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									    Welcome to
    The Isle of
 Sheppey Academy
  Information Pack for the position of
            Head of School

              Dulwich College

            The Diocese of Canterbury

                   Kent County Council

INTRODUCTION                                                                          3

HEAD TEACHERS’ LETTER                                                                 4

THE ACADEMY VISION                                                                    5,6

THE ACADEMY DAY                                                                       6
         Our Priorities
         GCSE grades                                                                  7
         Support Structure                                                            8
         Other useful contacts                                                        9
         Relocation and area information                                              10
         Useful links & rough guide to travel times                                   11
         Information about the Island                                                 12

The Vacancy:
       Job Description                                                                13, 14
       Person Specification                                                           15
       The Appointment Process                                                        16

All of the following documents can be downloaded from the Academy website:

        Our School Prospectus, which includes maps of our new building, can be found on the
         Academy website under the heading of: About the Academy

        More information on our school structure, our specialist areas, plus links to the
         community can also be found on the Academy website.

        Also on our website the details of our governing body and the message from our Chair
         of Governors: Baroness Floella Benjamin, O.B.E. D.L.

We are seeking exceptional staff to join our team and that share our passion for teaching and learning
and a vision of inspirational education.

With 2,300 students and over 400 teaching and support staff, the Academy is setting out to transform
education and learning for the people and children of the Isle of Sheppey. The Academy was created in
September 2009, with Dulwich College as the lead sponsor. It is an exciting time to join us on our
educational journey of improving the aspirations of the community and of the local area.

The Academy is based on two sites, two miles apart and using the schools within schools concept. The
Academy delivers a wide curriculum including vocational education and in two years will be working
from brand new, state of the art buildings.

Our West site in Sheerness has capacity for 1,000 students, split into two 500 pupil schools. Our East
site is the larger, with 1,500 students in three, 500 pupil schools. The students are grouped vertically
from age 11-18 for pastoral care.

The £54 million pound new build project which starts in March 2011, will house the schools separately
for academic subjects. Therefore, Abbey, Harty, Shurland, (all East) Brabazon & Sheerness (both West)
schools will have shared vocational and communal areas on each site. The East site in Minster will
have fantastic sports facilities and the West site in Sheerness will have a superb theatre and studios for
performing arts. The innovative design of the buildings will support the teaching and learning strategies
and our specialities of Sports and Business and Enterprise.

We are currently creating an attractive recruitment and retention package for all Academy teaching and
support staff that will also have an attractive menu of benefits attached. This will ensure a workforce that
knows that it is truly valued. In addition the Academy has a supportive structure to enable your
Continuing Professional Development to flourish and to ensure that you can be an effective member of
our team.

January 2011

Dear Applicant

Thank you for your interest in the post of Head of School at The Isle of Sheppey Academy.

This vacancy has arisen due to the promotion of the previous post holder to the role of Principal
in another Academy. Therefore it is envisaged that the successful candidate will be based on
the Academy West Site in Sheerness.

The Academy educates approximately 2,300 students over two sites with more than 300 in the
6th Form.

The social and economic background of the Academy is very mixed and includes some areas
of social deprivation. The proportion of students eligible for free school meals is above the
national average.

The challenge of opening a new Academy from four predecessor schools cannot be
underestimated. Now the challenge is to improve the climate for learning and raise aspirations
and achievement.

There has been noticeable success in our first year of operation, results rose from 22% to 30%
(5 or more GCSE’s including English and Maths). However, there is room for further

We shall be looking for a professional with a track record of delivering improvement and the
successful applicant will be a motivator, leader and manager of a school which has an exciting
journey to make.

You will receive the backing of a committed SLT who, like you, want the Academy to be a

We look forward to receiving your application.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Alan Klee                                              Mr David Rahman
Executive Headteacher – West Site                         Executive Headteacher – East Site

