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ROCKING THE MORNING SHIFT!                                       FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!
Every weekday morning at 5 AM, the airwaves                 Hill Country Happenings newest writer Martha
reverberate with the Hill Country’s new favorite            Cammack who is recovering from a shattered
morning team. Rock into your day with REVFM’s              arm, got this month’s article in with one finger!
new morning lineup Dave Dodson and rock aficionado          Martha has the lowdown of great things for
Brian K.                                                   kids
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The Grande Dame of Texas Music is all over the map -      On the beat in Bandera, Karyn Lyn gives you
keeping you updated on all things musical and Texan!      the executive summary of great clubs, activi-
                                                  Page 16 ties and events in the Cowboy Capital.
  iPOD TOUCH v2.0                                                                               Page 36
  Greg Forest eats a lot of crow for his past flames of
  Apple products. Forest’s appraisal of the new Apple     Under The Hat
  iPod is so gushy you’d think he got if free.            Put yer feet up and sit down a spell with Gor-
                                                 Page 15 don Ames (Big G) and Dale Watson.
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                                                                       Central to the event will be the annual noon tribute to former Ker-
                                                                       rville resident and “Father of Country Music” Jimmie Rodgers. Joel
                                                                       Guzman will add his accordion to this special tribute! Come and
                                                                       listen to the stories of Jimmie Rodgers as told by Tony Navarra
                                                                       while area musicians play Rodgers’ legendary songs on stage.
                                                                       Food and drinks will be available for sale at the event. A take home
                                                                       educator’s packet will be available to all teachers.

                                                                       Friday evening at 7:30 (Location TBA) the THMF will pay tribute
                                                                       to Hispanic Heritage Month by showcasing the music of Joel Guz-
                                                                       man and Sarah Fox. Recently featured at the 28th Annual Conjunto
                                                                       Festival in San Antonio, Joel brings an original perspective to this
                                                                       music so important to our state’s musical history. Mexico and Texas
                                                                       have interchanged land, language, and music since the beginning
                                                                       of the distinction “Texas.” This performance will be a fundraiser for
                                                                       the Wayne Kennemer Scholarship Fund, and we are inviting other
                                                                       organizations to join us in this celebration! Call 840-792-1945 for
                                                                       more information. Terri Sharpe, songwriter now singing in Spanish
                                                                       and paying tribute to Lydia Mendoza will also perform. Joel will
                                                                       also be featured at the first THMF coffeehouse on September 2 at
The Texas Heritage Music Foundation is proud to                        Schreiner University.
announce that the 13th annual Texas Heritage Living History Day
will be presented on Friday, September 25 at the Robbins-Lewis          UPDATE: Texas Heritage Living History Day on September 25
Pavilion on Schreiner University campus in Kerrville from 9 a.m. to    honors September as Hispanic Heritage Month and as the birthday
3 p.m. The event, billed as “Another Way of Learning Using Stories     of the Father of Country Music, Jimmie Rodgers!
and Songs,” will be open to the public and admission will be free.
From 4-6 p.m. in the historical Union Church on the festival grounds
the Texas Folklore Society and THMF will co-host a panel on the
songs of Texas. All events are free and open to the public.

                                                                       For more information about Texas Heritage Living History Day, go
                                                                       to the foundation website at

                                                                       CONTACT: Dr. Kathleen Hudson, Executive Director
                                                                                  (830) 792-1945
For Living History Day, more than 50 performers and presenters          
will be spread throughout the park surrounding the pavilion to both
entertain and educate, including Aztec Dancing, Hispanic Heritage
Tribute with Joel Guzman and Sarah Fox, chuck wagons and cow-
boy cooking demonstrations, teepees with Native American exhibits   
and stories, Texas heritage demonstrations, storytellers and oral
historians, Texas singers and songwriters and many, many more.

   8                                                      HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS                                      JUNE 2009
  The following fine businesses in the Hill Country are showing their commitment to our
 community and the arts by being a part of the fastest growing free entertainment monthly
                           in Texas - Hill Country Happenings.
   Show your support by patronizing them. We’ll be grateful and you’ll be glad you did!
      11th Street Bar                  7
                                                                 Heart of the Hills Electric      21
      AC Print                         5
                                                                 Hen House                        21
      Affordable Computer             14
                                                                 Hidden Creek/Fowler Studio       43
      Amerca Value Inn                  6
                                                                 Hill Country Music               45
      Auslander                         5
                                                                 Hill Country Resort – Medina     35
      Baby Benefit                    42
                                                                 Hill Country Telephone Coop      55
      Bandera River Fest                6
                                                                 Hondos- Paste over Calendar      35
      Beads & More                      6
                                                                 Hunt Store                       21
      Bella Luz                         2
                                                                 Jakes                            35
      Big Brothers Big Sisters        22
                                                                 KarmageddonTattoo Shop           33
      Boerne BurgesFest               42
                                                                 Kendall Woods Dental             33
      Boerne Market Days              17
                                                                 Kerr Arts & Cultural             41
      Budwiser                        56
                                                                 Kerrville Folk Festival          25
      Buzzie’s BBQ                    49
                                                                 Kerrville Web Site               33
      Calamity Jane                   45
                                                                 Koyote Ranch                     37
      Cartridge World                 49
                                                                 Luckenbach                       24
      Castelle Kayak Race             52
                                                                 Lynda’s Helping Hands            48
      Catrina’s                       54
                                                                 Mitchell Lodge – Rocksprings     51
      Cedar Furniture                 11
                                                                 Paw Paws                         37
      Chocolate                         5
                                                                 Playhouse 2000                   24
      Choo Choo Trolley                 9
                                                                 REV FM Isagenics                 48
      Conroy’s Pub                    45
                                                                 River’s Edge Gallery             53
      Cowboy Steakhouse                 7
                                                                 Ron Imel                         11
      Daniel Colom                    48
                                                                 Sculpture Garden                 40
      Deja Vue                          9
                                                                 Showers of Flowers               37
      Double C Inn                    50
                                                                 Silver Creek                     48
      Duke Davis                      27
                                                                 Sol Ross University              53
      Fred trade days                   7
                                                                 Someone Like You                 49
      Fredericksburg Inn & Suites     50
                                                                 St Johns Lutheran Church         43
      Frontier Screen Printing        22
                                                                 Tantanic                         33
      Gazelle Computer                18
                                                                 Taylor Pie                       34
      Grape Creek Cantina             52
                                                                 Tour of Homes                    24
      Hampton Inn                     19
                                                                 Turney Electrical                41
      Happenings Distribution         24
                                                                 Walden Plantation                44
      HCAF Point Theatre              21
                                                                 Waring Steak Nite                31

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 10                                                HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS                               JUNE 2009
                                                                          How many albums have you put out?
                                                                          Hard to say - 26 I think. There have been several with European
                                                                          distribution only. There’s this guy Frank in England that knows.
                                                                          He gave me the complete rundown once.

                                                                          How long have you been doing this?
                                                                          About a hundred years…. no, not that long really when you
                                                                          think about that many albums. My first one came out in 1994.
                                                                          I recorded my first single at Gilley’s in Pasadena, where I’m
                                                                          from, in about 1981.

                                                                          I didn’t realize you were from Pasadena.
                                                                          You couldn’t tell by the petrochemical wheeze in my voice? It’s
                                                                          the garden spot, the manure spot of the garden.

                                                                          Hmmm - I did almost 20 in Baytown….
                                                                          I’m sorry.
                                                                          At this point Dale breaks in to “Let This Trucker Go”, a cut from
Welcome to Big G’s Texas Roadshow, it’s Country on the Rocks!             Truckin’ Sessions, Vol.2.
Man, that’s a great name! They need to come up with a drink named
country so I can have it on the rocks…and by the way, that’s a hell       You have a great appreciation for truck drivers, and the music
of a hat you’re wearing.                                                  that brought the American trucker to the forefront in our culture
                                                                          back in the 1970’s.
It’s a cerebral umbrella…Thanks for being here this morning.              That’s the stuff I grew up on. Dave Dudley, Del Reeves. I identify
Happy to be here. We had a nice drive out, stopped in Fredericksburg      with it because I heard a lot of it when I was a kid.
for a late dinner and came on down. I didn’t mean to scare you
earlier!                                                                  You’re touring quite a bit now.
                                                                          We play about 320 nights a year. I’ve got my CDL and my brother
Sure you did!                                                             drives for us too, so with the bus we can stay out longer than
Well my wife and I were sitting out in the car talking and when you       we used to with the van. Plus we play Austin 4 or 5 nights most
called to check on me, I just couldn’t help it.                           weeks. We work a lot when we’re in town. We work a lot and I
You called and asked me where I was, and I said “Aw man, just             love what I do. I’ve been there long enough I’m kind of an oddity
getting ready for a good nights sleep”. I wish I could have seen your     now…”let’s go see if he’s still around!”
                                                                          How do you like touring in Europe?
I wish you could have read my mind at that point.                         The travel there is hard to take, the airlines never can get it
                                                                          right. But I love it once we’re there. We travel Eurail and their
You’ve got a new album, Truckin’ Sessions, Vol. 2, on Hyena               schedules are impeccable. The audiences are appreciative and
Records.                                                                  very knowledgeable. They probably know more about the roots
It came out April 21st. It’s available on iTunes                          of American Music than most Americans do.

How is the digital download thing working for you?                        Is it because we have so many choices here, and they don’t?
I love it! I can find all kind of music to buy…!                          The Internet has made the world smaller. Their music, their
                                                                          radio stations are listener driven. They find the good stuff and
I mean for your music, you selling music.                                 request it. They have really searched for the stuff they want to
I’ll tie it together. The way I am about finding the music I like,        hear. Over here, we are force fed the Top 40, daily. Over there,
hopefully other folks can find my music that way. The accounting          it’s much more open, so more is available. Plus, with the Internet
seems straight, so I’m pleased with it. The sales are pretty good. It’s   streaming, they can tune in to Big G’s Texas Roadshow and it’s
an easy way to access what you want.                                      daytime there, so they can listen to it for 5 hours.

   12                                                       HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS                                     JUNE 2009
                                                                          done. There was an atmosphere in L.A. Dwight had just hit,
I like the cover of the new cd. When I first opened it up, I especially   and Rosie Flores talked me into going out there. It opened
like the way your name is on there in stick-on mailbox letters, and       my eyes to a bunch of great musicians and writers. It was a
you’re standing on the running board of that Peterbuilt in a pair of      great experience. I was playing guitar for the house band at
gray coveralls.                                                           the Palomino Club. Back to your question, Video Killed The
Yeah, I wanted to re-create the cover of the first Truckin’               Radio Star was an old song, and they found out they could
Sessions album. It’s been 12 years, but those are the same                do to country what they had done to Rock and Roll. Integrity
coveralls. They are a little tighter in that shot because I had           went out the window when they found they could grab the
jeans and a shirt on underneath them. And my hair is gray now,            teenage dollar. And that generation has grown up with this
and it was black then…                                                    and still has that mentality and taste. That was the beauty
                                                                          of growing up when we did. You could call in and request a
It could still be black…                                                  song and the playlist wasn’t hampered. DJs were DJs back
I chased that rabbit till he won! No after a couple days, the gray        then. They took requests, and it wasn’t all satellite feed from
tends to show back up!                                                    some other state.

Have you ever seen Unknown Hinson?                                        There’s danged sure no soul to it.
I never have – Shelton (Hank Williams III) always tells me I              They know they can brainwash people buy playing it over
need to go see him. Now he don’t give up the ghost on that at             and over and over. It’s calculated marketing. You can’t do it
all. His hair is ALWAYS black; of course he is a 300-year-old             with roots music.. Merle haggard said it best when asked why
vampire, but his widow’s peak is a bit more peaky than mine….             his music was not being played on Top 40 radio. “It’s thought
Isn’t Danny Baker playing guitar or bass for Billy Bob, in the            provoking. You actually have to listen to the lyrics and think
Boxmasters right now?                                                     about the story, they don’t want you to have emotion when
                                                                          you’re working, listening to the radio in the background; they
He is playing Bass. Did you see the Canadian interview with               just want it to be ear candy. If it wasn’t it would be music”.
Thornton?                                                                 He also said he was glad they didn’t play his music.
Yeah – and I’m on Billy Bob’s side. That was the funniest thing
I’d seen in a long time. That was classic. He just shut down on           Here is where I played “Truckstop in LaGrange” off the new
him. I appreciate you not asking about my acting.                         album, then dropped in another classic Watson tune “Hey
                                                                          Driver”, and followed that with “Truckin’ Man”.

