Apocalypse Near by jizhen1947

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               APOCALYPSE NEAR
An interactive, “Hyper-Reality” feature film
 Part 1 of The “Viridian REVELution” trilogy

                                       by Eric Haase
                   Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Thespian
                          ®Writer‟s Guild Of America
                                 307 W. Genessee ST.
                                     Tampa, FL 33603
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                        Headquarters: (813) 234-4074
                        Mobile:       (813) 215-9488

Based in an ongoing story of near death survival(mine)
affected by “Apocalypse Now” by F. F. Coppola

Interactive screenplay: underlined blue text linked to film‟s website.



A bright sphere within a black void simultaneously emanates
& absorbs light. SOUND UNDER: Tibetan tantric breath
chants, rushing water, Native American song-prayers,
howling wind & the crackle of electricity through the
C.P.U. of a computer. A sound wave vector intersecting the
sphere vibrates with the speech of an echoing, alternately
deep & high-pitched voice. This sphere represents an
omniscient character: "OM".

                 (Voice Over)
            Fear: the fatal frontier; and
            love: home of peace, last resort
            of fools. How they twist the heart
            of humankind; laying battleground
            for the flesh cradled soul. The
            soul of a human; such a one as

                                                         DISSOLVE TO:


A young man, whom we will come to know by the name "“E”",
asleep amidst the contents of his opened backpack and a
beaten electric guitar he is wrapped around like a lover.
The word “Caliber” is scratched into the guitar‟s
headstock. This is not a typical looking homeless man. He
is well groomed & handsome. A thin cigar is clutched in his
teeth. He tosses in R.E.M. sleep as the voice continues.

               (V.O. con‟t)
          A human soul moored by rivers of
          nerves to this body, on this
          earth: third stone from a type “G”
          star & lunatic asylum of the
          “Multiverse”. This man made, not
          begotten; a conglomerate entity; a
          new model in a long line of our
          products: Alpha, Beta, Gamma,

GRAPHICS appear in synch with the dialogue “Alpha”: Angelic
beings, “Beta”: Mythological creatures, “Gamma”:
Neanderthal man, Delta: Modern humans, “Epsilon”: Modern
man upon which a 3-D animation of an active brain fused
with electronic circuitry is superimposed.

                    OM (CONT'D)
           And now Epsilon. This particular
          product will be designated by your
          letter "“E”." SOUND UNDER: the
          note “E” rings & sustains.

                                                    ZOOM IN:

“E”'s eyelids flutter in agitated R.E.M. sleep.

                    OM (cont'd)
          The present is a nightmare from
          which “E” is trying to awake; for
          in the present earth is about to
          be destroyed; destroyed by its own
          inhabitants: the humans. However
          the destruction of earth does not
          have to happen; it‟s a choice; a
          choice yet to be made. By.. The

MUSIC UNDER- “Black Rabbit”: (Jefferson Airplane‟s “White
Rabbit” lyrics re-written [see link or appendix]). Cars
speed by on the road beyond “E”'s head. He slowly wakes,
disentangles from the guitar, gathers his body from the
ground & unfurls into the lotus position. He observes his
surroundings & turns towards the passing cars. The scene
shifts into slow motion. The cars are replaced by an array
of colorful pills which float between the concrete support
posts. “E” watches, then shakes his head. The title
"Apocalypse Near" FADES IN. The pills dissolve back into
passing cars. An attractive, thirty-something redhead woman
in hospital attire, Dr. ALICE DAKIN shouts from her passing
luxury S.U.V.

                    DR DAKIN
          Hey looser! Get a life!

               (Continues in Japanese)
          Mada chikyuu datta noka. Doko o
          mitemo, mina mou sukoshi chikaku
          (Subtitles for Japanese)
           Cast back on earth; the end
          drawing near.

Move into “E”‟s eyes. A montage inter-cuts the dialogue.
News footage of social unrest, disease, natural disaster &
warfare juxtapose bright, colorful samples typical of the
advertising industry.

                    “E” (CONT'D)
          Famine, earthquakes, W.M.D.‟s,
          plagues, the Doomsday clock at T
          minus 5 minutes, perfect killer
          storms, wars & rumors of wars,
          total environmental collapse,
          crusaders, soul-savers, talking
          sponges, gourmet pet food, endless
          strip malls. From sea to shining
          sea, America: the world‟s most
          heavily armed toxic strip mall.

                    “E” (CONT'D)
          But was it the end of the world,
          or the end of my sanity that drew
          near? How did we? How did I come
          to ThisssssssssS?

“E” Looks at the class ring from Trinity college/Cambridge
on his finger. He rises. The blanket around him is revealed
to be a military poncho. He flips it open to reveal
Japanese cyberpunk clothing beneath. He performs martial
arts poses as he explores beneath the overpass.

C.G.COMPOSITE: An ornate doorway opens in the concrete. A
marquee above reads "Tragick Theater: For Dead Men Only".
An electrical membrane resembling the fret board & strings
of a guitar expands between the door‟s frame. SOUND UNDER:
a guitar riff reminiscent of spaghetti western music. The
“strings” in the doorway vibrate to this melody which will
sound each time “E” enters this other dimension. “E”
glances back at his guitar & puts his hand into the
doorway. The screen goes black. The OM dissolves back into
the scene. The voice now has a British accent.

          Now the cat‟s out of
          Schroedinger‟s bag.

                                                     CUT TO:


IZZY, a sinewy creature with angelic & demonic
characteristics observes “E” from behind a Victorian
bankers desk & an array of antique levers, switches,
buttons, scopes & computer screens on a platform orbiting
earth. The unenclosed platform resembles a floor ripped
from a Victorian mansion. Perched on a stool, he taps an
antique adding machine. MUSIC UNDER: Bartok “Andante
Tranquillo”. He plucks a black feather from his wings
(which resemble a pre-industrial flying contraption fitted
with satellite solar panels) and hunches over a ledger. He
stabs himself in the wrist with the feather tip. Black
blood oozes. He dips in the liquid & writes in the ledger.
Text in the ledger & on his controls is comprised of
Sanskrit, Hebrew, Greek, Chinese, Hieroglyphics & Native
American characters. He manipulates more controls &
observes the results of his actions onscreen. There is
sadness in his eyes as he works.



“E” engaged in homeless activities (collects cans, checks
garbage bins, panhandles). Juxtapose these with shots of
well dressed “E” at the center of media attention: News
mics & cameras surround him. Brief shots of “E” on stage
playing guitar in a rock band also appear.

                                                      CUT TO:


"Black Rabbit" music climaxes and “E”'s eyes roll back. He
falls into a grand mal seizure. His ring drops & bounces
away. An attractive young woman (nurse AMIRAH GALE) sees
him fall from her passing car & dials 9-11. Paramedics
arrive to take him away.

                                                  DISSOLVE TO:


 “E”'s body connected to life support. Three doctors
confer. The eldest is tall, slender DR. RALPH WOODSMAN. He
repeatedly refers to his PDA & speaks into a headset. The
youngest: DR. STEVE CROW, is disheveled, but moves
confidently about the patient. The 3rd Doctor is portly,
middle aged Dr. LIONEL CORAGGIO. He circles the patient as
he speaks.

                    DR. WOODSMAN
          We don't have much time on this
          one. John Doe here was brought
          into the ER unconscious. He
          presented with signs of brain
          hemorrhage. He's been through the
          scanner & the pics show profuse
          intracranial bleeding. There's no
          one to give permission to operate,
          & even if we did, my opinion is he
          won't survive & he'd probably be
          better off if he didn't.

The sexy Dr. Alice Dakin slithers into the room

                    DR. STEVE CROW
          Yeah, he‟d probably end up plugged
          in somewhere for the rest of a
          life that I don't think he'd enjoy

                    DR. DAKIN
          Yeah, plugged in somewhere costing
          the state millions.

The other doctors shoot disgusted looks to each other.

                    DR. WOODSMAN
               (Under breath)
          I think the snakes slid off her
          Caduceus & into her heart.

Insert graphic: medical Caduceus insignia

                    DR. STEVE CROW
          She's probably right in that we
          couldn't save him, but I've read
          some new procedures & I wouldn't
          mind taking a stab at it. I think
          it's worth further deliberation.

                    DR. CORAGGIO
          The time for talk has passed; the
          time for courage is nigh! My call.
          We're off to the cutting room

                                                     CUT TO:


Move into “E”‟s eyes. 3-D animation travels inside brain.
Neural pathways to fear areas fire as blood spreads. “E”'s
eyes recede down nerve fibers & into black holes.
Characteristics likening the doctors to the Tin Man,
Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, & Wicked Witch appear. “E”'s"
face fades in as images of natural & man-made disaster
swirl around him creating a vortex resembling a hurricane
of black clouds. This vortex is almost a complete negative
image of “The OM”. We will come to know this image as “The
No”. “E”‟s face is consumed within the vortex. The face of
“KURSE” is then revealed in pieces like Cheshire cat. His
face is grim, sallow, his sunken eyes switch between images
of black holes & snake eyes. Kurse is a sub-character of
“E” (the same actor plays both parts, but makeup, wardrobe
& vocal inflection make them only remotely recognizable as
the same person {Kurse speaks with a snide British

                                                     CUT TO:


The doctors work on “E”.

                    DR. STEVE CROW
          I've got the scalp flap back;
          ready to saw some skull.
               (Picks up instrument & revs it)
          Let's make a little expressway
          tunnel here. How are his signs?

                    DR. CORAGGIO
          This is strange. There's so much
          blood on his brain that he should
          be brain dead, but I'm getting a
          tremendous amount of neo-cortex
          activity on the EEG. Wonder what's
          going on in there.

                                                     CUT TO:

C.G. Animation: The wave on the EEG screen dissolves into
the voice sound wave of the OM animation. The voice now
alternates between the voices heard earlier to the
squawking voice of the teacher in Charlie Brown cartoons.
When this voice is heard, subtitles appear.

               (The note “E” rings)
          This be your name & sound by which
          I call you out. Your task?
          REVELution! War on War! You are
          relay station, repeater,
          transmitter of thisssssssS.

                                                     CUT TO:


A scroll tumbles through space and morphs into a
cylindrical satellite. It emits electronic pulses that
vibrate “E”'s brain. There is a moment of peace as the face
of a young woman (SELAH) wearing Kabuki makeup dissolves
onto the surface of “E”'s brain. The makeup disappears to
reveal her angelic face. The peace is broken by STOCK news
FOOTAGE of natural disaster & human strife on earth.

          Behold the end of your world;
          hundreds of microns down a neural
          river through dark gray matter
          coursing with fear; the intra-
          neural net to the reptile brain
          interface with code stream Kurse.

Kurse‟s face enlarges to fill frame, eclipsing the image of
“E”'s brain. Kurse‟s mouth opens to consume the brain and
we move inside. Pulling back from the darkness within, the
mouth closes from the frame‟s edges & we are face to face
with a snake. The snake‟s head is an image of the human
brain stem (the reptile brain) atop the spinal cord;
composite with a copperhead. The snake‟s tongue flickers
out of its mouth.

SOUND UNDER: The beeping of a hospital monitor.

                                                     CUT TO:


                    DR. STEVE CROW
          What's going on over there Lionel?

                    DR. CORAGGIO
          I don't know. Now all brain
          activity is flat. He's effectively
          brain dead, except for the reptile

Close on “E”‟s eyelid. Doctor Coraggio‟s finger enters to
pull the eyelid open and shine a pen light into his fixed,
dilated pupil. Zoom in until the pupil fills frame. A STOCK
PHOTO of earth from space dots the center. We approach.

C.G. ANIMATION The black hurricane vortex swirls around
earth, gaining momentum until earth suddenly, violently
looses all color and shrivels up like a raisin. A SOUND
like newspaper crumpling is heard as the planet suddenly
collapses into a corpse like shadow of its former self. We
pull back out of the eye and observe the doctors as they
continue operating.

                    DR. CORAGGIO
          No response to stimulus. Strange.
          He was fine a second ago.

                    DR. WOODSMAN
          Don't worry Steve; we didn't have
          much hope for him. Finish up in
          there & we'll let nature take its
          course. Lionel, you got anything
          to add?

                    DR. CORAGGIO
          Nah. Still flat. We‟re closing in
          on a time to call brain death. 42

We move in on “E”‟s profile on the table. He is still &
seems lifeless. The profile of Selah dissolves into the
frame above his. Her mouth gently falls onto his to perform
something resembling both a kiss & mouth-to-mouth

               (Whispering, ethereal V.O.)
          Breath of life. Spark of spirit.
          Soul kiss.

Return to conversation between doctors in the room. The
face of Selah dissolves out.

                    DR. WOODSMAN
          You know, that‟s the way these
          cases sometimes go. Hey, you guys
          notice anything else strange about
          the patient?

                    DR. CORAGGIO
          You mean the complete lack of body

                    DR. WOODSMAN
          Pretty bizarre. Let‟s get a full
          work up on this guy to see if
          there‟s anything else peculiar.

                    DR. CROWE
          It‟s called laser hair removal. He
          must have spent a fortune.

                    DR. WOODSMAN
          Yeah, they zapped him everywhere.
          Let‟s finish up.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:


“E” lies in a bed hooked to life support. The profile of
Kurse fades in beside him, whispering in his ear.

          Speak, you cannot speak. Move, you
          cannot move. See! You cannot see.
          See you cannot be without me. Now
          hear this.

Dr. Dakin & Amirah are in the room discussing the case.

Amirah‟s eyes well as Dr. Dakin speaks.

                    DR. DAKIN
          While there's always that factor
          of uncertainty with brain cases,
          this guy is a lock to be a lock-

          Aaaah no, you mean?

                    DR. DAKIN
          Yeah, he'll most likely live on in
          there; Maybe even be conscious,
          but he'll be deaf, dumb, blind,
          paralyzed & therefore incapable of
          even letting anybody know if he's
          conscious. Just what it sounds
          like. Locked in. Sort of buried
          alive in your body.

          Shhhh. Spare him. What if he

                     DR. DAKIN
          Sweetie, I know they don‟t teach
          much in that nurse-factory trade
          school you attended, so listen.
          This guy's brain has been soaked
          in blood, there are huge holes &
          scarring in there & his brain
          swelled so much he could be a
          chief surgeon. Trust me; this
          guy's long gone & if anything
          comes back, it won't be much. He's

          Sorry doctor. I‟m a little caught
          up in this patient. I was the one
          who happened across him this
          morning under that overpass near
          the north entrance. I made the 9-
          1-1 call that got him here. I

         thought there might be a chance
         for post-op recovery.

                   DR. DAKIN
         Try not to think too much about
         doctor stuff honey. While yes,
         this case isn‟t as CUT & DRY as
         that “procedure” I performed on
         you when you were a teenager, it
         would probably be called some kind
         of miracle if this guy woke up,
         and I don‟t believe in miracles.

Amirah shoots a mix of looks (sadness, anger), toward Dr.
Dakin as she prepares to leave.

                   DR. DAKIN
         Don‟t worry angel, your secret is
         safe with me.

INTER-CUT A.V. sample from “Johnny Got His Gun”. Dr. Dakin
exits as head nurse, "KATIE ESTES" enters.

                   HEAD NURSE
         Oh, Amirah. Sugar, if you cry for
         every patient, your wells will run

         Sorry Katie. I mean I sometimes
         get emotional around here, but
         this is the first time I‟ve
         actually cried tears. You see, I'm
         the one who called 9-11 & got him

                   HEAD NURSE
         Well then you saved his life.


          Big mistake. Look at his scans.
          He‟s screwed. He would‟ve been
          better off dead.

                    HEAD NURSE
          You don't know that. No one knows
          what's beyond that veil; so don't
          beat yourself up with unknowns.
          Our job is to give life the
          benefit of all doubt & preserve it
          whenever we can and you did that.
          But you may be right. It may
          be better if he doesn‟t wake up.
          His tests show there's something
          wrong with his blood; something
          very wrong. It looks like a
          cancerous aberration of some sort
          but they‟re not sure yet. My
          point is that his fate is not up
          to us. Finish his chart & meet me
          on the ward.

Katie exits & Amirah cares for “E”.

                                                     CUT TO:


A priest & woman with a newborn wander around the ward.

                                                     CUT TO:


The priest enters “E”'s room. An image of Kurse's perturbed
face briefly flickers into the scene.

          Is this one of my flock?

          Couldn‟t tell you. He‟s a John Doe

          Close enough.

Witness the priest praying over “E”; Kurse‟s enraged face
flickers again. Amirah's eyes tear; the woman & infant
enter as the priest continues. Observe the group from
above. The triangulation formed between Amirah leaning over
“E”'s head and the baby & priest at the foot of the bed is
revealed in a computer graphic of firing axons that briefly
flash onscreen. We move in toward "“E”'s" eyes. Kurse‟s
face dissolves in beside his ear.

          Blind, deaf, dumb, cripple. You‟ll
          rot there maggot-brain. Their
          machines will keep you breathing,
          eating, drinking, shitting, all
          the while making money for us. And
          they‟ll find out who you are, you
          whore. They‟ll find your piles of
          money to feed our machines. To
          feed me.

MONTAGE intersperses Kurse‟s continued whispers. Images of
“E” well dressed in front of cameras, Japanese news
microphones & onstage singing & playing his guitar in a
Japanese cyberpunk rock band.

                    KURSE (CONT'D)
          There you‟ll lay whore. The more
          of your money they find, the
          longer you stay in our machine.
          Here I rule. The code in the

The priest prays, the infant smiles, the animated
triangulation appears again. One of Amirah‟s tears falls on
“E”‟s forehead.

                                                     CUT TO:

Subjective P.O.V. from “E”'s bed. He looks around the room.
A faint whisper of the words "I'm here" begins to rise as
more subjective P.O.V. shots chronicle his trip from the
overpass, through surgery & up to present. VOICE UNDER: Dr.
Dakin‟s dialogue about "lock-in" fades up.

               (Voice over)
          I‟m here, I‟m here, I‟m here!

“E” repeats "I'm here" to him self, steadily increasing the
intensity to a scream, but he remains still &
expressionless. No one hears; he does not move or gesture.
An A.V. sample from Dr. Suess‟s “Horton Hears a Who” is

                                                        CUT TO:


“E” appears in a spotlight on a concert hall stage with his
guitar. He slings it up from his side like a gunslinger &
plays the riff heard earlier. The final note coincides with
his voice reaching a crescendo screaming “I‟m here!” and
the scene pixel dissolves away

                                                DISSOLVE TO:


 “E”‟s eyes flash open, His jaw drops open around the
breathing tube & he can finally scream:

          I‟m HeeeeeEEEERE!

