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									July / August 2008                                                                                                                        Vol. XLV, Issue 4

                                                                     asrpa raFFle…….                                                    Inside
                                                                       GUNSITE                                                            this
                                                                                                                                       Issue . . .
                                                                    PISTOL CLASS                                               Features -

                                                                      Colonel	 Buzz	 Mills,	 and	 Gunsite	 Academy	 has	       ASR&PA
                                                                    very	generously	donated	a	world	class	opportunity	to	      	 Raffle ............................ 1
                                                                    gain	or	enhance	your	ability	to	protect	yourself/oth-      More	AZ	Distinguished
                                                                    ers/your	property.			                                      	 Shooters........................ 3
                                                                      We	plan	to	complete	the	drawing	in	early	Septem-         NRA	Offers
                                                                    ber	at	the	scheduled	Board	of	Directors	meeting.		         	 Grants ........................... 5
                                                                      250 Defensive Pistol                                     Lamestream	Media
                                                                                                                               	 Misses	Target	 .............. 5
                                                                       Defensive	Pistol	is	the	cornerstone	of	Gunsite	class	
                                                                                                                               ASR&PA	Highpower
                                                                    offerings.	This	course	will	teach	you	to	control	your	
                                                                                                                               	 Season	Re-Cap ............. 5
                                                                    immediate	environment.	You’ll	learn	marksmanship,	
                                                                    gun	 handling	 and	 combat	 mindset,	 the	 elements	 of	   The	Future
                                                                    the	Combat	Triad.	Defensive	Pistol	will	give	you	five	     	 of	Shooting ................... 7
                                                                    solid	days	of	range	work,	lectures	and	intense	simula-     Anatomy	of
                                                                    tors	(including	low	light).	Through	our	systematic	and	    	 High	Power .................. 8
                                                                                                        Continued on page 9    2008	President’s	Rifle
                                                                                                                               	 Silhouette	Matches ....... 8
                                                                                                                               Navajo	Woman
 F R O M T H E P R E S I D E N T O F T H E A S R & PA
                                                                                                                               	 Wins	DRB .................... 9

    Thanks To all who helped make our                                                                                          AZ	HP	Rifle	Silhouett
                                                                                                                               	 State	Championship	 .. 10

   annual meeTing and banqueT a success                                                                                        M	Duncan	Appointed	
                                                                                                                               	 Marksman	Liaison ..... 12

  W       e	 had	 a	 great	 turnout	 for	 the	 99th	 annual	
          meeting	 &	 banquet	 and	 a	 small	 crowd	 for	
the	members	meeting…the	turnout	was	small	enough	
                                                                       Tom	Wilds	set	up	the	ASR&PA	booth,	which	he	
                                                                    and	Blue	Press	cover	girl	Carly	staffed.	She	signed	
                                                                    a	lot	of	Blue	Press	covers	for	us.	Yes,	and	she	can	
                                                                                                                               	 for	a	Rainy	Day .......... 12

that	 we	 had	 to	 finish	 the	 elections	 of	 officers	 at	 the	   shoot	too.	A	great	night	for	Tom	as	he	won	the	CMP	
banquet.	 Thanks	 to	 Jay	 Cook	 of	 Game	 &	 Fish	 for	            Garand	also.	He	can	really	use	some	help	covering	
giving	 us	 a	 presentation	 on	 shooting	 ranges	 around	          some	of	the	gun	shows	and	other	events.                    Departments -
the	state,	a	subject	of	great	interest	to	most	of	us.                  There	were	several	awards	given	out	also,	includ-
                                                                                                                               President’s	Column
   But	 the	 banquet	 was	 good,	 new	 distinguished	               ing	 the	 Presidents	 Letter,	 from	 George	 W.	 Bush,	
                                                                                                                               	 Report .......................... 1
shooter	Ashley	Manygoats	led	us	in	the	Pledge	of	Al-                to	Steve	Reiter	for	his	outstanding	performance	at	
legiance,	and	we	got	on	with	the	banquet.                           Camp	Perry.	Also	outstanding	Junior	awards	were	           Legislative
                                                                    given	which	included	Nate	Silverman	among	others.	         	 Report	.......................... 2
  Once	again	Sandy	Froman	did	a	great	job	of	being	
                                                                    Ashley	Manygoats	was	recognized	for	her	achieve-           Shooting	Smiles .............. 9
guest	speaker.	She	also	let	us	in	on	a	very	important	
                                                                    ment	of	making	Distinguished	Shooter.                      Membership
fact	that	however	the	Supreme	Court	case	turns	out,	
we	are	looking	at	years,	yes	years,	of	litigation	over	                We	finished	off	the	evening	with	Master	Auction-        	 Information ................ 11
the	2nd	Amendment.                                                  eer	Terry	Allison	doing	the	honors	once	again.	We	
                                                                    raised	several	hundred	dollars
  So	 it	 ain’t	 over	 folks,	 it’s	 just	 starting	 a	 new	 and	
funner	phase.
                                                                                                        Continued on page 3
Official Publication of The Arizona Rifle & Pistol Association

                                                                                LEGISLATIvE REPORT
   is	published	bimonthly:	January,	
                                                                   I   t’s	 been	 a	 very	 interesting	 legislative	 season	 police	 representative.	 Another	 lobbyist	 for	 a	 state	
                                                                       and	 we	 are	 now	 heading	 into	 the	 election	 law	enforcement	agency	said	that	it	was	equivalent	
                                                                 season.	This	is	when	the	performance	on	the	floor	 to	 celebrating	 the	 death	 of	 officers	 killed	 by	 this	
   March,	May,	July,	September,	and	
   November.	Subscriptions	are	free	                             is	reflected	in	support	that	some	candidates	expect	 criminals.	 This	 opposition	 ignores	 the	 propensity	
   to	ASR&PA	members.                                            as	“Second	Amendment	supporters”	-	that	favorite	 of	criminals	to	conceal	weapons	in	furtherance	of	
                                                                 non-definitive	 phrase	 thrown	 out	 with	 regularity	 violent	 acts,	 and	 even	 to	 possess	 firearms	 when	
   Submission Deadline                                           during	the	vote	getting	process,	followed	by	many	 they	 are	 prohibited	 by	 law	 because	 of	 their	 prior	
   Deadline	for	submission	is	the	5th	                           floor	 votes	 for	 “reasonable	 restrictions,	 just	 like	 behavior	and	convictions.	
   of	the	month	preceding	publication	                           other	 rights	 which	 are	 not	 absolute.”	
                                                                                                                                                	Finally,	Rep	Russell	Pearce	made	
   date.	All	material	for	publication	
   should	be	forwarded	electronically	
                                                                 One	Senator	in	a	powerful	leadership	              What often               an	 effort	 to	 pass	 “defensive	 display”	
                                                                 position	 told	 the	 NRA	 representative	
   to:	editor@asrpa.com                                                                                                                      of	 a	 deadly	 weapon,	 defined	 as	 in-
                                                                 that	he	‘didn’t	need	the	NRA	support	 starts as a good forming	an	aggressor	that	the	victim	
                                                                 in	 his	 district’	 because	 it	 was	 such	 a	
   Board Meetings                                                                                                                            was	armed,	or	displaying	the	weapon	
   Association	Board	Meetings	
                                                                 small	part	of	his	constituency.	                     legislative            without	 directly	 threatening	 the	 ag-
   are	held	quarterly	on	the	second	                                	What	often	starts	as	a	good	legisla-                                    gressor.	 The	 Governor	 made	 every	
   Saturday	of	March,	June,	                                     tive	concept	is	bad	in	the	end,	and	vice	             concept               attempt	 to	 water	 this	 down	 to	 mak-
   September,	and	December	at	the	                               versa.	Such	was	the	case	this	year	with	                                    ing	a	‘verbal’	warning	of	being	armed	
   Ben	Avery	Shooting	Facility	in	the	
   Activity	Building	beginning	at	10	
                                                                 the	 ‘airport	 security’	 bill	 (HB2574)	               is bad              but	ultimately	vetoed	HB2629	after	it	
                                                                 which	 started	 out	 as	 a	 re-run	 of	 last	                               passed.
   a.m.	Check	the	ASRPA	web	site	for	
   quarterly	Board	Meeting	schedule.
                                                                 year’s	 version.	 Working	 with	 repre-
                                                                 sentatives	of	airport	security	we	were	
                                                                                                                     in the end,                	 Senator	 Karen	 Johnson’s	 ‘school	
                                                                                                                                             carry’	 bill	 (SB1214)	 was	 attacked	
   Change Of Address                                             able	to	find	mutual	agreement	on	key	
                                                                 provisions	 to	 more	 closely	 define	 the	
                                                                                                                          and                ruthlessly	by	opponents	in	the	media,	
   If	you	are	moving	or	making			                                                                                                            most	 with	 misinformed	 and	 illogical	
                                                                 areas	being	protected	and	added	ver-
   ANY	membership	change(s)		
   which	includes,	address,	phone,	                              biage	 to	 specifically	 exclude	 general	          vice versa.             arguments	 about	 allowing	 ‘students	
                                                                                                                                             to	 carry’	 guns	 to	 class	 although	 the	
   email,	name,	request	email	                                   aviation	areas	where	inconsistent	en-
                                                                                                                                             ‘students’	 would	 have	 to	 possess	 a	
   delivery	of	the	Bullet	Trap,	or	                              forcement	has	imposed	needless	misinterpretations	 CCW	(and	be	21	yrs	old).	The	number	of	adult	stu-
   to	report	the	passing	of	a	life	                              in	 the	 past.	 We	 anticipate	 that	 the	 final	 version,	
                                                                                                                             dents	on	a	college	campus	was	not	considered.	We	
   member,	contact	Brian	Biggs	                                  signed	by	the	Governor	will	benefit	everyone	trav-
   at	membership@asrpa.com	or	                                                                                               continue	to	have	unarmed	victim	zones	at	Arizona	
                                                                 eling	 by	 aviation,	 whether	 commercial	 or	 general	
   write	Membership,	PO	Box	1897,			                                                                                         schools	and	hoping	that	the	next	VT	or	Columbine	
                                                                 aviation,	in	Arizona.	Law	enforcement	should	have	
   Green	Valley,	Arizona	85622-1897                                                                                          massacre	does	not	occur	here.
                                                                 the	tools	to	protect	travelers	without	undue	impo-
                                                                 sition	 on	 the	 law-abiding.	 Although	 several	 other	       	 Much	 time	 was	 spent	 on	 one	 of	 the	 most	 ac-
   Any	membership	changes	should	                                laws	were	passed	by	the	legislature	this	session,	the	      tive	 gun	 issue	 related	 session	 we	 have	 seen	 in	
   be	made	with	Brian	Biggs,	                                    Governor’s	veto	pen	got	a	serious	work-out,	strik- years.	 Constitutional	 right	 to	 hunt	 &	 fish	 was	 not	
   Membership	Secretary	at	                                      ing	down	4-5	bills	that	would	have	benefitted	Ari- advanced,	 efforts	 to	 implement	 OHV	 regulations	
   membership@asrpa.com	                                         zona	gun	owners.                                            stalled	 over	 broad	 and	 potentially	 restrictive	 defi-
   or	520-777-8393                                                                                                           nitions	of	‘damage	to	the	environment’	that	might	
                                                                    	One	bill	standardized	transportation	of	firearm	
                                                                                                                             be	 caused	 by	 OHV’s.	 And,	 Arizona	 gun	 owners	
   Distribution                                                  in	 a	 vehicle	 and	 would	 have	 clarified	 ambiguous	
                                                                                                                             continue	to	face	a	variety	of	pitfalls	for	the	average	
   The	Bullet	Trap	is	distributed	at	                            and	 confusing	 language	 in	 ARS	 13-3102	 regard-
                                                                                                                             gun	owner	who	might	make	‘technical	violations’	
   your	option,	via	US	Mail	or	email.	                           ing	‘concealed	carry’	without	a	CCW	in	a	vehicle.	
   US	mail	will	not	be	forwarded.
                                                                                                                             of	legal	issues,	although	not	involved	in	any	crimi-
                                                                 HB2389	was	vetoed,	as	was	HB2630	which	would	 nal	activity.	
                                                                 have	made	‘concealed	carry’	a	Petty	Offense.	Law	
   Our	Website:	www.ASRPA.com.                                   enforcement	 strongly	 opposed	 both	 these	 bills	            	Be	safe	and	stay	informed.	Knowledge	is	a	pow-
                                                                 claiming	 that	 ‘allowing’	 criminals	 to	 carry	 con- erful	weapon.
                                                                 cealed	 weapons	 would	 endanger	 all	 law	 enforce-
   The	Arizona	State	Rifle	&	
   Pistol	Association	is	proudly	                                ment	personnel.	“Every	time	an	officer	made	a	traf-          Gary Christensen
                                                                 fic	stop,	they’d	have	to	wonder	whether	they	would	 Legislative Director
   affiliated	with	the	National	
   Rifle	Association,		the	Civilian	                             face	 a	 criminal	 with	 a	 concealed	 gun,”	 said	 one	
   Marksmanship	Program	and	USA	
                                                                                                 LIFE MEMBER ALERT !!
   Editor/Publisher                                                                         There are a few of you we have not heard from for quite awhile.
   Noble	C.	Hathaway,	Editor
   Printing	by:	Allegra	Print	&	
                                                                                                          Life Members are you still with us?
   Imaging                                                              If you are a Life Member, please send us an email, letter or phone call to our membership secretary
                                                                                   or please have a family member or friend send us a note on your current status.
                                                                                             We would like to know your whereabouts, address’s, etc …
                                                                                     If a member knows of the passing of a Life Member, could you contact us at
                                                                                        membership@asrpa.com or PO Box 1897, Green Valley, AZ 85622-1897