                                                                          How long are you going to do this, as long as you can?
                                                                          I was just asking my wife which nursing home she was going
                                                                          to put me in. I don’t want to get decrepit. I think I’ll know when
                                                                          I can’t do it like I should do it. I see way too many guys who
                                                                          don’t know when to stop, then you see a guy like Carl Smith
                                                                          who quit way too early. He gave it up because he didn’t want
                                                                          to play the beer joints. I guess when I quit having fun, when
                                                                          it becomes work.

                                                                          At this point Dale breaks in to “I Drink to Remember”.

                                                                          You have a CDL. Did you ever venture off in to it?
                                                                          I went to a school in San Antonio, and I was about 3 weeks
                                                                          into it then I got into a dilemma. I was offered a big European
                                                                          Tour. So I didn’t finish the school or get a job as a trucker,
                                                                          Catch up with Dale at and on My Space.
                                                                          He’s one of a kind, keeping real country music and truck
                                                                          driving tunes up front in his musical offerings. Plus, he’s
                                                                          just a good ol’ guy. Check his schedule and catch a show
                                                                          whenever he’s close. And tune in to Big G’s Texas Roadshow
                                                                          to hear all the Dale Watson songs you could ever hope to

What is your take on the Big Hat No Cattle genre? What is it about
it that drives 14 year old girls crazy?
Music videos – MTV with cowboy hats. If you play the same 25
songs over and over, you’re force-feeding your audience with
candy. That’s formulaic, that’s how it works. None is sonically
so bad it’s painful to listen to, well to us is, but familiarity with
the music is the key. I left Pasadena because the club owners
wanted you to play the stuff that was on the radio, keep current,
and play NO original music. When I left Pasadena to go to L.A. in    
’87, to play only original music. it was the best thing I could’ve

   JUNE 2009                                                HCHAPPENINGS.COM                                                          13
                                 Bring in Your Computer for a
                                        Free Diagnostic!

                                     Repair - Networks - New Systems
                                 Security - Virus Removal - Website Design

     2640-A Junction Hwy.
     Across from Guadalupe RV


14                        HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS                JUNE 2009
iPod Touch
The Holy Grail of Telecommuting
by Greg Forest
           Anyone who knows me or has followed my tech rants over           - most notably the Gui-
the years know that I have never been a fan of Apple products. I            tar Workshop which
have always thought they were overpriced for the computing power            contains a tuner, met-
and that the applications available for Macs were more expensive            ronome and a great
than their PC counterparts. I love computer gaming and Macs aren’t          chord guide. This pup-
even on the radar screen of serious gamers. I now have to eat crow          py set me back $10
and admit that Apple rocks big time and has created the killer app          and when I fired it up
for this year (and maybe two) with the iPod touch. It may not have          I was dissapointed to
all the functions of its big brother, the iPhone but if you find yourself   find that I had to buy
in a strong wifi zone, it is hard to tell the difference.                   a new set of earbuds
           I bought the iPod touch 8GB version as my Christmas              - ones with a micro-
present to myself; paying $229 at Wal-Mart. The unit comes with             phone built in so that
a small quick start guide, some earbuds and a USB sync cable. A             the iPod could detect
quick install of iTunes and I was ripping MP3s and loading the pod          the audio to tune my
within minutes.                                                             guitar.
           Although to a Windows user iTunes is a bit clutsy and it is                When I got the $20 microphone, I plugged it in and was tun-
certainly a resource hog (using over 60MG in the background when            ing my guitars and making basic multi-track recordings in minutes.
syncing) it gets the job done and becomes easier to use with experi-        It was great and got even better the next time I fired up Skype. In a
ence. The iPod reveals that if the user experience is easy and the          wifi zone, I could make free calls to any Skype member anywhere
price is right, buying MP3s and other media is actually much easier         in the world and pay only $ .02 a minute for calls to non-members. I
and cost effective than pirating the song. If there is an easier way of     logged into my Skype account via the iPod’s Safari browser and set
buying music online than iTunes, I’ve yet to see it. I can search the       my business line to forward to the iPod in Jamaica. If I was in the
net for a pirate copy or click on the song, login to my iTunes account      zone, my office phone would ring on my iPod. If I was outside the
and shell out $ .99 and be listening to the song before I can even get      zone, as soon as I was back in range I would get a notice that there
my bit torrent client fired up. The battle against online piracy will be    was voice mail for me waiting on the office answering machine! And
won with net enabled apps like the iPod that are easy to use, can           the most exciting part of the whole deal is that when in a wifi zone I
access a huge song library and are reasonably priced. It’s all about        essentially have an iPhone without having to shell out $100 buckks
choice and now you don’t have to download the dog cuts on some              a month to AT&T. Way cool.
of your favorites albums.                                                             One of the most expensive apps for the iPod is Log Me
           The buying doesn’t stop with just music. The iTunes store        In for iPod. At $30 it was harder than most applications to shell out
makes TV shows and major films a one click download. You can                the bucks for but it turned out to be one of the best investments
either rent the movies for about the same amount as blockbuster             I’ve made in my telecommuting career. The computers were left
or buy the movie and own it for between $10-15 for most releases.           on back at Slacker Manor with LogMeIn running in the background.
There are also thousands of small programs (apps) that are down-            From Jamaica it was no problem to take over any of these comput-
loadable and many are free but more on that later.                          ers and perform my tasks just like I was there - if they make an app
           If the iPod was just a net-enabled MP3 player, this would        that can load paper into a printer - I will be working from this vitual
be a short story but the iPod’s wifi connectivity transforms it into an     office.
net appliance that can get a lot of work done.                                        To top it off AT&T is promoting a free service that will carry
           I’ve had a great many PDA devices over the years, mostly         you one step further in your virtual office - a toll free number. You
Palm OS based devices and the iPod blows them all away. Contact             install the Receptionist and tell it what phone numbers you would
management, calendar, email and web access make this PDA a                  like to forward your tollfree calls to. If I am in Texas, I forward the
keeper. In the constant quest for telcommuting from tropical beach-         800 number to either my cell or office number. All the features of a
es without missing a beat back at the office, the iPod has brought          digital answering service are available and the first hour of usage is
the virtual worker one step closer to this goal. Here’s how my test-        free.
ing went recently on one of our Music Office trips to Jamaica last                    Although I got the entry level iPod touch with only 8GIG of
month.                                                                      storage space, it is still enough for about five full-length movies, 400
           Of the thousands of apps available for the iPod, a cou-          songs, dozens of podcasts and about forty installed apps. Other
ple stand out - one is free and one is among the most expesive              models of iPods will take you all the way to 32GIG of storage which
iPod apps out there at $30. Let’s start with the free one - our old         should allow you to take every piece of digital multimedia you own
pal Skype - a network application I have been praising in these             on the road with you.
pages for years. A few weeks ago Skype released their version                         I’ve had other MP3 players - they have now all gone the
for the iPod and as soon as it was fired up, I knew it was going to         route of hand-me-down gifts. They were much less expensive than
be a winner. Inside the wifi zone at the resort we were staying at,         the iPod but just didn’t have all the bells and whistles and, well, the
Skype inported all my contact lists without a hitch and I was texting       sexiness that Apple has brought to the table.
friends and family in minutes. I had yet to discover the truly magical                Apple detractor no more - I have seen the light - at least re-
part of the wifi/Skype combination. It was a musical application that       garding their mobile devices and can do nothing but sing the praises
brought me to a new level using the iPod.                                   of this innovative and very useful product. In my toolkit it has be-
           I noticed that there were some applications for guitarists       come the new killer app for portable audio and video.

  JUNE 2009                                                   HCHAPPENINGS.COM                                                               15
          Still time to get out and enjoy the Kerrville Folk Festi-       “Wide Open Spaces,” and I was reminded of my first interview with
val, ending on Sunday June 7 with a performance that begins               this eclectic women at one South by Southwest with sister Carolyn
with Patrice Pike, one of my new heroes, and ending with Ruthie           along for the ride. That interview led to an interesting chapter in my
Foster, a woman who has shared her life with my students, per-            book on the women of Texas music.
formed for our Wayne Kennemer Scholarship Fund, and held                            We have three scholarship winners for the Wayne Ken-
court at the THMF coffeehouse. Yep, I love Ruthie, and my soul            nemer Scholarship fund, one of them holding a special place in our
rocks out when she plays. I have to dance!                                heart, Ethan Terry, the son of the much-beloved Cindy Terry. He re-
          Patrice, a woman with a huge stand in the world, has            ceived the $1,000 award to help him with school expenses at the In-
also shared herself with my students in a real way on coffee-             gram graduation on May 14. Kathleen Weiber and Raquel Godinez,
house night. She brings a point of view that inspires me in mind,         current Schreiner music students, also received scholarship money.
body and spirit. I find myself dancing to both women. Don’t miss          Support for this program is needed and any donations are welcome!
this. You probably already heard Ray Wylie Hubbard closed                 Check out the THMF website for a complete listing and copies of the
down the evening of May 31 as you read this June magazine.                winning essays.

                                                                          My annual trip to San Miguel with Schreiner has been cancelled this
                                                                          year due to the many stories of swine flu. We have yet to see real
                                                                          evidence, but we have many stories about the possible pandemic
                                                                          nature of this new strain of flu. Better to be safe with the lives of
The showcase of women at Luckenbach, hosted by Walt                       these students. Me? Well, I’ll be heading down there sometime in
Wilkins, was a special Sunday afternoon for me. A fundraiser for          June. The San Miguel de Allende Literary Society hosts an author’s
the Kerrville Folk Festival, the day began with some songs by             sala on June 12, and I have been asked to participate, performing
Tina Wilkins and introduced me to some new strong women’s                 some of my own writing along with Tim Hazell from San Miguel. We
voices, The Trishas. These three young stunning women sang                are working on a book, Conversations Across Borders, and we both
Willie Dixon (“Men die for that spoonful”). Then the Paula Nelson         love to perform! Hoping to get Tim back to Schreiner as an artist-in-
Band stunned us with “I Surrender,” and “Fallen on Better Days.”          residence this fall. Keep up with all the events at Schreiner by going
Robyn Ludwick brought her strong voice to the stage, followed             to and clicking on calendar! I am part of a Center
by Patrice Pike, her mom dancing and grinning on the front row.           for Innovative Learning, and we produce several free events a month
I heard one of my favorites, “Jack Knife Girl,” and Matthew John-         that celebrate diversity in learning. My cup of tea. The perfect com-
son took many a hard guitar lead. Yeah, this woman can sing,              mittee for me in this academic life I live. And our new Vice-president
scat, drum, and deliver.                                                  of Academic Affairs, Charlie McCormick, has a Ph.D. in folklore. He
           Susan Gibson, with a new album produced by Walt                knows the power of stories and the power of words. And our presi-
Wilkins, was introduced by him as “She’s my hero.” I love the             dent, Tim Summerlin, still sings a Jimmie Rodgers song at our Sep-
line, “I know I’m fallin’/ I prefer to call it cloud nine.” And her mom   tember Tribute. How cool is that?
was on the front row listening! Of course we heard her own                          The September 2 coffeehouse will feature Joel Guzman,
                                                                          Sarah Fox, and a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Terri
                                                                          Sharpe has been invited to sing a tribute to Lydia Mendoza.
                                                                                    Joel also played a tribute to Steve Jordan, the Jimi Hendrix
                                                                          (or is it Miles Davis?) of the accordion, at Rosedale Park in San
                                                                          Antonio on Thursday, May 7, as part of the 28th Annual Conjunto
                                                                          Festival in San Antonio. I was there both listening and dancing. And
                                                                          then Jordan appeared and played “Volver, Volver,” as he abandoned