 “E” bursts up in bed, pulls out the breathing tube,
I.V.'s, etc. Ward alarms go off & Dr. Crowe rushes in.

                    DR. STEVE CROW
          Sir, calm down! You‟ve had a brain
          hemorrhage. We had to operate. We
          are strapping you down so you
          can‟t hurt yourself anymore.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:


A couple days pass (shown by passage of sunlight over the
earth from orbit). “E” lies in R.E.M. sleep. Amirah enters,
places a flowering plant & goes about her duties. Move to
C.U. on “E”‟s lips in homage of the “Rose Bud” scene from
“Citizen Kane”.

          Blue mud.

Amirah notices “E” has awoken & is watching her.

          Is that a regulation hospital
          mini-skirt? I mean I think I may
          have caught myself pitching a tent
          over here.

          SoooOOO.. Back from the dead, are
          ya'? By odds, you weren‟t
          supposed to make it. Your M.R.I.‟s
          say you should be plugged in
          somewhere for the rest of your
          life. Guess you fooled „em. So
          you‟ve gotten a new lease on life.
          A few weeks of rehab & some psyche
          testing, & you could potentially
          be back on your own. Whatcha‟
          gonna‟ do with your new life?

          If I told you, you wouldn‟t
          believe me.


I don‟t know‟, I think I‟ve heard
everything around here.

I bet not this. I‟m supposed to
start a “REVELution”.

Yeah, that I‟ve not heard. Whatya‟
mean supposed to?

I‟m under orders. They uploaded
the program. I just run it. I‟ve
got to. I saw it all die. The
earth died of consumption.
Everything alive became dead in an
instant. But, the good news is
that we can stop it; there‟s a way
to save the planet from the
humans. It‟s in the program: The
quantum mechanical “REVELution”. I
have the equations. “E” equals “C”
squared. We‟ve got to stop earth‟s
operating system from crashing.
I‟ve been shown how.

Lets take a look at your chart and
check your meds. You want to see
the staff shrink, or a priest or
something? Hey, you came in
without I.D. What's your name


          Better bring „em all; I think I'll
          need a team effort because I can't
          remember who I am.

          Sure. Oh wait! I was supposed to
          alert your doctors the second you
          woke up, but you caught me by
          surprise with your little comment.
          I‟ll be right back.

Amirah exits. “E” watches her then drifts back to sleep.
Amirah peeks back in the door to take another look at him.
She appears smitten.

                                                     CUT TO:


Amirah & Katie talk over tea.

          I don‟t know‟, he just kind of
          looks like the guy of my dreams,
          that‟s all. Of course the guy in
          my dreams is sort of the quiet,
          introverted, artist type, whereas
          our patient keeps nattering on
          about starting a revolution to
          save the planet from the humans.

          Amirah, number one, the guy has a
          severe traumatic brain injury, so
          fantasizing about starting a
          revolution could be the least of
          his long-term problems. And
          besides that, are you forgetting
          what happened the last time you
          got involved with a patient?

         Listen, I know, you‟re right, but
         please don‟t bring that up. I was
         just forgetting him. Strangely,
         Being around mystery-brain-guy is
         helping with all that.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:


“E”'s P.O.V., eyes opening to see Dr.‟s Woodsman,   Corragio,
Crowe & Amirah around his bed. (Composed like the   shot of
Dorothy's return to Kansas in “Wizard of Oz") “E”   is now
reclined & only on minimal monitoring and an I.V.   He
appears calm & rested. A bandage covers his head.

                   DR. CROWE
         Sir, there's a lot we need to tell
         you about what happened to you,
         but first we need to know more, or
         actually, we need to know anything
         about you. Nurse Gale tells us
         that you don't remember who you
         are. Is that true?

         Sort of. It's more like I don't
         know if I ever was, but I know I
         must have been someone, because
         everything seems as if it's
         happened before, except in a
         different way. Do you know what
         deja vu' is? Well it's like that,
         except the deja'vu feeling never
         stops. Oh Yeah, and I'm scared as

                    DR. WOODSMAN

          Just tell us what you do remember.
          Think. You must remember your
          name, don't you?

          I remember

His reply is in the pitch of the musical note “E” and he
holds the note for what seems like an impossibly long time.
The doctors look at each other in puzzlement & make notes.

                    DR. WOODSMAN
          How about your age? How old are
          you “E”?

          In earth years? I don't know. I
          feel a bit unstuck from time. What
          year is it? Maybe I can backwards
          engineer from that. You can do a
          cellular age work-up on me can't
          you? That should help answer that

                    DR. WOODSMAN
          We can do that, but we'd prefer if
          you could tell us. You seem quite
          intelligent “E”. I mean, few lay
          people know about cellular age &
          backwards engineering.

          Yeah, I mean I feel like I have
          terabytes of info packed in there,
          but none of it is about me, except
          for the stuff I already told you;
          like about my name. You want me to
          tell you that again?

          DR. DAKIN
No. No please don't make that
sound again. At least not when I'm
in the room, thank you.

          DR. CORAGGIO
And your fear? What did you mean
when you said you‟re scared as

I'm literal. I've seen it. Hell is
coming right here, right now. And
hell knows it‟s coming and hell
knows that I know it's coming, so
hell wants me. So would somebody
please get the hell outa' here &
get me a lap top stat! Because the
good news is that Hell can be
stopped. And can I trade this I.V.
connection for an Internet
connection? That's all I'll need.

          DR. CROWE
Does this have anything to do with
the revolution you told nurse Gale
you were called to start?

Well yes & no. It's complicated.
If you bring me a laptop I can be
more efficient about communicating
this once & for all. And that's
“REVELution”; spelled R-E-V-E-L-u-
t-i-o-n. There's no shooting &
everybody wins. I can show you the
math. “E” equals C squared. The

question is R-U-A-W-M-D? Are you a
weapon of mass destruction?

          DR. WOODSMAN
Listen, you've had THEE most
serious operation that can be had.
We took apart your skull & cut
into your brain. You need rest.

Doc, could you rest if you were
me? I won't be able to rest until
I get all this STUFF out of my

          DR. CROWE
OK. I'll find you a computer, but
then you really have to get some

Thanks doc, you're one of the best
parts of this movie.

          DR. CROWE

This is all like a movie. Like a
movie I've seen before. I wannna‟
see if I can write a good second
act into it. And I know I've known
you somewhere before and once I
find the universal remote control
for this show I'm hitting' rewind
until I find your scenes.

          DR. CROWE
O.K. Mr. “E”, catch a nap while I
find you a laptop, all right?

The doctors exit. “E” searches the night table to find
paper & pen. He begins writing fervently. We read the first
words "REVELution! Destroy DeathCULTure! Surf or Die!"

                                                     CUT TO:


The doctors confer in the hall.

                    DR CORRAGIO
          What‟ya‟ think?

                    DR WOODSMAN
          He might not be telling us
          anything because he doesn't want
          the tab he's rung up. That's a
          quarter of a million dollar
          haircut we gave him.

                    DR CORRAGIO
          Could be a case of dissociative
          fugue. It‟s a rare, severe
          amnesia. But all this other wisdom
          he‟s displaying doesn‟t fit with
          that diagnosis. Psychologically,
          any number of things could be
          happening because of the amount of
          cutting we had to do. And remember
          when you said we should do a full
          work up to see if anything else
          was strange? Administration wanted
          to run his prints to see if that
          would yield an I.D. Guess what?
          He‟s got no fingerprints. It‟s a
          known condition, but also
          extremely rare. Then there‟s the
          issue with his blood. We‟re still
          waiting on results of the other

                                                     CUT TO:


 “E” continues writing until there is a stack of paper
beside him filled with writing & drawings.

                                                     CUT TO:


Local TV news reporter, GWEN HUXLEY files a report near the
overpass where “E” was found.

                    GWEN HUXLEY
          There's a mystery brewing at a bay
          area hospital tonight. This man
               (INSERT photo of “E”)
          was found under this highway
          overpass last week having a
          seizure. A Good Samaritan dialed
          9-1-1 & the man was rushed to
          university community hospital
          where he underwent emergency brain
          surgery to stop profuse bleeding
          in his brain. The man beat
          tremendous odds to survive, but
          has no memory of whom he is & no
          I.D. was found with him.
          Authorities are asking anyone with
          relevant information to please
          come forward.

                                                     CUT TO:


Dr. Woodsman enters to find “E” writing. The stack of paper
beside him has grown considerably.

                    DR. WOODSMAN
          You said you were going to get
          some sleep.

          No I didn't, you did. I mean I
          know I can't remember who I am,
          but I can remember that I can't
          sleep until I offload more data
          from my head. I feel like my brain
          will blow-up again if I don't.

                    DR. WOODSMAN
          Did you write all that since I

Amirah enters.

          Yeah, That's just for starters.
          Maybe you could have someone type
          this up so I can move on?

                    DR. WOODSMAN
          Are you kidding? You think this
          place comes with a secretary? The
          state is getting stuck with your
          bill since there's no I.D. on you
          yet, so you'll have to do your own

          Don't worry doc, the bill gets

                       DR. WOODSMAN
          Yeah? How?

          I don‟t know' I just know it will.
          Like I told ya', I've seen this
          movie before.

          Hey, I'll type those for you.

          Kick ass! Behold, the first
          beloved “REVELutionary”

                                               LAP DISSOLVE TO:

Later that night. “E” writing, fights to keep his eyes
open. We move to a macro C.U. through his iris & into

                                                        CUT TO:


 Two men in uniforms (a fusion of S.W.A.T, Maoist, Nazi and
Black shirt uniforms), (LIEFTENANT FOSTER SMITHEY and
SERGEANT HUNTER CAIN) pace down the corridor. They enter
“E”'s room & standing on each side of the bed, loom over
him. The blood red insignia on their armbands resembles
that of the Nazi SS.

                    LIEFTENANT SMITHEY
          Groom? Captain Adam Groom? 3rd
          Lesion? Fire-team command? Get
          your head together Captain, it‟s
          time to scramble.

               (To self)
          What‟d I do to deserve this?
          Please, don‟t remember, don‟t
          remember, don‟t remember.

                    LIEFTENANT SMITHEY
          You have orders sir. This is you,
          isn‟t it?

Cain hands him a sheet of paper. “E” looks at it. The paper
pixel dissolves into images of a little boy playing, having
birthday parties, & growing up until he is recognizable as
“E” as his present self. MATCH CROSS DISSOLVE: “E” of
present undergoes Makeup & wardrobe change to become the
CAPTAIN ADAM GROOM sub character: (Same actor AS “E”
dressed in Asian jeet Kune Do fighting clothes, wearing
Kabuki makeup). MATCH CROSS DISSOLVE back to “E” in the
hospital room with the agents, still holding the paper,
staring at it, bewildered.

          “Yeah that‟s me. That's me, Adam

                    LIEFTENANT SMITHEY
          We have directives from the
          central processing unit. We are

          your escort out of here to get you
          on mission.

          Yeah, the mission. The REVELution.
          I received that communiqué'.

                    LIEFTENANT SMITHEY
          This is an addition to that
          mission. First orders are to rest
          up. You‟re going to need the full
          measure of your strength. We'll be
          back. Our orders are to upload
          this cell. Please acknowledge that
          we delivered it top secret,
          sealed, for your brain only. Open
          wide Captain Groom.

Smithey places the glowing cell (a mini-disc) up to “E”'s
forehead & slides it in, like a CD into a computer.

                    LIEFTENANT SMITHEY (CONT'D)
          You understand that those files
          will self-destruct in ten microns
          & you with them if you reveal
          their contents to anyone. Standard
          ops, just like in the golden days
          of the agency.
               (Evil grin)

They exit. Reverse angle, Dr. Crowe enters.

                    DR. CROWE
          Who were you talking to?

          Those soldiers.. Those agents,
          cops, detectives, whoever the hell
          they were.

                       DR. CROWE
          Aaah, Who?


         Those 2 guys who were just in
         here. You must have seen them.
         They walked out just as you came

                   DR. CROWE
         I didn't see anyone. Tell me about

         That's top secret, for my brain
         only. I tell you; those files
         self-destruct & I can't lose more
         brain cells than I already have.
         I'm awaiting orders from central
         processing, inner-tel. Current
         orders are delta wave rest because
         all hell is coming' 6 ways to
         Sunday, & I gotta' go 2 ways
         fighting a 2 front battle against
         it. So I'll take the high road,
         and I'll take the low road and
         I'll be in straightjacket-land
         before ye'.
              (Half smile)
         See ya' after I execute my sleep
         command. (Closes eyes)

                   DR. CROWE
         Great. Finally. Those are doctors
         orders too, so nighty, night,
         sweet revolutionary.
              (Rolls eyes)

                                                     CUT TO:


The face of “E” dissolves in & out as the OM speaks to him
from the void of space-time. Animations of an active brain
are composited with The OM. This time the Om‟s voice
switches back & forth from it's original tones to that of a
voice like the "Mushmouth" character from “Fat Albert”
cartoons. Subtitles accompany when appropriate.


          You‟ve been sleeping years. It‟s
          time to wake & lead the REVELution
          you were designed for.
          The propergander battle, the war
          of recorded moving images shall be
          waged first. Gather your MOLTlitia
          (vocabulary glyphs appear with
          neologisms: see Appendix for
          interactive features of this

 The faces of Kurse, Smithey & Cain are also superimposed
among the electrical discharges of the animated brain as
the conversation continues.

          Don‟t fear. Fear is the fatal
          frontier, & that is where one
          river will take you; to the heart
          of your fear. You have limited
          choice. As you know, the battle is
          already begun.

 MONTAGE: STOCK PHOTO Images from the history of war

          Revolution? They‟ll say I‟m crazy.
          I'll wind up living under an

               (Speaking Japanese)
          All revolutionaries; all tide-
          turners were called crazy.
          Washington, Gandhi, King, Lincoln.
          They opposed forces deemed
          undefeatable & were therefore
          deemed crazy. History records
          their triumph. Who dares, wins.

          But I can‟t wage revolution; I
          can‟t kill.

          (Speaking Japanese)
          You won‟t have to. You have this.

C.G.I.: The animation of the scroll / satellite tumbling
through outer space reappears.

          (Speaking Japanese)
          Spread the word. Gather forces as
          you float on the peaceful rivers.
          Avoid those met in fear‟s rapids.
          Move fast. The race to save earth
          is on. The tipping point into
          irreversible biological systems
          failure is near.

C.G.I.: 3-D Brain animation: The neural pathway toward the
fear centers light up. STOCK FOOTAGE time lapse of ice caps
melting, hurricanes raging, and deforestation plays.

          No one will take this seriously.
          I'll wind up sleeping under an

          So don‟t be serious about it. Do
          what you were schooled to do. Make
          a movie, preferably a comedy.

                 (To self)
          Repress past. I'll be kept alive
          in their machines.

               (Speaking Japanese)
          Don't fear, fear is the fatal
          frontier. Direct. Your film crew
          is your thought force. Who
          controls the thought waves
          controls a war's perception. This
          “REVELution” is the opening battle
          in the war on war. Raise a
          division of network admins. Who
          controls the wires, controls the
          external neural network; the
          constantly morphing artificial
          intelligence that is the Internet.

                                                     CUT TO:


“E” typing rapidly, his face illuminated by the glow of the
computer, is serene. Electrodes are attached to his head.
Amirah is seen watching him in the background. Dr. Crowe

                    DR. CROWE
          He's still going, huh?

          That's all he does, every waking
          minute. Dr. Woodsman says it's OK
          for a few hours, but he has fits
          when we take it from him, & then
          doesn't rest anyway.

                    DR. CROWE
          Yeah. I've been watching his
          E.E.G. while he's working and he's
          actually calmer when he's doing
          that then when he's sleeping, so
          it may be healthiest to let him
          have at it. I'll be monitoring
          nurse. You're here overtime
          lately, huh?

          I guess. I'm just sort of' amazed
          by all this. Have you read what
          he's writing? It's amazing. He's
          describing calculus equations for
          social transformation to a
          renewable energy economy. I
          wouldn't know whether it's sane or
          not, but before I was a nurse, I
          was an English major and it's
          definitely eloquent. I think I'll
          call that news chick who was
          working this story & see if she's
          up on this.

                    DR. CROWE
          Yeah, that could help. Hospital
          administration has had their fill
          of the expense. He's on the fast
          track to getting kicked out of
          here. And, Nurse Gale, be sure &
          get your rest too.

                                                      CUT TO:


Local TV news reporter, Gwen Huxley files a report.

                    GWEN HUXLEY
          A strange story we reported last
          week has taken a stranger turn.
          You may recall our story on the
          unidentified Tampa homeless man
          who had to undergo emergency brain
          surgery & awoke with no memory of
          who he is. So far no one has come
          forward with information on his
          identity & when asked his name,
          the man says he only remembers the
          letter “E”. Stranger still is that
          the man requested a laptop
          computer & has been ceaselessly
          typing metaphysical manifestos &
          mathematical equations for what he
          calls the Viridian “REVELution”.
          Hospital officials are letting “E”
          post those writings on a website
          in hopes they can learn something
          to help solve this mystery.

                    CHUCK WILSON
          Gwen, this is Chuck in the studio.
          It seems as though this man would
          have had to receive an extensive
          education to do these things, but

         still no one has been able to gain
         any information about his past?

                   GWEN HUXLEY
         That's what's up chuck.
          Not a clue yet. Only a guitar was
         found with him. Viewers can log on
         to see his work at the following
         address and we'll keep following
         this story, so stick with News 7
         for the latest. Now I'll chuck it
         back to you chuckles.

A glyph for the revelution web site appears.

                                               CUT TO:


                   DR. CROWE
         Nurse Gale tells me you've been
         getting scores of people offering
         to help since the newscast aired.
         I guess you may've been right
         about your bill getting paid in
         this, uh, "movie".

         I don't think that's how it
         happens. I didn't say it was like
         a Hollywood movie. I don‟t know,
         but I think this is just coming
         attractions. I've still got a lot
         of data in there I need to parse.

                   DR. CROWE
         Sure. I think she got eyes for
         you, ya' know. Be careful with
         her, OK? She seems one to give her
         heart away more selflessly than an
         organ donor.


         She's heavenly, but I don't think
         she's the love interest in this
         movie. I've seen her, my one, my
         muse. I wish I knew who she was.

                   DR. CROWE
         Well we wish we knew who you was
         and, or are. Any memories?

         Maybe my memories will be won with
         her where my mission ends. Haven't
         you guys found out anything about
         me yet?