Page	2
           MORE ARIzONA’S
  Did You Know…?                                          at	the	All-Army	Matches,	one	at	the	Southeast	
                                                          Regional,	and	two	at	the	National	Matches.		In	
   Competitive	 shooters	 strive	 to	 become	             those	days,	legs	were	awarded	in	the	National	
Distinguished	 in	 their	 discipline	 of	 choice.	        Trophy	Team	Match,	as	well	as	the	National	
The	 Distinguished	 Rifleman	 badge	 dates	               Trophy	Individual	Match.	
back	 to	 1884,	 the	 Distinguished	 Pistol	
Shot	 badge	 to	 1891,	 the	 Distinguished	                 Col.	North	was	a	member	of	the	Army	team	
International	Shooter	badge	to	1963	(though	              for	four	years,	and	was	a	charter	member	of	
awarded	retroactively)	and	the	Distinguished	             the	U.S	Army	Advanced	Marksmanship	Unit	
Smallbore	Prone	and	Position	awards	started	              when	it	was	formed	in	1956.	
in	 1965.	 A	 complete	 listing	 of	 Arizona’s	             As	 of	 2008,	 Col.	 North	 is	 the	 earliest	
Distinguished	 Shooters	 may	 be	 found	 at	              surviving	 Distinguished	 Rifleman	 in	
www.desertsharpshooters.com.	 Following	                  Arizona.	
are	 a	 few	 interesting	 anecdotes	 about	 some	
of	Arizona’s	Distinguished	shooters,	a	series	               Colonel Louis Roninger	 (Distinguished	
                                                          Rifleman	 1960)	 of	 Phoenix	 has	 been	 one	 of	      Sahuarita	began	competing	in	Smallbore	rifle	
which	will	continue	in	future	issues.                                                                            in	 Southern	 California	 and	 quickly	 moved	
                                                          the	 central	 figures	 in	 Arizona	 shooting	 for	
   Colonel Louis J. North	 (Distinguished	                decades.	 	 Winner	 of	 the	 Palma	 Individual	        into	 the	 Highpower	 ranks	 where	 he	 made	 a	
Rifleman	1953)	of	Sun	City	was	awarded	the	               Trophy	 in	 1963,	 Col.	 Roninger	 played	 an	         lasting	mark.		Winner	of	the	Palma	Individual	
Distinguished	Rifleman	Badge	in	1953	while	               important	role	in	the	organization	of	the	1970	        Trophy	at	Camp	Perry	in	1971	and	1973,	Meek	
a	firing	member	of	the	U.S.Army	Rifle	Team.	   	          World	Championships	in	Phoenix	as	well	as	             went	on	to	be	a	firing	member	and	coach	of	
1953	was	the	first	year	the	National	Matches	             keeping	 the	 Highpower	 shooting	 programs	           many	US	Palma	teams.		Smallbore,	however,	
were	 held	 at	 Camp	 Perry	 following	 WWII.	 	          within	 ASRPA	 on	 track	 for	 many	 years.	       	   did	 not	 go	 unheeded	 as	 Meek	 was	 a	 firing	
While	 the	 Army	 team	 had	 only	 13	 firing	            Today,	 at	 93	 years	 of	 age,	 Col.	 Roninger,	      member	of	the	US	Olympic	Team	in	the	1992	
members	 that	 year,	 it	 was	 a	 strong	 team,	          our	 oldest	 Distinguished	 Rifleman,	 is	 still	 a	   and	 1996	 Olympic	 Games	 in	 Barcelona	 and	
including	such	outstanding	marksmen	as	Bill	              frequent	shooter,	often	seen	at	the	Ben	Avery	         Atlanta.	 	 A	 five	 time	 winner	 of	 the	 Western	
Brophy,	Frank	Conway,	Murvale	Belson,	and	                range	with	his	1903	Springfield.                       Wildcats	 6400	 Smallbore	 Championship	
John	Kolb.	                                                                                                      (1994,	1995,	1999,	2002,	2003)	Meek	remains	
                                                            Billy Meek	(Distinguished	Rifleman	1972,	            a	top	competitor	anytime	he	lays	down	on	a	
  Col.	North	earned	four	legs	that	year;	one	             Distinguished	International	Shooter	1992)	of	          firing	line.

Thanks To all who helped                                                                                           Sandy	 Froman,	 Colonel	 Buzz	 Mills	 and	
                                                                                                                 Gunsite	 Academy,	 Noble	 C.	 Hathaway,	 Ed	
Continued from page 1                                                                                            Roberts,	 Sportman’s	 Warehouse,	 The	 Wayne	
                                                                                                                 Owens	 Family,	 Bass	 Pro	 Shops,	 Cabella’s,	
  2009 ASR&PA 100th Annual Meeting?                       and	promotion	for	the	Association.
                                                                                                                 Dillon	Precision,	Terry	Allison,	Donna	Cassity,	
   Well,	 with	 NRA	 in	 town	 next	 May,	 (May	   DON’T VOTE EARLY !!!                                          Tom	 Wilds,	 Annette	 Williamson,	 Ashley	
15-17,	 2009)	 we	 are	 working	 with	 NRA,	 and	                                                                Manygoats,	 Carly/Dillon	 Blue	 Press,	 and	 the	
                                                              With	 the	 White	 House	 in	
looking	at	doing	a	joint	event	or	                                                                               good	folks	at	El	Zaribah	Shrine.	
                                                           jeopardy	of	being	lost,	we	need	
two.	So,	probably	won’t	have	an	        … we need to to	focus	more	than	ever	on	State	
ASR&PA	banquet,	but	instead	a	
lunch/member’s	 meeting	 either	              focus        and	Congressional	elections.                            Landis
                                                              We	plan	to	get	the	next	issue	                       President ASR&PA
right	 before	 the	 NRA	 event,	 or	
                                              more         of	the	Bullet	Trap	with	PPC	out	
                                                                                                                   Also	a	very	big	thanks	to	Life	Member	Larry	
   So	we	have	our	first	Volunteer,	
                                          than ever\       just	before	the	Primary	Election	
                                                                                                                 Bowers	for	a	generous	donation	to	
                                                           this	September.
Annette,	 just	 need	 about	 200	               on                                                                  The	 ASRPA	 Legislative	 Fund	 and	 also	
more.	                                                        Remember,	 here	 in	 Arizona,	
                                           State and       the	 primary	 election	 is	 many	
                                                                                                                 to	 Jay	 Cook	 of	 Game	 &	 Fish	 for	 giving	 us	 a	
                                                                                                                 presentation	 on	 shooting	 ranges	 around	 the	
   If	you	are	interested	in	joining	
with	us	for	the	100th	Anniversary	      Congressional times	your	only	real	choice.	Stay
                                                                                                                 state,	a	subject	of	great	interest	to	most	of	us.
and	 NRA	 event,	 let	 us	 know	
soon.	 We	 will	 be	 starting	 a	 list	
                                           elections.         Yes,	elections	are	a	matter	of	
                                                                                                                   CREDIT CARD OPERATIONS