   16                                                          HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS                                     JUNE 2009
                                                   Contact Kathleen at and

his accordion to join a drummer, thus producing a very interesting
rhythm to this classic song.
           Yep, my dance story returns after several years of rest. I
had the chance to move around to many great songs with a man
who knew how to move! Then I was invited to a “bohemia” party
on Friday night in Laredo, a weekly gathering of music hosted by a
man whose “heart is music,” so says his friend David, who works
with Mariachis de Los Corporales.
           I had the chance to invite more musicians to our Septem-
ber 25th Living History Day at Schreiner (a CIL and THMF event).
Joel is also confirmed for this day. I believe September 25 will be
Joel Guzman day in Kerrville! He often tours with Joe Ely, shows
up on many a Texas album, and has played our tribute to Jimmie
Rodgers in September the last two year. Can you tell I’m a fan?
           I visited the Conjunto Taller in San Antonio on May 1, a
First Friday event. Listening to the young students play button
                                                                         Rudy will also host a Sunday session at 11 on June 7th at the Ker-
accordion and watching Rudy Lopez, founder and director of this
                                                                         rville Folk Festival. A songwriter, musician, spiritual guide and more,
Taller, I was filled with pride and joy experience this important part
                                                                         Rudy has created a way of worship that includes honoring the light
of our state’s heritage. Rudy assures me the Conjunto Taller will be
                                                                         in children, the child in us all, the rhythm in the universe. I shared the
in attendance on September 25th. Head over to La Villita for the
                                                                         day with granddaughter, Jessica, and Seref, a Sufi friend. All about a
Conjunto Festival on July 25.
                                                                         celebration!                                       Ils sont partis….KH
           I have also discovered La Esperanza, an organization that
is dedicated to the disenfranchised voices in this country. Located
on San Pedro in San Antonio, this building houses wonderful pho-
tos of both music and local heritage. Not only did I experience an
amazing discovery at the Lila Downs Concert at Sunken Gardens
in March (Why didn’t I know about her?), but I also broke apart with
emotion when two women blended their voices and songs (in Ara-
bic and Spanish) in a performance called “Waves Across the Water”
on Friday, May 1. Two great shows in one night. I have invited this
organization to come help us educate with stories and songs on
September 25.
           May 2 I headed out to Hubfest at Roddy Tree Ranch in
time to hear Cary Swinney. Jeff Gavin is committed to bringing
great music to the Hill Country. Not only do we have San Saba
House Concerts, but these concerts at Roddy Tree Ranch (Thanks,
Keith) really add to our musical history. And Cary gave a compelling
performance! His songs are all personal statements, his delivery is
passionate, his persona is real. Yep, I like Cary Swinny, once from
Lubbock now living in New Mexico. He’s the real deal. I loved his
banter on stage with Bryan McCrae, a stellar guitarist now living in
Austin. “I’m a songwriter; I write in minor chords,” answered Cary
to some bantering. I love minor chords so Cary’s songs rocked my
world. And he’s political, social, and personal.
           While at Luckenbach that Sunday, I also heard Brennan
Leigh once again and invited her to come sing Jimmie Rodgers in
September. She has also visited my classes, sharing her stories.
And what a voice she has! She often performs with Noel Mckay, an-
other longtime friend, and he has been invited! What fun I’m having.
Many local performers and Bandera wild musicians have offered to
come out and help. We are grateful as we think this event makes
a huge difference in the world! Transformation through stories and
           And one more discovery: Rudy Harst and Celebration
Circle on Sunday at 11 at the Jump Start Theatre in San Antonio.

   JUNE 2009                                                HCHAPPENINGS.COM                                                                 17
                                                                             B erne, Texas

         • 100% Hampton Guarantee                                              • 32” LCD HD TV - HBO
               • Fitness Center                                                 • In room Coffee Maker
               • Guest Laundry                                                        • Cloud 9 Bed
                 • Suite Shop                                       ®            • Iron & Ironing Board
              • Business Center                                                        • Hair Dryer
                • Free Parking                                                     • Resort-Style Pool
     • 1,500 Square Foot Meeting Space
• Close to Downtown Boerne & Antique Shops
                                              830-816-8800              • Free Hot Breakfast 6:00am to 10:00am
                                                                             • Next to Starbucks on IH-10
                               34935 IH-10 West • Boerne, TX 78006
 JUNE 2009                                       HCHAPPENINGS.COM                                           19
Taylor Pie                                                                guitar player Eben Wood to perform a few dates in Texas.
                                                                              Eben happened to run into another old friend of Pie’s, Kathryn
                                                                          Harrison, sometime later and mentioned the gigs and how much fun
By Graham Warwick
                                                                          they both had. This prompted Harrison to contact Pie and encourage
                                                                          her to come down to perform in Texas more often. One thing led to
“...Who the heck cares what you’re missin’ upstairs when you’re
                                                                          another. Gigs were planned.
dancing on the sunny side of the moon!” Taylor Pie
                                                                             With their friendship rekindled, Pie, Harrison, & Wood started up
                                                                          a new record company – PuffBunny Records. The company was
   Taylor Pie.
                                                                          named after a pipe that they once owned in their youth that was
      No. You won’t find Taylor Pie on your local diner’s dessert
                                                                          used for dubious purposes. (I dare not tread further!)
                                                                              The first product of their collaboration, “So Little Has Changed”
     Now, if that diner’s owner is smart, he/she would be playing
                                                                          is a masterpiece. Every song is expertly written, produced, and
Taylor Pie on the juke box!
                                                                          performed. On the advise of her little rubber ducky – Loretta - Pie
   So, you ask who or what is Taylor Pie???
                                                                          assembled an incredibly talented & artistic group of picker/friends;
    Well, the story begins back in 1964, the hey-day of folk music,
                                                                          beginning with Eben Wood, Dave Pomeroy, Kenny Malone, and
when a little known twosome in Corpus Christi, Texas – Don
                                                                          Russ Pahl. The result is truly magical!
Williams & Lofton Kline, The Strangers Two – met Susan Taylor, a
                                                                               The CD shows Pie’s eclectic, jazzy-bluesy side. “Jar Full of
17 year old Ray High School student with a quick wit and a voice to
                                                                          Kisses” would be considered a “standard” if only one of the Rat Pack
die for. She was already a familiar face in town, performing weekly
                                                                          would’ve sung it! “Back to Balsam Blues” is a catchy country blues
at Mott’s Steak House and Del Mar College hootenannies. Two
                                                                          sound. “Full Grown Fool” charted in the top 20 for Mickey Gilley.
became three and they called themselves The Pozo Seco Singers
                                                                          “Cyprus Lake” was made into a Pie video on YouTube. “Dancin’ on
(The “Dry Hole...”). The trio recorded a song called “Time” which
                                                                          the Sunny Side of the Moon” is a light hearted waltz ending with the
charted #1 in the folk-friendly big markets of Los Angeles, Chicago
                                                                          enthusiastic if not a little bit crazy Sunny Side Choir!
and Boston.
                                                                                “So Little Has Changed” has caught the ears of some Hill
  Columbia Records signed the group and over the next five years,
                                                                          Country DJ’s! KFAN, 107.9 – – has been
the Pozo Seco Singers recorded four albums.
                                                                          wearing out the CD since they received it. Dawn Dale, KFAN’s
   Around 1970, Don Williams struck out on his own solo career....
                                                                          program director says, “Taylor Pie fully embraces and emphasizes
but he was not entirely on his own. Taylor co-produced, sang and
                                                                          the very spirit of the Americana music genre according to our
played guitar on 3 of his chart singles while producing her own
                                                                          interpretations and standards. Her lyrics are rich and her vocals are
solo album.
                                                                          fully captivating. Taylor Pie is a Texas Rebel Radio defining artist!”
    Taylor eventually found her way to the folk clubs of New York,
                                                                             The next project “Taylor Pie with Eben Wood Live at Hondo’s” is a
plying her songwriting wares in clubs like O’Lunney’s, Folk City,
                                                                          live recording of a 2006 Taylor Pie & Eben Wood concert at Hondo’s
and The Bottom Line, with Don McLean, and Tom Pacheco.
                                                                          in Fredericksburg, Texas.
     As she began to focus more and more on songwriting, Taylor
gravitated towards the irresistible Nashville, Tennessee. She
                                                                             There will be a CD release party at Hondo’s June 7th, from 4pm
set her roots in a piece of farmland outside of Nashville and
                                                                          – 6pm.
went about the grind of “making it” in the music industry. While
there, many people recorded her work. Artists Bette Midler, Tanya
                                                                            This collection has songs that are new and many that are previously
Tucker, Mickey Gilley, The Forester Sisters, Don Williams, Valerie
                                                                          recorded. The most profound thing about this CD is how solid a live
Smith, and the Cluster Pluckers have recorded her songs. “Just
                                                                          performer Pie is! Each & every one of the songs are performed
Like Angels”, was nominated for the gospel Dove Award, and “Full
                                                                          with grace and style! Eben Wood is dead-on perfect! Pie’s voice is
Grown Fool” gave Mickey Gilley a top 20.
                                                                          clear & full. One gets the feeling – by personally experiencing the
      As all great songwriters do, she finally got fed up with the
                                                                          recorded version – that the audience is enthralled!
whole scene, and as all great songwriters do, Taylor took all of the
                                                                              Pie & Eben will be performing at the Bugle Boy in LaGrange,
frustration, disappointment, depression and anger, shaped it into
                                                                          Texas, Fri Jun 12. 2009 at 8:00 PM, and the Webb House Concerts
poetry and poured into it a mold. The result was a self produced
                                                                          in Austin, Sun June 14th at 7pm.
fun, happy, and thoughtful CD, “Long Ride Home”.
                                                                             Taylor Pie is truly a talented tunesmith/performer/producer. This
     Taylor, in an effort to separate herself from that rat-race life,
                                                                          writer gives her two thumbs up! Don’t miss a chance to see her live
reinvented herself. She started calling herself Taylor Pie.
                                                                          & buy one of her CDs!
   Terri Hendrix first heard of Pie from her agent.
    “I received her CD in the mail around 2002 via my agent at the
                                                                             For more info on Taylor Pie go to these web sites:
time as he was blown away by her music. He knew I would be
   “I was.
    “I listened to her song ‘Long Ride Home’ about 100 times in a
row, so, I had no choice but to record it. I loved it. Her guitar work,
lyrics, and vocals are amazing and their depth gets to me with
every listen.”
   Hendrix also recorded “Walking on the Moon” her children’s CD.
“That song pulled my heart strings as well,” she said.
     Around 2005, Pie hooked back up with an old friend & tasty

