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Dear Headteacher,

RE: Interactive Whiteboards and projectors - Sustainability Issues

Detailed below are some guidelines related to the purchase and sustainability of
Interactive whiteboard systems in schools. This information and guidance is relevant to
all educational establishments.

Original DfES pilot – in Primary Schools

Equipment supplied to Primary Schools as part of the DfES IWB pilot, has now come to
the end of its 3 year warranty, which includes the bulb replacement we negotiated as
part of the contract. Sustainability of projectors does pose a challenge! Bulbs for the
Phillips B-Sure projector cost £270 and clearly it would be wise to have at least one of
these in school to replace a bulb should it fail. Repairs to the projectors also need to be
taken into account. A repair for polarises, a frequent failure we have come across, could
work out to between £300-£400.

An option to consider is the planned replacement of one or more of your Phillips
projectors with projectors under the Becta framework (see below). An Epson EMP 74
for example is £730.00. Fitting will be required since cradles are proprietary for each
projector along with the ‘distance from board’ settings. Importantly, from a sustainability
point of view, these projectors come with 3 years warranty and 3 years next day bulb
replacement or swap out of the projector. After 3 years the lamp costs at present are

In schools where projector warranties have expired, it is important to consider the impact
upon access to learning and teaching materials in the event of a projector or bulb failure.
A spare projector would clearly be one possible contingency plan.

Purchase of projectors – general considerations

It is vital to consider the warranty associated with the purchase of projectors. Becta
have taken up this issue and have set standards. We therefore we strongly advise
schools       to   ensure    projectors   come     under    this  Becta     framework.
There are many projectors on the market and many specifications. The Epson EMP 74
projector mentioned above conforms to Becta specifications. An important specification
to look for is ‘XGA’. On the market are, what might seem, some very economical
projectors, these are of the older ‘SVGA’ specification. Newer laptops may well give a
lower quality image with these older type projectors and will not correctly display the
more usual high resolution (1024,768) image.

As part of a schools sustainability planning we would advise to ensure the newer ‘XGA’
type of projectors are purchased to ensure best value. If projection is already poor in a
classroom then serious consideration needs to be given for replacement.

Procurement of Interactive whiteboard packages

Interactive whiteboard packages supplied to schools through the Wakefield EdIT Centre
are under the Becta national framework agreement for schools. Companies conforming
to this framework ensures a high level of warranty conditions and ensures best value for
money. Under best value procedures schools are required to obtain three like for like
quotes for expenditures associated with Interactive whiteboard and projector packages
(whiteboard, projector and fitting). This process has been undertaken by EdIT through
the Becta framework agreement and schools should consider consulting with EdIT as
part of there purchasing decision.

Building/installation requirements

All electrical work associated with the installation of Interactive whiteboards and
projectors must be carried out according to NICEAC specifications and importantly,
carried out by an accredited NICEAC contractor. If there is any doubt schools should
consult their buildings officer.

Bespoke Training packages

In Wakefield we have developed wealth of experience around the training associated
with interactive whiteboards. Through our involvement in National training we have built
up a real understanding of pedagogy associated with the use of interactive whiteboards
in whole class teaching. We cannot underestimate the importance of ongoing training
for staff in establishing the use of whiteboards and the support required for staff
acquiring a whiteboard for the first time.

After some initial technical training, the training programmes we offer focus upon the
pedagogical use of the boards and are suitable for all phases. These are listed below:

1.   Initial Interactive whiteboard training upon installation of the board
      This includes the connectivity of the board with laptop and projector and
         orientation techniques. It provides an insight into the basic use of a laptop for
         personal use and the creation of a suitable filing system.
2.   Pedagogy – Beginners course
      This course provides teachers with the basic skills and understanding to begin
       to use an interactive whiteboard effectively in the classroom using the Smart
       Notebook software.

3.   Pedagogy – Advanced course
      This provides for the more advanced uses of the board and considers how
       these features are best used in whole class teaching. The use of video and
       advanced uses of Word and PowerPoint with the board are a focus.

4.   Sharing and developing Innovative Practice
     Details of this course will be available in the spring term and will present:

        Opportunity for teachers to share and review their use of interactive
         whiteboards in whole class teaching.
        Opportunity to see and develop new ideas and techniques.

To book any of the above courses please contact myself or

Appendix - costs