and	checking	it	twice.                                     life	or	death,	maybe	yours.                              We	 are	 putting	 the	 finishing	 touches	 on	
                                                                                                                 our	 credit	 card	 service	 through	 ASRPA.	 Our	
   We	also	need	a	neat	design	for	                                          And	 lastly	 we	 need	 to	
                                                                                                                 projected	completion	of	this	project	is	August	
a	 souvenir	 Tee	 shirts,	 hats,	 patches,	 and	 pins.	                  recognize	     our	 wonderful	
                                                                                                                 1st,	2008.	This	will	enable	everyone	to	purchase	
Maybe	some	mugs	also?                                     volunteers	for	this	years	event.	
                                                                                                                 memberships,	merchandise,	etc.,	either	on	line	
  Got	ideas?	How	about	a	contest?	Juniors?                  Many	 thanks	 to	 the	 following	 for	 their	        or	 paper	 orders.	 We	 do	 appreciate	 everyone’s	
                                                          volunteerism	and	helping	our	event	this	year.	         patience	with	our	skeleton	staff	on	this	project	
  This	could	be	a	much	needed	source	of	funds	
                                                                                                                 over	the	last	year.

                                                                                                                                                             Page	3
   ‘America Fights Back’
         Amazon.com No. 1 Best-Seller
     The 200-page book by Alan Gottlieb and
      Dave Workman that’s changing minds
           about guns and gunowners.
         The book the anti-gunners don’t
        want you or anyone else to read.
                   Regular $23.00

           with new membership in the
   Second Amendment Foundation
     Get a very important $23 book FREE with a $15 annual membership in the nation’s oldest
     tax-exempt pro-Second Amendment organization devoted to education, legal action and
     publishing. The Foundation is a pioneer in legal action against gun-grabbing politicians at
     every level of government and is the co-host of the annual free Gun Rights Policy Confer-
     ence, marking its 23rd year this Sept. 26-28 in Phoenix. The Foundation maintains an
     attorney referral service, conducts grassroots leadership training conferences and semi-
     nars for writers and movie makers. In addition, the Foundation is a member of the world-
     wide organization battling the gun-grabbers at the United Nations. For more information,
     visit our website at: www.saf.org.

                Second Amendment Foundation
                               12500 NE Tenth Place, Bellevue, WA 98005
                     Phone: 425-454-7012 • Fax: 425-451-3959 • Website: www.saf.org
          � Yes. Sign me up as an annual $15 supporter of the Foundation and send me my
          FREE copy of “America Fights Back: Armed Self-Defense in a Violent Age.”
     � Check/MO Enclosed
     Charge My � MC � Visa     ���� ���� ���� ����                                        ��/��
     � Amex � Discover                                                                    Exp. Date
                                         Signature required for credit card orders only

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Page	4
nra oFFers                                                                                                              asrpa
sTaTe associaTion granTs                                                                                             2007 – 2008
  T    his	 year	 there	 is	 $25,000	 available	
       for	 projects	 such	 as	 purchasing	 office	
                                                            Please	 submit	 your	 completed	 applications	
                                                          (no	later	than	August	1,	2008)	via	fax	at	(703)	
equipment,	 paying	 for	 staff,	 printing	 a	
newsletter,	 building/enhancing	 your	 website,	
                                                          267-3939	or	mail	to:
                                                          State	Association	Grants
                                                                                                                    season recap
or	other	association	expenses.	Applications	can	                                                                        he	 ASRPA	 Highpower	 season	 is	 now	
                                                          C/O	Elizabeth	Bush
be	downloaded	online	at	http://www.nrahq.org/                                                                           over	 until	 November	 and	 it	 was	 a	 very	
                                                          National	Rifle	Association
clubs/state_assn_grant_app.pdf	                                                                                   good	season.		Following	is	a	brief	recap	of	what	
                                                          11250	Waples	Mill	Road
   Don’t	miss	this	great	opportunity	to	enhance	          Fairfax,	VA	22030                                       was	 accomplished	 and	 a	 look	 forward	 to	 next	
the	shooting	sports	in	your	state.	The	deadline	             Please	feel	free	to	contact	us	with	any	ques-        season.
for	 consideration	 for	 this	 grant	 is	 August	 1,	     tions	or	concerns	at	(800)	NRA-CLUB	or	 via	              All	 of	 our	 usual	 championship	 level	 match-
2008.	 The	 Clubs	 &	 Associations	 NRA	 Board	           email	at	clubs@nrahq.org.                               es	 were	 held,	 along	 with	 a	 new	 one,	 the	 Mid-
committee	will	then	review	your	application	at	                                                                   Range	State	Championship.		The	Arizona	State	
the	September	meeting	and	you	will	be	notified	             Thank you for your support of the
                                                                                                                  Champions	determined	this	season	are:
of	your	status	shortly	thereafter.		                          National Rifle Association!
                                                                                                                  	 •	 2007	Arizona	Highpower	Champion:	Bob	
                                                                                                                       Del	Cotto	753-21X	(200,	300,	600	yd.	XC,	

The lamesTream media Told you:                                                                                         800	points	possible)
                                                                                                                  	 •	 2007	Arizona	Palma	Champion:	Tom	Wh-

                                                                                                                       itaker	899-64X	(800,	900,	1000	yd	Prone,	
                                                                                                                       .308,	900	points	possible)
                                                                                                                  	 •	 2008	 Arizona	 Long	 Range	 Champion:	
   The Uninvited Ombudsman notes                          old,	very	old,	bright,	dull,	average,	male,	female	          German	Salazar	797-42X	(1000	yd.	Prone,	
                                                          and	other	type	of	person	plunked	down	nomi-                  800	points	possible)
           however that:
                                                          nal	fees	to	fire	cowboy	guns,	high-power	rifles,	       	 •	 2008	 Arizona	 Service	 Rifle	 Champion:	
   More	 than	 26,000	 people	 gathered	 at	 the	         shotguns,	 scoped	 rifles,	 handguns,	 practical	            Justin	Skaret	776-30X	(200,	300,	600	yd.	
world-class	 1,600-acre	 Ben	 Avery	 Shooting	            pistol,	and	new	models	from	famous	American	                 XC	800	points	possible)
Facility	in	Phoenix	last	month,	for	a	family-ori-         firms	like	Ruger	and	Smith	and	Wesson.	Many	
ented	 outdoor	 expo,	 and	 despite	 constant	 vol-                                                               	 •	 2008	 Regional	 Champion:	 Michelle	 Gal-
                                                          of	 the	 shooting	 opportunities	 were	 free.	 The	
leys	of	gunfire,	no	one	fainted	or	was	scared,	no	                                                                     lagher	 989-36X	 (200,	 300,	 600	 yd.	 XC	
                                                          lamestream	media	missed	the	event.
crimes	were	reported,	no	one	was	injured,	and	                                                                         1000	points	possible)
no	deaths	occurred.	Lamestream	media	missed	                 More	than	100	vendors	were	hawking	goods	            	 •	 2008	Arizona	Mid	Range	Champion:	Rick	
the	event.                                                and	 services,	 closing	 sales	 and	 making	 new	            Curtis	896-44X	(300,	500,	600	yd.	Prone,	
                                                          friends	 over	 the	 distant	 roar	 of	 constant	 gun-        900	points	possible).
  Crowds	 were	 biggest	 at	 the	 machine-gun	            fire.	No	injuries	of	any	kind	were	reported.	No	
range,	 where	 a	 small	 fee	 got	 you	 trigger	 time	    guns	went	off	by	themselves.	No	crimes	were	              In	 addition,	 the	 ASRPA	 and	 the	 Desert	
on	a	belt-fed	tripod-mounted	.30	caliber,	hand-           committed.	The	lamestream	media	missed	the	             Sharpshooters	Rifle	Club	assisted	in	the	organi-
cranked	 authentic	 replica	 Gatling	 gun,	 and	 a	       event.                                                  zation	and	conduct	of	the	CMP	Western	Games	
shoulder	fired	AK-47,	proving	the	long-known	                                                                     and	Creedmoor	Cup	matches,	a	new	event	for	
adage	that	you	haven’t	had	fun	till	you’ve	fired	            In	other	news,	shooting	sports	outpaced	golf	        Arizona	as	well	as	the	inaugural	Berger	Bullets	
a	machine	gun.	The	lamestream	media	missed	               in	2006	to	capture	the	number	two	spot	in	con-          Southwest	Nationals.		Both	events	were	well	at-
the	event.                                                sumer	 spending	 on	 sports	 equipment,	 second	        tended	and	plans	are	already	underway	for	next	
                                                          only	 to	 exercise	 gear.	 The	 lamestream	 media	      season
   Well-dressed	 suburban	 soccer-Mom	 types	             apparently	didn’t	get	the	memo.
strained	 to	 get	 photos	 of	 their	 precious	 little	                                                              Ben	Avery	range	staff,	with	significant	input	
                                                                                                                  from	ASRPA,	is	planning	to	make	substantial	
daughters	learning	to	shoot	a	bolt-action	.22	for	
the	first	time,	under	the	watchful	eye	of	well-           Alan Korwin                                             improvements	 to	 the	 Ben	 Avery	 Highpower	
trained	professional	instructors.	Every	type	of	          Author of Gun Laws                                      range	 this	 summer.	 	 New	 number	 boards,	 re-
upscale,	downscale,	fat,	thin,	tall,	short,	attrac-       www.Gunlaws.com                                         built	firing	berms,	improved	access	at	all	firing	
tive,	 ugly,	 neat,	 unkempt,	 very	 young,	 young,	                                                              berms,	new	target	sheds,	and	more	are	planned	
                                                                                                                  for	the	range.		This	will	require	closing	of	the	
                                                                                                                  range	to	all	uses	for	a	period	of	time	expected	
                                                                                                                  to	cover	June,	July	and	August.
                         BULLET TRAP CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING                                                          We	 hope	 to	 see	 many	 of	 you	 on	 the	 range	
                            AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS ONLY.                                                            for	the	2008	–	2009	Highpower	season	with	a	
             Ads are limited to 30 words or less and need to be submitted 30 days prior to issue.
       Be responsible, firearms cannot be shipped across state lines, KNOW your buyer of any firearm.             strong	schedule	of	ASRPA	State	Championship	
                                         Some restrictions do apply.                                              matches.
         Submit your check payable to ASRPA for $5 per insertion and per ad, to:
                        ASRPA c/o Bullet Trap Classified Ads
                       6769 W. Remuda Dr., Peoria, AZ 85383
                                                                                                                  German Salazar
                                                                                                                  Highpower Director