   20                                                        HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS                                       JUNE 2009
   Life at 360 Degrees
T      he exhilaration of driving on the highway at sunset is only
shadowed by the reality that a critter could step in front of the vehi-
                                                                          points out that, “We observe our world through a fairly intricate set
                                                                          of filters, helping us to make sense of everything. Often these filters
                                                                          block us from seeing our opportunities.” Another suggestion by Col-
cle at any given moment. If one is in a convertible, an axis can hop      lier is calling phone numbers at random and wishing people a nice
aboard in the back seat as well. At 65 miles per hour, this is a bit      day.[i]
unnerving, but the air is cool on my face and the apex of everything                  The lexical database of English at Princeton University
visible glistens though the yellow-orange filter of the sun.              gives two definitions of perspective (1) n. linear; the appearance of
           Though I am not even driving, I feel distracted from mo-       things relative to one another as determined by their distance from
ment. Beyond the lingering worries of the day, a few venison reci-        the viewer. (2) n. position, view; a way of regarding situations or top-
pes come to mind. I reflect on my new theory: Hill Country deer           ics etc. ‘consider what follows from the positivist view.’ The lyrics of
have suicidal tendencies. They have plenty of time to cross the           “What a Wonderful World” can be seen as idealism or an all-embrac-
road before the vehicle gets there. And then there is the deer sui-       ing perspective of what acceptance really means. The words, “I see
cide cult -- they hide in the brush and jump out with the entire deer     skies of blue and clouds of white the bright blessed day, the dark
family. Or, maybe they have cataracts.                                    sacred night,” reflect a positivist view. Whether taking a vacation, vol-
           Bringing me back to the moment, my friend exclaims,            unteering for a good cause, or sleeping with your head at the other
“Look out the back! Isn’t it beautiful?” Gazing at the view behind        end of the bed, changing our physical viewpoint can be a catalyst for
us had not even crossed my mind. Pulling my seatbelt out enough           changing our perspective of the world.
to turn around and look, I behold the hills -- they are curved and
undisturbed, the road winds gently between them. The sky is soft          When Reality Strikes, Don’t Strike Back
pink instead of orange; the foliage from the recent rain is bearing
a deeper hue. I notice that the wildflowers along the side of the                   I recently advised a young lady about what to do when
road have many more colors than yellow and blue, the only colors          someone hurts you. Essentially, not to hurt the person back, and it all
I noticed while staring straight ahead instead. I even I look upward      begins with perspective. The founder of Rational Emotive Therapy,
at the rest of the sky; it is still blue with white clouds.               Albert Ellis states, “People and things do not upset us, rather we
           Albert Einstein said, “The pursuit of truth and beauty is a    upset ourselves by believing that they can upset us.”
sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all                 She wanted to know what to do. “Some say to turn the
our lives.” In the effort to change perspective, reflect on how things    other cheek, and that is the right thing to do in most cases, but some
look through the eyes of a child. Kids simply do not have the mental      people believe in something called karma. It means that good and
clutter that we accumulate during our lifetime. By the time we are        bad circle around. We must be mindful of what we spend our en-
adults, if we are not physically too busy to experience something,        ergy on. There is negative energy and positive energy. Negative en-
we are often mentally distracted from the moment.                         ergy eats you, literally makes you sick, sad or lonely, it takes things
           Seeing the view from a different angle reminds me of sit-      away from you, sometimes even friends because no one wants to be
ting in the back of a pickup truck as a child. In upstate New York,       around energy that drains people. But positive energy always comes
with my feet dangling over the dust, the view from the back was           back, even at the minute you give it out, it is always good. People
always spectacular. The rocks that jutted out from the dirt below         recognize good and they are drawn to it.”
almost hit my feet as we bumbled along the road. The trees were                     A few days later, the same young lady was advising her
so tall and full that the treetops often touched, even with a road        younger brother on her cell phone not to beat up his high school
between them. I often imagined we were exiting a cave.                    teacher. This is not where I imagined my karma counsel fitting in.
           At nine years old, my sister and I observed the Big Apple      “Look, you can’t beat up your teacher,” she insisted. “There’s this
as no one else could -- from the “way back,” lying on the station         thing called karma, and it means if you do something bad something,
wagon floor with pillows and blankets (dating myself, this was long       something bad is gonna happen to you. So if your teacher is really
before seatbelt laws). From inside a vehicle, seeing the tops of          as bad as you say he is, and I believe you, you just tell him, ‘You’ll
the buildings in Manhattan at night is only possible from this angle.     get yours but it won’t be from me.’ That’s all you have to do and don’t
While Mom and Dad were busy commenting about the traffic, the             beat him up.”
stench, the prostitutes, and crime, the perspective that no one else
could see was ours, a majesty that we looked forward to embracing         “There has to be evil so that good can prove its purity over it.”
each and every trip.                                                                                                               ~Buddha
           In the book, “Get Out of Your Thinking Box,” by Lindsay        Questions, comments, insights of your own? E-mail Jennifer King at
Collier, the author lists 365 things to do to improve creativity. Col-
lier’s second suggestion is, “Walk backwards up a hill, or if you
can’t find a hill, just spend some time walking backwards.” Collier               [i] Good luck not making the local crime pages with this suggestion.

   JUNE 2009                                                 HCHAPPENINGS.COM                                                                  23
Texas Hill Country
  Tour of Homes
 June 26 - 28 • July 3 - 5
                                               GENERAL STORE                                     BAR                               DANCE HALL      PRIVATE PARTIES
                                               LIVE FROM LUCKENBACH TEXAS AND THE LUCKENBACH DANCEHALL
Eleven beautiful homes will be
                                                                               June 5th – Dance – Lucky Tubb
 featured on this year’s Tour.
                                                June 6th – Stephanie Urbina Jones & The Lavins Family
Buy your discounted tickets now!!                           Dance – Thomas Michael Riley
                                                                                          June 7th – Walt Wilkins
 Sponsored in part by TEXAS                                  June 12th – Dance – Almost Patsy Cline Band
                                                 June 13th – Candy Coburn • South Texas Destroyers
                                                               Dance – Brigitte London
                                                   June 14th – Thomas Michael Riley & Mike Blakely
                                                                               June 19th – Freddie Steady Krc
                                             June 20th – Luckenbach Rod & Custom Car, Truck & Bike Show
                                                                 Austin Homegrown
                                                                        June 21st – Waylon’s Birthday Bash
                                                        June 24th – Claude Butch Morgan • Chris Gage
                                                                      • Christine Albert
                                                                               June 26th – Dance – Paul Eason
                                                                                     June 27th – George Devore
                                                                                    Dance – Drugstore Cowboys
                                                                          June 28th – The Band of Heathens
                                                                87                                            Johnson
                                                                                                                                     LUCKENBACH IS LOCATED:
                                                  290                  Fredericksburg                         City
                                                                                                                                     10 miles SE of F’burg. Five
                                                                                                                       To Austin

                                                        16                     LUCKENBACH

                                                                                                 1623         Blanco                 miles south of the intersection

                                                                                  Sisterdale            281
                                                                                                                                     of Hwy. 290 & FM 1376 at the
                                                                                                                                     South Grape Creek bridge.
                                                                         To San Antonio         To San Antonio

                                              OPEN DAILY                                                                                           830-997-3224
                                              9 til Close                                                                                          888-311-8990

24 24                             HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS
                                    HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS                                                                                      JUNE 2009
                                                                                                                                                   JUNE 2009
 FRONTIER SCREEN PRINTING                                                                    RESTAURANT REVIEW
                                                      By Natalie Steele                       BUZZIE’S BAR-B-QUE
                                                                                                                                 By Natalie Steele

         I  ’m a firm believer in shameless self-promotion, and I            There’s nothing like the smell of a bar-b-q pit, especially at Buzzie’s
                                                                             Bar-B-Q. One of the best BBQ recipes in Texas is made right here
have a fantastic source for doing just that. It’s called textile screen
printing, and I                                                              in the heart of the Hill Country at Buzzie’s Bar-B-Q in Kerrville, and
challenge you to find anyone local with more experience or lower             the culinary rock star behind it all is Buzzie himself. Buzzie’s is
prices.                                                                      a Hill Country bastion of tender brisket, mouth watering yardbird,
          Frontier is owned and operated solely by Wayne and Deb-            and some serious sausage. The restaurant was recently remod-
bie Rogers, a husband and wife team. They have 13 years of ex-               eled and expanded, and with the changes came a new banquet fa-
perience and love what they do. They work out of the shop next               cility that accommodates at least 100 people, and has everything
to their beautiful home with a fantastic panoramic view of the Hill          you need for most any event.
Country coming through the window. Wayne and Debbie have been                           It’s no surprise that Buzzie’s BBQ has been voted Peo-
screen printing since the early 70’s and have served the Texas Hill          ple’s Choice for 7 years running, and voted Top 50 in Texas by Tex-
                              Country since 1996.                            as Monthly magazine, that’s a pretty good resume Buz has been
                                       Frontier Printing has an offer        cooking Bar-B-Q all his life and you can taste the experience and
                              that will fit into any budget. In fact, it’s   passion in every bite. The soup and salad bar is a little bonus you
                              an opportunity you can’t afford to pass        won’t find at the typical BBQ joint, and to seal the deal, Buzzie’s
                              up. How does $2.99 sound? You could            is the ONLY BBQ restaurant in town serving cold beer (putting the
                              be advertising your business over and          buzz into BBQ so to speak) . He has a reputation for his support
                              over again on quality, heavyweight t-          and positive influence in the community.
                              shirts with your custom design printed                    He is always willing to donate his time and services for
                              on it (one color, one location). Let           local charities and fundraisers. You will always find a smiling face
                              Wayne and Debbie add some ‘bling’ to           and friendly service along with quality food, and if time is of the
                              your biz, its employees, and your cus-         essence, it’s ready for the taking. There are daily specials, family
                              tomers. Add a matching cap that fits           meal combinations, desserts, and did I mention the cold Shiner
                              like a glove for the same groovy price,        Bock? The banquet facility is perfect for catered events, and with
                              and get custom koozies for even less!          the mobile pit, Buz is fully equipped and ready to bring the que to
Keep your tasty beverages cold this summer while promoting your              you.
business, band, or event with longneck koozies as low as $1.69                          Buzzie’s Bar-B-Q is family owned and operated. Don’t be
each, and can koozies in assorted colors for .89 each. Turnaround            shy, introduce yourself, and don’t be surprised if you get treated
time is a week to ten days, and they offer free local delivery in Ker-       like family with every visit. I’ve been a loyal customer for many
rville.                                                                      years now. In fact, I can remember many trips to Comfort for my
          Our Happenings gear is already in the works, and if you            favorite BBQ. Buzzie even catered my wedding years ago...we
are a fellow adverttiser in Hill Country Happenings and would like           went out of business 6 months later, but Buzzie is still cookin’.
a 10% off V.I.P. discount on your first order, a little name-dropping                   Make Buzzie’s Bar-B-Que a regular stop, and you’re just
should work. It’s kind of like saying, “It’s cool…I’m with the band.”        a phone call away from reserving Buz for your next event or cele-
Just mention Hill Country Happenings and start saving money.                 bration, and custom orders are available as well. For to go orders
                                       Frontier is who you call for          and catering inquiries call 830-257-4540. Buzzie’s is located 213
                                     your business’ printed advertis-        Schreiner Street, across from the Kerrville Bus Company. Visit
                                     ing, Weddings, graduations, and         Buzzie’s online at
                                     event promotions of all kinds.
                                     Call 830-896-2780 or toll free at
                                     1-800-537-1737 to place your
                                       These are just a few of the
                                     many satisfied customers who
                                     use Frontier to promote their

                                      The Hunt Store
                                      The Dam Store
                                      Guadalupe RV
                                      Paw Paw’s BBQ
                                      Blackburn Plastering
                                      Classic Rock 94-3 RevFM

Make yours the next. Call Frontier Screen Printing for all your textile
printing needs. Ask about the awesome 6 pack coolers, the perfect
promotional item for summer (available in assorted colors).

   26                                                          HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS                                        JUNE 2009
 Meet the Boys of “The Morning Ride”

