Gabriella Giannola FINAL EXAM by jizhen1947


									The Pros and Cons of medicine for
          the future…
     PROS              CONS
Crushed oleander leaves and flour were applied
topically to wounds and produced amazingly fast
 healing of the wounds which is a future cure for
   the healing of leukemia and skin cancer. The
 Oleander Extract, is amazingly effective against
    disease. what an incredibly strong immune
  booster it is, and the potential it has to relieve
 suffering for millions of people who have cancer,
                    and hepatitis-C.
  With Botox available at the mall and laser-hair removal offered at the
   neighborhood nail salon how can patients make sure they are getting
                         safe and effective procedures?
According to recent ASAPS data, nearly 11.7 million cosmetic procedures
       were performed in the United States in 2007 - an increase of 457
      percent in the last ten years. The expansion of aesthetic surgery to
       include non-surgical, and even medical, treatments is occurring
    rapidly, and while plastic surgeons are uniquely capable of providing
     the whole spectrum of cosmetic medicine, other medical specialties
                   are also attempting to provide this service.
 Plastic surgery has become so over the top and people are going crazy
   for plastic surgery. Why wouldn’t they, who wouldn’t want to look 25?
  Cometic plastic surgeons predict that the future holds many new and
                    exciting surgeries for body reformation.
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