                                                                                                                                                              Page	5
    For Sale by Owner…                                                           RED WING CANYON ROAD
                                                                                                                   Kingman, Arizona

          Only rarely does a great opportunity come along
     to purchase a magnificent piece of residential real estate.
                This is your opportunity! Read on…
 Situated just north of Kingman, Arizona, is truly one of Mohave County’s most desirable and beautiful parcels of property.
 Red Wing Canyon Road is located at the 12.5 mile mark on North Stockton Hill Road. The property is at the end of Red Wing
 Canyon Road at the back of the canyon – with nothing but the beautiful Cerbat Mountains to the rear.

                                           This property offers:
                                           • 10.1 acres                                                • Central electric heat & air, PLUS optional
                                             – Approximately 1/3 mountains, 2/3 flat land                 zoned heating & A/C for lower power bills
                                           • 2400 sq. ft. residence (built in 2001)                    • House is being sold with full furniture in master &
                                             – 4-bedroom, 2-bath, living room, family room &             spare bedroom, family room, living room &
                                                full dining room                                         dining room
                                             – Large country kitchen, w/island, pantry &                 – Washer/dryer in laundry room
                                                Pergo wood flooring                                       – Refrigerator, range, microwave & dishwasher
                                             – Wrap-around covered porch surrounding the                   in kitchen
                                                entire house                                             – Partial furnishings in other bedrooms/offices
                                             – Wired for cable or satellite TV, 2 phone lines +        • Perimeter around house & outbuildings is
                                                DSL in the residence                                     completely fenced w/legal barbed wire & the
                                           • 3 detached outbuildings fully wired for phones              entrance to the main drive is protected
                                             & electricity                                               by a cattle guard
                                             – 2-car garage (20x24) w/attached carport                 • 16x16 privacy screened patio w/hand-laid
                                             – 1-car garage / workshop (28x32) w/laundry tub             paving block behind main garage in rear yard
                                                & 220-volt outlet                                      • Certified property survey document available
                                             – Storage building (24x32) w/6 storage rooms,             • No Homeowner Association
                                                laundry tub & toilet room                              • Zoned horse property (up to 16 permitted)
                                           • 2 deep wells: one to service residence, the other         • Covered parking for 4 vehicles & unlimited open
                                             to service 2 lower outbuildings; independently              parking for other cars, trailers or other vehicles
                                             operated, dual water-pump systems (pressure               • Adequate land, power & water available to build
                                             tank or demand pump) to service residence                   a separate guest cabin/house on the property
                                           • All buildings are fully & separately alarmed:             • Approximately 35 miles from Laughlin, Nevada &
                                             main driveway has multi-alarm warning system                100 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada

 BUT WAIT – THERE’S MORE...                                                                  This entire package can be yours for just
 This offer also includes a 40-acre parcel of pristine and remote property
 located in Apache County, Arizona, approximately 40 miles north of St.Johns in
 Eastern Arizona. This parcel is rolling ground of sandy loam and covered with salt
 cedar trees (See photos below). Perfect for a camping get-away! Map to property
 location available.                                                                         Shown by appointment only. Please call:
                                                                                              (928) 692-9520
                                                                                                           Kingman, Arizona
                                                                                              Or call your broker. Broker participation is welcome!
                                                                                                         *Serious inquiries only. New financing required

                                                           MORTGAGES OFFERED THROUGH STERLING HOME MORTGAGE
                                                                   16815 South Desert Foothills, Suite 140, Phoenix, Arizona 85048
                                                                                       Contact us at   623.376.0157 or
                                                                                      cynthiahathaway@shmaz.com or