                   DR. CROWE
         We're working on it; just checking
         to see if anything had come back
         to you. What about the guitar?
         Does that bring any memory? It‟s
         electric, so you must have had a
         home to plug it into at some
         point. I‟ve seen it just sitting
         in the corner over there. Don‟t
         you want to play it?

         It‟s strange. I wouldn‟t say I
         have memory of it; it‟s more like
         I have an impression, or a feeling
         about it. I can‟t play it and
         don‟t know if I ever could. It‟s
         like someone stole my sound.
         Except for one thing, but I feel
         like there‟s a whole symphony in
         this one little riff.

                   DR. CROWE
         Let‟s hear it.

“E” plays the riff heard under the overpass.

         I guess you could say I have my
         own string theory based on that. I
         think God might be a guitarist and
         I‟m just a troubadour of
         dimensions falling through a worm

          rabbit hole torn in the fabric of
          space-time by that sound.

“E” plays the riff heard under the overpass again and
begins to drift off.

                    DR. CROWE
          Is there anything else troubling
          you, medically, or otherwise?

          Have you read what I'm writing?
          Everything's troubling me. This
          planet is crashing. I've
          calculated that it can be fixed if
          people choose to, but we are
          running out of the time in which
          to do that as humans choose
          otherwise. What people might call
          Hell is coming Dr. Crowe; part of
          it is coming for me specifically,
          but most of it for all &
          everything living on earth. You're
          a scientist; you must realize how
          close earth is to tipping into
          irreversible biological systems

                    DR. CROWE
          Oh, that. Yeah, but I know enough
          to know that there's not much more
          I can do about it than I'm already

          That's OK, at least you care to
          try & that does add up to
          something in eternity. Everything
          done here matters; everything.

Nurse Katie enters.

          Doctor, the patient has a visitor.
          Some lady who found him on the
          Internet says she wants to help

                   DR. WOODSMAN
         O.K. Katie, let her in, maybe
         she's got some info.

MARIE LECHEVALLIER, an exquisite middle, to late middle-
aged woman, saunters into the room. She is dressed very
well, in classic, well-tailored garments with tasteful,
fine jewels. Her French accent, with the slightest New
Orleans drawl, is thick, but she has mastery of English.

         “E” I presume? May I address you
         sir? Let me commence by saying
         that I am charmed by your
         eloquence, wit & courage. You have
         found in me a compassionate
         benefactor. I witnessed the
         destruction of my New Orleans by
         the heavy hand of man upon nature.
         I pray you will let me assist your

         Our cause! Bonjour, je suis
         heureux de vous rencontrer. Assist
         me? Be careful what you offer,
         because what I need may be even
         more difficult to understand than
         it will be to perform. I need to
         spread an idea virus: A new kind
         of revolution that will come to be
         known as the Viridian
         “REVELution”. This viridian cause
         is based on the same principles of
         liberty that birthed your French &
         my American revolution. I need a
         corps of filmmakers. Do you know
         anyone in movies?

         You jest. I'm French. I don't know
         anyone in movies, but I do know
         people in cinema.
         I'll make some calls. So, you want
         to spread revolution? Godard,
         Truffaut, Tourneur, Renoir. All
         the most revolutionary filmmakers

were French you know. La Nouvelle

Merci, Marie. Mind that this
Viridian “REVELution” is nation-
less, race-less; even without
discrimination of species.
Viridian is beyond Green. We are in
congress with the biogeochemical
realm. This is war on war for the
sake of the life support systems.
A son of purity I am, to rally all
to the cause of the unalterable
needs. Pure water, oxygen, and
photons upon a stable atmosphere.
Pollutants are byproducts of
nefarious human desire. There is
no traditional enemy. We are all
responsible. Our enemy is a
psyche; a culture; a culture of
death; a DeathCULTure being spread
by a “DeathCULT”. They‟re being
downloaded to earth & are at work
amongst us. Will you support this
REVELution to wage PeaceFair &
destroy the DeathCULT? It‟s
simple. Humans either learn to
surf the life force or they die.

Yes my American cousin. Remember,
the U.S. may have helped save
France in '42, but without France,
there might have been no America
to come to anyone's aid ever.
Compatriot de la liberté, vive' le
Viridian REVELution! My parents
were fighters in the French
resistance. My mother told me part
of our good fortune came from
returning valuables Nazis stole to
their rightful owners. I see you
desire to return the natural
elements to the form in which God
gave them to all people.

“E” begins to look distracted as Marie speaks. The SOUND of
crackling radio static is heard. “E” puts a finger to one
of his ears. The face of Lieftenant Smithey dissolves into
scene like static on an old TV.

                    LIEUTENANT SMITHEY
               (radio static sounding)
          Almighty to CNS street gland.
          Captain, Message from “hippo-
          camp”. Stay on mission Captain. Be
          prepared to strike at any time.
          Almighty, Out.

“E” removes the finger from his ear & returns his full
attention to Marie. The image of Smithey dissolves out as
the sound of radio static fades out.

          Your cause is my heart. I will
          make arrangements to bring you to
          my estate where you can do
          whatever you need to do next to
          move toward that goal.

               (closes eyes, R.”E”.M.)
          Well then please excusez-moi, I
          need to make rendezvous to see
          what's next.

          I will give you sanctuary in my
          enclave beautiful revolutionary.
          Sweet dreams.

Marie exits & Nurse Katie enters to comfort the crestfallen


          Don't fret child, I mean what were
          you going to do, take him into
          your tiny apartment with all your
          cats? I mean excuse me for saying
          this, but you really are in danger
          of becoming the crazy cat lady.
          Your trouble is you‟re not getting
          out to find a man outside this
          hospital. You need to be away from
          patients. And don't even think
          about doctors. They're far too
          screwed up. Take a look at Mr.
          case in point over there.

Dr. Crowe stands in a corner playing a video game on his
cell phone.

          O.K., O.K. I'll start getting out
          more often on my nights off.

                                                     CUT TO:


Close on “E”, his eyes in R.”E”.M. he fades in & out during
the dialogue. A chroma key shot of “E”‟s hospital bed
spinning into “The OM” is reminiscent of Dorothy‟s house
spinning in the twister in The Wizard of Oz.

          How? How” How do I begin?

              (voice over)
         You begin by beginning. All human
         revolutions began the same way. Go
         to the people & announce the
         ultimate goal of the endeavor.
         Build it, & those who shall
         inhabit this house will enter.
         Those who stand against will be
         revealed for threshing.

                                                     CUT TO:


“E”. is writing as Dr. Dakin enters in sexier than usual
attire. Her overcoat binds her breasts as if gravity has
reversed. A high slit in her skirt reveals fishnet
stockings. Throughout the scene, “E” sees himself making
out with her in diverse locations (GREEN SCREEN MONTAGE).
She dominates him both in size & aggressive action.

                   DR DAKIN
         So you're getting a free ride
         outta' here with Ms. Freedom-fries
         huh? Women seem to like to give
         you things, don't they? Why should
         that be? You've got nothing, half
         of you doesn't work half as good
         as the other half which isn‟t in
         good shape either. Unless there's
         something I'm missing.

         What you're missing can't be
         gotten from this realm.

                    DR DAKIN
          Yeah, sure. I've read some of the
          tripe you've typed. You think
          you're going to be able to change
          anything? People won't change;
          they're just working for the
          weekend. And, speaking of that,
          it's time to get mine started.

She turns from “E”'s view & slips a pill onto her tongue. A
pack of "Death” brand cigarettes falls from her skirt to
the floor. Another shot of them exchanging a hot kiss
flashes through “E”'s mind.

          You've got to be kidding. You
          can't think of anything better to
          do with those lips than put rank
          weed between them?

Dr. Dakin raises an eyebrow, runs her tongue across her
teeth & begins to saunter toward “E”. As she is closing in
& hiking up her skirt, Dr. Crowe enters. Dr. Dakin
rearranges herself in frustration & storms past Dr. Crowe
to exit.

                    DR. CROWE
          Hey, it‟s my most challenging
          patient to date. If you‟re feeling
          up to it, I‟d like to go over some
          things with you & a friend of mine
          from the neuro-psychiatry

          Sure doc. What‟s on your mind? Or
          maybe I should be asking you
          what‟s on mine.

                    DR. CROWE
          Well there‟s a couple things. We
          want to discuss the results of the
          psychological exams that were
          administered last week & I want to
          go over your M.R.I.‟s to show you
          what went on in there. Then we‟ll
          discuss the damage you sustained.
          We want to get you prepared for

          your discharge & make you aware of
          things to watch out for.

A mid-aged man, Dr. Raymond Fenway enters.

                    DR. CROWE
          “E”, this is Dr. Raymond Fenway
          from the neuropsychiatry
          department. He will add further
          comment to the things I point out
          on your M.R.I.‟s. You can
          interrupt us with any questions
          you have. Sound good?

          Yeah docs. Maybe this will explain
          the ghosts inside my haunted head.

                    DR. FENWAY
          What‟s that son?

          I think I may have a haunted
          mansion in there or something. I
          mean how am I supposed to know if
          the things I‟m experiencing are
          memories of who I am, things or
          people I used to know,
          hallucinations, or what?

                    DR. CROWE
          Interesting question “E”. Yeah
          doc, how‟s he supposed to know

                    DR. FENWAY
          Why don‟t we start by discussing
          physiology before we get into

                    DR. CROWE
          The bleed was back here in your
          occipital lobe, which is what‟s
          accounting for your partial
          blindness, but we also had to deal
          with a huge hematoma extending

across your right cerebral cortex.
This could have any number of
effects on your thinking,
learning, emotions, consciousness
& sensations.

Well that doesn‟t leave much out.
So I guess what you‟re saying is
that I can‟t be too sure of
anything anymore.

          DR FENWAY
Well, the physiology would suggest
that in some respects, but your
I.Q. exams suggest otherwise. Your
scores were unexpectedly high;
like off the charts high.. That
you can be sure of.

No kidding? Are there scores on
those papers you‟re holding? May I
have a copy? Might come in handy
on dates. I mean, telling girls
I‟m a genius is one thing, but
having papers to back it up is

          DR. CROWE
Yeah, you can have a copy. So,
that‟s the good news. Because of
your scores, & Madame
Lechevealier‟s good character, you
are being released into her care.
I‟m going to try to get back to
talk with you before you leave.

What of all these pills you‟re
feeding me? I think I‟ve always
hated drugs.

          DR. CROWE
Well, because of the extensive
injuries to your brain, you‟ll
probably be epileptic for the rest
of your life. The blue pills
inhibit seizures. If you were to
seize so soon after surgery it
could be serious, deadly serious.
So be sure you take those. Also, I
spent a lot of time taking your
skull apart & piecing it back
together. Your bones are mending
incredibly fast, but still, one
good blow to your head & it could
fall back apart, so take it slow
until your balance returns & you
get used to those drugs. The white
pills are for pain. That pain you
described on your left side is
because of the injury to your
thalamus. Let‟s see; you described
it as being quote: “like a billion
frozen, thorny hitch-hiker spurs
being rolled into my extreme left

          DR. CROWE (CONT’D)
The type of pain you‟re
experiencing is called “central
pain”. It‟s not in your body, it‟s
in your brain. The drug should
help with that, if you can take
the side effects.

I‟ll take the pain instead doc. At
least I know what that is. Drugs
irk me. I‟m having a hard enough
time figuring out what may or may
not be real. I think I‟d like to
keep the variables to a minimum.

          DR CROWE

          O.K. Mr. “E”. Let us know when you
          have other questions. You‟re doing
          great. Try to rest some more.

The doctors exit.

                                               CUT TO:


Dr‟s Crowe & Fenway talk in the hall.

                    DR CROWE
          Well, whatya‟ thinking?

                    DR FENWAY
          I think you should stop asking who
          he is & start asking what he is.

                    DR. CROWE
          Whta'ya' mean? We know he's human.
          DNA says so anyway. The age thing
          is a little weird. His cells
          suggest he‟s adolescent. That‟s
          why there was a hold up getting
          him released as an adult. There is
          an aberration in his blood
          chemistry, but just like him, we
          can‟t identify it. He could just
          be a drifter or nuts you know.

                    DR FENWAY
          But his intelligence. His scores
          combined with his near miraculous
          survival & the work he‟s doing.
          Have you taken a look at these
          equations? They‟re simple in
          principle, but they factor out on
          several sociological, economic &
          physical levels. They work & they
          could theoretically do what he
          proposes. This is sociological
          calculus of a high order. Ever see
          that flick “A Beautiful Mind”?
          Well our patient‟s brain may be
          physically mangled, but his mind
          seems to be wonderful. These could
          actualize mass change, create a

          new sort of caste system that
          would make individuals responsible
          for their biological affects, etc,
          etc. I can think of a lot of
          institutions that would not want
          these catching on. I mean, I don‟t
          know about you, but I‟m going to
          try & keep my eye on what goes on
          with him when he gets out of here.

                    DR CROWE
          Yeah, it‟ll be back to the old
          routine around here after they
          release him.

                                                     CUT TO:


“E” is being helped out of Marie‟s chauffeured car at the
entrance to a historic church that has been converted to
her living space. They disappear into large doors beneath a
Roman colonnade & antique stained glass windows.

          This is your home? But it‟s a

          This was once a church, but now it
          is my home, & yours as long as
          you‟d like it to be. Can you think
          of a more suitable location from
          which to begin your revolution to
          return the earth to the condition
          in which it was given by its

          No, no I can‟t.

          Then enter & continue with your


Marie escorts “E” into a loft space.

           Here is for you to recover, write
          & meet with compatriots. What do
          you first require?

          Something seen in a vision. I need
          one of those mirrored gazing
          balls, like the one in the
          hospital garden. A large round
          table & some chairs. I'm parsing
          the screenplay for our
          revolutionary film. Oh, yeah, your
          movie friends. Sorry, le circle du

          They will come to meet you as you

          Really? Then I request ASAP.

          Well, is as soon as now O.K. then?

          Yeah we‟ve got to beat a
          biological clock here, so let‟s

               (Calling off-screen)
          Christoph! Venez rencontrer votre

A young man, (Christoph) & young woman (Heloise) enter.

          This is my niece Heloise, she is a
          costumer & make-up artist. She
          also plays wind instruments. And
          this is my nephew Christoph, a
          graduate of The Sorbonne, but he
          won't brag of that. He will only
          speak of his favorite films &
          perhaps show you his.

          As it should be. Christoph, let's
          get ready to film A.S.A.P. I need
          to parse more scenarios tonight.
          Let's take coffee & go over
          production in the morning.

          I'm itching to shoot. I'm in.

          Play safe boys. Remember you need
          as much rest as possible, & you
          must still receive your nurse,
          medications & follow doctor's
          orders. You are in my care now &
          care I will provide for you my
          comrade in hopes. All the dreams
          of my youth you've reminded me of.
          So take your rest, & I will see
          you have what you require with
          Christoph. Mai les visions douces
          de la nuit soient à vous.

They see “E” already asleep as they exit. His eyes in
R.”E”.M., visions of the pixie-like SELAH wearing a
flowing, windblown kimono begin to float through his mind.

                                                     CUT TO:


Paperwork, & film gear are now scattered about the space.
“E” converses with Christoph who moves about checking
camera gear.

          We start tonight Christoph.

          Start what? How? You've given me
          no script, no direction. If I must
          do this for free, I must remain
          professional. Don't make me look
          like a fool. I have a reputation
          to uphold.

          Relax. You've read the Viridian
          REVELutionary charter, so you must
          know that it is you who will have
          to make me look like a fool and
          that I will provide the moments
          for you to do so. We will often
          attack with the sword of comedy.
          There is no script. There is a
          battle plan; a campaign to wage
          PeaceFair to ransom the earth back
          from the “DeathCULTure”. You are
          to be the watchful eye; and I
          shall oft play the mad hatter.
          Now, as you asked, I become le

“E” puts on a Cecil B. DeMill bowler hat & raises a toy

                    “E” (CONT'D)
          You‟ll walk in the footsteps of
          your countryman Jean Renoir, Jean

Luc Godard, la Nouvelle Vague! You
will be part of the evolution of
cinema' verite'. You, through your
lens will be the eternal witness;
the combat photographer; the most
candid camera. This is no reality
TV, no self-contained feature
entertainment. This is what will
come to be known as hyper-reality.
All thresholds between fact &
fiction are now permeable. All
visual & audio material is at YOUR
disposal for the purpose of
defeating the DeathCULT-ure.

You realize that you and I may be
two of very few who even know or
care who Godard is, right?

          “E” (CONT'D)
Tous che‟, but from 'round this
table, our “Knights of the Sphere
Cabal” shall storm the Bastille of
space-time, ring liberty's cracked
bell & die laughing if we must.
Tonight we put out the call, a
call not to arms, but TO BRAINS!
All trueborn sons of purity will
begin to be called to the quest:
Give me purity, don't sell me

Yeah. So basically what you‟re
saying is I just point the camera
& shoot.

No! You paint with the light of
truth unfolding before the lens.
And that's just for starters. You
won't believe where this will lead
if you keenly point that camera,

          get optimal exposures & compose
          the frames of digitized space-time
          to be passed down through the
          corridors of consciousness for
          eternity. You will create
          electronic ghosts. As James
          Douglas Morrison said, "The appeal
          of cinema lies in the fear of

“E” takes up a large medieval battle sword & raises it over
Christoph‟s shoulder. Christoph gives him a bewildered

          So how‟s about we begin a
          tradition slash joke slash ritual
          & make you the first Knight Of The
          Sphere Cabal. Arise Sir D.P., Duke
          of Photography & out we will go to
          transmute fear into digital light

                    “E” (CONT'D)
          for fear is the fatal frontier, &
          fear of death is the ultimate fear
          we seek to light.
               (shines light into lens)
          Here is the battle plan; or if
          you'd rather, the script you
          requested. To brains!

          Oooo., K.

          I'll give you a practice run. Pick
          up your armament. Focus there.
          I'll call roll when you're ready.
          And Christoph, don‟t think that I
          don‟t think that I might be a
          total madman. I don‟t know who I
          am or was, so I very well may be.
          I mean, it would be enough for a
          person to prove they are sane
          after having their head cut open
          and here I am talking about
          starting a revolution, etc, etc,

          and babble on & on & on. Just do
          me a favor & stop me if I ever get
          scary. If it ain‟t fun or funny,
          promise me we‟ll shut it down.

          Sure. I mean, you‟re the director.

          Actually, I‟m only assistant
          director. The director is calling
          the shots from behind the curtain.

The “OM” & “OM” sound briefly dissolve in & out of the
scene. “E” exits as Christoph picks up & preps an HD
camera. Dissolve shots of him preparing film gear imply a
brief passage of time.