                                                                             but there is a lot of planning that goes into it. It’s like a dorm room
                                                                             lobby, people come and go, we want to incorporate the best that’s
                                                                             in this building in to this show, it’s all fun and it works.”
                                                                                        Brian, on the other hand, is an audiophile, who loves
                                                                             Classic Rock, “I’ve always gone to as many concerts as I could. I
                                                                             just love listening to music. It’s like I finally got a chance to follow
                                                                             my passion, live the dream if you will. I started out as an intern and
                                                                             got a great opportunity to join Dave in the morning.”
                                                                             When asked the direction the show would go from here, Bryan
                                                                             simply stated, “Well, I’d like to see Dave keep his pants up. When
                                                                             he starts rockin’ out in the studio, he has a tendency to drop trou,
                                                                             and trust me, it’s unnerving to walk in to the studio and see a
                                                                             50 plus year old man dancing around behind the board with his
                                                                             slacks down around his knees”.
                                                                                        Dodson responds “droppin’ trou every now,,,,and then,
                                                                             just to lighten the mood” deadpan serious. “ We should have a
                                                                             boxers or briefs day” to which Brian threatens to perform his part
                                                                             of the show on the telephone from an office outside the rock booth,
                                                                             because he’s not sure if Dodson will actually be wearing either if
                                                                             that day arrives. “Please don’t go Commando that day” he begs
                                                                                        Dodson seriously responds “I like the direction the show
                                                                             is going, the guests, all the folks – from Marvin at the Nimitz
                                                                             Museum with the flamethrower, Tommy Daniels from Bank of the
                                                                             Hills, Cherie Rue from Big Brothers, Big Sisters…we realize that
           Every weekday morning at 5 AM, the airwaves                       people don’t have all the time in the world to listen in the morning,
reverberate with the Hill Country’s new favorite morning                     whether they are getting the kids ready, making breakfast,
team. Four hours of Classic Rock music, plus enough news,                    whatever, we want to keep them involved in what’s going on the
information and interviews to keep you rockin’ and informed                  community, and give them some entertainment value as well. We
of local causes and events in and around the area. Meet Dave                 enjoy our friends at the Donut Palace and Hill Country Café. We
and Bryan, the co-hosts of RevFM’s ‘The Morning Ride”. If their              want the listeners to enjoy this.” Brian concurs” I’m coming at
music won’t hook you, their banter will. Longtime disk jockey                this from the standpoint of a fan. If I didn’t work here, I would still
Dave Dodson and rock aficionado Brian K. are having fun in                   listen.”
Kerrville, and it shows! Audience participation is high; their
visibility in the community is growing, as is evidenced by the               Tune in for all the antics on The Morning Ride with Dave and
requests pouring in for their presence at various community                  Brian, weekdays from 5am-9am on KRVL 94.3 and on the web at
functions and charity events.                                      
           Dave has spent 30 plus years in the music business,
working in radio, did stints as a club dj, and worked for MCG Curb
Records in Nashville as a promotions rep, working with 125 radio
stations, getting his artists music played. He joined up with the
RevFM crew last November and has anchored the mornings ever
since. He spent the largest part of his radio career in Oklahoma,
and did stints in Dallas, Savannah, Corpus, and Corsicana, among
others. He’s really ramped up his show since Bryan showed up
initially as an intern, then worked his way into a full partner on The
Morning Ride. It has allowed him to explore more avenues, as
they each have someone to play off of.. Asked his impressions of
Kerrville, Dodson is absolutely enamored by the Hill Country. His
wife Sharon works for Sid Peterson and that is what brought them
here. “It’s conservative, it’s patriotic, as recently displayed by the
first Tea Party, and it seems like a great place to raise children. All
of mine are grown and gone, but if I was going to raise more, I’d like
to do it here.” Also, he likes the fact that there is a lot to do outdoors
           “People have been real receptive of The Morning Ride, and
I think the biggest part is that we have so many great people at the
station that make appearances from time to time, ….you, Carlos,
Boneman, Jana, Natalie, it appears that it’s really a freeform deal

 28                                                          HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS
                                                            HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS                                           JUNE 2009
                                                                                                                             JUNE 2009
JUNE 2009
            HCHAPPENINGS.COM   30
                                                                Saturday 6th
                                                                Thomas Micheal Riley @ Luckenbach
                                                                Josh Grider @ The Auslander
Monday 1st                                                      Sons of the Beach @ Guadalupe River Club
Kerrville Folk Festival @ Quiet Valley Ranch                    Hill Country Acoustic Music Camp @ Schreiner University
Blue Monday Blues Jam 7p @ Silver Creek                         Llano County Open Pro Rodeo & Parade @ Llano
Pickers Circle w/ Jimmy Lee Jones @ Luckenbach                  Bandera Market Day @ Downtown Bandera
Hayden Whittington & Walt Perryman @ Luckenbach                 Jeremy Steding @ 11th Street Cowboy Bar
Happy Hour Open to Close @ Jake’s                               Kar ‘Dee’ Oke 9p @ Jake’s
                                                                Gary Claxton & Eric Hokkanen 9p @ Hondo’s
Tuesday 2nd                                                     Blanco River Lavender Company @ Blanco
Kerrville Folk Festival @ Quiet Valley Ranch                    Boerne Adventure Fest @ Boerne
Pickers Circle w/ Jimmy Lee Jones @ Luckenbach                  Chisholm Trail Birthday Party @ Chisholm Trail Winery
Pickers Circle w/ Levi Darr @ Luckenbach                        Great Castell Kayak Race @ Mason
Karaoke Nite w/ Jess @ Guadalupe River Club                     Guided Tour @ Honey Creek State National Area-Boerne
Abendkonzerte @ Main Plaza-Boerne                               Hwy. 87 Flea Market @ Comfort
                                                                Lavender Fun Run @ Blanco
Wednesday 3rd                                                   Scavenger Hunt & Scenic Trail Ride @ Bandera
Greg Forest & Welfare Fathers @ Waring Steaknite                Star Over Lavender @ Blanco River Lavender Farm
Kerrville Folk Festival @ Quiet Valley Ranch                    Summer Saturdays @ Fall Creek Vineyards
Pickers Circle w/ Jimmy Lee Jones @ Luckenbach                  Teen Night @ Up-N-Jacks-Kerrville
Pickers Circle w/ Scooter Pearce @ Luckenbach                   The Grape Adventure @ Dry Comal Creek Vineyards
The Barn Burning Band 6p @ The 11th Street Cowboy Bar           Triple H Mounted Scavenger Hunt @ Boerne
Happy Hour Buckets o’ Beer @ Jake’s
Karaoke @ Conroy’s Pub                                          Sunday 7th
Karaoke Nite w/ Jess @ Guadalupe River Club                     The Welfare Fathers 5:30p @ The Welfare Café
Cookie McCoy-Sculpture @ Artisans at Rocky Hill                 Kerrville Folk Festival @ Quiet Valley Ranch
Hill Country Acoustic Music Camp @ Schreiner University         Open Mic w/ Rodney Joe Smith @ Silver Creek
                                                                Cowboy Doug Davis @ Luckenbach
Thursday 4th                                                    Walt Wilkins @ Luckenbach
Kerrville Folk Festival @ Quiet Valley Ranch                    Mike Lord Band 3p @ 11th Street Cowboy Bar
Drew Kennedy @ The Auslander                                    Taylor Pie & Eban Wood CD Release 4p @ Hondo’s
Pickers Circle w/ Jimmy Lee Jones @ Luckenbach                  Lishman & Prewitt 7:30p @ Hondo’s
Pickers Circle w/ Jay Sims                                      Hill Country Acoustic Music Camp @ Schreiner University
Ben Smith 7:30p @ Hondo’s                                       Texandance International Film Festival @ New Braunfels
The Gonzo Traveling Circus @ Red Baron’s Sports Bar
Open Mic Night w/ Turk & Louie @ Guadalupe River Club           Monday 8th
Discover the Answer to Dyslexia @ Boerne Community Center       Blue Monday Blues Jam 7p @ Silver Creek
Fredericksburg Farmer’s Market @ Marktplatz                     Pickers Circle w/ Jimmy Lee Jones @ Luckenbach
Hill Country Acoustic Music Camp @ Schreiner University         T & C Miller @ Luckenbach
                                                                Happy Hour Open to Close @ Jake’s
Friday 5th                                                      Sherri Jo Adams-Pottery @ Artisans at Rocky Hill
Kerrville Folk Festival @ Quiet Valley Ranch
Buster Jiggs @ The Auslander                                    Tuesday 9th
Karaoke @ Red Baron’s Sports Bar                                Pickers Circle w/ Jimmy Lee Jones @ Luckenbach
The Joey Green Band @ Guadalupe River Club                      Pickers Circle w/ Levi Darr @ Luckenbach
Battle of Midway Program @ National Museum of the Pacific War   Karaoke Nite w/ Jess @ Guadalupe River Club
Hill Country Acoustic Music Camp @ Schreiner University         Tuesday Movies in Your Park @ San Marcos
First Friday Art Walk @ Artisans at Rocky Hill                  Cynthia Bloom-Collectible Jewelry @ Artisans at Rocky Hill
Douglas Kent & the Homewreckers @ 11th St. Cowboy Bar
Ladies Night 6pm @ Jake’s                                       Wednesday 10th
John Arthur Martinez 8p @ Hondo’s                               Eric Hanke Band & Duke Davis @ Waring Steaknite
Open Mic Night & Poetry Reading @ Dejavu-Fredericksburg         Pickers Circle w/ Jimmy Lee Jones @ Luckenbach
Real Ale Brewery Taste & Tour @ Blanco                          Pickers Circle w/ Ben Beckendorf @ Luckenbach
Lucky Tubb @ Luckenbach                                         The Lonestar Pickers 6p @ 11th St. Cowboy Bar
                                                                Happy Hour Buckets o’ Beer @ Jake’s
Saturday 6th                                                    Bill Lewis 7:30p @ Hondo’s
Kerrville Folk Festival @ Quiet Valley Ranch                    Karaoke @ Conroy’s Pub
Stephanie Urbina Jones @ Luckenbach                             Karaoke Nite w/ Jess @ Guadalupe River Club

   30                                                HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS                                JUNE 2009
Thursday 11th
Nathan Daniel Band @ The Auslander                            Tuesday 16th
Pickers Circle w/ Jimmy Lee Jones @ Luckenbach                Pickers Circle w/ Jimmy Lee Jones @ Luckenbach
Pickers Circle w/ Richard Vidmer @ Luckenbach                 Pickers Circle w/ Levi Darr @ Luckenbach
The Gonzo Traveling Circus @ Red Baron’s Sports Bar           Karaoke Nite w/ Jess @ Guadalupe River Club
Open Mic Night w/ Turk & Louie @ Guadalupe River Club
Friday 12th                                                   Wednesday 17th
Los #3 Dinners @ The Auslander                                The McKay Brothers @ Waring Steaknite
Karaoke @ Red Baron’s Sports Bar                              Pickers Circle w/ Bill Lewis @ Luckenbach
The South Texas Destroyers @ Guadalupe River Club             Pickers Circle w/ Jimmy Lee Jones @ Luckenbach
Real Ale Brewery Taste & Tour @ Blanco                        Karaoke @ Conroy’s Pub
Emerson Biggins 8:30p @ 11th Street Cowboy Bar                Ricky Adams & Rusty Nails @ 11th Street Cowboy Bar
Ladies Night 6pm @ Jake’s                                     Karaoke Nite w/ Jess @ Guadalupe River Club
Bo Porter Band 8p @ Hondo’s
Angel Classic Softball Tournament @ Junction City Park        Thursday 18th
Antique Tractor & Engine Club Show @ Gillespie Fair Grounds   Randy Padlock @ The Auslander
Blanco Lavender Festival @ Blanco                             Pickers Circle w/ Jimmy Lee Jones @ Luckenbach
George Devore @ Luckenbach                                    Pickers Circle w/ Kent Finley @ Luckenbach
Almost Patsy Cline Band @ Luckenbach                          Kathy Bauer 7:30p @ Hondo’s
                                                              The Gonzo Traveling Circus @ Red Baron’s Sports Bar
Saturday 13th                                                 Open Mic Night w/ Turk & Louie @ Guadalupe River Club
La Tampequena @ The Auslander
The Stephen Pointer Band @ Guadalupe River Club
Guided Tour @ Honey Creek State National Area-Boerne
Hwy. 87 Flea Market @ Comfort
Bandera Market Day @ Downtown Bandera
Summer Saturdays @ Fall Creek Vineyards
The Dancehall Cowboys 9p @ 11th Street Cowboy Bar
Kar ‘Dee’ Oke 9p @ Jake’s
McKay Brothers 8p @ Hondo’s
Shelley King @ The Hen House Cafe
Angel Classic Softball Tournament @ Junction City Park
Antique Tractor & Engine Club Show @ Gillespie Fair Grounds
Blanco Lavender Festival @ Blanco
Amber Nanni-Beaded Jewelry @ Artisans at Rocky Hill
Boerne Market Days @ Boerne
Masonic Open Car Show @ Marktplatz-Fredericksburg
Second Saturday Art & Wine @ Boerne
Texas Water Safari @ San Marcos
South Texas Destroyers @ Luckenbach
Brigette London/Candy Coburn @ Luckenbach

Sunday 14th
The Welfare Fathers 5:30p @ The Welfare Café
Open Mic w/ Rodney Joe Smith @ Silver Creek
Pickers Circle w/ Cowboy Doug Davis @ Luckenbach
Thomas Micheal Riley @ Luckenbach
Duke Davis & Buckshot 7:30p @ Hondo’s
Antique Tractor & Engine Club Show @ Gillespie Fair Grounds
Blanco Lavender Festival @ Blanco
Boerne Market Days @ Boerne
Flag Day Recognition Program @ Museum of the Pacific War
Second Sunday Summer Serenade @ Louise Hays Park-Kerrville