           The Curriculum
The Academy Vision
The Academy aims to raise standards by providing a high quality, complementary, relevant and
stimulating learning environment with a curriculum offer which provides an exciting blend of
core, academic and vocational provision. The aim is to embed excellence and success. This is
being achieved through the offer of two pathways to success - the academic and the
vocational. These are not mutually exclusive of one another, but co-exist in order that students
can change their pathway and still succeed or may choose to follow elements of both. By
providing these routes tailored to individual students’ aptitudes we optimise their acquisition of
skills and knowledge, develop their social learning and retain them in education and training
post 16. Thus, each student is provided with an individual pathway to success.
This means that those who require an enrichment programme in English or Mathematics are
able so to do alongside students who want to take their GCSEs early. Students who want to
follow a course which combines the traditional academic route with a vocational route are also
able so to do. Thus a student can consider a course at Diploma level in hairdressing alongside
an A level course in French. The consistent monitoring of students alongside a powerful
mentoring system means that throughout their careers at the Academy students are in a
position to achieve their potential.
The Academy engenders a positive attitude amongst students towards learning by focusing on
consistent high quality teaching and by offering a broad range of stretching and relevant
opportunities for all. In addition it seeks to engender high aspirations for both students and their
Our vision for the Academy is for a values–based school which is underpinned by a broad
Christian ethos. Values-based education is not a new subject incorporated into the curriculum;
rather it is an education philosophy, an approach to teaching and learning that underpins the
way a school organises itself, develops relationships and promotes positive human values.
Values-based education inspires students to choose their own positive personal, social, moral
and spiritual values and be aware of developing themselves as active learners and citizens in
the community. This approach to education supports the promotion of an inclusive school
ethos and helps students to raise their self-esteem and take greater responsibility of their own
behaviour and learning.
Although the Academy specialises in Business and Enterprise and Sports, the concept of the
rich and varied curriculum focuses sharply upon providing varied pathways to meet the needs
of individual students. Our students also benefit from a small school environment exhibited in
the school within a school model similar to Dulwich College, whilst also enjoying the economies
of scale of the larger institution. This has allowed the Academy to develop the individual
pathway programme fully. In addition, by placing students into smaller learning communities
called Schools a greater sense of belonging is fostered.

The Academy is fully supportive of the education provision for the whole of the Island. This
means working closely with the feeder junior schools to ensure a smooth transition from junior

school to the Academy. Equally, it works closely with post 16 provision on the Island. Although
the Academy provides full provision for all students up to the end of Year 13 and includes an
element of collaboration with local education partners. The Academy also provides for the
whole community, seeking to be at the heart of the Island for all forms and style of education.

The Academy Day
Key Stages 3, 4 & 5
08:30 Period 1
09:50 Break
10.10 Period 2
11.30 Period 3 (Includes 50 minute lunch)
13:40 Period 4
15:00 End of the school day

Academy Priorities For 2011
       To establish ‘One Academy’ ethos

       Overall % 5+ A*-C grades -70%

       5+ A*-C including English & Mathematics - 35%

       Attendance - 90%

       Improve the quality of teaching
           o Inadequate 0%
           o Satisfactory 40%
           o Good 50%
           o Outstanding 10%

       Training and systems in place to secure accurate assessment of student performance

GCSE Grades
                            Overall % 5+ A*-C grades



            % 40



                            % 5+ A*-C inc Eng & Maths



                        1             2         3           4

            Results :            Minster Minster Minster IOSA*
                                 College College College 2010
                                  2007    2008    2009
       % A*- C English                           34      46
       % A*- C Maths                                   31       39
       % 5 + A*- C grades        34        45          54       65
       % 5 + A*- C grades        25        21          22       30
       incl. English and
       % 5 + A*- G grades        88        79          82       83
       % 1 A*- G grades          94        95          95       95

    IOSA= The Isle of Sheppey Academy

Chair of Governors             Baroness Floella Benjamin O.B.E.

West Site
Executive Head                 Mr A Klee
West site – Brabazon School
Head of school                 Mr Adam Reed

Pastoral Managers              Mrs J Lynch
                               Mrs S Jeffery
Advanced Skills Teacher        Mr M Ellis

West site – Sheerness School
Head of school                 Mr S Davies

Pastoral Managers              Mrs S Knight
                               Miss E Lawson
Advanced Skills Teacher        Mark Forbes

East Site
Executive Head             Mr D Rahman
East site - Shurland School
Head of school                 Mr J Barritt

Pastoral Managers              Mrs S Oliver
                               Mrs D Spocchia
Advanced Skills Teacher        Mr D Meaning

East site – Abbey School
Head of school                 Vacancy

Pastoral Managers              Mr P Martin
                               Mrs L Baseley
Advanced Skills Teacher        Mr M Walmsley

East site – Harty School
Head of school             Mr B Corbett

Pastoral Managers          Ms A Peddle
                           Mrs S Sheppard
Advanced Skills Teacher    Mr A Greenfield

Assistant Heads East
                           Ms S Williams
                           Mr A Fogg

Other useful contacts:

Assistant Head –West       Mr A Scott

Head of Post 16 East       Mrs M Mills
Head of Post 16 West       Mrs V Standing

Advanced Skills Teacher    Mrs M Powell

Attendance Officers        Mrs C Davies
                           Mr R Bennett
                           Ms P Jackson
                           Miss L Lewry
                           Mrs A Wyles
                           Mrs C Hook
                           Miss D Epps

Relocation Information
Kent is The Garden of England and boasts many beautiful and historic features. However,
more importantly, on a day to day basis it has excellent road and rail networks to most of the
county in addition to London and Paris.

