Human Rights and HIV AIDS

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					Despite of scientific inventions and a decent spread of awareness, HIV
continues to be a global threat around the world. The HIV patients
continue to suffer from a weird form of social apartheid which is rather
a reflection of a broader level of discrimination against population
groups that live on the fringes of the society or are at a higher risk of
getting affected by HIV because of prevalent behaviors or sexual
orientations etc. HIV infection remains a global threat with major
scientific, societal and human challenges ahead because even now HIV
discrimination is very much prevalent in our society. ISHEID seeks to
promote scientific excellence as well as strengthen the global social
commitments against HIV/AIDS. ISHEID declared its 2012 program that will
focus on current hot topics in HIV research. It will help you develop an
understanding of important topics such as HIV persistence, HIV care
access, and criminalization of HIV etc. The Human Rights HIV AIDS program
will also focus on the socio-economic and political aspect of the
disease. Different sessions will tackle Human Rights & HIV/AIDS,
Prevention of HIV Transmission, Access to Care etc in the meeting. A
variety of session types ranging from abstract driven presentations to
symposia, workshops and plenary lectures will take place in the meeting.
Usually these kinds of meetings are conducted to share experiences and
exchange ideas. Consequently, the 2012 ISHEID will offer an exceptional
opportunity for professional development and networking for all
participants.The ISHEID offers you a comprehensive three day program that
focuses on current hot topics such as medical news sessions on major
subjects related to HIV/AIDS and the emerging infectious diseases
addressed by international leading AIDS specialists and young
researchers. Symposia have been proposed by renowned institutional and
industrial sponsors. The event will cover practical workshops adapted to
daily practices of the health care professionals, display of scientific
posters, and a rich and varied exhibition. For HIV-infected people and
people with AIDS, the concerns include, but are not limited to, mandatory
HIV testing, restrictions on international travel, barriers to employment
and housing, access to education, medical care, and or health insurance
and the many issues that affect one's daily life. These issues are grave,
and almost 20 years into the epidemic, they have not been resolved. These
also give rise to Criminalization of HIV. If you want to know more about
Human Rights HIV AIDS then you can visit the website or can contact them at 4-94616340. Company name :
AVPSCompany phone number : 4-94616340

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