Monday 15th
Blue Monday Blues Jam 7p @ Silver Creek
Pickers Circle w/ Jimmy Lee Jones @ Luckenbach
Hayden Whittington & Walt Perryman @ Luckenbach
Happy Hour Open to Close @ Jake’s

  JUNE 2009                                          HCHAPPENINGS.COM                                                 31
Friday 19th                                                        The Cowbilly’s Band 6p @ 11th Street Cowboy Bar
Austin Collins @ The Auslander                                     Happy Hour Buckets o’ Beer @ Jake’s
Charity Rodeo/Kids Advocacy @ Youth Exhibition Center, Kerrville   Karaoke Nite w/ Jess @ Guadalupe River Club
Friday 19th
Karaoke @ Red Baron’s Sports Bar                                   Thursday 25th
Bliss @ Guadalupe River Club                                       Pickers Circle w/ Jimmy Lee Jones @ Luckenbach
Happy Hour Buckets o’ Beer @ Jake’s                                The Gonzo Traveling Circus @ Red Baron’s Sports Bar
Stone River Boys w/ Dave Gonzales 8p @ Hondo’s                     Open Mic Night w/ Turk & Louie @ Guadalupe River Club
Real Ale Brewery Taste & Tour @ Blanco                             Douglas Kent 7:30p @ Hondo’s
Berges Fest Celebration & Parade @ Boerne
Open Pro Rodeo @ Hill Country Youth Exhibit Center                 Friday 26th
Stonewall Jamboree & Rodeo @ Stonewall                             Karaoke @ Red Baron’s Sports Bar
Trade Days @ Fredericksburg                                        Wes Creech @ Guadalupe River Club
Pickers Circle w/ Danny Terry @ Luckenbach                         Real Ale Brewery Taste & Tour @ Blanco
Freddy Steady Krc @ Luckenbach                                     Pat Childress-Oil on Canvas @ Artisans at Rocky Hill
Judge Mike Haley @ Luckenbach                                      Tour of Homes @ Kerrville
                                                                   Pickers Circle w/ Danny Terry @ Luckenbach
Saturday 20th                                                      Pickers Circle w/ Judge Mike Haley
Jeremiah Houston Band @ Guadalupe River Club                       Paul Eason @ Luckenbach
Berges Fest Celebration & Parade @ Boerne
Open Pro Rodeo @ Hill Country Youth Exhibit Center                 Saturday 27th
Stonewall Jamboree & Rodeo @ Stonewall                             The Dean Seltzer Band @ Guadalupe River Club
Trade Days @ Fredericksburg                                        Tour of Homes @ Kerrville
Jazz & Wine Festival w/ Billy Mata @ 11th Street Cowboy Bar        Riverfest w/ Davin James 7:30p @ 11th Street Cowboy Bar
Kar ‘Dee’ Oke 9p @ Jake’s                                          Kar ‘Dee’ Oke 9p @ Jake’s
Almost Patsy Cline 8p @ Hondo’s                                    Thomas Micheal Riley 8p @ Hondo’s
Rod, Custom, Classic Car & Motorcycle Show @ Luckenbach            Guided Tour @ Honey Creek State National Area-Boerne
Music in the Park @ Johnson City Memorial Park                     Hwy. 87 Flea Market @ Comfort
Guided Tour @ Honey Creek State National Area-Boerne               Bandera Market Day @ Downtown Bandera
Hwy. 87 Flea Market @ Comfort                                      Summer Saturdays @ Fall Creek Vineyards
Bandera Market Day @ Downtown Bandera                              Antique Tractor Show & Pull @ Johnson City
Hot Rod & Custom Car Show @ Luckenbach                             Bandera Riverfest @ Bandera City Park
                                                                   Battle of the Bands @ Shade Tree Saloon & Grill
Sunday 21st                                                        Ricky Adams & Rusty Nails 2p @ 11th Street Cowboy Bar
The Welfare Fathers 5:30p @ The Welfare Café                       T-Roy & Candace Miller @ Hondo’s
Open Mic w/ Rodney Joe Smith @ Silver Creek                        The Dust Devils @ The Hen House Cafe
Wayon’s Birthday Bash @ Luckenbach                                 Kerr County Market Days @ Kerr County Courthouse Square
Pickers Circle w/ Cowboy Doug Davis @ Luckenbach                   Kirchman Gallery Reception @ Johnson City
Berges Fest Celebration & Parade @ Boerne                          Clay McClinton @ Luckenbach
Trade Days @ Fredericksburg                                        Drugstore Cowboys @ Luckenbach
Fredericksburg Archery Club @ Kramer Ranch
Tennis Assoc. Burger Bash @ Lady Bird Johnson Park                 Sunday 28th
                                                                   The Welfare Fathers 5:30p @ The Welfare Café
Monday 22nd                                                        Open Mic w/ Rodney Joe Smith @ Silver Creek
Blue Monday Blues Jam 7p @ Silver Creek                            Pickers Circle w/ Cowboy Doug Davis @ Luckenbach
Pickers Circle w/ Jimmy Lee Jones @ Luckenbach                     Tour of Homes @ Kerrville
T&C Miller @ Luckenbach                                            Fredericksburg Road Race @ Fredericksburg
                                                                   Drive Championship @ The Hawk Golf Club-Spring Branch
Tuesday 23rd                                                       Band of Heathens w/ Jamie Wilson @ Luckenbach
Pickers Circle w/ Jimmy Lee Jones @ Luckenbach
Pickers Circle w/ Levi Darr @ Luckenbach                           Monday 29th
Karaoke Nite w/ Jess @ Guadalupe River Club                        Blue Monday Blues Jam 7p @ Silver Creek
Happy Hour Open to Close @ Jake’s                                  Pickers Circle w/ Jimmy Lee Jones @ Luckenbach
                                                                   Pickers Circle w/ Bo Porter
Wednesday 24th
Luke Olsen Band @ Waring Steaknite                                 Tuesday 30th
Pickers Circle w/ Jimmy Lee Jones @ Luckenbach                     Pickers Circle w/ Jimmy Lee Jones @ Luckenbach
Claude Butch Morgan/Gage & Albert @ Luckenbach                     Pickers Circle w/ Levi Darr @ Luckenbach
Karaoke @ Conroy’s Pub                                             Karaoke Nite w/ Jess @ Guadalupe River Club

32 32                                                  HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS
                                                    HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS                                 JUNE 2009
                                                                                                          JUNE 2009
                                                                                               with Abbey
Dancing, Records and Slang
“Don’t it make you wanna Dance’ I love that song from Rusty Wier.      pickers will receive dog tags, t-shirt and braggin rioghts. Yes, that’s
Luckenbach has one of the oldest and best dance halls in Texas.        right. You get to say you were here. You helped break the Guinness
Our floor is smooth, the windows open up all the way around. On        World record in Luckenbach. We have even invited the governor!
the hottest of nights there is a breeze blowin’, sometimes small,      Show your Texas pride and help us out.
but still, it’s blowin’. Look for some of the best dance bands in                Bombdiggity! Apparently the latest “word” on the streets. I
Texas coming out for FREE dances this summer. Asleep at The            had lunch in Kerrville the other day at a really good Mexican place
Wheel will be here in August. If they can’t get you out on the floor   called Cochita’s. The waitress was sweet as sopapillas and she told
no one can. We are movin things around a bit so we can dance           us the Avocado Enchilada’s were bombdiggity! We sat with confusion
most every Friday and Saturday night.                                  for a moment and then realized she was saying they were good..
           Have you ever thought about breaking a Guinness             great.. must have them. I love that word! Bombdiggity is just fun to
World Record? Me neither, until now. Luckenbach Texas needs            say. It makes me smile so it can’t be bad!
2000 guitar players on our hill on August 23, 2009 to break the                  Summer is here folks… Coming up in Luckenbach this June
current largest guitar ensemble record. The record is held by the      is ROT weekend.. lot of bikes and people watching. The Luckenbach
Germans, was set in 2007 with 1,803 players. They played Smoke         Rod and Custom Car Show, Waylon’s Birthday Bash. Musical
on the Water. We are playing the Luckenbach song and This Land         highlights will include Seth Walker, The Band of Heathens, South
is your Land. This is Texas and we figure we should not only break     Texas Destroyers, Clay McClinton, Lucky Tubb, Paul Eason ( check
the record but blow it away. This is Luckenbach, this is Texas and     this guy out!) The Drugstore Cowboys, George Devore ( Yeah.. he
we are all about pickin guitars. We need for all players to register   rocks.. don’t miss this!) Walt Wilkins 1st Sunday of every month.
as soon as possible at          The              Check our website for more information on how you can help
registration fee is $10. All of the proceeds go to the Voices of a     us claim the World Record and lots of fun stuff to do in Luckenbach.
Grateful Nation project which benefits our veterans. All registered              Bomb – diggity!!

    A Must See LIVE Performance
    and CD Release Party at
                                                                            r Pied

    Hondo’s on Main
                                                                       Tayloen Woo         Eb
                                                                              7, 2009

                                                                 Frid ay June
                                                                              - 6 pm
                                                                                ing At
                                                                                                        4                    No Co
                                                                   A l so Appear
                                                                                   The Bugle Boy
                                                                           Friday June 12                           8-10 pm
              located at          Formerly of the 1960‘s                                                        1051 N.Jefferson St.
   Hondo’s is
      312 W. M
                ain St             American Folk Band                      Tickets Only $15                      La Grange, Texas
               urg, Texas                                                                                         979-968-9944
   Fredericksb   6  33       “The Pozo Seco Singers”                        (Reservations Requested)
       830 -997-1                                                                                    

  34                                                      HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS                                        JUNE 2009
  with Karyn Lyn
Hooray! We finally got a few nights of leaving the windows open at      BANDERA TRAIL RIDE
night spring breeze come through! But, just around the corner, the    The Bandera Trail Ride is still trottin’ down Main Street every Sun-
heat waves are scurrying. Welcome to Texas everybody! Looks like      day afternoon. Trail ride hosts, Longhorn Saloon owners Brian
it’s going to be a rather heated summer and it sure would be nice if  Black and Charlotte Browning, saddle up and kick-off around noon-
our rivers were filled.                                               ish, after enjoying a cold refreshing bloody mary of course. Come
                                                                      enjoy a ride along the Medina river and through downtown Bandera
There have been a few spit-spats here and there, but let’s pray for with the local cowboys and cowgirls, or just come to watch the
some powerful downfalls, just not too powerful, because we all know horses strut their stuff. More information, call: (830) 796-3600
what heavy downfalls do to the Hill Country. As for the Bandera
happenings, there are plenty events occurring during the summer
for both adults and children.
                                                                      FLYING L GUEST RANCH
                                                                      Flying L Guest Ranch, established in 1946, has a brand new water
                                                                      park, Lone Star Lagoon, and “Par”dners Putt Putt course open to
If you’re planning to visit the Cowboy Capitol longer than an after-
                                                                      the public. Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm
noon, the Bandera’s Visitors Bureau is very helpful pertaining to the
                                                                      and Friday-Sunday 10am-9pm. Call 1-800-292-5134 for more in-
Dude Ranches, B&B’s, and other local accommodations, as well as
most of everything that goes on here – (830) 796-3045
                                                                        BCCA ART GALLERY\LEARNING CENTER FOR CHILDREN
RIVERFEST                                                               The Bandera County Center for the Arts, formally Artifacts, is pro-
The 12th annual Riverfest goes on the last Saturday in June (27th)      gressing, showcasing 35 local Hill Country artists. The month of
on the Medina River at the City Park. This fun-for-all-ages event of-   June will be featuring Southwest and Western themes, amongst
fers food, music, arts and craft venues, float contests, water games,   other themes/forms such as photography, pottery, jewelry, sculp-
river rodeos, kayak races, beef brisket cookoff, and an open antique    ture, wood carvings, and more.
car show. Admission is $5.00, and children under 12 are free. More
information, call (830) 796-4447                                      It’s not too late to enroll for the Shakespeare classes held at the
                                                                      BCCA, beginning June 15th-19th and the 22nd-26th. Visit the web-
                                                                      site and click on Bandera for more information: www.troupedjour@

Twin Elms Guest Ranch promotes the 2009 Buckle series rodeo
every Friday night at 8:00 PM all the way thru August. Events con-
sist of bull riding, barrel racing, calf roping, mutton busting, and calf
scramble. Admission is $6.00, and kids under 6 are free. For direc- Raise your glass to Arkey Blue of the Silver Dollar for 41 years of
tions and more information, call: (830) 796-3628                          ownership as of May 1st! On a conservative figure, he has sold
                                                                          some 3 million beers in 41 years, here’s to you Arkey Blue for your
                                                                          commitment to keeping a legendary honky-tonk alive!
                                                                                                  Congratulations Karyn!
                                                                                                  Hill Country Happenings regular columnist
                                                                                                  Karyn Lyn donned her cap and gown last
                                                                                                  month and is now a graduate of Schriener
                                                                                                  University. Karyn’s hard work has finally
                                                                                                  paid off and she now has a Bachelor of
                                                                                                  Arts degree under her belt. We are fortu-
                                                                                                  nate to have Karyn with us in Happenings
                                                                                                  and send out our heartfelt congratulations!

