virus definitions, and that all
             these programs are reasonably current as of March 1, 2010 and will be updated
             on a regular basis thereafter;
           • Oversight of third-party service providers who have access to personal informa-
             tion, including a process to select and retain service providers that are able to
             maintain appropriate security measures consistent with 201 CMR 17.00;
           • Regular monitoring to ensure that the WISP operates effectively to protect both
             paper and electronic records, to detect any unauthorized use of or access to per-
             sonal information, and to identify any areas where upgraded safeguards are needed;
           • Review of the WISP’s scope at least annually, and whenever there is a material
             change in business practices that may reasonably implicate the protection of
             personal information; and
           • Documentation of responses to any breach of security and of any actions taken
             thereafter to change practices relating to the protection of personal information.
         A complete copy of 201 CMR 17.00 may be found at: 201 CMR 17.00.
         Additional information may be found at the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business
         Regulation’s website, following this link: OCA Identity Theft Information

Answers for CPP and PSP Review Questions
   1. a 2. c 3. a
                     Monthly Meeting Speaker Recap
                                     – Ben Levison, CPP, Legislative Liaison

                                                                 During our February meeting, State Senator
                                                                 James E. Timilty, Chairman of Public Safety
                                                                 and Homeland Security Committee, honored
                                                                 ASIS Boston by addressing several issues con-
                                                                 cerning security within the Commonwealth.
                                                              Senator Timilty noted some significant chal-
                                                              lenges, specifically citing the need for protect-
                                                              ing and securing our educational facilities. The
                                                              Senator discussed various security protocols at
                                                              schools and the potential for an incident to
                                                              occur if security standards are not established
                                                              and maintained. The Senator also noted that
                                                              Post 9/11 funding could be directed and spent
                                                              more effectively. Potential security topics to be
                                                              addressed by the legislature included the use
                                                              of technology to share data over town, county
and state lines, and the funding of the State Police Fusion Center.
The Senator also spoke about how real the security threat is. He reiterated the need for better coordination
between law enforcement agencies and for all those involved with Public Safety to “get away from distrac-
tions and protect the Commonwealth”.
In response to a question about the slow response to Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) requests,
Senator Timilty advised that a line item to simply repair the existing computer system at the Criminal History
Systems Board was defeated last year. Additionally, he acknowledged that fees paid to obtain CORIs were
diverted to the General Fund and therefore, he does not see this situation improving in the near future.
After concluding his statements, the Senator opened the meeting to Q & A, followed by one-on-one conversa-
tions concerning additional Security issues facing the Commonwealth.

                                Newsletter Submissions

Calling all members - the Boston Chapter is looking for news stories.
Do you have newsworthy information that you'd like to share? Do you know of an upcoming event that others
may have an interest in? Do you know any members who have been recognized for their professional accom-
plishments? Been promoted? Changed jobs? Graduated? Written a white paper? Attained certification? Let’s
share success! Forward all stories/leads to Content for the March edition
must be submitted by Monday, March 22nd.

                      Stay Tuned for Educational Events
                                       – Bonnie Michelman, CPP, Education Chair

                      • Spring - Half-day Interrogation Skills Workshop
                      • Summer - Half-day program - Topic TBD
                      • Fall - Half-day program - Topic TBD
Details will be announced as dates and locations are confirmed. Contact Bonnie (
or 617-726-7979) with suggestions for topics and speakers for the Summer/Fall events.

                     Security EXPO 2010 Sponsors

 Many thanks to our generous sponsors for their continued support of the Boston Chapter.
            Please extend your support by visiting their websites listed below.

                                    Platinum Sponsors


                                      Gold Sponsors



                                      Silver Sponsors


                                          Trusted Identity
                                                  – David Croston

What does convergence mean to you? To me, convergence is identity-based; the convergence of physical
and logical identity by the use of a common credential. That credential is a smart card. Now clearly we are all
familiar with the Federal Governments’ Personal Identity Verification or PIV Card, but are you familiar with its
use on the logical network? Since Federal Information Processing Standard 201or FIPS 201 came out in
2005, the Federal government has envisioned a physical and logical credential with contactless and contact
standards. If FIPS was the foundation, the accreditation standard and the card architecture than the Federal
government's FICAM (Federal Identity, Credential & Access Management) is the framework for its use in
physical and logical environments.
FICAM is a service-based architecture that starts to envision elements of security, trust and compliance here-
to-for non-existent in logical computing. In fact, President Obama’s FY2010 budget noted that FIACM will,
“create and maintain information systems that deliver more convenience, appropriate security, and privacy
protection, with less effort and at a lower cost.” The budget further recognizes importance of the effort in pro-
moting greater trust, federation, and interoperability, noting that, “The ICAM segment architecture will serve
as an important tool for providing awareness to external mission partners and drive the development and
implementation of interoperable solutions.” As an ASIS member, what does this architecture mean to you?
FICAM is the logical progression of FIPS 201and I am absolutely certain it is the future identity standard for
government and industry. The question is: when will industry come around and share this vision? Almost a
decade ago, we talked about the convergence of titles CIO, CTO and CSO; then we talked about the conver-
gence of applications into a service-based application (SOA), and now we speak of “identity”. We as an
industry, however, need to be better educated about the solutions we offer. The physical security solutions we
promote today are legacy-based and insecure. Did you stop your client from installing a basic proximity card
solution? Yet, prox-based cards are insecure as are the millions of MiFare 4k Classic Cards, yet I’m fighting
a University who wants to take their existing DESFire Cards to MiFare Classic. So, are we ready to consider
the needs of our brethren in logical security? The answer has to be yes! The security needs of service driven
applications, of federated identity, of regulatory compliance and archiving of key data all drive us in one com-
mon direction: a common converged identity and validation architecture.
As security professionals, we need to educate ourselves about FICAM and security best practices. We will be
asked to know more about trusted identity — the answer is in the cards!