The Isle of Sheppey is situated on the North Kent Coast and is within easy driving distance to
Maidstone our county town.

The nearest large town is Sittingbourne, which is part of the Medway towns: Chatham
Gillingham, Strood & Rochester.

To the East of the Island along the North Kent Coast, is the market town of Faversham, and
then the seaside towns of Herne Bay and Whitstable.

On the eastern most tip of the coast, is the Isle of Thanet which comprises of Birchington,
Westgate on Sea, Margate, Broadstairs and the port of Ramsgate.
Apart from our colleagues who live on the island many of our staff live and commute in from
these areas.

House prices are relatively reasonable compared to other parts of Southern England and we
have a good selection of all types of property for every budget.

We can give you assistance in booking a hotel for a visit to the area should you wish and would
be delighted to tell you all about living in Kent.

Justine Macey and the Human Resources Team

Some useful links:

Local Authority information:

If you use public transport, this is the map for you:

A rough guide to travel times from The Isle of Sheppey:
To the centre of London                   By train or road - 1hour 30 mins
To Canterbury                           By road - 45 mins

To Dover Docks & Ferries                By road - 1 hr
To Euro Tunnel Folkestone               By road – 1 hr
To Ashford International Station        by road – 50 mins
To Ebbsfleet International Station      by road – 30 mins

Travel time to France from Dover        by ferry – 1hr 10 minutes
To Paris                                Eurostar – 35 mins

To Gatwick Airport                      by road – 1 hr
To Heathrow Airport                     by road – 1hr 40 mins
To Stansted Airport                     by road _ 1 hr 30 mins

Estate Agencies:

Approximate Typical Travel Costs
By Train to London                      £25 day return (Off Peak)
By Ferry to France                      £50 day return (without any concessions)
By Euro Star to Paris                   £90 return if booked 1 month in advance

Approximate Typical Accommodation Rental Costs in and around Sheerness
1 Bedroom Flat                          £450 - £500 per calendar month
2 Bedroom Flat                          £550 - £600 pcm
2 Bedroom House                         £600 - £650 pcm
3 Bedroom House                         £650 - £750 pcm

Typical Accommodation Costs in and around Sheerness

1 Bedroom Flat                          £50 - £60K
2 Bedroom Flat                          £70 - £90
2 Bedroom House                         £80 - £100k
3 Bedroom House                         £100 - £120K

The Isle of Sheppey
The Isle of Sheppey is situated in the Medway and Maidstone district of the county of Kent and is one of
the largest islands in the UK. The Island is separated from the mainland by the Swale channel and
measures 4 miles x 9 miles (7km x 15km).

The Sheppey Crossing bridge opened in 2006 and gives easy access to and from the island. London is
just 50 miles away. The nearest airports are Gatwick, Stansted and Heathrow, which can all be reached
via the M25. Nearby at Ebbsfleet and Ashford there are stations for the Eurostar high speed train to
Paris and the port of Dover is also within easy reach.
The Isle of Sheppey offers water sports, blue flag beaches, cycle routes, a nature reserve as well as
historic pubs and restaurants. Sports lovers are well served on the Island. The Isle of Sheppey is a
superb sailing environment with direct access at all states of the tide to an Olympic quality sailing area.
The sailing club is one of the oldest in the UK and the annual round the island race, held since 1959,
attracts entrants from far and wide. The beach at Sheerness has recently been awarded the European
Blue Flag and there are more good beaches along the north edge of the island. Minster Leas is a good
surfing beach. There is a leisure centre on the island with swimming facilities and courts for tennis,
badminton and squash as well as a fitness suite and sports hall. The Island boasts a Royal Society for
the Protection of Birds (RSPB) site at Elmley Marshes that has hides for watching resident and visiting
water birds. Swale National Nature Reserve on the southern tip of the island is a large area of grazing
marsh. The path along the sea wall offers views across the salt marsh and it is good at all times of the
year for spotting birds of prey.

The Sheppey Little Theatre has recently been refurbished and holds musical evenings to packed

The bustling commercial port of Sheerness, known as the capital of the island is the largest importer of
cars in the country.

In the village of Eastchurch, in 1909 aviation took its first steps at Muswell Manor when the Aero Club
was founded.