          Camera department ready.

          Excellent. You are no mere camera
          department. You are a commando of
          The United States Media Corps.
          Temper High! Swift, sentient,
          Lively. Lights, Camera!

          Rolling.. Speed!


Cut to P.O.V. of Christoph's camera. “E” enters frame &
sits on a chair behind the round table, mirror ball at
center. Christoph & his camera, several lights and other
filmmaking tools can be seen in the reflection; revealing
all the filmmaking tools a good D.P. slaves to hide. “E”
wears a 50's era business suit, large framed reading
glasses, hair slicked back. He is now in the CLARK BENT

                    CLARK BENT
          Greetings. Clark Bent, your
          droving retorter here with an
          update on updating. The laws
          governing time & space make
          complete updating a logical
          impossibility, because all
          situations are in constant flux
          which is subject to the point of
          view of the observer both in their
          subjective space-time & relevant
          to the contents of their
          consciousness. So I hereby refuse
          the whole notion of updates, & I
          have a guy named Einstein & the
          laws of the universe on my side,
          so those fatheads at network can
          fight them if they want to. So
          right about now I could use

                    CLARK BENT (CONT’D)
          your support. Clark Bent needs you
          to run into the street screaming
          "I'm down on updates & I'm not
          going to' do them anymore!" We'll
          let those tyrants at network know
          who's really in charge. Remember,
          WE have the physical laws of the
          universe on our side. Show those
          network manipulators who's really
          in control!
               (intercut IZZY pulling levers).
          I mean they don't even pay me
          enough for sexy frames.

          Got it.

Clark does a gag with his glasses, & flashes the Viridian
hand signal.

                    CLARK BENT
               (giving hand signal)
          “V” squared. Viridian Victory.
          Wage “PeaceFair”, Destroy

Christoph centers the shot on the mirror ball & zooms in

until the frame fills with the blackness of the interior of
his lens; Video feedback creates a vortex. A graphic logo
for the “Viridian Television Virtual Reality network”

                    CLARK BENT (CONT'D)
          You have been watching Viridian
          Verite' T.V. on the Hyper-Reality
          Channel. Clark Bent, Droving
          Retorter signing outer limits.

An announcer reads the following dialogue in an over the
top, authoritative, hyper-fast style.

                     TV ANNOUNCER
          Broadcaster does not accept
          liability for incorrect
          metaphysics, iconographical errors
          (including invectives), incorrect
          manufacturer's specs, or
          inaccuracies in any cognition
          included on Viridian Verite' TV &
          the Hyper-Reality Channel. Ideas
          subject to change without notice.
          Side effects may include moments
          of intense awareness, detachment
          from routine, an urge to take your
          inner child out & kick its ass, &
          an urge to defecate on your past

                                                     CUT TO:

Back to the view of the scene from the original objective

                    “E” (CONT'D)
          You see Christoph, in our Hyper
          Reality genre anything could
          happen. You will see a much more

          quantum example of this tomorrow
          night, so go get some rest.

Christoph exits. After a few moments “E” begins dosing off
in his chair at the round table.

                                                       DISSOLVE TO:


“E” now in the Adam Groom character makeup & wardrobe.
Lieutenant Smithey & Sergeant Hunter walk up on either side
of him & lead him down a hallway, the sides of which begin
to strobe as if we are inside a nerve fiber.

                        LIEFTENANT SMITHEY
          Groom! We have an update. There
          is a lynchpin entity threatening
          the REVELution. You may have
          already had contact with Kernel
          Kurse; Field commander for
          “DeathCULT Incorporal-ated”. If
          you can disconnect him, you would
          destroy the entire DeathCULT
          single-handedly. He is the
          centrifuge of the conspiracy of
          all conspiracies. Kill him &
          what's left of the earth can be
          saved from the armies of
          unconsciously consuming humans he
          commands. Disconnect him & the
          REVELution is accomplished. But
          first you must flush him out.
          “Kernel”; that is “K”, “E”, “R”,
          “N” “E”, “L” refers to him being
          the kernel of the dark-matter,
          dark energy operating system
          designed to output the deletion of
          humankind and the data stream that runs on
          the human brain platform. Your path
          through the neural river system &
          all the intelligence you'll need
          on him is in this dossier.

Hunter slides a sealed folder across a table to Groom &
exits. Groom opens the dossier to find photos of Kurse
staring back at him. His wardrobe has similarities with
Smithey‟s, but is more finely tailored, appearing like an

elite officer than the killer foot soldier that Smithey is.
Groom turns pages to a 3-D image of a brain. The image
begins to rotate & a voice over emanates from the dossier.
Groom gives bewildered reaction.

          Kurse has become renegade of all
          that is sane. He has taken refuge
          at the end of interconnected
          neural rivers deep in the tangles
          of the reptile brain where his
          every urge is kept alive by an
          involuntary army of neurons that
          obey his command. Every
          neurotransmitter we fired from
          neocortex has gone M.I.A. or
          K.I.A. in that jungle. He attacks
          through the amygdala to ambush our
          transmissions. He shields his fire
          teams behind the orbito frontal
          cortex to short circuit our
          pathways & discharges commands
          from a pirated operating system.
          He's in there firing without
          restraint; uploading thoughts to
          incorporeal & physical minions.
          His executor in your realm is
          European banking mogul William
          DeBerg. DeBerg is considered
          untouchable by your human
          contemporaries. He is positioned
          to overthrow world financial
          markets using a chip that can grow
          its fiber optic leads into the
          human brain. If you can disconnect
          Kernel Kurse you disconnect DeBerg
          & disembowel the entire inter-
          dimensional conspiracy.

                    LIEFTENANT SMITHEY
          Got it? You understand that this
          mission does not exist and without
          victory, you will have never
          existed here or in any other
          dimension. You'll be fully erased.
          You have only two outputs,

          biological victory or eternal
          death. Pull the cosmic trigger on
          this mother & set us all free. The
          time is you. The place is you. The
          Bus is us.

          Disconnect? You‟re ordering me to

                    LIEFTENANT SMITHEY
          Disconnect. Yes, this requires a

Smithey reaches into his shoulder holster to retrieve a
German Luger. He first aims it out at nothing then
nonchalantly brings it back to aim it at his own temple
while staring at Groom. He then turns & exits. Groom slams
the folder shut as he passes out in a mild seizure. Groom‟s
makeup & wardrobe change back to that of “E”.

          How many people had I already
          killed? There were sixty that I
          know about with mathematical
          certainty. I arrived at this
          number by a calculus equation I
          derived to compute if the
          byproducts of my 21st century
          existence had made me a weapon of
          mass destruction.

(R.U. a W.M.D?) GRAPHIC appears followed by the lines of
calculus symbols that form the R.U. a W.M.D? equation.

          I ran my numbers. Math doesn't
          lie, humans do. The people I'd
          statistically killed were never
          close; they were 3rd worlders. But
          Kurse was to be close, beside me

                                                     CUT TO:


“E”, Christoph & others on film crew prep gear & load it
into vehicles.

          Who are these people?

          This may be your mission, but this
          is my crew. I don't shoot without
          them. This is Slate, he's on the
          steady-cam. Orders are to move &
          shoot. On Audio, that's Mr.
          Clean. Cleanest sound around. Guy
          sets up lighting & rigs.


“E”, Christoph & others on “E”'s camera crew walk through
streets of nightlife. MUSIC under: "Diamonds & Heartbeats”
by The Seahorse Orchestra. “E” is dressed in an updated
American Revolutionary attire (a blend of cyberpunk &
American Revolution officer‟s clothing). Something catches
his eye. SELAH, the angelic/faerie-like girl in his dreams
is seen several times through the crowds, but her image is

                                                     CUT TO:


“E” & crew approach the door of a live music club. The
doorman laughs at “E”‟s attire.

          Well, that‟s a pretty costume you
          got there. What kind of freak are

          My muse had me wear this. When my
          muse finds others laughing at me
          she gets the funny feeling they‟re
          laughing at her & she gets malign.

They enter & set up to shoot.

         OK, I'll pull anchor there. This
         is focal point one.
              (points at a table & the stage)
         I'll go full throttle there, focal
         point 2!

         OK, gimme' an H.M.I. flood through
         there. Raise a flag to shield me
         from that angle. I'll be taking
         heavy fire from those stage lights
         when it gets hot on this L.Z. Take
         up your positions now before this
         place is entrenched. Be ready so
         you don't panic when things get
         hot. Slate! I need power running
         through there, there & there.
         Clean, find your angles now & be
         ready with that big boom & the

         U.S. MEDIA CORPS! We roll in 20!
         Sound off! Not you Mr. Clean.
         Platoon cheer. Make it loud! We
         shoot to score, I love the Media
         Corps!, All takes no bore, we all
         love the Media Corps!

         So much for a night out away from
         patients. I mean, what are the

“E” catches Amirah‟s eyes, but his gaze is averted by SELAH
appearing in the periphery. “E”‟s walk toward Amirah
changes in the direction of SELAH. As he approaches she
disappears. “E” frantically searches the club for her until
he walks into Amirah.

               (eyes still searching room)
          Hey! How are you! I thought I saw
          you before, but I thought I saw
          other things too.

          You should be in a bed & under
          care. What are you doing here?

          I'm doing what I have to. I'm
          doing next. What's next in the
          “REVELution transmission.

          Ya' know, had I not been reading
          every word you've written, I'd
          think you were a total lunatic.
          Well, I guess if you're a lunatic,
          at least you're a literary

          Well I hope you still think I'm
          possibly - maybe - not a lunatic
          after tonight. Then I'll have to
          give you a high rank in The
          Revolution. Stay tuned, I'll be
          right back after these messages
          from our sponsor.
               (The OM SOUND is heard)

“E” sees SELAH across the room again & walks toward her but
she vanishes in crowd. “E” goes backstage. Moments later
“E” walks out through the crowd playing an 18th century
march on a snare. Heloise is beside him playing a fife. Mr.
Clean records sound while waving Viridian REVELution flag.

In the midst of the crowd, “E” jumps on a table & begins to
speak. Christoph moves in with a camera & Clean records
sound. Heloise throws paper scrolls to the audience.
Amirah, watches.


          Hear me, hear me! Lend me your
          fears! I hereby declare war on
          war! Who‟s with me? Who against?
          Step into the light & be counted
          here & in eternity. Here is the
          banner under which we wage
          “PeaceFair”, avenge nine-eleven &
          rescue earth. This is a call to
          brains! Join the fight against
          DeathCULTure! Revel! Revel!
          REVELution! Give me purity, don‟t
          sell me death! No vexation,
          without particiCreation! To
          brains! The enemy is within us!
          Them are us! Join with we
          TenetMen, Sons of Purity, Beloved
          REVELutionary Sweethearts!
          Permapunks! & Merry Thanksters.
          This is REFORMance art to save
          what's left of the earth from
          unconsciously consuming humans!
          Join our ranks, & proudly Donne a
          multiform like this!

“E” points to a girl onstage wearing ridiculous children's
feety pajamas.

                     “E” (CONT‟D)
          You may receive our ProperGander
          to congress with us at the secret
          location. Knights! Mount up, time
          to scramble. Surf's up!
          And now, may I present, the first
          “PermaPsyche” Grok-n-Roll band of
          the REVELution.. The Seahorse

Scrolls are thrown to the crowd as the band takes the stage
& cast/crew departs. Amirah moves to position herself near
the exit, so that “E” has to collide with her.

          Hey lunatic! What‟s next?

          We meet tomorrow to plan the next
          REFORMance art attack.

          Yeah, but what‟s next right now
          silly boy? Please tell me it
          includes you getting rest.

          We wrap gear. Come with if you


The group walks to the vehicles. “E” anxiously looks around
with the same forlorn expression as when he was searching
for Selah earlier. She appears, but this time clearly
vanishes into thin air, leaving “E” with a startled look.
He is called to the vehicle by his crew & all leave.

                                                     CUT TO:


The group loads the gear in. “E” & Amirah step away from
the group to converse.

          Hey Mr. “E”. I think your friends
          are more than capable of getting
          the gear put away. I‟m giving you
          a medical excuse to get to bed. Do
          you realize the miracle that it is
          for you to be alive at all? I‟ve
          talked with your doctors a few
          times since you got released, and
          they are really at a loss to
          explain how you survived what
          happened to you, but you can‟t
          push it. Your body still has years
          of healing to do, so get thee to

          You‟re right. Yeah, to sleep, per
          chance to dream.

               (“E” sings a line by The Everly Bros.)
          “Whenever I want you all I have to
          do, is dream”. Thanks Amirah. I
          want to do what‟s best for my
          body, but no one knows the mêlée
          in my mind. I‟ll try to sleep,
          because there‟s a dream that gives
          me peace. Are you coming to our 1st
          Transcendental Congress tomorrow?

          Wouldn‟t miss it for the world
          you‟re trying to save. Don‟t
          forget to take your meds before

The two turn from each other & “E” disappears inside the
church doors & up to his room.

                                                     CUT TO:


“E” enters his bedroom. He picks up the prescription pill
containers on his nightstand, looks them over & tosses them
aside. He lights incense, a candle & gets into bed. He
rolls toward a window & peers through curtains to see his
film crew still working on the street below. He watches
Amirah working with them.

           I must be nuts. Look at her.

“E” reclines, stretches & closes his eyes.

          Where are you? Who are you? Are
          you a you at all?

“E” falling asleep. “E”‟s P.O.V: Incense smoke drifts
amidst candlelight. He recedes into the darkness of sleep.

               (repeated voice over)
          Who are you, where are you? Are

                                                     CUT TO:


Selah‟s face fades up through the darkness.

          I‟m here, just one click up from
          your world. You are not completed
          to be here. Keep the quest. I keep
          my love for you. Deep in here,
          there‟s a warm little place, where
          I keep my love for you.

          Who are you?

          Selah. Be still. Listen. Reflect.
          You must build strength. The path
          from you to me is fraught with the
          greatest danger. The icy river
          that will connect us runs through
          the ice of eternal death.

“E”‟s face moves into frame toward Selah. Just as their
lips would meet to kiss, she disappears.

               (voice over)
          Soon. I keep my love for you.

                                                     CUT TO:


“E”, Christoph & Heloise talk over brunch.

          Last night was unbelievable. All
          the scrolls were taken & I
          probably have contact information
          from about 3 hundred people.
          Should we start a mailing list?


         No, they've been given access. We
         take who comes to us. We will hold
         our transcendental congress as
         scheduled & whomever shows, shows
         & then we bring next.

         Next? Next what? Where are we
         going with this?

              (holding a paper scroll)
         We're going as far as it takes us
         to accomplish this Viridian
         Declaration of INTERdependence.
         Read it.

(INTERACTIVE) A glyph for consciousconsumers.net/revelution
appears onscreen.

         I read it, that's why I'm asking.
         How can we do all that? You think
         we can single-handedly reverse the
         environmental collapse? You think
         we can save the world?

         I‟m saying we have to. It is up to
         us. And that may just be the
         beginning of saving all that is
         human from deletion. That's what
         the 1st transcendental Congress of
         The United Mental States of
         Viridia will reveal. How we do it
         remains top secret for reasons to
         be disclosed at appointed times.
         For now you must trust that the
         best thing you can do is frame it
         all up
              (finger gestures)
         for mass consumption, for what
         needs change is mass consumption.
         “E”=C squared. Environmentalism
         equals conscious consumption.
         “E”=C squared is a valid equation
         & Tenet #1 of the TenetMen. More

          will be explained around the table

                                                       CUT TO:


The Camera Crew, “E” & a few others seated at the round
table, the gazing ball at center.

               (subtitles accompany French dialogue)
          Everyone at this table will be
          considered a new core of discovery
          on a journey that I don't think
          has happened before. There's the
          journey of the film we are making,
          the journey of this experimental
          REFORMance art attack we will be
          pressing; And my personal journey
          toward finding who I am.

Smithey appears beside “E”, whispering in his ear. All are
oblivious to him. ”E” gestures as if he may be hearing him,
but there is not an overt indication that he is seeing him.

                    LIEFTENANT SMITHEY
          You‟re nobody; you‟re dead if you
          don‟t kill him.
               (Nods to “E”‟s left side)

Kurse dissolves in at “E”‟s left ear.

          You can‟t kill me. Don't bother
          trying to compute how to abort us.
          Your obituary is already coded..
          Your death is in the queue of
          AKEOS: All Knowing Eye Operating

Smithey & Kurse dissolve out of the scene.


          Being a man without a name or past
          is, needless to say,
          discomforting. But it also has
          advantages. Heloise, volonté vous
          allumez svp la bougie et la mettez
          sur la boule regardante fixement

“E”, asks Heloise to light a candle & place it on the
gazing ball. Selah dissolves into the scene beside “E” &
leans over to whisper in his ear. She is invisible to all,
but “E” subtly reacts to her words as if he may be hearing
her then returns his attention to those at the table.

          We live in the flicker.

           There is also a mental journey
          you may join me on if you choose.
          A journey toward Knighthood.

"E" P.O.V. As he speaks, reaction shots of those at the
table are digitally manipulated so that their faces are
subtly superimposed with STOCK PHOTO faces of historical
heroes, revolutionary thinkers, philosopher kings (Sir
Isaac Newton, Sitting Bull, Saint Anselm, Einstein, Lao
Tzu, Nikola Tesla, Benjamin Franklin, Da Vinci, Ghandi,

                    “E” (CONT‟D)
          Being a Knight means to be in
          service toward something.

          (whispering in his ear)
          We stand on the shoulders of
               (nods to people & apparitions at table)
           or we fall at the feet of
          enemies. Stand on them, with them,
          through them. Humankind is not
          only in the fight for its life, we
          are engaged in the fight for all
          biological life. Float on the
          rivers of the wisdom of the ages.
          Gather all the forces before you.

          Being a Knight of this table; a
          “Knight of The Sphere Cabal,”
          requires meditative study of the
          primordial mysteries of the
          universe & using the wisdom gained
          on a quest toward solving the
          macro problems of this physical
          realm. In my brief death I was
          granted the sphere cipher.
               (Holds up symbol [see link])
           This glyph visually embodies a
          system of study which will deliver
          the goals of our Viridian
          REVELution. Those who meditate on
          the glyph will reach inner
          sanctums of the wisdom of ages &
          become a Knight serving our cabal.
          We seek wisdom for peace & a light
          to humankind.

An aura of light, subtly gathering around “E” continues to
grow. A shadow with the distinct outline of a woman
suddenly appears next to him. A woman (MALICE) dressed in
black dominatrix, fetish clothing materializes from this
shadow. The same actress playing Dr. Dakin will play this
role. Malice leans toward E‟s neck, opens her mouth and
inhales deeply. The light around “E” is sucked into her.
She then disappears. None in the room are aware of her
presence, but “E”‟s countenance falls as the light
disappears from around him.