     36                                                      HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS                                       JUNE 2009
Hill Country Fun for the Whole Family
by Martha Cammack

Red and yellow, black and white….                                             day out on the Quiet Valley Ranch. Below is a schedule….. Have
Summer is here, fun, fun, fun. That is until Mom starts hearing…. “I’m
                                                                              Children’s Concerts for the 2009 Kerrville Folk Festival
bored, there’s nothing to do.” My mom always sent us out the door
                                                                              Sat, May 30 & Sun, May 31 (3:30 – 5:30 p.m.) Threadgill Theater
and we were due, back in, by dark. Those were the good ole days.
                                                                              Trout Fishing in America, Terri Hendrix, Ellis Paul
Good old days that included looking forward to vacation bible school.
                                                                              Sat, June 6 & Sun, June 7 (3:30 – 5:30 p.m.) Threadgill Theater
You may find yourself scurrying around trying to find something to
                                                                              with Gayle Ross, Purly Gates, Sid Hausman, Frank Meyer
occupy their time, or calling around to see what you could sign them
up for, (if its not too late,) so I thought I would give you a few Vacation
Bible School Suggestions. Whether you go to church or not, whether
you are Irish Catholic or Pentecostal, VBS is fun. (And, you can go
to one or a bunch.) Churches love to have children, with their ever
eager innocence, red, brown, black, or white, show up. Of course
you should call to register them so the church is prepared. Have fun
and remember, they are precious in HIS sight!

*Calvary Temple, Kerrville, Texas July 20-24th. 830 895-3000

*Faith Bible Church of Boerne, Texas Boerne, Texas Phone: 830-
249-8448 Email:

*First Baptist Church Kerrville 625 Washington ST. 830-257-5033.
Presents- ROME, Paul and the Underground Church. June 15-
19, 9am to Noon Pre-registration available.

*Our Vacation Bible School at St. Barnabas will take place in Rome
this year and we will become part of the early church. We will visit
Paul, worship in a cave, spend learning time with our family units, visit
market shops where we will make crafts including an abacus, top,
jewelry, and a papyrus scroll to mention a few. All of our snacks are
healthy and will include nuts, olives, fruit, etc. Ages are 4 - 12. Dates
- August 3rd through 7th from 9AM to Noon. Registration forms are
available in the church office at 601 West Creek Street. Phone No.
is 830/997-5762. St. Barnabas Episcopal Church -- Fredericksburg,
                                                                                  They used to call them walls,
*St. Peter’s Episcopal Church June 22-25, 2009. 9-11:30 am @
Tucker Hall. Ages Pre-K through 5th Grade. (6th grade through High                  now it’s considered art.
School helpers/volunteers needed). 320 St. Peter Street, Kerrville.
For registration form or more information 830 257-8162. STUDIO
GO! (Game Show Theme)                                                           Custom Designs. Faux Finishes.
*Trinity Baptist Church, Join us for this year’s Vacation Bible
School! DATES: June 08 - 12 Monday - Friday - 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
LOCATION: Trinity Baptist Church, 800 Jackson Road, Kerrville,
Texas 78028. INFORMATION: (Ages 4yrs old (by June 9) - 5th grade)
CONTACT US: Phone: 830-895-0100 Email:

*United Methodist Church Fredericksburg, Texas Vacation Bible
School - 2009 Sunday July 12th to Thursday July 16th. Meal at
5:30, VBS from 6 to 8 pm. For children 4 years through entering the
5th grade. 1800 N. Llano Fredericksburg, Texas Phone: 830 997

I hope you are able to find a fun VBS that fits in your child’s                      Martha Cammack 830 377-6077
summer schedule. Another great weekend family outlet is the
Kerrville Folk Festival children’s concerts. It is always an enjoyable

   38                                                         HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS                                     JUNE 2009
Summer is here – All Hail Summer!                                        SUCKS. When a local radio station in Chicago came up with a
                                                                         promotion with the White Sox to burn disco records in center field
                                                                         between games during a doubleheader at Comiskey Field, Chuck
                                                                         Wagon and the Wheels were riding the wave. As it happened, the
                                                                         records were collected at the gate, then placed in center field after
                                                                         the first game for the ceremonial sacrifice. The crowd went nuts,
                                                                         stormed the field and a party riot ensued. It was an undertaking
                                                                         clearing the field, and the second game was cancelled.
                                                                                    Disco Sucks was then deemed too volatile a song.
                                                                         Record sales dropped, show dates cancelled, and just as quickly,
                                                                         Chuck and the boys were off the board, languishing in the trough.
                                                                         Maultsby remembered “It’s like we were on our way….and then
                                                                         we weren’t”. He ended up selling the band name for $3000, to
                                                                         finance a fishing trip to Mexico. He and several original members
                                                                         still play under the name Chuck Maultsby and The Old Band, and
                                                                         can be found 5 or 6 times a month around Tucson.
                                                                                    We also were graced with the presence of East Texas
                                                                         comedian and phone prankster Willie P. Richardson. He and Tom
                                                                         Houston (Tom Houston Orchestra) stopped by for interviews that
                                                                         will be played at some point on The Roadshow. Select cuts of
                                                                         Tom’s Tuxedo Country CD, and various cuts of Willie P’s pranks
                                                                         albums (13 to date) show up on the show nightly.
                                                                                    We also had visitors’ in-studio from the Texas County Line
                                                                         television show. They were doing some filming of The Roadshow
Weekend trips to the coast, playing in the river, family vacations,      for a special segment in an upcoming episode. TCL is currently
and outdoor concerts under the stars, ahhhh – summer! But                seen on Blue Highways network, which will soon be available on
we’ll get back to that.                                                  Dish and Direct TV satellite networks respectively.
                                                                                    Getting back to summer, have you gone to MG Building
           Early last month I went to Nutty Brown’s Café in Austin for   Materials or Paw Paw’s BBQ to register for my fishing trip? Two of
the Texas Rockabilly Festival and saw Two Tons of Steel, The Chop        you are going to win transportation with me, lodging (not with me)
Tops, Levi Dexter with Danny B. Harvey and Wayne “The Train”             dinner, breakfast and lunch (again with me) and a filmed saltwater
Hancock. And that was just a portion of the first of two nights of       fishing extravaganza in Laguna Madre with Captain Jay Nichols.
entertainment. This is an annual event that you should really plan on    Kevin Wegner, king bee at Wegner Media Productions will be on
attending next yea, and go in costume – ‘50s rockabilly style.r. I did   hand to film this memorable journey for a treasured (perhaps)
not get to see Wanda Jackson or Rev. Horton Heat and several other       keepsake for the winners.
bands on tap, as I needed to get back to do The Roadshow. While          This promises to be a fun trip, so get by and get signed up, and
hanging out with Wayne, he presented me with a limited edition LP        make sure you have your valid Saltwater fishing stamp on your
of his newest effort, Viper of Melody. You can hear selected cuts of     valid Texas fishing license. We will chase some tail (tailing redfish)
this fine record every midnight on KOOK 93.5 and www.revfmradio.         together, along with some speckled trout..
com.                                                                                What else? Last month I asked for suggestions in re-
           Dennis Fallon, Chris Dodds and Kevin Geil from Two            naming the Down Home Blues column. Daryl Clester of Kerrville
Tons stopped by and visited a while. Be looking forward, as              is the winner! From now on, it will be known as “Under the Hat”
they have been in the studio recording a new album as well.              with Big G. Daryl will be a guest host on the Roadshow one night
You’ll be able to hear that in it’s entirety as well.                    and get all kinds of cheap prizes for his effort. Thanks Daryl!
           Recent guests on the Roadshow have included Karling           Oh, I will be making a pilgrimage to the Birthplace of the Blues,
Abbeygate, an English lass who sings Country Music as sweet as any.      Memphis, maybe a side trip to Nashville for some guitar shopping,
I’ll admit I was surprised when I spoke with her. I was not expecting    and then down to the Delta, Clarksdale. Mississippi, for some
to hear a voice that could have come from Northern Alabama to have       more musical fact-finding. Stay tuned for features that will surely
a cockney twist. So much for stereotyping, huh? She has found her        wind up on these pages in the near future.
niche, and to hear her songs, you would never think she was from                    Go out and sign up, and go check out the live music of
across the pond. Chuck “Wagon” Maultsby also made an appearance.         your choice. Until next month, adios y’all!
If you don’t remember, he had an international hit in 1979 with DISCO

   JUNE 2009                                               HCHAPPENINGS.COM                                                              39
                     • A beautiful, 23 acre Sculpture Prayer Garden,
                     in the heart of the “Texas Hill Country”, where
                     visitors can find God!

                     • A world-class landscaped park with beautiful
                     flowers, meditation gardens, waterfalls, walking
                     trails, picnic tables, music troubadours, story tell-
                     ers, wildlife viewing areas and some of the most
                     dramatic views in the state of Texas!

                     • A tranquil park filled with more than of a dozen
                     Christ-honoring, monumental bronze sculptures,
                     worth more than three million dollars, created by
                     internationally collected Christian artists.

                     • A place in the USA, at the same latitude as Israel
                     that looks like the Holy Land, with more than 3,500
                     massive 1.25 ton, limestone blocks!

                     • A flower lined, 300’ cross-shaped Garden, where
                     the Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented in three
                     languages, on 13” Scripture Tiles every 12’, where
                     people can literally pray to know Christ at the “foot
                     of the cross.”

                     • A breath-taking 77’7” Cor-tin Steel, open cross
                     sculpture, called “The Empty Cross”TM, which has
                     a 40’ cross arm and a dramatic 7’ wide center space,
                     that extends upward over seven stories!

                     • This free, non-profit, non-denominational Garden
                     is being built now on faith, without debt, through
                     the generous donations of Christians from across
                     America, so that others might know the love of
                     Jesus Christ.

                     • The Kerrville Garden will be open to the public
                     in 2009, if enough tax-deductible donations are
                     received. We need your help to complete this ambi-
                     tious, Christ-honoring project.

                     Now it shall come to pass in the latter days that the
                      mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established
                       on the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted
                      above the hills; and nations shall flow to it. Many
                     people shall come and say, “Come, and let us go up
                     to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God
                      of Jacob; He will teach us His ways, and we shall
                                        walk His paths.”