Page	6
                            THE FUTURE OF SHOOTING
  U      nder	 attack	 by	 the	 mainstream	 media,	
         many	 educational	 systems	 and	 liberal	
political	 wings	 everywhere,	 the	 future	 of	 the	
                                                               With	 the	 seeming	 reluctance	 of	 so	 many	 se-
                                                            nior	 citizens	 to	 get	 involved	 with	 Junior	 shoot-
                                                            ing,	the	JROTC	has	moved	to	the	forefront	with	
                                                                                                                        several	groups	for	the	top	performers,	collegiate	
                                                                                                                        shooting	might	offer	scholarships,	too.	Rifle	is	a	
                                                                                                                        state-sponsored	 letter	 sport	 in	 many	 states,	 in-
shooting	 sports	 seems	 to	 lie	 in	 the	 hands	 of	       this	coed	sport	at	which	women	are	competitive	             cluding	our	own	Arizona.	Even	the	non-shooting	
not	 the	 National	 Rifle	 Association,	 the	 Second	       if	not	superior	to	men.                                     team	manager	may	gain	a	letter	as	in	other	sports	
Amendment	 Foundation	 or	 the	 Gun	 Owners	                                                                            –	 perfect	for	 the	handicapped	 student.	 Coaches	
                                                               The	Daisy	853	was	the	forerunner	competition	
of	 America.	 None	 of	 these	 large	 organizations	                                                                    who	are	not	seeking	letters	for	their	shooting	ath-
                                                            air	rifle	with	its	one-pump	to	charge	the	cylinder,	
is	 doing	 anything	 like	 our	 high	 school	 Junior	                                                                   letes	are	doing	a	disfavor	to	their	riflemen.
                                                            remaining	 so	 today	 with	 the	 usual	 “arms	 race”	
Reserve	Officer	Training	Corps	(JROTC)	and	its	
                                                            bringing	in	CO2	and	scuba-air	pre-charged	cyl-                 Be	assured	that	every	time	3-P	Air	is	brought	
cadets	to	keep	alive	this	American	heritage.	Add	           inder	rifles	in	the	Sporter	category.	Soon,	a	Pre-          to	someone’s	attention,	we	get	the	little	kid	and	
to	 the	 JROTC,	 the	 4-H,	 Venture	 Crews	 of	 the	        cision	 category	 emerged	 for	 those	 who	 sought	         a	 Daisy	 BB-gun	 in	 the	 backyard	 talk.	 Any	 re-
Boy	Scouts	and	high	school	rifle	clubs	to	bolster	          ever	higher	and	higher	degrees	of	accuracy.                 semblance	 of	 that	 to	 3-P	 Air	 is	 about	 the	 same	
youth	shooting	sports.
                                                                                                                        as	street	softball	to	semi-pro	baseball.	It’s	a	gi-
                                                               The	 Sporter	 category	 requires	 a	 limit	 of	 two	
   It	 is	 surprising	 to	 most	 average	 citizens	 that	                                                               ant	leap	ahead	as	is	the	accuracy	of	such	as	the	
                                                            sweatshirts,	 casual	 trousers,	 a	 web	 sling,	 and	 a	
shooting	is	a	vibrant	and	growing	sport	in	high	                                                                        Daisy	887,	888	or	even	the	753	far	and	above	the	
                                                            shooter’s	 glove.	 Ancillary	 equipment	 includes	
schools	 with	 more	 than	 a	 half-million	 students	                                                                   best	hunting	rifle	in	most	gun	safes.	The	shooter	
                                                            a	 shooting	 stand,	 spotting	 scope	 and	 stand,	 a	
involved	in	a	rifle	shooting	game	called	“Three-                                                                        must	hit	a	dot	the	size	of	a	pencil	lead	--	.5mm	or	
                                                            shooting	mat,	a	kneeling	roll	and	a	shooter’s	di-
Position	Air	Rifle.”	Originally	fostered	as	an	in-                                                                      ½	millimeter	at	10	meters	or	33	feet	in	all	three	
                                                            ary	as	a	minimum.	
expensive	way	to	train	National	Guardsmen	by	                                                                           non-supported	positions.	Try	that	in	the	standing	
Lieutenant	Colonel	Leo	Lujan,	he	invented	and/                 The	 rifle	 must	 meet	 rigid	 rules.	 It’s	 a	 cheap	   position,	o	mighty	hunter,	we	dare	you.
or	 improved	 Three-Position	 Air	 Rifle,	 working	         sport	and	many	states	have	made	it	a	“lettering”	
                                                                                                                           As	 in	 any	 sport,	 physical	 training	 is	 a	 must	
in	conjunction	with	Daisy	Manufacturing	to	de-              sport	 with	 regionals	 and	 state	 championships	
                                                                                                                        as	 is	 mental	 training	 –	 the	 most	 important	 for	
sign	and	build	an	accurate	and	inexpensive	.177	            that	 are	 a	 prelude	 to	 national	 championships.	
                                                                                                                        this	cerebral	game.	Putting	yourself	into	a	men-
pellet	rifle.                                               Matches	 can	 be	 inter-service	 or	 intra-service,	
                                                                                                                        tal	bubble	to	avoid	distractions	must	be	learned	
                                                            open	or	restricted	to	4-H,	Scouts,	JROTC	units	
  The	sport	requires	a	shooting	distance	of	just	                                                                       with	 all	 physical	 manipulations	 confined	 to	 the	
                                                            or	other	clubs.
33-feet	or	10-meters,	so	the	facility	itself	needs	                                                                     subconscious.	
only	enough	distance	for	the	shooter	to	lie	prone	             The	Precision	category	requires	an	Olympic-
                                                                                                                          Yet,	this	coed	sport	requires	no	physical	attri-
and	 still	 have	 the	 prescribed	 33-feet.	 Some	          capable	rifle,	a	rifle	“costume”	of	leather	or	cor-
                                                                                                                        butes	of	speed,	strength	or	agility.	The	most	de-
schools	shoot	right	inside	a	large	classroom.               dura,	special	shoes,	plus	the	ancillary	equipment	
                                                                                                                        mure	and	petite	woman	can	often	best	the	most	
                                                            outlined	in	the	description	for	Sporter.	The	Pre-
   An	Air	Gun	Council	was	formed	around	the	                                                                            robust	jock	on	the	team.	
                                                            cision	 category	 might	 quickly	 add	 up	 to	 some	
American	 Legion,	 the	 Civilian	 Marksmanship	
                                                            $5,000	 to	 outfit	 one	 shooter	 with	 new	 gear,	 al-        The	 rifles	 run	 from	 less	 than	 $100	 for	 basic	
Program,	 USA	 Shooting	 (the	 Olympic	 Team	
                                                            though	 used	 equipment	 can	 be	 obtained	 rather	         training	models	(refurbished	Daisy	853s)	to	$300	
people),	 the	 Boy	 Scouts	 and	 several	 others	 to	
                                                            easily                                                      for	 the	 ergonomic-stocked	 and	 CO2	 powered	
produce	 a	 packaged	 program	 with	 a	 Rulebook,	
                                                                                                                        Daisy	887.	Other	companies	offer	competing	ri-
hierarchies	of	competition	and	support.	                       A	high	school	sport,	junior	high	students	also	
                                                                                                                        fles	that	are	good,	but	not	yet	in	the	mainstream.
                                                            may	be	eligible	to	get	an	early	jump	on	this	saf-
   The	Army	led	off	with	the	Navy	sort	of	lag-
                                                            est	 and	 most	 demanding	 of	 sports.	 From	 long-           Further	 information	 may	 be	 gleaned	 from	
ging	for	a	period	before	coming	on	board	at	full	
                                                            experience,	 the	 author	 can	 state	 that	 students	       your	 CMP	 State	 Junior	 Director,	 the	 American	
speed	ahead.	Then	the	Marine	Corps	got	inter-
                                                            with	low	Grade	Point	Averages	usually	perform	              Legion	Headquarters	or	the	CMP	itself.
ested	with	the	Air	Force	the	latest	to	get	involved.	
                                                            poorly	in	this	mental-sport,	but	under-achievers	
Venture	Crews	of	the	Boy	Scouts,	4-H	and	other	                                                                           Start	a	3-P	Air	club	at	your	school.
                                                            usually	increase	their	GPA	as	their	skill	level	in-
programs	including	school	clubs	have	joined	in	
the	“3-P	Air”	game	to	a	greater	or	lesser	extent.	
                                                              There	is	a	competition	hierarchy	in	this	sport	
                                                                                                                          By Jack Duncan
   With	 the	 price	 of	 target-competition-capable	
                                                            that	leads	all	the	way	from	an	entry	level	to	the	
smallbore	 rifles	 soaring,	 the	 price	 of	 ammuni-
                                                            Olympics.	Scholarship	monies	are	available	from	
tion	also	increasing	and	with	bureaucratic	pres-
sure	 from	 lead	 pollution	 on	 the	 rise,	 smallbore	
rifle	 to	 a	 certain	 extent	 seems	 to	 have	 taken	 a	
backseat	to	“3-P	Air.”	No	range	is	necessary,	a	                   PLEASE
classroom,	a	gym,	a	general	purpose	room	will	
suffice.	 Pellet	 traps	 are	 a	 requirement,	 many	            REMEMBER
have	been	fabricated	by	the	schools,	Creedmoor	
Arms	 sells	 a	 good	 one	 and	 lead	 pollution	 has	          TO SUPPORT
been	researched.	
   Pellet	gun	shooting	was	found	by	the	Interna-
tional	 Olympic	 Committee	 to	 present	 no	 prob-            ADVERTISERS.
lem	other	than	to	wash	hands	in	cold	water	after	
handling	pellets,	even	clean	up	of	spilled	pellets	               IT HELPS
is	an	easy	task.
                                                                 ALL OF US.

                                                                                                                                                                      Page	7
                             ANATOMy OF HIGH POwER
    During	 the	 clinics	 that	 I	 have	 conducted	       install	flag	poles,	move	dirt,	paint,	run	electric,	    issue	 a	 couple	 more.	 I	 think	 we	 have	 a	 good	
I	 have	 referred	 to	 High	 Power	 as	 a	 body.	 Just	   and	many	other	tasks.	Give	them	a	project	and	          balance	in	High	Power.	There	are	just	enough	
like	the	body	there	are	different	parts	that	have	        they	turn	ideas	into	finished	products.                 to	keep	everyone	adhering	to	the	rules.	
different	roles.	There	are	different	people	that	            There	 are	 guys	 providing	 the	 logistical	           The	gunsmiths	and	manufacturers	provide	
do	different	things.	The	lifeblood	of	the	sport	          support	 or	 what	 some	 call	 legwork.	 Moving	        the	 food	 for	 the	 sport.	 Without	 the	 supplies	
is	the	shooter.	Some	say	that	the	juniors	are	the	        equipment	 and	 personnel	 to	 the	 range	 going	       they	 provide	 we	 couldn’t	 play.	 They	 make	
life	 blood	 because	 without	 their	 infusion	 the	      here	and	there	to	get	things	done.	They	also	run	       new	 items	 to	 replace	 worn	 out	 components,	
sport	 would	 die	 out.	 Actually	 everyone	 is	 the	     errands,	 coordinate	 housing,	 order	 supplies,	       new	 items	 for	 new	 shooters,	 more	 new	
lifeblood.	 We	 need	 the	 experienced	 shooters	         and	 keep	 track	 of	 equipment.	 These	 are	 the	      items	 for	 old	 shooters,	 fix	 things	 when	 they	
as	well	as	new	shooters	of	every	age.	Without	            folks	 who	 conduct	 the	 BBQ’s	 to	 raise	 money	      are	 broken,	 and	 manufacture	 consumables.	
the	participation	of	everyone	there	would	be	no	          for	the	juniors.                                        They	 also	 develop	 new	items	to	improve	the	
sport.	But	in	addition	to	blood	there	are	many	                                                                   performance	of	the	shooter	and	the	equipment	
other	parts	that	are	important.	                            The	coaches	are	the	internal	organs	working	
                                                                                                                  they	use.	Of	course	there	are	the	writers	who	
                                                          behind	 the	 scenes	 developing	 new	 shooters.	
   There	 is	 the	 head.	 These	 are	 the	 folks	 that	                                                           provide	food	for	thought.
                                                          Like	the	heart	they	pump	the	blood	to	all	parts.	
make	 the	 rules,	 plan	 events,	 keep	 the	 stats,	      They	assist	in	breathing	new	air	into	the	sport	           When	 all	 is	 said	 and	 done	 it	 takes	 a	 lot	 of	
and	 develop	 schedules.	 Without	 these	 folks	          providing	training	and	guidance.	They	filter	out	       folks	doing	things	other	than	shooting	to	make	
there	would	be	no	organized	events	at	local	or	           some	of	the	bad	habits	that	hamper	performance.	        it	possible	for	everyone	to	enjoy	the	excellence	
National	levels.	No	‘leg’	matches	to	compete	in	          Sometimes	 they	 conduct	 clinics,	 other	 times	       in	competition.	Sometimes	it	requires	the	effort	
and	earn	Distinguished	Badges.	No	registered	             they	provide	one	on	one	instruction.	You	could	         of	a	larger	group	for	major	projects.	Sometimes	
or	 approved	 matches	 to	 obtain	 classification.	       say	that	their	heart	is	in	the	right	place.             it	is	just	a	couple	of	folks.	Sometimes	it	is	the	
No	State	or	Regional	Championships	that	bring	                                                                    same	folks	doing	it	all,	all	the	time.	Without	the	
in	 shooters	 from	 across	 the	 states.	 At	 local	        Of	 course	 we	 can’t	 forget	 the	 all	 important	
                                                                                                                  volunteers	who	put	in	many	hours	of	personal	
levels	 they	 are	 the	 match	 directors	 and	 board	     sphincter.	One	of	the	things	I	like	about	High	
                                                                                                                  time	there	would	be	very	few	shooting	events.	
members.	 At	 higher	 levels	 they	 are	 the	 match	      Power	is	that	there	are	very	few.	Every	sport	has	
                                                                                                                  So	regardless	what	part	you	do,	as	a	shooter,	I	
directors,	referees,	and	all	of	those	folks	at	the	       one	or	two,	some	more	than	others,	some	bigger	
                                                                                                                  say	thanks.	Larry
CMP	and	NRA.                                              than	others.	They	provide	regulation	and	keep	
                                                          everything	 proper	 or	 they	 make	 a	 big	 stink.	
  The	hands	are	the	ones	who	do	things	around	
the	 range	 to	 make	 it	 ready	 for	 competition.	
                                                          They	can	be	pretty	nasty	if	the	paperwork	isn’t	        by L.E Weidell
                                                          complete.	I	have	participated	in	other	types	of	
They	 build	 and	 repair	 targets,	 target	 carriers,	    events	and	it	seems	if	there	aren’t	enough,	they	

