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					Nowadays, the demand for Unico differential counters is steadily on the
rise in the medical industry due to the top, reliable performance they
deliver. For treatment of various blood borne diseases like leukemia,
anemia and others, differential count of blood cells are taken where
differential counters have a very important role to play. Today, they
have become handy solutions for carrying out medical researches related
to hematology, pathology, microbiology and andrology.

Key Features of Unico Differential-Counters

Unico's popular models of differential counters are mainly available in
three different models, L-BC3, L-BC6 and L-BC9. Most of their features
are almost the same though their size and weight widely vary. L-BC3
features 2-keys, L-BC6 features 5 keys with totalizer window and L-BC9
model comes with 8 keys with totalizer window.

Unico differential-counters come in rust-proof and acid resistant, heavy
duty plastic cases. Full white blood cell maturation strip chart, WBC
maturation series Picto-strip, wide base with rubber feet for stable use
and dual reset knobs are the added features of these devices. There is a
special bell attached to these models to give a signal on counting 100

Unico Differential-Counters - Best Choices for All Medical Laboratory

Unico differential counters are known for their quality, style, value and
reliability. They are durable, and ensure long term performance without
any hassles. These products function well even in the most demanding
laboratory settings. All models of differential counters from Unico are
backed with the industry's best warrantees. Presently, these quality
products are made available to customers through different dealers and

Find the Best Dealers in the Industry for Getting Good Deals

For getting good deals on Unico differential-counters, it is important to
find the best dealers in the industry. Most of them provide their
customers with easily accessible technical support on purchase of their
products. A search online will help you locate the dealer of your choice.

Apart from Unico differential-counters, these dealers offer other lab
equipment including microscopes, analyzers, spectrophotometers,
colposcopes and more, for all your research needs.

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