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        <h2>1 Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology Editor-in-chief:
Garrity, George M. Boone, David R.; Castenholz, Richard W. (Eds.) 7th
edition</h2> <ol> </ol> <p>2 Medical Microbiology: A Guide to Microbial
Infections: Pathogenesis, Immunity, Laboratory Diagnosis and Control.
David Greenwood et al 17th edition 3 Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
(Paperback) by David Greenwood (Author), Roger Finch (Author), Peter
Davey (Author), Mark Wilcox (Author) 5th edition 4 Immunology:
International edition (Paperback)</p> <p>by Janis Kuby (Author), Thomas
J. Kindt (Author), Barbara A. Osborne (Author), Richard A. Goldsby
(Author) 6th Editon</p> <p>5 Mims' Medical Microbiology: With STUDENT
CONSULT Online Access (Trauma Manual) (Paperback)</p> <p>by Richard
Goering MD PhD (Author), Hazel Dockrell MD (Author), Mark Zuckerman MB
BS(London) MSc BSc MRCP MRCPath (Author), Derek Wakelin BSc PhD DSc
FRCPath (Author), Ivan Roitt MA DSc(Oxon) Hon FRCP(Lond) FRCPath FRS
(Author), Cedric Mims BSc MD FRCPath (Author), Peter L. Chiodini
(Author)</p> <p>6 Immunology for Medical Students: With STUDENT CONSULT
Online Access (Paperback)</p> <p>by Roderick Nairn PhD (Author), Matthew
Helbert FRCP FRCPath PhD 2nd edition</p> <p>7 Bailey &amp; Scott's
Diagnostic Microbiology, 12th Edition By Betty A. Forbes, PhD, D(ABMM),
F(AAM), Daniel F. Sahm, PhD, D(ABMM), F(AAM) and Alice S. Weissfeld, PhD,
D(ABMM), F(AAM) 12th edition</p> <p>8 Prescott’s Microbiology
(Hardcover)by Joanne Willey (Author), Linda M. Sherwood (Author), Chris
Woolverto<a rel="nofollow"
author=Chris Woolverton">n</a> 7th edition 9 Koneman's Colour Atlas and
Textbook of Diagnostic Microbiology (Colour Atlas &amp; Textbook of
Diagnostic Microbiology) (Hardcover)</p> <p>by Elmer W. Koneman
(Author)</p> <p>10 Topley and Wilson's Microbiology and Microbial
Infections: Parasitology v. 5 (Topley &amp; Wilson's Microbiology &amp;
Microbial Infections) (Hardcover)</p> <p>by W.W.C. Topley (Author), Sir
Graham S. Wilson (Author), Frank Cox (Editor), etc. (Editor), Julius
Kreier (Editor), Derek Wakelin (Editor) 9th edition</p> <p>11 Mandell's
Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases Sixth edition</p> <p>12
Infectious Diseases (Infectious Diseases (Gorbach)</p> <p>by Sherwood L
Gorbach (Editor), John G Bartlett (Editor), Neil R Blacklow (Editor) "3rd
edition</p> <p>13 Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple (Med
master) (Paperback)</p> <p>by Mark Gladwin 4th Edition Mark Gladwin
(Author)</p> <p>14 Alcamo's Fundamentals of Microbiology, 8th Edition</p>
<p>by Jeffrey C. Pommerville</p> <p>15 Microbiology: Laboratory Theory
and Application (Loose Leaf) 2nd edition</p> <p>By Michael J. Leboffe
(Author), Burton E. Pierce (Author)</p> <p>16 Microbiology with Diseases
by Taxonomy (2nd Edition) (The Microbiology Place Series) (Hardcover)</p>
<p>By Robert W. BaumanRobert W. Bauman (Author)</p> <p>19 Manson Tropical
Diseases 22nd edition</p> <p>20 Control of Communicable Diseases Manual
(Paperback) 19th edition</p> <p>by David L. Heym</p> <p>21Manual of
Clinical Microbiology (2 Volume Set) (Hardcover) 9th edition</p> <p>By
Patrick R., Ph.D. Murray (Editor), Ellen Jo Baron</p> <p>Ellen Jo Baron
(Editor)</p> <p>22 District Laboratory Practice in Tropical Countries,
Part 2 (Paperback) by Monica Cheesbrough Current Edition 24 Textbook of
Human Virology (Hardcover)</p> <p>By Robert B. Belshe (Author)Â 2nd
edition.</p> <p>25 Field’s Virology 2 volume set 6th edition</p> <p>28
Virology 2 volumes Brain W J Mahy, Volker ter Meulen</p> <p>26 Human
Virology: A Text for Students of Medicine, Dentistry   and    Â
Microbiology by Leslie Collier, John Oxford, and Jim Pipkin (Paperback -
Jan 15, 2000)</p> <p>27 Fungal Pathogenesis: Principles and Clinical
Applications (Mycology) (Hardcover) by Richard Calderone (Author)</p>
<p>28 Virology 2 volumes Brain W J Mahy, Volker ter Meulen</p> <p>29
Practical Exercises in Parasitology by D. W. Halton, J. M. Behnke, and I.
Marshall (Hardcover - April 15, 2001)</p> <p>30 Medical Parasitology
David T John, William A Petri Jr 9th edition (Elsevier)</p> <p>31 Text
Book of Parasitology K D Chatterjee 12 th Edition</p> <p>32Modern
Parasitology: A Textbook of Parasitology (Paperback) 2nd edition</p>
<p>by F. E. G. Cox (Editor)</p> <p>33 Advances in Parasitology, Vol. 52
(Hardcover)</p> <p>by Ralph Muller (Author), John R. Baker (Editor),
David Rollinson (Editor)</p> <p>52 current editions</p> <p>34 Pathogenic
Fungi in Humans and Animals (Mycology) (Hardcover)</p> <h2>By D.H. Howard
( 2nd Edition)</h2> <h2>35Medical Mycology William G Mertz, Roderick J.
Hay Current Edition</h2> <p>36 Medical Immunology <em>by Gabriel Virella
(Editor)6th edition</em> 37 Basic and Clinical Immunology <em>by Daniel
P. Stites (Editor), H. Hugh Fudenberg (Editor), John D. Stobo (Editor),
J. Vivian Wells </em></p> <p>38Medical Immunology: Text and Review
(Paperback)</p> <p>by James T. Barrett</p> <p>39 Really Essential Medical
Immunology (Paperback)</p> <p>by Ivan M. Roitt current edition</p> <p>40
Handbook of Laboratory Animal Science, Second Edition: Essential
Principles and Practices, Volume I 41Infection and Immunity - A Text-Book
Of Immunology And Serology For Students And Practitioners (Paperback)
42Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective (Paperback)</p> <p>By Neil
Z. Miller Revised current edition</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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