         2008 presidenT’s riFle silhoueTTe maTches
   Sunday,	May	4,	Hassayampa	Rod	&	Gun	Club	
hosted	the	2008	ASR&PA	President’s	matches	                                             OtHeR winneRS weRe:
at	the	Ben	Avery	Shooting	Facility.	Bright	sun,	            Smallbore –                                           Highpower –
clear	blue	skies,	some	wind,	and	temperatures	               Standard Silhouette Rifle                             Standard Silhouette Rifle
in	the	low	eighties,	provided	shooters	with	good	               1st Master – Jim Rose Jr. 34x40                      1st Master – Jim Rose Jr. 27x40
                                                                1st AAA – Bob Riazzi 28x40                           1st AAA – Jim Hebenstreit 23x40
conditions	for	these	matches,	although	the	wind	
                                                                1st AA – Jim Fletcher 24x40                          1st AA – Alan Kirsch 25x40
did	pick	up	in	the	afternoon.	61	rifles	were	en-                1st A – Ismael Esper 23x40                           1st A – Dave Arnberger 14x40
tered	in	the	smallbore	match	and	33	rifles	were	                1st B – Jim Bernard 17x40                            1st B – Brian Hunter 12x40
entered	in	the	highpower	match.	                                High Super Sr. – Bill Cole 23x40                     High Super SR. – Hugh Birnbaum 19x40
                                                                High Senior – Jim Hebenstreit 25x40                  High Senior – Bob Riazzi 18x40
   In	the	smallbore	match	in	the	morning,	Joy	
                                                                High Woman – May Warren 25x40
Cox	from	Phoenix	was	match	winner	in	stan-                      High Junior – Christian Lee 14x40                 Highpower – Hunter Rifle
dard	rifle	class	with	a	score	of	35x40.	Jim	Rose	                                                                    1st   Master – Jim Rose Jr. 25x40
Jr.	 of	 Mesa	 was	 match	 winner	 in	 hunter	 rifle	       Smallbore – Hunter Rifle                                 1st   AA – Bob Riazzi 20x40
with	a	score	of	35x40.                                          1st   Master – Joy Cox 33x40                         1st   A – Jerry Webster 19x40
  In	the	highpower	match	in	the	afternoon,	Joy	                 1st   AAA – George Hester 26x40                      1st   B – Tony Wilson 12x40
                                                                1st   AA – Dean Hall 19x40
Cox	 also	 won	 the	 standard	 rifle	 match	 with	 a	
                                                                1st   A – Steve Eacret 19x40
score	of	30x40.	The	hunter	rifle	winner	was	Jim	                1st   B – Brian Jones 11x40
Beckley	of	Chandler	with	a	score	of	26x40.

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  Response is tremendous?	Both	in	quality	and	prompt	delivery,	we	are	                   Important Note:		If	you	change	your	email	address	it	is	YOUR	responsi-
getting	rave	reviews.		Approximately	1/3	of	our	membership	is	now	receiv-             bility	to	notify	us	of	the	change.	We	have	a	few	members	that	have	changed	
ing	the	Bullet	Trap	Magazine.	                                                        their	address	and	did	not	notify	us.	Their	Bullet	Traps	are	being	returned.	
   If	you	have	not	done	so,	please	email	membership@asrpa.com	to	request	             We	have	had	members	calling	regarding	non-delivery	of	the	BT	only	to	dis-
digital	delivery	in	lieu	of	the	old	paper	version.	                                   cover	we	did	not	have	their	new	address.

Page	8
asrpa raFFle…                                              FIRST NAvAjO NATION GIRL
Continued from page 1
dynamic	 methodology	 you	 will	 achieve	 com-
                                                           TO RECEIvE DISTINGUISHED
petence	and	great	new	skills.	You	will	emerge	
a	 stronger,	 more	 alert	 person,	 conditioned	 to	
                                                                RIFLEMAN BADGE
respond	 instantly	 to	 any	 threat.	 You	 will	 be	
prepared	to	prevail	in	an	armed	encounter.                  A     shley	 Manygoats,	 a	 senior	 at	 Tuba	 City	
                                                                  HS	 and	 a	 member	 of	 the	 Marine	 Corps	
                                                          Junior	 Reserve	 Officers	 Training	
                                                                                                                       Director	 Marlene	 Duncan	 at	 the	 May	 3	
                                                                                                                     banquet.	 	 Marlene,	 who	 is	 also	 President	 of	
                                                                                                                                                    the	 Lake	 Havasu	
   “A	life	changing	experience”	is	the	way	many	          Corps	championship	rifle	team	at	                                                         City	 Sportsman	
students	describe	this	class.	You	will	no	longer	         that	Arizona	school	was	honored	                                                          (gun)	 Club,	 was	
be	“afraid	of	the	dark”,	or	anything	in	it.               at	 the	 99th	 Annual	 ASRPA	                                                             appointed	as	CMP	
   Skill	 at	 arms	 is	 highly	 perishable	 and	 re-      banquet.                                                                                  Liaison	 to	 the	
current	 training	 is	 a	 must	 for	 the	 responsible	                                                                                              ASRPA	on	May	5.
                                                            She	 had	 received	 the	 Civilian	
citizen.	 Should	 you	 ever	 be	 involved	 in	 a	 life	   Marksmanship	 Program	 Junior	                                                               The	 eighteen-
or	death	situation,	the	justice	system	will	first	        Distinguished	 Rifleman	 	 Badge	                                                         year-old	 Ashley,	
question	 your	 training.	 Many	 returning	 stu-          #207	 won	 at	 Fort	 Benning,	                                                            majoring	       in	
dents	 take	 the	 250	 class	 again	 and	 again,	 for	    Georgia	in	March.                                                                         Biology,	     will	
just	this	reason.                                                                                                                                   attend	        the	
                                                             Ashley	 was	 not	 only	 the	 first	
   Your	credentials	from	the	250	Defensive	Pis-                                                                                                     University	     of	
                                                          Navajo	 Nation	 girl	 to	 earn	 this	
tol	class	are	prerequisites	for	many	of	the	other	                                                                                                  Arizona	in	Tucson	
                                                          medal,	 but	 the	 first	 Arizona	
Gunsite	class	offerings.	The	whole	of	the	Gun-                                                                                                      on	 a	 “full-ride”	
                                                          girl.	 She	 is	 shown	 with	 ASRPA	
site	curriculum	is	yours	to	choose	from	when	                                                                                                       scholarship	    in	
                                                          President	Landis	Aden	and	CMP	
you	have	completed	your	“250”.                            AZ	State	Junior	
   Please	note	that	this	certificate	is	for	tuition	
only.		You	are	responsible	for	all	other	expens-
es,	including	travel,	lodging,	equipment,	et	al.	  	
                                                             ; • ) SHOOTING SMILES
The	Certificate	is	valid	through	4/28/2009.		You	
                                                            A	country	preacher	decided	to	skip	services	             began	to	pray	aloud	at	the	preacher’s	feet:
are	also	responsible	for	scheduling	the	class.		
                                                          one	 Sunday	 and	 head	 to	 the	 hills	 to	 do	 some	        “Dear	God,	bless	this	food	I	am	about	to	re-
  Cost: $1386                                             bear	 hunting.	 As	 he	 rounded	 the	 corner	 on	 a	       ceive...”
                                                          perilous	 twist	 in	 the	 trail,	 he	 collided	 with	 a	
  Duration: 5 days
                                                          bear,	sending	him	and	his	rifle	tumbling	down	
  Prerequisite: None                                      the	mountainside.	His	rifle	went	one	way,	and	                One	 of	 the	 best	 marksmen	 in	 the	 FBI	 was	
                                                          he	went	the	other,	landing	on	a	rock	and	break-            passing	through	a	small	town.	Everywhere	he	
  Ammunition:	 1,000	 rounds	 of	 training	
                                                          ing	both	legs.                                             saw	 evidences	 of	 the	 most	 amazing	 shooting.	
ammo,	50	rounds	of	frangible	for	simulators.
                                                            That	was	the	good	news.	The	bad	news	was	                On	trees,	on	walls,	and	on	fences	there	were	nu-
  Cost	for	Raffle	Tickets:	$10.00	each	or	3	for	                                                                     merous	bull’s-eyes	with	the	bullet	hole	in	dead	
                                                          the	ferocious	bear	was	charging	at	him,	and	he	
$25	Drawing	at	Sept.	board	meeting                                                                                   center.	 The	 FBI	 man	 asked	 one	 of	 the	 towns-
                                                          couldn’t	move.
  Send	Your	Check	to:	ASR&PA	Raffle,	PMB	                                                                            men	if	he	could	meet	the	person	responsible	for	
                                                             “Oh,	 Lord,”	 the	 preacher	 prayed,	 “I’m	 so	
417,	5901	E.	McKellips	Rd.		#109,		Mesa,	AZ	
                                           	                                                                         this	wonderful	marksmanship.	The	man	turned	
                                                          sorry	for	skipping	services	today	to	come	out	
85215                                                                                                                out	to	be	the	village	idiot.
                                                          here	and	hunt.	Please	forgive	me	and	grant	me	
   We	 will	 return	 mail	 your	 stubs	 with	 your	       just	 one	 wish:	 Please	 make	 a	 Christian	 out	 of	       “This	is	the	best	marksmanship	I	have	ever	
name(s)	 on	 them	 so	 please	 be	 careful	 to	 in-       that	bear	that’s	coming	at	me.	Please,	Lord!”              seen.”	said	theFBI	man.	“How	in	the	world	do	
clude	your	mailing	info	and	full	name	on	stubs.	   	                                                                 you	do	it?”
                                                             That	very	instant	the	bear	skidded	to	a	halt,	
Again,	 the	 drawing	 will	 be	 made	 at	 the	 Sep-                                                                    “Nothing	to	it,”	said	the	idiot.	“I	shoot	first	
                                                          fell	to	its	knees,	clasped	its	paws	together	and	
tember	Board	Meeting.                                                                                                and	draw	the	circles	afterward.”