                    “E” (CONT‟D)
          Others will play parts in this
          REVELution as Tenetmen,
          Permapunks, or the quantum
          mechanical Merry Thanksters.
          Others will invent their own parts
          in our “Reformance Art” play where
          all the world is truly our stage,
          & it's the stage itself we quest
          to save. Here‟s our first art
          attack. I must warn you, we will

          be engaging in chemical warfare.
               (Turns a sink faucet on)
          Want chemical warfare? Here‟s
          some. This city's water is so
          loaded with chemicals that the
          smell almost knocks you down outa‟
          the tap. My tests show it's also
          loaded with heavy metals &
          contaminants I can't identify. The
          bottom line is that it‟s far from
          H-2-0; too far to not carry a
          warning label. So we will engage
          in an act of chemical "waterfare".
          We will storm the Bastille of the
          water department and water-
          balloon-bomb them. Cars will be
          favored targets as this water is
          so contaminated that it leaves
          glaringly visible spots. Why do
          you think you feel dirty even
          after a shower? Our second wave
          will corner their personnel &
          force them to drink their tap. Our
          combat photographers will film
          this for our ProperGander
          ministry. A detachment of Merry
          Thanksters will arrive prior to
          the main attack, infiltrate the
          compound & record what water they
          use for drinking. If found out,
          draw your water guns & mow them
          down! Sword of comedy! Wear your
          pajama multiforms under your
          clothes. Be ready to bare them to
          proclaim the message that this
          citizenry is asleep to truth & we
          are the wake up call. We begin
          prep now! To brains!

                                                     CUT TO:


The group prepares camera gear, water balloons, flags etc.
and loads them into vehicles.


          There is one more piece of
          equipment you will need for your
          new cavalry on this gallant ride
          into history. I had these fueled
          for you. Step over if you please.

The group walks over to an old school bus flanked by 3
hydrogen motorcycles.

                    MARIE (CONT'D)
          May I introduce “Galaxia”, the
          bio-bus. She runs bio-diesel. And
          the scooters are hydrogen powered.
          The new iron horses for a new
          cavalry. A biker gang such as ours
          is the first of its kind. Ride off
          & pave a brighter future for all
          to ride into. Au revoir, cavaliers
          de lumière.

                                                     CUT TO:


 “E”, Christoph & Heloise, looking like bikers from “The
Wild One” & “Quadrophenia”, prepare to lead the convoy.

          O.K., let‟s begin this odyssey of
          idiotic proportions. How „bout we
          take a little magical mystery
          tour? Mount up. We'll ride in fast
          under the rush hour run. When we
          get a half-Klik out, we'll turn on
          the music. I use "Drumadelic". It
          scares the hell out of the

                                                     CUT TO:


PRODUCTION NOTE: This & the subsequent "REFORMance art”
happenings are filmed as documentary by the character-crew
(“E”, Christoph, Slate, Mr. Clean, etc.).

In my hyper-reality genre, there are characters on both
sides of the camera. Persons reacting to or becoming caught
up in the event are kept unaware. The crew stays in
character throughout whatever happens as the event is
filmed. The character-film-crew simultaneously acts within,
reacts to & covers the protest event as it unfolds.
Documented occurrences that propel the story will be
included to be as much a part of the finished film as the
scripted parts. New possibilities for characters &
storylines may emerge by chance. A press release on these
"REFORMance art” events will be sent to local news media to
get press on the scene & we will also film them & request
any footage they produce for our final film.

The local Green party, Tampa Sierra Club, students & The
St. Pete Blueberry Patch cooperative have been invited to
participate in these events. If I‟m arrested I‟ll stay in
character & we‟ll keep filming. It will also be free
publicity for the film & more footage for the narrative.
Bail money must be budgeted! ;->

                                                     CUT TO:


         No one got hurt, no one got
         arrested, and everybody laughed.
         Christoph, if you got that on
         camera, then we have our Lexington
         & Concord.

         Looked good through the lens.

         Bent's ready to intro the next art
         attack when you guys are.

Smithey appears beside “E”‟s ear. No one is aware of him.
“E” reacts to his speech as if he is having a headache or

                   LIEFTENANT SMITHEY
         Forget the environment, just kill
         Kurse and it's saved. Here‟s the
         reason for your environmental
         situation: Kurse is the kernel of
         a suicide program designed to rid
         earth of the human product line.
         Version one point “0” of their
         human deletion program had a bug.
         Humans were succeeding only in
         killing earth, & although this
         would lead to the desired output
         of your death, it would destroy a
         good piece of hardware needed to
         run the universal code. Earth is a
         component in a larger hardware
         array. Kurse‟s source code:

C.G.-The animation of “The No” dissolves in for a moment.

                   LIEFTENANT SMITHEY (CONT‟D)
         "The No"; the source of dark
         matter, had to code an upgrade to
         squash the human bug. The upgrade
         consists of creatures forged from
         dark-matter, which are actually
         off bits, the zeroes of the binary
         code. They‟re therefore called "0-
         bits". Their function is to delete
         the human product line. Kurse is
         the kernel the upgrade runs on.
         Through him the “Legion of No”
         will install A.K.E.O.S. (All
         Knowing Eye Operating System).
         Look at a dollar bill. You'll find
         their trademark there. The 0-Bits.
         They are not just coming, they are
         near. So near that they are
         already inside many. Ever hear of
         shadow people? You ready to be
         scared of your own shadow?
         A.K.E.O.S has coded one 0-bit per
         human, each pre-installed with a
         strand of DNA specific to the
         human they are to delete. Using
         this data, they log onto your

          consciousness, network with your
          fears & use them to install a
          customized suicide program. Meet
          your 0-bit. Your obituary is
          already coded. Your death is in
          the queue of A.K.E.O.S. They will
          soon be in position to murder
          every human unless you kill Kurse.
          Kill Kurse, or its fade out

Smithey‟s image fades out of the scene as Selah fades in
beside “E”‟s other ear.

          First things first. If you don‟t
          run your program & stop the planet
          from crashing, we won‟t have the
          chance to stop “Akeos”. You are
          the upgrade to the human operating
          system. You can spread the idea
          virus that could turn this around
          and delete them with their own
          program. Do your thing Clark.

                                                     CUT TO:


Clark Bent opens a mailbox & struggles to remove a wad of
junk mail.

                      CLARK BENT

          Out of the mailbox & into the
          landfill. Clark Bent here with
          another droving retort. Clark's
          got a little saying. "Math doesn't
          lie, people do". So, do some math
          next time you take the weekly wad
          of “adver-trash” out of your
          mailbox. Multiply this by the
          millions of others doing the same

                                                     CUT TO:


Clark seated at the round table, furiously sculpting a
large pile of junk mail into a mountain (REF: "Close
Encounters" scene of Richard Dreyfuss modeling Devil's

                    CLARK BENT (CONT'D)
          This is my month's worth of junk
          mail. My paper spam pile, my Mt.
          Trashmore. Where do they think
          this goes, Away? I, Clark Bent,
          Droving Retorter, pledge to you,
          my loyal viewers, to scale this
          mountain, & bring it DOWN!

                                               LAP DISSOLVE TO

“E”, the growing group of Knights, TENETmen, Merry
Thanksters, PermaPunks, etc., at the round table.

          It's time for next. Thinking
          globally & acting locally isn't
          going to destroy the DeathCULTure
          and it won‟t raise enough dramatic
          tension for our movies. We have to
          fly our flag of “quanscious”
          thought before more people to
          establish our United Mental States
          of Viridia!
          Many ask why we fly this
          ridiculous flag. Our flag is
          designed to make anyone who‟d
          violently attack us look even more
          ridiculous. I mean who‟d hurt a
          bunch of people laughing their
          asses off under a flag with a
          freakin' bunny on it? Remember we
          attack with the sword of comedy &
          the head-butt of quantum
          cosmology. This is war on war, &
          we have no enemy, for THEM ARE US.
          The enemy is a culture:
          DeathCULTure. So we stick to the
          script of the art attacks, adhere

         to our tenets & return fire only
         with our Declaration of
         INTERdependence, our
         CONSIDERstitution & our Bill of

“E” ' throws various paper scrolls to the room. Glyphs
linked to the documents on the REVELution website appear on
screen as the documents are mentioned (DVD version).

                   “E” (CONT'D)
         The knights & I have sat in the
         1st transcendental congress and
         thought about thought and the
         Permapunks thought we should try
         something like this. Our newly
         knighted son of purity and leader
         of the Permapunks, Sir Sid-Itious
         will tell you what we‟ve come up
         with for our next REFORMance art

                   SID ITIOUS
         As you know, we are creating our
         Permapunk movement to fight the
         DeathCulture. We will establish a
         PermaCult and spread permaculture
         to disembowel the DeathCULTure.
         First we need a central image to
         establish our REVELution amongst
         the masses. We will get that image
         & wage more PeaceFair
         simultaneously. One of the highest
         mountains of trash is ironically
         located at a place named "Picnic"
         just south of here. Some may find
         what we are about to do in bad
         taste, but we believe that the
         brave of the great generation did
         not raise the flag of freedom over
         European & Asian fascism so that
         we could loose what they fought
         for to the corporate fascist
         consumer theocracy that now
         threatens every thing on earth.

          And so, because of the stupid
          situation we find ourselves in
          where our species bites the hand
          that feeds unto our own mass
          death, I say this calls for an
          extremely stupid act on someone‟s
          part; and we‟re just the guys to
          do it!

Cut “Hyper Reality” samples into above dialogue from John
Belushi speech in “Animal House” (“Was it over when the
German‟s bombed Pearl Harbor?”).

          Prepare to ride. Get the bus ready
          to roll. Bio-fuel recon - French -
          fry - oil mission!


“E”, thePermaPunks, Merry Thanksters & TENETmen break into
a landfill to scale a mountain of trash. They raise
Viridian REVELution flag in imitation of the U.S. flag
raised at Iwo Jima.

                                                     CUT TO:


“E” & TenetMen, Knights, etc. at the round table.

          Ha! Now, how do we top that?

          We're never trying to top
          anything. We use the sphere cabal
          to reveal what we can do to
          produce a positive macro affect on
          the consumer CULTure. The goal is
          moving humankind into a
          symbiactive relationship with the
          biosphere. REVELation; That is,
          our Revealing problems is for
          advancing solutions. Revel! Revel!

          REVELution means living a quantum
          consciousness, & behaving as if
          our goals are already accomplished
          and infecting all with that
          consciousness. You'll never be
          able to send people where you're
          not going yourself. We become the
          change we seek in the world in
          order to seduce others into
          symbiotic living. We'll invoke the
          great American motivator:

          Yeah. Well ya' know, a wise man
          once said, you're only as good as
          your last move. Of course, that
          wise man was my buddy „Dooly‟, &
          he said it during a hacki Sack

                    SLATE (CONT‟D)
          but I think that's pretty true.

          Aaah, Hippie insights. Someone
          should make a coffee table book of
          those. Our next moves must reach
          the nation. We‟ll meet again
          tomorrow to discuss our next act
          of “PeaceFair”.

                                                     CUT TO:


Dr. Fenway & Amirah approaching each other from opposite
ends of the hall.

                    DR. FENWAY
          It‟s Ms. Gale, right?


Yes Doctor, Amirah Gale, but just
call me Amirah. Or you can be like
everyone else here & just shout
“Hey nurse!”

          DR. FENWAY
Sorry. For a shrink, I have a poor

It‟s O.K. We only met a few times
when I was briefly one of your
pre-med students. That was before
I switched to creative writing,
then I was a singer for a while,
then I went to nursing school.
I‟ve been rather scattered, sha-
doo-bee. Maybe I should set an
appointment with you.

          DR. FENWAY
That‟s not uncommon in our age. I
studied to be a Jesuit priest & a
physicist before I settled on
psychiatry & at times I‟m not sure
I made the right choice. Listen,
I‟m not trying to get personal,
but rumor has it that you‟ve kept
contact with our former
neurological patient “E”.


          DR. FENWAY
I‟d just like to know how he‟s
doing, psychologically speaking.
His injuries interest me. The
trauma to his frontal lobe & the
area surrounding the neo cortex
may be experienced in any of
several ways. That‟s still a very
mysterious area of the brain for
us. Damage in those areas has been
known to cause breaks with reality
of a schizoid nature, severe
manic-depressive & or bipolar
episodes. I‟m also concerned about

          posttraumatic stress, and other
          psychological phenomena that often
          affect people who‟ve had near
          death experiences. Like I said,
          the areas of the brain where he
          sustained injuries still hold lots
          of mystery & theories on what
          happens there run the gamut from
          science to philosophy to theology.
          I guess that‟s why I‟m so
          fascinated by this case. For all
          we know the things he is
          experiencing are more real than
          the sensory experiences we can
          measure. Any thoughts?

          More like many thoughts, how much
          time you got? I mean it seems like
          he‟s got a lot going on in there.

                                                       CUT TO:


“E” sits in Lotus position, meditating.

               (whispering to himself)
          Tell me who I am. Tell me what I
          am. Tell me where I am. Tell me
          why I am. If you loved me, you
          would tell me, instead of letting
          me wander this darkness.

                                                       CUT TO:


Infrared photography of Selah in a fairy-like garden
setting & wardrobe as she speaks to “E”.


          I cannot tell you in full, for
          even I do not know that of myself.
          All conscious entities ask these
          questions; perhaps we always will.
          Just be glad you are my love. Know
          that I keep my love for you.
          Perhaps love is all any of us ever
          have at all. What you ask of me is
          of the river of knowledge. Because
          I love you I will not give that to
          you. Stop asking & just trust in
          the feeling of love. I keep my
          love for you. Be careful what you
          ask. You don‟t know who may answer
          when you ask the wrong questions
          at the wrong time in the wrong

“E” sits like Buddha under the bodhi tree.

          Tell me who I am, tell me what I
          am, tell me where I am, tell me
          why I am, Tell me when I am.

                                                     CUT TO:


“E” in lotus under a majestic tree. Beauty shots of natural
vistas transition in the background to show “E” sitting
lotus in various places. He repeats the following phrase
until it becomes a chant.

          Tell me who I am, tell me what I
          am, tell me where I am, tell me
          why I am.

          I can feel you won't be able not
          to ask, so I guess it's better you
          get this from me than another
          entity. I'll try to communicate
          gently using a format you can
          understand. I'll use technology of

          a kinder, gentler era. Do you
          remember kindergarten filmstrips?
          Let's get this shadow puppet show
          into your magic lantern.

Selah pulls a strip of film from a small, cylindrical case
and slides an end into the top of "E"'s head.

          Just look into my eyes, take a
          deep breath and relax until the
          presentation begins. I'll advance
          the frames for you sweetie.

E's P.O.V looking into Selah's eyes.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:

(INSERT graphic with a logo featuring the "eye of Horus"
with words: "Multiverse Education System".

                    FILMSTRIP NARRATOR
               (Voice over)
          This filmstrip is a production of
          the "multiverse" education system.
          Please advance the frame each time
          this sound is heard.

(SOUND UNDER a beep is heard). A graphic with the title
"Where You Are" rolls up to cover the previous graphic.

                    FILMSTRIP NARRATOR
               (Voice over)
          You are most likely viewing this
          filmstrip because you are a
          conscious entity asking where you
          are. This program will answer the
          where you are question in a way a
          dualistic entity such as yourself
          might understand. Other questions
          dual-minded entities often ask;
          including who, what, when and why

          you are may be answered in
          subsequent educational programs.
          Welcome to "The "Tween".

(SOUND UNDER a beep is heard)

A graphic showing a line of black dots colliding with a
line of white dots and a swirl of grey particles shooting
out from their central point of collision, with the title
"The Tween" rolls up to cover the previous graphic.

                    FILMSTRIP NARRATOR
               (Voice over)
          The place you are is called the
          "tween" because it is exactly
          between the source of light

(SOUND UNDER a beep is heard)

A graphic showing "The OM”, with the title "The source of
light data" rolls up to cover the previous graphic.

                    FILMSTRIP NARRATOR
               (Voice over)
          ..And the source of darkness.

(SOUND UNDER a beep is heard)

A graphic of the black hole/hurricane vortex ("The No")
from which Kurse was seen to emerge earlier in the film
appears. The title "The source of dark-matter, anti-matter,
dark energy data" rolls up to cover the previous graphic.

                    FILMSTRIP NARRATOR
               (Voice over)
            The "tween" is where the
          particle data streams of light &
          darkness collide. Everything you
          perceive with your senses & feel
          with your emotions is the result
          of the constant collision of
          light, or on, yes bits and dark
          particle, or no, off data bits.
          Dualistic entities live under a

          binary “multiverse” operating

(SOUND UNDER a beep is heard)

A graphic of the particle collision point with a collage of
STOCK PHOTO images covering the best & worst of human
history appears with the title "The Tween".

                    FILMSTRIP NARRATOR
               (Voice over)
          These collisions create you &
          everything you thought you knew
          through your 5 senses. As a dual,
          or separatist conscious entity,
          you tend to think things are out
          there and physically real, but all
          that exists is the information
          that organizes the particle
          collisions. Data is the ultimate,
          eternal reality. All else is just
          momentary particle collisions.
          There is only chaos without data.
          What dualist creatures call the
          brain is but a bio-computer that
          filters, or decodes the data it
          receives within the "Tween".

(SOUND UNDER a beep is heard)

A graphic photo collage of the earth viewed from space with
a yin yang symbol superimposed over it and the title "War"
rolls up to cover the previous graphic.

                    FILMSTRIP NARRATOR
               (Voice over)
          You should know that there is a
          war in the "Tween". The largest or
          macro-war is centered around a
          biological energy drive deep in
          the "Tween".

(SOUND UNDER a beep is heard)

A STOCK PHOTO of the earth viewed from space rolls up.

                    FILMSTRIP NARRATOR
               (Voice over)
          The dualistic conscious entities
          on this biological drive call
          themselves humans. If you are
          asking who, where, what, why, and
          when you are, you are most likely
          here and possibly a human.

(SOUND UNDER a beep is heard)

A frame of the earth viewed from space with an arrow
pointed to it and the words "You are probably here" rolls

                    FILMSTRIP NARRATOR
               (Voice over)
          An information war is unfolding
          here because of a bug in the
          multi-verse operating system.
          According to the dark matter data
          stream; humans are the bugs. The
          human operating system has been
          deemed inferior, obsolete and
          slated for deletion. For this
          reason, a legion of data
          constructs has been coded and
          output by the dark-matter source.