                           HEAD OF SCHOOL
Job Description
    Reporting to the appropriate Executive Head you will have full delegated day-to-day
      operational charge of your School and be responsible for the welfare of all students, staff and
      visitors within (and in any of the shared on-site facilities). As appropriate, you will liaise with
      the other Academy Heads of School.

        With your permanent assigned Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) you will monitor and quality
         assure the teaching and learning taking place in the programme of study taking place within
         your school.

        You will have executive control of the pastoral care of the vertically grouped students within
         your school.

        You will have total responsibility for the delivery and monitoring of a major Academy wide
         teaching and learning brief, this will be agreed following a discussion with the Executive Heads
         or Principal.

        You will be responsible for the performance management of Subject Leaders as assigned by
         the Executive Head or Principal. You will ensure they are consistent in their leadership and
         development of their assigned curriculum programmes, both within your school and across the

a) Know-How
Use experienced authoritative and specialised knowledge to lead and integrate diverse tasks within the
school and Academy through inspiring, motivating, mediating and interpersonal skills.
b) Problem-Solving
Draw on the support of the Academy’s clearly defined policies, principles and values, the Principal’s
strategy and the appropriate Executive Head’s leadership to resolve challenges by extrapolating from
c) Accountability
By determining activities and tactics within plans, you will be directly accountable for the
teaching and learning outcomes of any teams that you line manage.

Purpose and Scope
1. Reporting to the appropriate Executive Head you will have responsibility for the day-to-day
operational management of your School.

2. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team you will be responsible for the academic and
vocational teaching and learning in your School and its contribution towards securing high
standards of achievement for all students in the Academy.

You will be the leader of your School being responsible for the personal, social, health and emotional
development of each student.

Your objectives:
1. Securing engagement and independence underpinned by Christian values.
2. Securing the right attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding.
3. Monitoring the quality of teaching and learning, as required.
4. Leading assemblies, as required.

Intended outcomes:
1. Successful learners who enjoy learning make progress and achieve.
2. Confident individuals who are able to lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.
3. Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

1. In your School, fostering a climate of high expectation amongst all staff and students and ensuring
Academy lesson observation and performance management systems are effectively managed.

2. Using data effectively to identify students who are under-achieving and, where necessary, devising
and implementing effective plans of action to support those students.

3. Analysing and interpreting data relevant to your School. Monitoring student, progress, being involved
in the mentoring and target setting of underperforming students

4. Establishing short, medium, and long-term plans for the development and resourcing of your School.

5. Through those you line manage ensure the same high standards are met for the assigned curriculum
programmes of your School by monitoring the progress made in achieving each of Subject Leaders
plans and targets.

6. Monitoring attendance, rewards and sanctions within your School.

Qualities required for the post:         E= Essential;       D= Desirable
Person Specification
 A good honours degree.                                                                                      E
 Qualified teacher status.                                                                                   E
 NPQH or working towards.                                                                                    D


 Experience of teaching 11-18.                                                                               D
 A proven track record as a good or better classroom practitioner.                                           E
 A track record demonstrating the achievement of high standards, continuous improvement and quality          E
 A track record of effectively leading/motivating students and staff and developing team approaches.         E


 Evidence of a commitment to own professional development aspiration towards Headship and beyond.            E
 A strong commitment to the professional development of staff.                                               E


 Knowledge and understanding of recent legislation, development and initiatives in secondary education.      E
 A good understanding of the use of comparative data and target setting leading to impact on student         D
outcomes.                                                                                                    D

 Ability to establish a positive ethos focused on high achievement for all.                                  E
 An effective communicator and motivator of students and staff.                                              E
 A team player with the ability to establish good working relationships with staff, students and parents.    E
 The ability to set clear expectations and parameters and to hold others to account for their performance.   E
                                      mance.                                                                 E
 A positive attitude to continuous improvement.                                                              E
 A positive role model to staff and students.                                                                E

The Appointment Process

If you wish to apply for this post please:

        Complete our application form attached

        Attach a covering letter (no more than two sides of A4) outlining your successes to
         date, with a particular reference to the school improvement issues you have been
         responsible for.

        Prepare a presentation, no more than 10 minutes long and is to exclude the use of
         ICT. Subject: How you will contribute to the raising of standards within the Academy.

Relevant timings

Vacancy advertised:         TIMES EDUCATIONAL SUPPLIMENT: W/E: 08/04/2011

Closing Date:               NOON TUE 26/04/2011

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted: WB TUE 3/05/2011

Interviews                  MAY 2011

To start:                   SEPTEMBER 2011


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