The benefits associated with implementation of ICAM are summarized below:
  • Increased security, which correlates directly to reduction in identity theft, data breaches, and trust
    violations. Specifically, ICAM closes security gaps in the areas of user identification and authentication,
    encryption of sensitive data, and logging and auditing.
  • Compliance with laws, regulations, and standards as well as resolution of issues highlighted in GAO
    reports of agency progress.
  • Improved interoperability, specifically between agencies using their PIV credentials along with other
    partners carrying PIV-interoperable or third party credentials that meet the requirements of the federal
    trust framework. Additional benefits include minimizing the number of credentials requiring lifecycle
  • Enhanced customer service, both within agencies and with their business partners and constituents.
    Facilitating secure, streamlined, and user-friendly transactions - including information sharing - translates
    directly into improved customer service scores, lower help desk costs, and increased consumer
    confidence in agency services.
                                                                                  (continued on page 13
                                          Trusted Identity

(continued from page 12

   • Elimination of redundancy, both through agency consolidation of processes and workflow, and the
     provision of government-wide services to support ICAM processes. This results in extensibility of the
     IT enterprise and reduction in the overall cost of security infrastructure.
   • Increase in protection of personally identifiable information (PII) by consolidating and securing identity
     data, which is accomplished by locating identity data, improving access controls, proliferating use of
     encryption, and automating provisioning processes.
Source: CIO Council
Learn more of FICAM at:

                                    Career Opportunities

AlliedBarton is looking for an energized and experienced security professional to assume the National
Account Manager’s position for a key financial services customer. This person will be responsible for the pro-
vision of contract security services at the customer’s Boston headquarters, as well as client locations in several
other states. This is an excellent opportunity to work with an exceptional client security team and chart the
course for complex service delivery in a variety of markets. The position will pay commensurate with experi-
ence, but starting salary is anticipated to be between $70,000 and $80,000 per year base with a 15% annual
bonus potential.
In order to be considered, candidates must have (candidates that do not have all of these attributes will not
be considered):
  • Earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from an accredited college or university
  • At least two years experience as the responsible manager in charge of a security program (contract or
    proprietary) with a staff of 40 FTEs or more
  • Demonstrable experience in budget and/or P/L management
  • Demonstrable competency in staff management, problem solving, program development
  • A successful history of developing subordinate talent
  • A familiarity with modern security technology
  • A mastery of workplace productivity software
  • Exemplary personal background
Additionally, the following attributes are strongly preferred:
  •   Extensive background in security administration, law enforcement or military service
  •   Security industry professional certification
  •   Demonstrable background in development and execution of complex program metrics
  •   Experience with organized labor
Please contact Joe Scagline, Human Resource Director, at 617-587-3543 or


CHAIRPERSON                  VICE CHAIRPERSON               SECRETARY                      TREASURER
                             Manager                        Global Security Operation      Senior Vice President
Executive Director, Gobal                                   Manager
                             Massachusetts General                                         Apollo Security Inc.
                             Hospital                       Genzyme Corporation            Tel: 508 660-1197
Novartis Institute for       Tel: 617 724-3036              Tel: 617 768-6122              denny.crowley@apollose-
Biomedical Research   
Tel: 617 871-3074

Joseph Masciocco            Robert E. Johnson Jr.       Gary Miville, CIPM              Phil Stewart, CPP
518 452-3505                401 413-1316                413 732-8582                    978 354-2526

MANNING GOLF TOURNAMENT                  SERGEANT AT ARMS                         PROGRAM CHAIR
CHAIR                                    Bob Michalski, CPP                       Jim Healey, CPP, CFE
Michael Scott                                   781 953-0905
781 964-2020                                                                            COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE
                                         Marty Patnaude, CPP                      CO-CHAIRPERSON -
MANNING FOUNDATION AND                   781 953-1810                             SECURITY EXPO
SCHOLARSHIP FUND CHAIR                       Bonnie Michelman, CPP
Michael J. Pepe, CPP                     Adria Gallagher, CPP, CFE                617 726-7979
617 499-0082                             781 544-3736                           
                                         Steve Malloy                             CO-CHAIRPERSON -
AWARDS COMMITTEE CHAIR                   617 530-5302                             SECURITY EXPO
Richard Zupan                                Jim Healey, CPP, CFE
781 229-2750                                                                      781 953-0905                   LEGISLATIVE LIASON             
                                         Benjamin Levison
CERTIFICATION CHAIR                      617 665-8805                             EXHIBIT COORDINATOR -
Mark Beaudry, CPP                                SECURITY EXPO
978 399-5438                                                                      Jim Stankevich                      EDUCATION CHAIR                          603 847-3080
                                         Bonnie Michelman, CPP          
LAW ENFORCEMENT CO-                      617 726-7979
LIAISON                                          NOMINATING COMMITTEE
Harold Murphy                                                                     Craig McQuate                          MEMBERSHIP CHAIR                         617 369-3252
                                         Rebecca Coburn, CPP            
LAW ENFORCEMENT CO-                      617 724-9649                             Bonnie Michelman, CPP
LIAISON                                             617 726-7979
Timothy Maher                                                           
781 314-3152                                                                      Mike Pepe, CPP                                                       617 499-0082


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