(SOUND UNDER a beep is heard)
          A graphic logo of The Legion of No
          with the words "The Legion of No"
          above rolls up. An image of “The
          No” vortex fills the background.

                    FILMSTRIP NARRATOR
               (Voice over)
          This “Legion of No” has been
          infecting humans with a program of
          mass suicide that has unwittingly
          formed many into what they call a
          "DeathCULT". These dark matter
          infected humans have established
          what the “Legion of No” calls "The
          DeathCULTure" amongst humans. The
          DeathCULTure is a system of
          corporate theocracy which has

          brought humankind to the brink of
          their own destruction via
          environmental systems failure.
          However, this environmental
          systems failure is actually a
          result of a bug in the dark matter
          operating system itself. Now the
          dark matter Legion is installing a
          system upgrade to destroy the
          humans before they destroy the
          biological drive.

(SOUND UNDER a beep is heard)

A frame of Kurse, Smithey, Izzy and a completely black,
shadow-like humanoid (an "0-Bit") rolls up. The words
"A.K.E.O.S. All Knowing Eye Operating System" appear below

                    FILMSTRIP NARRATOR
               (Voice over)
           The bio-drive called earth is
          necessary to the larger
          functioning of the multi-verse
          operating system. The dark-
          matter's emergency upgrade system
          is called A.K.E.O.S.: An acronym
          for "All Knowing Eye Operating
          System". The dark matter legion
          deems this human deletion system
          the only way to reverse the
          environmental destruction of earth
          and save the entire system from
          crashing. The light data source is
          uploading it's own systems patch,
          code-named "Anime'trix".

(SOUND UNDER a beep is heard)

A frame of "E" playing guitar with other members of a
Japanese cyberpunk rock band with rolls in. The word
"Anime'trix" appears below them.

                    FILMSTRIP NARRATOR
               (Voice over)
           These two systems are currently
          at war in The Tween.

(SOUND UNDER a beep is heard)

A graphic with the title "Where You Are" and the
“Multiverse Education System” logo rolls up.

                    FILMSTRIP NARRATOR
               (Voice over)
          This has been where you are. Best
          of luck. It seems you'll need it.

                                                     CUT TO:


“E” & his comrades at the round table.

          Tonight I disclose our next act of
          PeaceFair. Remember, our
          REVELution is not a revolt, but a
          party of revelations. We are not
          rebels, but FORbels. FOR bringing
          America back to her former glory
          as a beacon of hope to the world;
          FOR leading through ingenuity &
          inspiration rather than fear. We
          could do this the same way we went
          to the moon when most said it
          could not be done.

As he continues to speak, we switch to his P.O.V. to again
see the faces of his friends seated at the table morph into
STOCK PHOTO faces of historical heroes.(Abe Lincoln,
Goethe, William Blake, Buckminster Fuller, Aldous Huxley,
Plato, Confucius, Marie Curie, Dante, James Frazer, Thomas
Jefferson, Thomas Paine, etc.).

                    “E” (CONT‟D)
          America could lead the world by
          replacing our fossil fuel
          infrastructure with a solar,
          hydrogen, wind, bio-fuel hybrid &
          simultaneously stop loading ammo
          into guns of our sworn enemies. We
          have the technology; we lack the
          Leadership. Our leadership has
          been seduced by the “MoneySerpent”

         & is now the DeathCULT's

Footage of coal plants exhausting smoke plumes into the
blue sky are cut into the dialogue along with GRAPHICS of
The MoneySerpent and The DeathCULT.

                   “E” (CONT‟D)
         Our next move is this. One of the
         dirtiest coal power plants is in
         our midst. We will uproot this
         plant & pot it in renewable soil.
         I say this plant‟s pollen gives
         not hay fever, but brain fever.
         Incinerated coal dusts are at this
         moment breaching our blood brain
         barrier. Negative behaviors
         resulting from exposure to coal
         exhausts are well documented. So
         if we are to be convicted in the
         courts of men for what we are
         about to do, then let pleas of
         insanity be our freedom! I say the
         behavior we are about to undertake
         is the only sane one left to enact
         in a world that has other means to
         generate energy, but that won't
         boldly integrate them for sake of
         financial bottom lines.
         REVELutionaries! We draw our lines
         higher & further than any bank
         ledger could contain.

“E”, dressed in full American Revolution era clothing takes
up his sword & stands atop the table to make the following
speech in a comic, yet grandiose manner.

         We hold these truths to be self
         evident and empirically
         verifiable: That all men are
         created of forces which they did
         not create, nor can they re-
         create; that they are formed by

          their Creator with certain
          'unalterable needs'; that among
          these are oxygen, H2O & the
          emission of solar photons upon a
          stable atmosphere, alkaline ocean
          & fertile soil. To secure the
          purity of these elements of
          biological existence & harness
          them in a fair & efficient way,
          new modes of infrastructure must
          be established. We will take this
          message to the doorstep of the
          infrastructures. The best way to
          kill a weed is to take its food.
          We do that HERE!

“E” Points to an area on a map of Tampa Bay.

                    “E” (CONT'D)
          The vessel that feeds this plant
          its black pollen moors here. I‟ll
          finalize the strategy with the
          knights. The sons of purity will
          begin commandeering supplies. This
          is a big one. We need everyone.

                                                     CUT TO:


The knights gathered at the round table. The scene is
subdued. Candles & incense burn. They gaze into the sphere
at the center of the table as if in trance. “E” begins a
Mahopac Indian chant. Amirah enters. She circles behind “E”
holding ceremonial feathers & a large straight razor. She
moves behind him and brings the razor toward his throat.
“E” extends his arms with hands opened, palm up. She places
a hawk feather in his hand. “E” begins to fan incense
around the table with the feather as he chants. After
bathing each knight in smoke, he puts his hands at his
side. Amirah places the blade near his throat. “E” tilts
his head to the side. A tear falls from his eye (reference
famous 1970‟s anti-littering P.S.A. of tear falling from a
Native American‟s eye.)


          I don‟t expect anyone else to do
          this. This is the river I was
          shown to follow. It flows through
          ice to my muse & on to our
          Viridian victory.
               (To Amirah)
          Do it.

Amirah grabs a handful of hair from the side of “E”‟s head.
She pulls it away from his scalp. “E” pulls against her.
She takes the razor & begins cutting his hair, down to his
scalp. The huge scar left by his brain surgery becomes
visible. She does the same on the other side of “E”‟s head,
leaving him with a Mohawk.

          Three days until we rise again.
          Here‟s the battle plan. Begin
          preparing. Let‟s rock the cash

“E” slides a packet of papers across the table to

                                                        CUT TO:


MONTAGE: The REVELutionaries ready themselves with Native
American costumes, snorkel gear and surfboards. They apply
war paint to each other & prep camera gear.

                                                        CUT TO:


“E” enters, looks at his Mohawk in the mirror, throws his
meds aside, lights some candles & incense then climbs into
bed. The smoke & candlelight wave over his face as he falls
asleep. MUSIC UNDER “Ice City” by Mind Static.

                                                        CUT TO:


“E”‟s dreaming head floats over Peace River. The scene is
rendered in cool, bluish tones to convey a feeling of
extreme cold. C.G.: An icy blue line traces the scar on his
head. A woman‟s hand (Selah‟s) enters frame to gently touch
it. Her lips approach his ear.

          It is happening; the shift, the
          proverbial when. The earth is set
          to burning & hell is freezing
          over. Keep going. I keep my love
          for you. You‟re on the right
          river. We can connect.

She gently runs her finger over his scar.

          I like you better with hair. Lets
          have it back, just for now.

“E”‟s hair appears back as before the Mohawk.

          Where are we? It‟s so cold? What's

          It's happened. The human saying
          “when hell freezes over is
          manifest. This is that place that
          they never thought could happen.
          They destroyed their own life
          support system. Earth is no more.

          But it can't be gone. I was sent
          back to start a REVELution.

          And you will, but victory is not
          assured. This is the possibility
          where earth is destroyed; this is
          their hell froze over. Because

          they think their total destruction
          is something that could never
          happen is exactly why it became
          possible. I guess you can get
          ready to see pigs fly next. Pigs
          flying over frozen hell, quite the
          picture, isn't it? Earth was
          beautiful before they took it for
          spoils. Try to remember the good
          earth that it might be preserved.
          Ironically the human skill of
          killing includes themselves.
          Perhaps earth & the greater part
          of life can regenerate to its pre-
          human state after their suicide
          machine runs dry.

          Where are you? You can see me? I
          hear you, but I can‟t see you. All
          I see is black & blue.

          I‟m sorry love. You will have me
          in all your senses when the quest
          is fulfilled. I couldn‟t stay away
          from you tonight. Tomorrow will be
          dangerous, but this night belongs
          to lovers. I want to feel us once
          before then. Can you feel me
          through your shadows?

Selah‟s lips & body float across, through, over & fade in &
out of “E”‟s, in an orchestration of flesh meshing with
flesh. Colors & backgrounds also shift & cut with the
rhythm of the music. Selah‟s hands caress “E”‟s head & pass
through his skull to caress his injured brain.

          I think so.

          See me in memory, feel me, hear
          me, touch me. Kiss me; kiss me in
          the shadows; kiss me in the shadow
          of a doubt; Kiss me. Soon you‟ll
          see me before you. Remember my
          love when you see him tomorrow.
          Fear is the fatal frontier. Love
          is our only way home; love &

The final shot of the love scene shows “E” & Selah‟s chest
moving through each other until their hearts become one.

                                                DISSOLVE TO:

The OM sphere animation. The tantric breath chant is heard
again. After a few moments, the sphere match dissolves with
the sun rising over the waters of Tampa Bay.

                                                     CUT TO:



“E” & the knights, Tenetmen, PermaPunks, etc., are dressed
as Calusa, Tequesta, Seminole & Mohawk Indians. They scout
a cargo ship moored in the bay. “E” grabs his surfboard &
walks onto beach.

          I love the feeling of dead calm.
          It feels like verge; like being on
          the verge; that feeling just
          before you catch a wave; just
          before you slide down the face and
          she takes you for a ride; And
          you‟re not just riding a wave;
          you‟re riding the whole earth; the
          force of the whole ball „a wax.

INTERCUT STOCK FOOTAGE big wave surfing.

          That‟s what we‟re fighting‟ for
          here FORbels. For the force that
          makes earth, air, water, & the
          waves therein. From the shore
          break to the double overhead
          swells; waves & a clean beach to
          ride to. We‟ve got a choice; as a
          whole damn human race, we‟ve got a
          choice. We can either ride those
          forces; surf the sunlight, the
          wind, the elements, or we can bake
          to death amidst our own trash
          heaps. It‟s surf or die; whatya‟
          wanna‟ do “FORbels”?

          I don‟t know “E”; you know Cappy:
          the captives of the capitalist
          deathCULTure. Cappy owns that

          Cappy don‟t surf! You wanna‟ surf

          Hell yeah!

          That‟s good, because we either
          surf or die! Now mount up!

The group begins to paddle into the bay in dugout canoes,
kayaks, sail & surfboards. They climb aboard the cargo ship
& toss prop crates of coal over the side while enacting
moments from The Boston Tea Party. After these documentary
scenes are filmed, the following dramatic scene is



“E” is grabbed by a SECURITY GUARD and roughed up.

                      SECURITY GUARD
            I had enough you tree-hugging
            hippies back in the sixties. Guess
            what? Things are different now.
            You lost, we won.

Zoom on the scar on ““E”‟s head (reference shot from
“Planet of the Apes” where Chuck Heston delivers the line
of dialogue similar to the following):

            Get your claws off me, you God
            damned filthy human!

 The guard hits “E” on the head; he crumbles to the ground
unconscious. Christoph comes running to pull the security
guard from him.

            Stop, you corporate thug! You'll
            kill him. He just survived a brain
            surgery. You've probably killed
            him already.

“E” is motionless. After a moment his eyes begin R.E.M. A
visual sample of Henry Fonda "I'll be there" speech from
“The Grapes of Wrath” cuts in and out.

                                                     CUT TO:


“E” walking through dark catacombs. The set design
resembles German expressionism(i.e. “The cabinet of Dr.
Caligari”). “E” sees light down one of the corridors. He
walks toward it & rounds a corner into a room of candles,
religious idols, political symbols & hand weapons of the
ages. Hanging silks show projections of the history of
warfare. The religious idols are all disfigured in some
way. The faces of fascists & killers (i.e. Stalin, Pol Pot,
Hitler, etc.) morph upon faces of people around a

pentagonal table. “E” approaches an altar and sits in
front of it. Everything is still when Kurse springs out
like a cobra from a darkened section of the altar. A Lugar
is seen in his shoulder holster. “E” unsuccessfully
struggles to get on his feet. We INTERCUT back & forth
between the “Fright Deck” & “E”'s body lying unconscious on
the deck of the ship. Kurse taunts him.

          Move, you cannot move. Stop
          fighting. Reboot with our
          operating system. It's not so bad
          here, see?

Kurse points across the room to a corner where scantily
clad Dr. Dakin is primping herself in front of a mirror.
“E” fights to move. We also see him struggle to move on the
deck of the cargo ship as his friends attend to him.

          I have you. You're finished there.

Kurse presents a mirror to “E”. He looks into it to see his
body lying on the deck of the ship unconscious.

          Your   viridian revolution would
          have   never changed anything. I'll
          show   you. You can see everything
          from   here on the fright deck.

Kurse motions to a screen above the altar which shows STOCK
FOOTAGE scenes of ongoing natural disaster, war, famine,
pestilence & environmental destruction on earth.

          Or, perhaps you‟d like to view the
          human indictment through the
          technology of a kinder, gentler

Kurse reaches toward a belt holster as if moving to draw a
gun, but instead, he draws a View-Master viewer.

          I know you've been getting inside
          information on your situation.

          Well here's another bloody
          filmstrip for you, you son of a

Kurse removes the picture reel from the viewer and holds it
in “E”‟s face. He then springs forward into “E” & brings
him to the ground. He turns “E”‟s head sideways, takes the
View master picture wheel and places its edge at the side
of “E”‟s head. He draws his Lugar and hammers it into “E”‟s
skull with the butt of the pistol.

          And, dim the theater lights.

Kurse viciously pounds on “E”‟s head then puts the business
end of the pistol to the back of “E”‟s head.

          And wipe to..

Kurse pulls the trigger on an empty chamber. The click of
the hammer is the same sound as the View master viewer
frame advance trigger.

               (Voice Over)
          Frame one. Titles.

                                                     CUT TO:

A still graphic image, letterboxed in the square aspect
ratio of a View master image appears. We see a logo with
the eye of Horus and the letters “A.K.E.O.S.”. Beneath that
are the words “All Knowing Eye Operating System Intra
Cranial Network”.

               (Voice Over)
           The human timeline. Humans are a
          degraded program, a glitch. Don't
          listen to them, they lie.

                                                     CUT TO:


Kurse pulls “E” up from the ground to a sitting position.
He lurks over his left shoulder, still holding the pistol

to the back of his head. He whispers into his ear.

          Observe their actions to see what
          they truly are. Next frame..

He pulls the pistol trigger & the View master frame SOUNDS
again. The view master image aspect ratio appears with a
collage of imagery from the industrial age, showing
pollution, environmental devastation, cityscapes, etc.

               (Voice Over)
          They could care less about your
          ideas of forming symbiotic
          relationships with natural law.
          They choose the way of pigs led to
          slaughter, grabbing what they can
          to make their piles of mud higher
          than the piggy next door. And they
          kill indiscriminately for more
          mud. Next frame!

The sound of the View master frame advance is heard and the
frame changes to a STOCK PHOTO collage of JFK, John Lennon,
Lincoln, MLK, Wilhelm Reich, St. Peter, Socrates, RFK, etc.

               (Voice Over)
          Kill the sages, Kill for self-
          serve justice, kill for trophies..

                                                     CUT TO:

C.G. ANIMATION: A first person shooter game animation
appears with a view from behind a gun barrel, shooting down
a slew of animated human beings.

               (Voice Over)
          Kill for thrills..

The sound of the View master frame advance is heard and the
frame changes to a STOCK PHOTO collage of various
prescription pills and pieces of pornographic imagery with
the explicit areas blurred or removed.


               (Voice Over con‟t)
          Kill conscience in adult candy
          stores of sex & drugs. Just say no
          to drugs. Except THESE. Use only
          the drugs prescribed by your
          shrinks, boss, insurance agents or

                                                     CUT TO:


Kurse whispering in “E”‟s left ear. Selah dissolves into
the scene behind him over his right shoulder with her lips
whispering into his right ear.

          They don't blink at killing anyone
          who gets in their desire‟s way, so
          who cares about killing earth.
          They're too busy consuming to look
          past their snout.

          Don‟t listen; don‟t connect. He‟s
          hacking into your consciousness
          through fear. Fear is the fatal

“E” turns his head to face Selah. His head swims and his
eyes wander, making it unclear as to whether or not he is
actually perceiving her.

                    SELAH (CON‟T)
          Fear is their access point to your
          neural network. They log onto your
          deepest fear & use it to kill. You
          have everything to fear in your
          fear itself. Log off.

          If you really want to save earth
          join me. We can save earth by
          killing all the people.

“E” turns his head back to his opposite shoulder to face
Kurse. Selah‟s eyes well up, and as her countenance falls

she begins to dissolve out of the scene. “E” is left face
to face with Kurse.

          See? I'm on your side. That's why
          I make them want to kill each
          other & kill themselves. I speak
          to all in their heart of darkness.

Switch to P.O.V. of “E” looking at Kurse. The image of “The
No” vortex dissolves in behind Kurse‟s head & spins around
him like a black halo. Images of destruction, disease and
murder are emitted from it as they are mentioned.

          I work for The No; wellspring of
          murder. War is our business,
          disease our science, destruction
          our sport. We pit man against man,
          woman against man, all against hu-
          man. We are by, through, with & in
          his legion. Join me & kill
          everyone if you want anything to
          live. Give peace a chance; save
          the earth; KILL EVERYONE. Of
          course we'll leave a few of the
          finer female specimens for us; you
          know, to take pleasures; but not
          one for them to breed with or
          we'll be back in this mess.
          There's nothing left worth living
          there for anyway. If the meek
          shall inherit the earth, so what;
                (MUSIC UNDER: Ministry “So What”)
          they„ll inherit a junkyard where
          they‟ll boil to death amidst heaps
          of their trash. Perhaps you'd like
          to taste some of the pleasures

Kurse motions to the darkened corner where Dr. Dakin
beckons “E”.