                                                                                                         REACH OUT AND SUPPORT
                                                                                                         THE SECOND AMENDMENT
                                                                                         When	outfits	such	as	AT&T	donate	$3	million	to	antigun	“charities,”	isn’t	it	
                                                                                         about	time	we	gave	similar	support	to	pro-freedom	causes?
                                                                                         Thanks	to	Marathon	Communications	USA,	you	can	have	15%	of	your	per-
                                                                                         sonal	or	business	long-distance	phone	billing	sent	each	month	to	the	Arizona	
                                                                                         State	Rifle	&	Pistol	Association,	Inc.		save	up	to	50%	over	what	your	long	
                                                                                         distance	or	800-services	company	may	be	billing	you	now.
                                                                                                               MARATHON USA
                                                                                                       8014 Cummings Highway, Ste 403-357
                                                                                                             Canton, GA 30115-9339

                                                                                                                                                                Page	9
  April	12-13,	2008	were	the	dates	of	this	year’s	
Arizona	 Highpower	 Rifle	 Silhouette	 State	                                                                                                                    Other aggregate winners were:
Championships	 at	 the	 Ben	 Avery	 Shooting	                                                                                             STANDARD RIFLE
Facility	in	Phoenix.	76	shooters	and	117	rifles	                                                                                          	       High	Arizona	Resident	 Jim	Rose	Jr.	             52x80	       Mesa,	AZ
were	entered	for	the	two	day	event.                                                                                                       	    2nd	Place	State	Champion	 Jim	Rose	Jr.	             52x80	       Mesa,	AZ	
  Shooters	 came	 from	 California,	 Colorado,	                                                                                           	    3rd	Place	State	Champion	 Lee	O’Neil	               51x80	       Brush,	CO	
New	 Mexico,	 Texas,	 and	 around	 Arizona.	                                                                                              	 Super	Senior	State	Champion		 Manuel	Sinohui	          25x80	       Phoenix,	AZ
Winds	on	Saturday	were	gusty	in	the	morning,	                                                                                             	       Senior	State	Champion	 Lee	O’Neil	               51x80	       Brush,	CO
but	 let	 up	 somewhat	 in	 the	 afternoon.	 On	                                                                                          	      Woman	State	Champion	 Joy	Cox	                    50x80	       Phoenix,	AZ	
Sunday,	the	winds	became	much	worse,	but	the	                                                                                             	                    1st	Master	 Joy	Cox	                50x80	       Phoenix,	AZ
temperature	warmed	up	a	little.                                                                                                           	                     1st	AAA	 Gabriel	Reyes	            49x80	       El	Paso,	TX
                                                                                                                                          	                        1st	AA	 Jim	Rose	Sr.	           44x80	       Mesa,	AZ
  The	State	Champion	in	standard	rifle	is	Jerry                                                                                           	                          1st	A	 Dean	Hall	             33x80	       Scottsdale,	AZ
Rains	of	Aurora,	Co	with	a	score	of	52x80.	In	                                                                                            	                          1st	B	 Dwayne	Snow	           24x80	       El	Paso,	TX
hunter	rifle,	Lee O’Neil	of	Brush,	CO	took	top	
honors	with	a	score	of	56x80.                                                                                                             HUNTER RIFLE
                                                                                                                                          	       High	Arizona	Resident	       Jim	Rose	Jr.	       54x80	       Mesa,	AZ
  On	 Saturday	 after	 the	 match,	 competitors	
                                                                                                                                          	    2nd	Place	State	Champion	       Tony	Tello	         55x80	       Riverside,	CA
were	treated	to	a	steak	BBQ	dinner	at	the	range.	
                                                                                                                                          	    3rd	Place	State	Champion	       Jim	Beckley	        54x80	       Chandler,	AZ
George Hester,	Hassayampa	Rod	&	Gun	Club	
                                                                                                                                          	 Super	Senior	State	Champion	       Ed	Slagel	          24x80	       Avondale,	AZ
Vice-President	 and	 designated	 beggar,	 did	 an	
                                                                                                                                          	       Senior	State	Champion	       Lee	O’Neil	         56x80	       Brush,	CO
excellent	 job	 of	 getting	 more	 than	 $23,000	 in	                                                                                     	      Woman	State	Champion	         Joy	Cox	            48x80	       Phoenix,	AZ
door	 prizes	 that	 were	 given	 out	 over	 the	 two	                                                                                     	                    1st	Master	     Joy	Cox	            48x80	       Phoenix,	AZ
days	of	the	match.	The	big	contributors	to	the	                                                                                           	                     1st	AAA	       Gabriel	Reyes	      52x80	       El	Paso,	TX
door	 prize	 pool	 were	 McMillen stocks,	 who	                                                                                           	                        1st	AA	     Jeanie	Hershey	     44x80	       Solvang,	CA
donated	 two	 certificates	 for	 stocks,	 Sierra                                                                                          	                          1st	A	    Jerry	Webster	      32x80	       Phoenix,	AZ
Bullets,	 and	 Shilen and E.R. Shaw,	 who	                                                                                                	                          1st	B	    Daniel	Avila	       20x80	       El	Paso,	TX
donated	certificates	for	barrels.

                                                                                                                                            LISTING OF OFFICERS AND BOARD MEMBERS
 ASRPA Apparel  Show your colors
                                                                                                                                                         President	    Landis	Aden	              president@asrpa.com	        602-524-4437
          with Official ASRPA Apparel!                                                  T-Shirts
                                                                                                                                                    Vice-president	    Bill	Poole	            vicepresident@asrpa.com		      602-405-0717
                                                                                                                                                         Treasurer	    Laine	Dakin	Salomonson		 treasurer@asrpa.com	          623	910	9980
                                                                                        Youth $6
                                                                                        pink, blue, ash, yellow
                                                                                        6-8, 10-12, 14-16

                                                                                        (logo on left chest)
                                                                                        S, M, L, XL $15                       Be sure                    Secretary	    open	                     secretary@asrpa.com		
                                                                                                                                               Northern Area Dir.	     Ron	Talbot	          northerndivision@asrpa.com	      928-774-8810
                                                                                        (ash, blue, tan, violet, aqua)
                                                                                        XXL (ash, yellow, blue, tan) $15
                                                                                        XXXL (ash, blue, cream) $16

                                                                                                                              to visit           Central Area Dir.	    Thomas	W.	Wilds	      centraldivision@asrpa.com	      480-699-7856
                                                                                                                                               Southern Area Dir.	     May	Warren	          southerndivision@asrpa.com	      520-529-3591
     Long Sleeve
                                                                                                                              ASR&PA            Western Area Dir.	     Art	Fox	              westerndivision@asrpa.com
                                                                                                                                              Legislative Director	    Gary	Christensen	        legislative@asrpa.com	       480-225-9454
     Hooded Sweatshirt
     L, XL (hooded, zip front) $28                                                                        Pin
     L, XL (hooded, pullover) $24                        Name Badge
     L, XL (crew) $22

                                                                                                                                                   Grant Director	     Bill	Perkins	           grantdirector@asrpa.com			

                                              Patch               Match
                                              $1.50                Pin                     Name Badge $10

                                                                                                                                                    Bullseye Pistol	   Don	Plante	          bullseyeshooting@asrpa.com	      480-855-0002
                                                                 Available by              (maximum 2 lines,
                                                                Special Order              15 letters per line;
                                                                   for your                2 prong, pin or magnet fastener,

                                                                                                                                         	       High	Power	Rifle	     German	Salazar	        vicepresident@asrpa.com		
                                                                                           please specify)
                                                                                           Pewter Pin $2.50
                                                                                           Shield Pin $5
                                                                                           Decal $.50

                                                                                                                                               Smallbore Director	     Jack	Arnold	              smallbore@asrpa.com	          623.810.4841
 Hats $6
 (royal, navy, black                 Match Patch
  green, gray, brown)                 Available

                                                                                                                                            International/Air Gun	     Mario	Stajner	      internationalairgun@asrpa.com	     602-618-5305
                                       for your

                                                                                                                                                  Hunter Division	     Jim	Schmidt	           hunterdivision@asrpa.com	      520-586-2582		
                                    ORDERS ARE PREPAID, POSTAGE INCLUDED
  Mail your check made payable to Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association at PO Box 40962, Mesa, Arizona 85274-0962,
                                        or call Maggie Conlin at 480-838-6064

                                                                                                                                               Junior Coordinator	     Ed	Roberts	            juniordivision@asrpa.com	      480-694-5090
                                                                                                                                           Range Fund Committee	       Shelley	Sansom	          rangefund@asrpa.com	         928-	427-3045
                                                                                                                                                  Pistol Silhouette	   Marlys	Duchene	       pistolsilhouette@asrpa.com	         MISSING
         PLEASE CONTRIBUTE                                                                                                                         Practical Pistol	
                                                                                                                                            Junior Marksmanship	
                                                                                                                                                                       John	Hard	
                                                                                                                                                                       Richard	Bassett		
         TO THE BULLET TRAP                                                                                                                          Black Powder	     Stephen	Rhoades	       	blackpowder@asrpa.com			       623-581-3624
                                                                                                                                         	         Rifle	Silhouette	   Joy	Cox		              riflesilhouette@asrpa.com			   602-276-4972
             MAGAzINE.                                                                                                                                  Cast Bullet	   Daniel	Walliser			        castbullet@asrpa.com		      480-538-9664
         We	 need	 your	 articles	 and	 comments	                                                                                                 Public Relations	    Bob	Wheat			          publicrelations@asrpa.com			    480-833-4080
      for	 our	 membership	 base.	 	 Yes,	 they	 are	                                                                                            Concealed Carry 	     Terry	Allison		              ccw@asrpa.com			         480-947-6682
                                                                                                                                               Education Training	     Ed	Schein		          educationtraining@asrpa.com			    602-957-2365
      interested	in	what	kind	of	shooting	activi-                                                                                           Membership Secretary	      Brian	Biggs		           membership@asrpa.com			        520-777-8393
      ties	you	are	engaging	in.		Contact	editor@                                                                                                     CMP Liaison	      Jack/Marlene	Duncan	     cmpliaison@asrpa.com			          MISSING
      asrpa.com	 and	 attach	 or	 copy	 and	 paste	                                                                                             Bullet Trap Editor	    Noble	C.	Hathaway	          editor@asrpa.com			       623-687-4251
      your	information.                                                                                                                           NRA Field Rep.	      Donna	Cassity	             dcassity@nrahq.org		       520-316-0620

Page	10
      Confidential Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association
                                                                                                                         WANT TO
                    Membership Application
  The	ASR&PA	is	the	State	affiliate	of	NRA.	We	are	also	affiliated	with	the	Civilian	Marksmanship	                      ADVERTISE
Program	(CMP)	and	USA	Shooting.	We	work	closely	with	these	national	groups	to	serve	your	Rights	                          IN THE
and	 Interests.	 We	 work	 at	 all	 levels	 of	 government	 to	 protect	 your	 Right	 to	 Keep	 and	 Bear	 Arms,	
Self	Defense	and	CCW.	We	also	perform	Education	and	Training,	promote	and	engage	in	the	shooting	
                                                                                                                       BULLET TRAP?
sports,	support	competitive	shooting	events,	support	hunters	and	hunting,	work	to	establish,	improve	
                                                                                                                      Advertise	directly	to	those	who	
and	protect	shooting	ranges.	Special	emphasis	on	Women’s	and	Junior	safety,	marksmanship	and	com-
                                                                                                                      need	your	products	and	services	
petition	programs.	All	this	and	more!	Join	us	and	help	expand	these	activities	and	programs.	-	www.
                                                                                                                      and	help	support	Arizona	State	
                                                                                                                           Rifle	and	Pistol’s	goals
  ___ 1 Year Adult Membership $20.00            ___ 1 Year Club Membership $20.00                                              and	objectives.	
  ___ 2 Year Adult Membership $35.00            ___ 1 Year Corporate Membership $50.00                                Your	ad	will	appear	in	both	the	
                                                                                                                      printed	edition,	which	is	mailed	
  ___ 3 Year Adult Membership $50.00            ___ Life Membership $500.00 (Installment plan available )           bi-monthly	to	1,600	members	and	
  ___ 5 Year Adult Membership $85.00                                                                                  contacts,	and	the	electronic	ver-
  ___ 1 Year Junior Membership $5.00 (Through calendar year of 20th birthday                                        sion	which	is	posted	to	the	ASRPA	
        Please include DOB with names)                                                                                      website,	asrpa.com,	
                                                                                                                       and	distributed	internationally.	
  ___ 1 Year Family Membership $40.00 ( Parents & minor children, please list names below )
                                                                                                                      In	addition,	all	paid	advertisers	
$__________ Total ( Dues / Donations not tax deductible )                                                              who	prepay	twelve	months	of	
                                                                                                                        advertising	(six	issues)	will	
Name (s) __________________________________________________________________________                                     also	receive	a	banner	on	the	
Mail Address _____________________________________________ State _____ ZIP ____________                                ASRPA	website	with	a	link	to	
                                                                                                                                your	website.
E-mail Address ___________________________________________________ (Bullet Trap delivery )

Telephone / Fax ____________________________________________                                                        RATES -
                                                                                                                    From	your	useable	electronic	file:	
ASR&PA # (Renewal) ______________________________ NRA # ____________________________
                                                                                                                    Effective	1/01/06
ASR&PA Pledge: I state that I am not a member of any organization that restricts or subverts the                    Business	Card	(3-½”w	x	2”h)	 	
Constitution of the United States; that I have never been convicted of a crime of violence; and that I will         	                   $40.00/issue
fulfill the obligations of good citizenship and sportsmanship.
                                                                                                                    ¼	page	(3-½”w	x	4-¼”h)	
Signature ___________________________________ Date ___________________                                              	                  $75.00/issue
The Associations newsletter, THE BULLET TRAP, informs members of about developments that affect
                                                                                                                    ½	page	(4”w	x	10”h	or
your interests, including legislative, club and match news. It is provided to all individual members;
club, corporate, and family memberships receive one copy. The primary method of delivery is now via                 					8”w	x	5”h)	                	
E-mail. If you cannot access internet services, or there is some other problem, please advise and we                	                 $125.00/issue
will send print version. We want everyone to get the newsletter.
                                                                                                                    Full	page	(image	8”w	x	10”h)	 	
Membership Questions to: membership@asrpa.com Membership rates valid through 6/1/2008                               	                  $200.00/issue
Please make check or money order payable to: Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association or ASR&PA
Mail to: ASR&PA Membership                                                                                                  All	advertising
                                                                                                                            must	be	prepaid.	
PO Box 1897 Green Valley, AZ 85622-1897
ASR&PA only ASR&PA #_______________ EXP. DATE ______________                                                         To	place	an	ad	or	for	further	
DATE REC’D ________________ AMT. _____________ DEP # ____________                                                   information	contact	the	editor,
                                                                                                                        Noble	C.	Hathaway,	at:
www.asrpa.com PO BOX 40962 MESA, AZ 85274-0962 TEL/FAX 480-838-6064
Serving the rights and interests of Arizona’s responsible firearms owners                                                 or	623-687-4251.

                                 SALLY JENKINS
                                 (520) 954-1807 DIRECT
                                 (520) 745-4545 OFFICE
                                 (800) 950-2766 TOLL FREE
                                 (520) 747-5462 FAX

                                 5460 E Broadway
                                 Suite 350
                                 Tucson, AZ 85711
       Owned And Operated By
         NRT Incorporated       (Past Arizona Junior .22 Rifle Champ)

                                                                                                                                                Page	11
  M       arlene	Duncan,	president	of	the	         State Rifle & Pistol Assoc.
          Lake	 Havasu	 City	 Sportsman	
Club,	the	gun	club	at	SARA	Park,	was	             PO Box 40962
this	 week	 appointed	 as	 the	 Civilian	         Mesa, AZ 85274-0962
Marksmanship	Program	(CMP)	liaison	
to	 the	 Arizona	 State	 Rifle	 and	 Pistol	
Association	(ASRPA).		Her	appointment	            RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED
came	 from	 ASRPA	 President	 Aden	
Landis	 as	 the	 organization	 moves	 into	
its	100th	year.
  Since	 1903,	 the	 CMP	 has	 been	
charged	 by	 Congress	 to	 foster	 marks-
manship	 among	 the	 civilian	 populace,	
                                  its	 fund-
                                  ing	from	
                                  the	 sale	
                                  of	 sur-
                                  plus	U.S.	
                                  a r m s .		
has	been	the	CMP	AZ	State	Junior	Di-
rector	for	the	past	ten	years,	consulting	
with	 mostly	 high	 school	 JROTC	 and	
school	 club	 rifle	 teams	 throughout	 the	
  She	is	the	only	female	CMP	Master	
JROTC	 Marksmanship	 Instructor	 in	                some enTerTainmenT For a rainy day.
the	nation.		                                               any	of	you	have	heard	of	YOU	TUBE.		It	is	a	                You	will	see	many	small	windows	and	titles	
  Her	 new	 duties	 involve	 an	 ASRPA	                     very	popular	site	for	people	to	add	their	own	                                                            	
                                                                                                                     of	videos	pop	up	on	the	right	side	of	the	screen.	
Board	 of	 Directors	 meeting	 in	 the	           videos	 for	 the	 entire	 world	 to	 see.	 	 You	 Tube	 does	      Just	double	click	on	one	you	wish	to	view	and	
Phoenix	area	each	quarter.                        have	its	down	side	as	a	lot	of	folks	have	fun	putting	             the	video	will	start	to	play.
                                                  vulgar	or	obscene	material	on	the	site	however	most	
   Marlene	is	shown	here	holding	a	U.S.	                                                                               Topics	 are	 unlimited	 and	 you	 will	 be	 sur-
                                                  of	this	is	segregated	by	a	separate	log	in.
M1	Carbine,	Cal.	.30,	such	as	the	CMP	                                                                               prised	at	the	variety	to	pick	from.
is	 currently	 selling	 to	 citizens	 who	          The	very	positive	side	is	being	able	to	see	just	about	            Try	 simple	 searches	 such	 as	 NRA,	 pistol	
qualify	 and	 pass	 a	 background	 check.	
                                         	        any	kind	of	shooting	activities	you	can	imagine.                   shooting,	 target	 shooting,	 cannons,	 big	 guns,	
Other	surplus	military	firearms	such	as	             For	example:		I	love	Thompson	machineguns	and	                  small	guns,	etc.
the	World	War	II	M-1	Garand	are	avail-            all	I	have	to	do	is	log	into	the	You	Tube	website,	www.
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