                    DR DAKIN
          Come to me, I‟ll take care of you.
          Let me in & I‟ll get you back to

She offers hands full of pills & needles. Various machines
of the medical industry appear around her.

                    DR DAKIN
          Come to me; let me get that body
          working again so I can give you
          what you really want.

Her wardrobe changes to fetish wear. Her eyes become like
those of Kurse. She is now the character “mAlice”. She
darts across the room to “E”, pulls his head back, drops
pills down his throat then begins to dominate him sexually.
“E”‟s reactions alternate between fear & pleasure.

          Don‟t look so scared; what‟s the
          matter? You look like you want
          your mommy.

          I just want healing; for myself,
          for them, for nature. Yea, I guess
          I want my mommy; Mother Nature.

          Mother nature, that figment of
          your inferior human “O” “S”; that
          bitch, they‟ve killed her. She's
          on our side now. Near is the day
          the earth, the fire, the air, the
          water will run and man will stand
          for things that he has done;
          Hurrah! And the fire will run; and
          you will run. C‟mon, open me; you
          don‟t want into me? I could‟ve
          been your best wet dreams, but now
          I‟ll become your worst nightmare.
          Piss off, let him screw you

Malice removes herself from her position straddling over
“E”‟s groin, pulls him up and violently pushes him across
the room. He lands back in front of Kurse at the altar.

          The unalterable needs, as you call
          the elements of life, are so
          poisoned that one must slave to

          buy what was once free. Those who
          poisoned your land, air & water
          are the same ones you now must buy
          them from. They beat the pants off
          you & now they sell you pants. Our
          deathCULTure rules earth. You want
          justice? Join me. You created the
          “R.U. a W.M.D.” equation. You‟ve
          justified the human death

          No, no.. I was just trying to
          help; heal not kill.

          Your equation was more right than
          you know. You‟re only off by one
          factor. You factored to the
          individual. It‟s humankind as a
          whole that‟s the weapon of mass
          destruction. Watch the timeline:

As Kurse speaks as the fright deck screen shows STOCK
FOOTAGE and STOCK PHOTOS covering the history of human war
and industrialism.

          If humans live, nothing lives.
          Continued human output equals the
          deletion of all life. If we don't
          delete them nothing lives. They
          are the vampires; the host
          destroying parasites. They are the
          cancer; we are the surgeons
          cutting them out. We do life a
          favor in their death. It's just
          eye for an eye. They're the
          killers. We are the good guys. We
          only wear black hats because they
          look good on us.

          They can be upgraded. They can be


          That‟s been tried. They‟ve killed
          the illuminators every time.

STOCK PHOTOS of human sages & leaders from Jesus to
Giordano Bruno to JFK flash by.

          Here‟s what‟s going to happen to
          that son of a glitch humanity.

                                                      CUT TO:


Izzy frenetically works controls at his station. "The No"
animation swirls in space behind him. After punching
several buttons, flipping switches & keying keys, the words
"0-Bit output" appear on his screens. He moves to pull a
lever as a horrific sound of distortion rises. Sound waves
and darkness are sucked into a point of expanding blackness
at the center of "The No" animation. The entire scene
vibrates violently. Izzy pulls a large lever and an
entirely black humanoid creature, visible only by a bluish,
glowing aura around his body is spit out of the center of
"The No". He lands on Izzy's platform like a ninja and
examines his shadowy form like a newborn conscious of its
body for the first time.

          Their obituary is already coded,
          there death is in the queue. The
          “O-bits” are being forged. You've
          got the rare choice of either
          joining us or having your DNA
          loaded into an 0-Bit. You will save
          your precious earth by providing
          our doorway. Together we will save
          all biological life. There‟s
          really only one victim: humankind.
          Save the earth, save the whales,
          save the little baby snow seals,
          the bunnies, the kitty cats, you
          can save them all.

Kurse pulls “E” to his feet MUSIC UNDER: “The Doors: “Not
To Touch The Earth”. Gloves & tomahawks appear on the
ground before “E”. Kurse adorns “E” with war feathers &
smears war paint on his face.

          Let‟s see what you‟re made of;
          stop the killers. If you had a
          clean shot at Pol Pot, Hitler or
          Napoleon before their killing
          fields you would take it. This
          will save far more life than they
          took. You‟ll be the greatest hero
          of all time. Run! I wanna‟ see
          some history.

Kurse mouths the following dialogue in synch with a sample
of Jim Morrison‟s introduction of the Door‟s song “Not To
Touch The Earth”.

          (mouths Jim Morrison voice over)
          Don‟t stop to speak or look
          around, your gloves & fan are on
          the ground. We‟re getting out of
          town, we‟re going on the run, and
          you‟re the one I want to come.

          Run with me & we'll run 'em all

MONTAGE: “E” pulls on buckskin gloves, takes up the
tomahawks & begins circling a fire in war dance. Religious
idols & state symbols dance with him. He runs into a forest
where these symbols become the heads of people. As his fury
rises with the music & Kurse egging him on he begins to
chop off the heads of these political, philosophical &
religious creatures, all except one resembling a swastika.

               (Off Screen)
          Yes, kill „em all, there‟s nothing
          to sort out.

Lieftenant SMITHEY appears beside “E”.

                    LIEFTENANT SMITHEY
          No! Wrong! Stay on mission Captain
          Groom. There‟s only one to kill.
          You are in his lair. You can‟t
          change history but you can kill
          the one who is trying to turn you

          into a killer. Disconnect him and
          get back to basal ganglia. You
          want your body back there?
          Disconnect him!

Smithey pushes „“E”‟ and he is back in the presence of
Kurse. They approach each other until they are eye to eye.
Their faces are swirled together into a spherical shape
that resembles a yin yang.

          Yeah, killer. You‟ve got what it
          takes to run with me. We will save
          earth. WE will kill everyone.
          We‟ll start with just one.
               (points to Fright Deck screen)
          Take your pick.

Hordes of people flash over the screen. Close on “E”
watching. His eyes lock onto something. Reverse angle
reveals him watching SELAH.

                    KURSE (CONT‟D)
          Yeah, it‟s a woman every time. Now
          I see what you love, so I know
          what you‟ll fear. Take your pick.
          You can either join me, or she‟s
          mine. Decide, or I‟ll have him do
          her in NOW.

Kurse points to The “Fright Deck” Screen to show SELAH
walking into a room with SMITHEY & being seated at a
conference table across from an old man in an expensive
suit, watch & jewelry: (WILLIAM DeBERG). An adolescent boy
is bound & gagged in a chair in a corner. He trembles with
fear. This boy & his invention play a larger roll in the

          What‟s she doing there?

         I asked if you wanted to inflict
         justice. Your REVELution would be
         accomplished with the
         “Greedership”, as you call it,
         wiped away. They‟re killers, so we
         are justified. It‟s eye for an

       MUSIC UNDER: “Eye for an Eye” by Anime’Trix
       (Lyrics in Appendix).

         So let‟s go. To test your resolve
         we‟ll start with her. What do you
         think she‟s doing in the presence
         of your enemy; having tea? She
         tricked you. She‟s with them. Do
         her or I‟ll have IZZY come „round
         to bleed her brain too. I love the
         brain hemorrhage; such a clean way
         to kill; leaves everyone standing
         around wondering what happened;
         only we know it‟s my “incorporeal”
         Izzy & I. Izzy here? Izzy there?
         Izzy everywhere; Izzy coming after

                                                     CUT TO:


IZZY at his control station, brings SELAH to his screens.
MUSIC UNDER: Bartok‟s “Andante Tranquillo”. Izzy appears
sad as he works. He manipulates buttons & switches.
“Intracranial hemorrhage” flashes on his screens. He puts
his hand on the execute lever to pull; a tear forms & falls
from his eye. He releases the lever. His expression turns
to fear as his screens fill with the image that is a
negative of the OM. This black sphere simultaneously emits
darkness as it sucks in darkness. This is the image of “The
NO”. It‟s SOUND is distorted electric guitars & hurricane
force winds. Kurse materializes next to Izzy.


 Incorporeal Izzy! Achtung!
Aufmerksamkeit! Why did you not
execute that fate discharge?

I am no longer. I feel of them.

You feel nothing. I‟ll tell you
exactly what you are.
     (motions to “The No” image onscreen)
UNLESS you‟d rather have him show
you. You & that uber-bitch mAlice
were created to execute my
discharges. You were forged from
dark matter. You are powered by
neutrinos; what humans call dark
energy. You run A.K.E.O.S.; our
operating system: The All Knowing
Eye Operating System. You are the
dust of dead stars spit out of
black holes in nether regions of
the multi-verse. You were created
for one purpose: To be death‟s
executioner; and you are going to
do your job or be cast back into
the hole we scraped you from.

          KURSE (CONT‟D)
     I scanned your “think bank” and
 know you‟re jealous you weren‟t
given a corporal body like
 mAlice, but know this; if you
were to walk among them, you‟d
loathe them as much as she does.
She has a different task than you.
She‟s an energy vampire. The dark
energy she is made of attracts
bits of dark matter within the
virtuous. Her job is to invert
bright souls to our legion & swell
the ranks of our human DeathCULT
so that they‟ll keep spreading our
DeathCULTure. She especially
craves the dark matter in good

          people because it‟s like a diamond
          lodged deep in the recesses of
          their brain; when it‟s drawn out
          it has an explosive inversion
          sequence that gushes grey matter
          like blood from a bullet wound.
               (MUSIC UNDER Love & Rockets: Fever)
          mAlice was designed to use their
          lusts as her weapon; she is to
          seduce & you are to reduce; now do

Selah‟s face appears on Izzy‟s screens again as he pushes
buttons to prepare the brain hemorrhage discharge.

          AND, don‟t think you‟re not
          replaceable. Even a trained human
          could do your job. Or he
               (motioning to “The No” image onscreen)
          can re-clone you from any dead
          star. You‟re murders are just
          expedient. You & mAlice are
          external. Smithey here is my
          inside man.

Smithey dissolves into the frame and walks amongst them.

                    KURSE (CONT‟D)
          He hacks into their fleshy little
          brains. Your murders don‟t give us
          full control of their data. Murder
          is one thing, but suicide
          downloads them to us forever.
          When Smithey does the job he gets
          them to off themselves, eternally
          removing them from back-up
          protection in the Om. The Final
          Dis-SOUL-ution; that‟s our new war
          game. We will be running the
          dissolution program on all of them
          after this beta test. What they
          call their soul is nothing but
          their data back up. We are about
          to delete their data stream & rid

          ourselves of the human program

                                                     CUT TO:


Christoph & the others surround “E” & give him care. A shot
from “E”‟s P.O.V. reveals “E” seeing SELAH on board with
them. She dissolves into frame beside “E”; the others are
unaware of her presence. She whispers in his ear.

          Log off of fear; we need you. Feel
          your way back into your corporeal
          body. Breathe. Vive L‟REVELution!
          You destroy DeathCULTure by waging
          PeaceFair, not by killing. Breathe
          into your body. Don‟t let them
          take your brand new heart away.
          It‟s my heart too.

                                                     CUT TO:


IZZY reluctantly closes his fist around the lever & yanks
it back. The image of SELAH on his screen shows her eyes
roll back & she starts to fall

                                                     CUT TO:


“E”‟s P.O.V. shows SELAH falling to the deck of the ship in
synch with her collapse on “The Fright Deck”. As she hits
the ground “E” wakes. His friends are relieved.

                                                     CUT TO:


“E” springs to his feet before Kurse. They begin circling
each other. “E”‟s guitar is seen amongst the weapons
displayed in the room. Kurse sees “E”‟s eyes come to rest
upon it. Kurse grabs the guitar and hurls it into the
fright deck screen where it disappears.

          Now you‟re stuck in my realm. The
          only way out is through me.

 “E” takes up a set of nunchaku from the weapons.

          So you want to be served the final
          death? Commit it, maggot-brain.
          You‟re no revolutionary; you‟re
          just as subject to your desire as
          that pig species. Bastard, son of
          a glitch, now you‟ll work for me.

“E” attacks Kurse & takes the Lugar from him. “E” levels
the pistol at Kurse & cocks it. Shots of the Lugar held to
his own head are inserted.

                                                     CUT TO:

“E” puts a finger to one ear to help clear up the radio
static SOUND of Smithey‟s voice in his head. Flashes of
Smithey‟s face flash into the action.

                    LIEFTENANT SMITHEY
          This is Almighty to CNS fire team.
          Adjudicate! Fire!

                                                     CUT TO:


3-D animations of “E”‟s brain appear on IZZY‟s screens.
Izzy‟s button pushing & lever pulling fire electrical
discharges down neural pathways from “E”‟s amygdala. The
word “KILL” flashes on the screen as IZZY works. Suddenly
all the screens become bright, white light. The SOUND of
tantric breath chants erupts. The OM sphere animation
overtakes all the screens. IZZY is absorbed in the light.

                                                     CUT TO:


“E” is still standing before Kurse with the gun on him,
shaking in fear & anger.

          Go reap yourself.

“E” begins a scream of rage as his finger tightens on the
trigger. The image of the gun to his own head reappears.
The hammer draws back. SELAH enters and kicks the gun from
his hand. Kurse gets back on his feet, grabs the Lugar &
challenges “E” again. “E” battles him back. As his rage
builds the nunchuka become sticks of fire. He strikes Kurse
who begins burning. Kurse raises the Lugar to shoot himself
in the head to stop his pain. “E” begins to relax & watch
in amazement. Kurse‟s expression changes from pain to
hatred He turns the pistol on “E”.

           I‟d rather burn than see you

Kurse has a bead on “E”, as his finger tightens on the
trigger SELAH enters to push “E” out of the way. She is
shot in the torso. “E” rushes Kurse, gets the gun back &
aims it back at him.

          NoooOOO! You‟ll kill us! Hold me.

“E” rushes to her & takes her up in his arms. He turns back
& levels the gun in the direction Kurse stood, but he‟s

          He will kill us! I‟ve got to find

          Nooo, Don‟t you see? Just hold me.

          What good will that do? You need
          bandages or something.

“E” drops to the floor, only to find more weapons.

          Stop and feel; use your heart;
          love heals all wounds

“E” returns to hold her.

          But you‟re bleeding. I‟ll go
          finish him while he‟s slowed down.

           You don‟t understand; they hacked
          into your wet-ware; they‟re
          running a program on you. I can‟t
          lose you again; no killing; just

They begin a soft kiss

          I‟ve waited eons for you

 As they kiss Selah reaches toward “E”‟s pants. After
suggestive motions, she finds the Lugar & slyly removes it.

          And I‟ve searched everywhere for
          you, forsaking all others, and now
          I finally have you, so I have to
          kill him.

          Yes, yes you have me and I have
          you, and I‟m not letting you go;
          kiss me.

They begin a kiss. Close on Selah‟s eyes; they slowly open
& are revealed to be eyes like the black hole eyes of
Kurse. Selah‟s face then morphs into the face of mAlice
“E”‟s eyes are closed during their passionate kiss so he is
unaware of this change. mAlice raises the Lugar to the side
of their entwined heads.

                                                     CUT TO:


“E” & mAlice‟s heads entwined together against a black
background; her face softens & a tear falls; “E”‟s eyes
open; terror twists his face when he sees mAlice just
before she pulls the trigger. The gun fires into their
heads & the exit wound releases an explosion of colors. The
colors slowly swirl through the blackness & reform into the
faces of “E”, Kurse, mAlice & Selah. They move over a

background of scenes from the past of the film.

                                                     CUT TO:


“E” & Selah walk toward each other as in an old West
showdown. “E” is wearing the holster & Lugar that Kurse
had. The backgrounds are a kaleidoscope of video collage
that mix beautiful unspoiled natural vistas of earth with
the ugly vistas of manmade landscapes and destruction.

MUSIC UNDER: Derivative of themes from spaghetti westerns
mixed with the guitar theme played by “E” when entering the
“Tragick Theater”.

          I know your true face now; I‟m
          armed; and I will shoot to kill if
          you don‟t stop.

          You don‟t understand. I had to
          stop you from killing him. He is a
          parasitic anger program they
          hacked into you. Its are a Trojan
          horse virus program that runs to
          trick you into killing yourself.
          If you kill yourself you kill your
          soul. That is their master plan..
          The Final Dis-SOUL-ution.

          But you did the same. You shot us

          Did I?


          You put that gun to our heads &
          pulled the trigger.

          No, I put the projection of a gun
          to a reflection of our heads &
          gave you the illusion that I
          pulled the trigger. It was the
          only way I could think to stop you
          from trying to kill him.
          Stop thinking, & feel. I had to
          partition you from him. I had to
          free you of anger and hate so that
          we could be together.

          I don‟t believe you. How can I
          believe any of this?

          You must delete your anger & learn
          to trust; trust in feeling love.
          Any hateful force you use, even if
          it is against what you perceive as
          evil, will rise against you in
          eternity. I stopped you from
          killing him to stop you from
          killing your soul. I don‟t want to
          be without you again. I am your
          soul mate. That‟s not an
          expression of romanticism. I AM
          you are mine. Our hearts were
          merged as one & became brand new.

          I can‟t. I can‟t trust that you
          won‟t change into her again.

They are almost face to face with each other at this point.
MUSIC UNDER: “Brand New Heart” by Auditorium.


              Either way you have to go on. You
              well know the laws of
              thermodynamics. Energy cannot be
              destroyed but must flow on. You‟ll
              have to flow on in distrust; I
              choose to flow this way. It‟s a
              shame; I felt as if I could have
              walked into you just now & we
              could have become one forever, but
              instead we‟ll just walk past each
              other again & you will look for me
              eternally in all realms, always
              wondering where I am; crying for
              your muse; howling into endless
              night for your dream girl;
              wandering the cosmos for your soul
              mate; the one you lost because you
              didn‟t trust in love.

They walk past each other & continue. “E” into the sunset,
SELAH into the dawn.

Several shots show the distance between them growing as “E”
trudges away. Emotion wells up within him. He pounds once
on his heart. We observe SELAH walking away beyond “E”‟s
shoulder as he walks toward camera. She looks back over her
shoulder at him, then turns away, walks a few more steps &
disappears. “E”‟s forlorn look turns to complete sadness.
He sheds a tear and looks back over his shoulder to find
her gone. He turns & begins to run in the direction she
disappeared into.

                                                                           CUT TO:


“E” arrives running back under the overpass, near
exhaustion. He searches the area frantically. He finds his
guitar in the spot it lay at the film‟s beginning. He
straps it on and plays the riff. The “Tragick Theater” doorway appears in the
concrete again. “E” walks into it and disappears. The doorway disappears once he is

                                                                           CUT TO:

INT. CHROMA KEY SCENES: Opposite side of the door. “E”
enters into formless void. The scene beneath the overpass
can be seen through the rectangle of the doorway he steps

through. It closes as soon as he steps inside. He panics &
begins to sink until his feet hit ground in a blackened,
filthy, smoldering wasteland. We track with “E” as he walks
through foreboding vistas (visually similar to Max Ernst‟s
”Europe After The Rain”). Within a particularly dark vista
we see Kurse approaching. Once again it feels like an old
west showdown. Kurse is armed with weapons from several
cultures. “E” slings the guitar from his back & plays the
riff, but nothing happens; Kurse continues toward him. He
plays it again, except this time in a minor key, black
notes & sharps. Kurse‟s image breaks up a bit, as if there
is interference in broadcast T.V. signal, but he gets
closer, takes aim and fires a pistol at him.

          You thought you could disengage

“E” quakes in indecision. Selah‟s words echo in his head.

               (Voice Over)
          Any hateful force you use, even if
          it is against what you perceive as
          evil will rise against you in
          eternity. When you are in doubt,
          think of Love, think of me before
          you do anything.

          Go ahead. I‟ll give you the first
          move Nancy; tree hugger, Hippie.
          You lost your fire. Now we mow you

“E” feels down to his gun holster. A look of surprise on
his face; C.U.- Reveal empty holster and “E”‟s empty hand
swinging at his side. Kurse is seen still bearing down on
him. A hand reaches in to grab “E”‟s. A wide shot reveals
SELAH beside him. “E” turns from Kurse & pulls SELAH in for
a Kiss. Light from the setting sun passing between their
lips expands. They part lips & the light reveals the
silhouette of Kurse. The light continues to expand &
brightens to overexpose and dissolve Kurse within it.

               (happily tearing)
          You did it.

          You did it; I was going for the
          gun but it wasn‟t there; I must
          have dropped it.

          But in the    moment you could have
          panicked &    dropped into fear, you
          thought of    me. You gave love the
          space-time    to enter.

          And there you were. But how did we
          do that? How did we destroy him?
          Where did that light come from?

          When we network through touch,
          thoughts, hugs, kisses; when we
          vibrate as lovers in resonant
          harmony we can access photons
          within the DNA strings of our
          cells; trillions of photons. You
          saw me as I really am; you logged
          onto my feeling of love for you
          and we aimed, fired and blew that
          dark bastard to dust. We're all
          just stardust; light is the divine
          wind that blows on dust. The sound
          of all
               (the SOUND of The Om is heard)
          organizes it into the harmonious
          databanks that form you & I. See
          me as I really am, kiss me & let's

We see Selah from “E”‟s P.O.V. and she morphs into an
outline of pure light for a moment. We then watch them
share a kiss as Selah speaks the following lines. “E”‟s
closed eyes begin to R.E.M. We move in on him. After a
moment a negative image of Kurse‟s face fades in and out.

          Can you see there was no Kernel
          Kurse? They hacked your fear to
          create him inside you so you'd
          want to kill him & kill yourself.

          That was a beta test. They'll
          debug and try to run it in the
          entire human O.S. next. But don‟t
          fear, we‟re not alone in this
          fight; you have allies you don‟t
          yet know about, all waiting for
          you to remember.

C.G. – The animation of The Om appears like a halo around
their kissing heads. The members of “E”‟s band “Animetrix”
are emitted from the sound wave vibrating at center. Other
characters from the trilogy (part 2: “Apocalypse Nearer-
Ready or Not”; part 3: “Apocalypse Nearer- ArmaGet‟em”)
also appear.

          We are here observing your
          choices. We live in a “multiverse”
          of free will & you can choose to
          have love walk with you & it will
          never leave. So now you can finish
          your walk back there armed with

          Oh, so I guess this is the part
          where you disappear & I never see
          you again.

          I wouldn‟t be too sure. You‟ve
          defeated your darkness in that
          vibrational realm. You don‟t need
          me there anymore, but you may soon
          learn of a next place of
          migration, where you may be needed
          for another purpose.
               (A photo of William DeBerg appears)
          FACT: At least two thirds of the
          “multiiverse is composed of dark
          matter; soon, 100% of earth will
          be inhabited by dark matter; but
          no matter that, we will always
          have each other in dreams.
               (MUSIC: “In Dreams” by Roy Orbison)
          But now you must wake up. Wake up
          silly boy.

                                                     CUT TO:


“E” asleep beneath overpass (identical to scene 1). He
stirs and moves his hands in position on the guitar and
plays the riff. His eyes open. He unwinds from the ground
up into the lotus position, then stands and begins walking
around, searching the grounds. Amirah is seen approaching
in her car on the street below. She pulls over, gets out of
her car and runs over to him.

         Are you O.K.? What are you doing?
         Why did you come back here?

         I‟m not sure I did. I just woke up
         here. I think I was looking for my

         Your what?

         My ring; I think I had a ring that
         I lost here. It all comes full
         circle, you know? I think if I
         could find that ring, then I could
         find out who I am.

         I just thought of something that
         may help. Just after you woke up
         in the hospital, you said
         something I keep forgetting to ask
         you about. You said “blue mud”.
         What did that mean?

         Blue mud.. Wait, strange; I have a
         feeling of that. I can see it.

          There was blue mud! Blue & orange
          mud seeping into the lake.

                                                     CUT TO:

A boy of about 7 years resembling “E” walks the shore of a
small lake with a father figure. The faces of the boy‟s
real father, grandfather & a Native American elder dissolve
together. They look down at a pool of swirling bluish,
orange sandy mud seeping into the lake.

                    “E”‟S FATHER
          That‟s why I can‟t let you fish
          here any more son; it‟s pollution;
          it‟s sewage, sludge; it‟s from all
          this building near the lake
          without proper waste management.
          Somebody‟s making money while
          others pay the price.

                                                     CUT TO:


“E” turns Amirah toward him.

          So I guess I may be someone after
          all; someone who maybe even had a
          father or fathers. Hey, I‟m
          someone! But what if I was to find
          out who I was and, or what I am &
          I‟m somebody you don‟t love?

          That couldn‟t happen silly boy.

          How do you know?

          A woman knows; and I knew I was in
          love with you the moment I saw

             you. So why don‟t you kiss me
             before you maybe find out I‟m
             somebody you don‟t love. Boy you
             worry a lot for a guy who‟s
             already been dead & back once or

             Yeah, C‟mere deja‟ face.


             There‟s always been something
             about you I can‟t put my finger
             on. Like having déjà vu‟ or
             something on the tip of my tongue,
             so let‟s see if I can get it off.
             (grins & licks his teeth)

They kiss.

             Boy, what took you so long?

 “E” stares solemnly at Amirah. “E”‟s P.O.V.; The SOUND of
frogs‟ mating calls are heard. Amirah‟s face slowly begins
to pixel dissolve & become the face of Selah. “E” reacts
with amazement.

             Aaah Wha? Ha!?

             What‟s the matter?

             Your face.

             What?! What about it!

          How‟d you do that?! What happened
          to you? You‟re HER!

          I better be. What‟re you talking

          How did you change from you to her

          me to whom?

          You look completely different.

Amirah takes a mirror from her purse.

               (In mirror, her face is SELAH)
          What are you talking about. I look
          the same as I do everyday. For
          better or worse.

          But no; you look like her. You
          look exactly like her!


          The girl of my dreams.

               (happy sniffling)
          C‟mon brain boy. The girl of your
          dreams is walking you home &
          putting you to bed.

          Hey, remember the night I said
          that if you didn‟t think I was
          lunatic afterwards, I‟d have to

          give you a high rank in The

          Sure do.

          O.K. then. A promise is a promise.
          Wanna‟ go steady with the head

They begin to kiss. A motorist driving an S.U.V. yells at
them from the street.

          Hey you freaks, get a life.

          OK, I‟ll take a nap, but then it‟s
          back to it. I may have defeated my
          anger, but DeathCULTure seems
          alive & well.

“E” picks up his guitar and plays his riff. He then takes
Amirah by the hand. They walk out from the overpass into
the setting sun. MUSIC UNDER: “Afloat” by Anime‟Trix (see

          Think before you answer Amirah. I
          mean, I don‟t want you to think
          this is like some big happy
          “HollyWeird” ending. These were
          only the opening shots of the
          “REVELution”; just coming
          attractions. The only way we can
          succeed; and I mean we the big WE;
          we the people; we the human
          species; the only way is through
          the launch of a new brain so to
          speak. This saving the planet from
          the unconsciously consuming humans
          thing is just act one of the war
          on war. The only way that is to be
          accomplished is through mental
          transmutation. Remember,
               (pointing to his skull)

          right here. More connections than
          there are grains of sand on earth
          or stars in the sky. Here there
          are places to build many mansions.
          Here is where this “Viridian
          REVELution” ends; here in the
          place we‟ll call Viridia. The
          United Mental States of Viridia;
          and from here we may learn the way
          to peace or continue to die out
          here eye for an eye, leaving
          everybody blind. If it‟s eye for
          an eye everybody‟s gonna‟ die in
          killing everyone til‟ there‟s no
          death left undone. Eye for an eye,
          it‟s about what lens you‟re
          looking through; a camera lens
          through to the lens of someone‟s
          eye & through that looking glass
          light energy passes into infinite
          connections within. Energy created
          never destroyed; and onward we‟ll
          bring this REVELution to next. For
          it‟s only my darkness I‟ve
          defeated; all darkness remains
          prowling, stalking human prey. It
          comes again.

They stop & observe the setting sun. A crumpled newspaper
blows toward them like a tumbleweed. They pick it up. It‟s
a Japanese periodical with the headline: “Anime‟Trix Are
Not Just For Kids!” In the photo amongst the members of
this rock band in kabuki/anime‟ make-up is “E” with his
guitar in hand. The paper explains his mysterious
disappearance. This information appears in subtitles as a
narrator reads in Japanese. (“E”‟s music career is the
source of money Kurse refers to in act 1). The photo
caption shows the names of the band members. “Adam Groom”
appears under “E”. The first sequel in the “Apocalypse
Near” trilogy explores “E”‟s past in this group, their
“cover” as a rock “super group”, what they are & what they
are doing on earth.

          Well, it‟s not the ring I thought
          I‟d find, but it‟s definitely part
          of the circle. I think I can

          remember this. I wish I was still
          just a simple “big in Japan” rock

Amirah stands staggered before him.

          I‟m big into anime‟; I‟ve probably
          seen you in the zines; that may be
          why you‟ve always seemed familiar
          to me. The makeup concealed you
          just enough. I can‟t believe this.
          Tell me everything.

          I‟ll try. It‟s only coming through
          in micro-bits. I can‟t put it
          together. It‟s just good to know I
          existed. I‟m just getting audio-
          visual bursts, but my past seems
          even more bizarre than what we‟ve
          just been through. This explains a
          lot about what we just did and
          what I have to do next. I‟m
          overloaded; I‟ll have to find a
          parser to make sense of it.

INTERCUT brief clips of “E” performing onstage in kabuki
makeup with his “Anime‟trix” band mates.

           But memory is coming back! It‟s
          streaming into me. I am “E”.
          Specifically, I am ““E”-1”

INTERCUT: The satellite/”space scroll” from scene 1
tumbling onto “E”‟s brain. The mini-disc that Smithey had
slid into “E”‟s head is seen in reverse (sliding out of
“E”‟s head).

          I am Epsilon; first generation;
          version one point “0”. We were
          rushed into service, bugs & all.
          It‟s only just begun, this
          “REVELution” for earth & the war

          in heaven. We were installed on
          earth to abort the “DeathCult”
          download. We were to start with
          small evils; street crime,
          corporate lobbies and the like, in
          order to work out the bugs. We
          were to move up the food chain of
          evil to help salvage the earth and
          then hopefully be ready for the
          war in the heavens. As above, so
          below. The rock band, “Anime‟trix”
          is our cover; OR, maybe I am just
          plain crazy.

          No crazier than this world. No
          crazier than I. Look at me.

“E” turns toward Amirah. She takes his hands and pulls him
a bit closer. We are going to follow this quest wherever it
takes us.

We cut to “E”‟s P.O.V. and as Amirah continues her speech
we see her face morph back and forth between the faces of
Amirah and Selah.

                    AMIRAH / SELAH
          You tell whoever will listen and
          keep bringing the fight. Yes
          people will think you're crazier
          than Chicken Little crying wolf
          saying the world ending, being
          invaded by a dark matter alliance
          of creatures with a suicide
          system, but this is what's
          happening. The apocalypse is not
          just coming, it's near. I guess
          we‟ll find out whether earth
          becomes a ghost town.handsignal

SOUND UNDER: The guitar riff is heard.

                               TILT UP TO SKY & DISSOLVE TO:


“E”‟s face fades out as the sky dissolves into deep space.
(MUSIC UNDER: Covenant: “Dead Stars”).

          This has been a test of the EE-
          Urgency mind-cast system. This is
          only a test. If this had been an
          actual “E”-urgency, you would have
          been instructed where to tune-in
          to gain intelligence, neural
          trajectory, wavelength, course of
          action & methods by which you
          might free the self of the urgency
          & return to your preferred state
          of euphoric neural intake.


Izzy appears on his orbiting platform. ”The No” vortex
swirls in space behind him. We pull away from his sad face
to see thousands of cloned Izzy‟s keying adding machines.
After a few moments the clones fade to black and appear
only as shadows with bluish auras. The foreground of the
scene shows a line of human souls stretching down to earth
like an escalator to hell. The stairway to heaven beside it
is empty, but for 3 glowing egg shaped souls attached by
silvery chords to earth. Imagery of human destructions on
earth spins out of “The No” vortex along with other
iconography that depicts the worst of human history.

                    THE NO
          Auchtung Izzy! Catalog their fear,
          load the 0-bits; prepare to
          install A.K.E.O.S.; the final
          “Dis-Soul-ution; eternal deletion
          of the human data; infinite

“E”‟s face dissolves into the scene & fills the frame.

          The horror.. The horror.

               (voice over)

          Just keep faith. You're not going
          to believe what you are and what
          you can do. You fight and win the
          war on war. There's going to be
          action figures made out of you.

A set of silvery strings drops to divide the foreground of
the scene. Pull back to reveal a black harp. Hands enter to
play the “Tragick Theater” melody.

                                                           FADE OUT.

Closing credits – MUSIC: “I Walk The Line” by Alien Sex

     The fight against DeathCULTure continues:
         Connect to secret missions of REFORMance art

In Infinite Love & Light,
Eric Haase, Tampa,FL 01/01/07

                        (813) 234-4074          cell: (813) 215-9488
                                  “E”-mail:   “E”@imagimedia-inc.com

Apocalypse Near- APPENDICES

Sequels & Spin Off TV Series
     Sequel #1- “Apocalypse Nearer, Ready or Not”
     Sequel #2 – “Apocalypse Nearer, ArmaGet‟em

     T.V. Series– “This Green House”
Definition of Interactive glyphs

A number of glyphs will be used to identify hot links that
lead to either web available or DVD-ROM available content
that supplements the film‟s story, Expand its content, &/or
lead the viewer to related activities, environmental
activism, & merchandise. The film‟s dedicated website at
www.consciousconsumers.net/revelution contains multi-media
that allows the audience to interact with the real &
fictional characters, engage in the ongoing activities of
the REFORMance art groups & partake in the events that will
become part of the film‟s sequels & spin-off television
series which is written & in development.

Glyphs will be used to lead viewers to DVD available
content that supplements the experience of the film.

I have the following songs for the soundtrack & have access to
literally hundreds of license free songs from bands I‟ve recorded with.

     Eye For An Eye            (Kurse’s theme)
     Lyric by “E”. Haase, Music by “E”. Haase & Anime‟Trix ® B.M.I.
     Eye for an eye leaving everybody blind
     They can try to live that lie but in the end a waiting fire
     All those wounds be opened up filling blood in every cup
     Watch it come, come on faster, the fabulous disaster

     On Hell‟s comin‟ on, the fat lady singin‟ songs
     Round heads goin‟ round, drilling souls into the ground
     Ground up & grinding filling stores where no one‟s minding
     Groundswell corpses bound Earth a burial mound

     If it‟s eye for an eye everybody‟s gonna‟ die
     One judge one kill another one until there‟s no death left undone
     Lies taunting liars stoke inferno funeral pyres
     Pyres for vampires flying on guide wires

     Eye for an eye leaving everybody blind
     Darker & darker not a photon or a spark there

     Eye for an eye leaving   everybody blind
     Pave the earth & drain   the seas
     We are self-fulfilling   prophecies
     Eye for an eye leaving   everybody blind

      Black Rabbit
      One pill makes you harder
      And one pill makes you crawl
      And the ones the T.V. sells you
      Do that, everything & all
      Go ask Malice, when she‟s tripping you the fall

      And if you chase blackened rabbits,
      Somewhere out there beyond the laws
      Tell them a hook-up choking side effects
      Has given you the call
      Calling Malice
      When kingdoms must fall.

      When men on Avenue Madison
      Get up and tell you where to go
      Android subliminals come bind from hush rooms
      As your mind is moving low
      Go ask Malice, I think she‟ll know

      When logic & proportion
      Have fallen softly dead
      And the right sight is stalking wrong words
      And the crowd shouts off with your head!
      Remember what the Doors man said: Bleed your Head, bleed your

Words &, music: “E”. Haase ®B.M.I.
Afloat on the waves of desire
Peering through the looking glass of time
She appeared in the mire
Then faded out like smoke-rings, disappeared
Shape shifted into nothingness

It‟s all a-floatin‟ out on space
We‟re a floatin‟ human race
Do ya‟ feel? The floatin‟ of all your cells?
The smile floats on your face as she tells
I love you

Afloat, Technicoloured like old movies
Caught in dusty memories in my mind
Lap dissolved there; disappeared
gone like a child blows dandelion

Afloat to the stacked clouds on the breeze
We once made pictures in their ease
Afloat on our backs in a grass field
Where‟d it all go I don‟t know?

Grass picture clouds & smoke rings & you & my mind?
All lost for now or all time? All walked out the door with

Afloat so our life went in the seconds
sailed off beyond horizons off edges of flatlands
Sinking in the questioning, are we meant for each other?
Just for now? Or for all time?

Then what? Will our souls bubble up?
On new waves collide again in kisses & questioning
Are we meant for each other just for now, or all time?


BRIDGE / Outro:
It‟s all-afloat
Everything „s buoyant seas
Cast adrift on space time
Afloat like my image on your eyes
Without you that picture dies afloat.

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