                                       ISAIAH 2: 2–3

                                                                             The Coming King Foundation
     Coming Soon                                                             P.O. Box 290555
     To A Mountain                                                           Kerrville, TX 78029-0555
                                                                             (830) 367-7874
       Near You!                                                             Email:

40                              HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS                                  JUNE 2009
                                                                                         Kerr Arts &
                                                                                         Cultural Center
                                                                                         228 Earl Garrett Street

                                                    a juried exhibit
                                                                                         SOCIETY                           "Sentinel of the Canyon"            Duncan Simmons

                                                    featuring many                           142nd International
                                               of the best gourd artists                     Traveling Exhibition
                                                       in America                            May 15                                        KERRVILLE, TEXAS

                                                      May 21 to                              through
                                                     July 5, 2009                            June 14
y Lighting 11-08 10/27/08 4:55 PM Page 2
                                               Kerr Arts &                               FORTY OF THE BEST
                                                                                         WATERCOLOR PAINTINGS
                                           Cultural Center
                                                                                          C  M   Y  CM MY CY CMY             K
                                                                                         SELECTED FROM THE
                                                                                         NEW YORK EXHIBIT
                                                                                                                           "Hollyhock"                            Keiko Yasuoka

                            228 Earl Garrett St., Magazine
          Ad Design for Builder/Architect Kerrville, Texas                                   OPENING RECEPTION & DEMONSTRATION 5:30-7:30 MAY 14. 2009
          Nov 2008 Issue
         Judy Richie               Visit www.kacckerrville or call 830-895-2911          (Demonstration Fee: KACC Members: Free Non-Members: $15)
            Hours: Tues-Sat 10 am to 4 pm Sunday 1pm to 4 pm Free Admission                     Hours: Tues-Sat 10 am to 4 pm Sunday 1pm to 4 pm Free Admission

            Complete Residential & Commercial Electrical Contracting
                                                                                                      I G H I
               I just thought of something. We need to get "Free Admission" somewhere on theL ads. ForTthe N G & E L E C T R I C
               Gourd ad he could move our name up at the bottom so that he can add another line above the ad-
                                                                                               First Name in Service
               dress. I prefer it be in the whitespace if possible. Also the spelling of Judy Richie for the gourd
               needs correcting.                                                              FOR ALL YOUR LIGHTING NEEDS
                                                                                                                           Since 1983
               On the watercolor ad, please have him try to insert it at the top under our name so that it is not con-
               fusing as we have the demonstration pricing at the bottom.                      Visit Our New State-of-the-Art Showroom!

               Please have it centered under the name if he goes with those two locations.     New Boerne                              •
                                                                                                                                           Light Fixtures
                                                                                                                                           Ceiling Fans
                                                                                               Location                                •   Recessed Lighting
               Thanks,                                                                         NOW OPEN!                               •   Chandeliers
                                                                                               30875 IH-10 West                        •   Lamps
                                                                                               Boerne, Texas (exit 543)                •   Furniture & Mirrors
                                                                                               (830) 981-5579                          •   Unique Accessories
                                                                                               M-F 8:30-5:30                           •   Energy Star Products
                                                                                               Sat: 10:00-4:00                         •   FREE Lighting Design
                                                                                               Professional Installation Available. Licensed, Bonded & Insured Electricians

                                                                                                             San Antonio Location:
                                                                                                             2501 NW Loop 410
                                                                                                             (@ Vance Jackson)
                                                                                                             (210) 308-9966
                                                                                                             M-F 8:00-5:00
                                                                                                             Sat: 10:00-4:00
                                                                                                                         TECL #18720
         39                                                                                                                         May-June 09
              JUNE 2009                                                  HCHAPPENINGS.COM                                                                                     41
          Client:                   Turney Lighting & Electric
                  Artifacts - 714 Main Street, (830) 796-9669
                  Bandera Saloon - 402 Main St.-(830)796-3699
                   Blue Genes - 807 Main St-(830)796-7144
                   Jessi Jane’s Outlaw Fashions - 403 Main St Bandera, (830) 796-4898
             Longhorn Saloon - 1307 Main St.-(830)796-3600
            11th Street Cowboy Bar - 307 11th St.-(830)796-4849

                    Conroy’s Irish Pub & Grill - 9091 Fair Oaks Pkwy - 210 - 698-7310
               The Grill at Leon Springs - 24416 IH-10 W - San Antonio, TX - 210 - 698- 8797
              Naples - 215 W. Bandera Rd. #106, Boerne, 830-249-0089,
                       Sidelines - 1361 S. Main, 830-331-9464,

                                     Comfort/Center Point
                                Hen Haus Café - 5B Hwy 87-(830)995-5793
      Singing Water Vineyards - 316 Mill Dam Road-(830)995-2246
                        Buck ‘n Chute - 299 Hwy 27 - Center Point - 830-634-2627

           House Pasture Cattle Co. Restaurant - River Road-(830)232-6625

                  The Auslander - 323 East Main St. (830)997-7714
                      Buc O’Brians - 304 N Llano (830) 990-1283
                       Chocolat - 330 West Main St.-800-842-3382
                    Hondo’s-312 West Main St.- (830)997-1633
                                 Silver Creek-310 East Main St.- (830)990-4949
                                Red Baron’s - 515 E. Highway St. 830-997-9936
                                Lincoln Street - 111 S. Lincoln St, 830-997-8463
            Torre di Pietra - 10915 E. US Hwy 290-(830)644-2829

                 Point Theater - 120 Point Theater Road S.-(830)367-5121
                Roddy Tree Ranch & Guest Cottages - 830-367-2871
               Crider’s Rodeo and Dance - 3 miles west of Hunt on Hwy. 39. (830) 238-4441.

                                           Johnson City
                     Silver K Café-209 East Main - (830)868-2911

                                 Cailloux Theater - 910 Main St.-(830)896-9393
                                 Chateau-832 - A Harper Road-(830)895-9577
                                   Sweet Stop, 1201 Broadway, 830-896-1180
                      Riverside Nature Center - 150 Francisco Lemos St (830) 257-4837
              River’s Edge Gallery - 832 Water St. (830) 895-5184
                            The Downtowner - 205 Earl Garrett St.-(830)792-4244
               Inn of The Hills Pub - 1001 Junction Hwy-(830)895-5000
           Kerr Arts & Cultural Center - 228 Earl Garrett St.-(830)895-2911
           Kerrville Folk Festival-Quiet Valley Ranch - (830)257-3600

                                           Leon Springs
           Scenic Loop Café - 25615 Boerne Stage Rd. (210)687-1818
     The Grill at Leon Springs - 24116 IH-10 West, San Antonio, 210-698-8797,

                  London Dance Hall - Hwy 377-(325)475-2921

46                                          HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS                                   JUNE 2009
                      Luckenbach - 412 Luckenbach Town Loop-(830)997-3224

                                                     Marble Falls
                            River City Grille - 700 First St.-(830)798-9909
                         Uptown Marble Theater - 218 Main St.-(830)693-9996

                   Mason Country Opry - Odeon Theater on the Square-(325)347-5407
              Old Peanut Mill Steakhouse - 1100 Fort McKavitt St.-(325)347-9540

                                                   New Braunfels
                              Gruene Hall - 1601 Hunter Rd.-(830)606-1281
                  River Road Ice House - 1791 Hueco Springs Rd.-(830)626-1335
                      Tavern in the Gruene - 830 Gruene Rd.-(830)608-0438

              Alamo Springs Cafe - Next to Bat Tunnel, 107 Alamo Road, Fredericksburg, TX 78624, 830-990-8004.
                     Sisterdale Roadhouse - 1211 FM 1376-(830)324-6767

                                                   Spring Branch
                  Shade Tree Saloon - 13430 Hwy. 281 N.-(830)885-5550

                          Waring General Store - Exit #533 off I-10-(830)749-2332
                                        Welfare Café- Exit #533 off I-10-(830)537-3700
                      Nelson City Dance Hall-Exit #533 off I-10(830)537-3835

        Calvary Temple Church                      Keeping It Real Ministries
             Loop 534, Kerrville                          Tuesdays 7pm                        Church of Jesus Christ
               830-895-3000                        2720 Junction Hwy, Kerrville                 of Later Day Saints
                                                          830-377-7144                    106 E. Driftwood, Fredericksburg
        Seventh Day Adventist                                                                      830-997-4632
             611 Harper Road
                                                                                            Boerne Assembly of God
   St. Michael & All Angels Anglican                                                            603 Frey St, Boerne
                                                  Bethany Lutheran Church                          830-249-2174
          2015 Singing Wind Dr.
                                                 110 W. Austin, Fredericksburg
                                                         830-997-2069                          Boerne Bible Church
     Notre Dame Catholic Church
                                                                                            1026 E. Blanco Rd, Boerned
            909 Main St, Kerrville
                                                    Seventh Day Adventist                          830-249-2343
                                                        101 Highway St
                                                                                       Boerne United Pentacostal Church
      St Paul’s United Methodist                                                              455 S. Main St, Boerne
                                                   Christ Lutheran Church
  135 Methodist Encampment, Kerrville
                                             1419 Cherry Spring Rd, Fredericksburg              Lakewood Church
                                                         830-669-2716                     KSAT Channel 12 Sunday 10am

JUNE 2009                                            HCHAPPENINGS.COM                                                        47
                                               HELPING HANDS
                                                H O M E S E RV I C E S

                                                                  Too busy to handle it all!?!

                                         I CAN HELP ….

                                                                             Personal Chef
                                                                        Grocery Shopping
                                                                        Errand Assistance
                                                           Vacation Property Management
                                                           Transportation to Appointments
                                                            Home Organization / Cleaning
                                                                      Party Planner/ Cater
                                                                       Holiday Decorating
                                                                              Dog Walking
                                                                                  Pet Care
                                                                 Gift Shopping/Wrapping
                                                                                Plant Care

                                         OR help w/ whatever else you just can’t seem to get to!

                    HELPING HANDS
                    HOME SERVICES

                                               Reliable, Honest & Confidential
                   LYNDA RHODES
                       830-777-4902             EXCELLENT REFERENCES
                    P. O. Box 290036
                   Kerrville, TX 78029

48   HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS                                               JUNE 2009
                              Antler Cabins on Timber Lane, Call for Info, Bandera, 78003, 830-535-4412
                                    Backroads Reservations, PO Box 967, Bandera, 78003, 866-796-0660
                                   Bandera Creek Guest Cottage, Hwy 16, Bandera, 78003, 830-460-3517
                              Bandera Lodge Motel, 700 State Hwy 16 S., Bandera, 78003, 830-796-3093
                            Bandera Ranch & Golf Course, PO Box 2170, Bandera, 78003, 830-460-8008
                            Bar Double R Ranch B&B, 2016 Elm Pass Rd, Bandera, 78003, 830-796-9940
                                               Bar M Ranch, PO Box 451, Bandera, 78003, 830-796-9096
                                        Casa de Amigos, Live Oak Ridge, Bandera, 78003, 830-460-7479
                                                Casa del Rio, PO Box 967, Bandera, 78003, 830-796-7748
                                         Cool Water Acres, 3301 FM 470, Bandera, 78003, 830-796-4866
                                             Diamond A Ranch, PO Box 8, Bandera, 78003, 830-796-3331
                                          Dixie Dude Ranch, PO Box 548, Bandera, 78003, 830-796-4481
                                     Flying L Guest Ranch, PO Box 1959, Bandera, 78003, 800-292-5134
                   Hill Country Equestrian Lodge, 1580 Hay Hollar Road, Bandera, 78003, 830-796-7970
                                       Hill Country Harbour, PO Box 967, Bandera, 78003, 866-796-0660
                                      Inn at Chukka Creek, 2995 FM 470, Bandera, 78003, 830-460-3715
                                     Mansion in Bandera, 1007 Hackberry, Bandera, 78003, 830-796-4590
                                Medina River Guest Cottage, PO Box 964, Bandera, 78003, 800-796-7757
                                    Memaw’s House B & B, PO Box 785, Bandera, 78003, 830-796-4388
                                 Moseley Ranch Bed & Barn, PO Box 967, Bandera, 78003 830-796-7748
                                         Mueller’s Ark Ranch PO Box 897, Bandera,78003 830-796-3420
                                               Old Texas Square 703 Main Bandera, 78003, 830-796-4100
               Parkay Ranch Bed Bridle & Breakfast, 3313 Schmidtke Rd, Bandera, 78003, 830-796-8018
                           Perennial Vacation Club, 1775 River Ranch Rd, Bandera, 78003, 830-796-3051
                                            Hill Country Resort, 17740 State Hwy, Medina, 830-589-7475
                             River Front Motel, 1004 Main St & River Rd, Bandera, 78003, 830-460-3690
                                             River Oak Inn, PO Box 1088, Bandera, 78003, 830-796-7751
                              River Oak Inn & Restaurant, 1105 Main St., Bandera, 78003, 830-796-7751
                               Running R Ranch, 9059 Bandera Creek Rd, Bandera, 78003, 830-796-3984
                                         Seco Valley Ranch, PO Box 967, Bandera, 78003, 830-796-7741
                         Shady Lady Lakeshore Lodge, Wharton Dock Rd, Bandera, 78003, 830-796-7001
                     Silver Spur Guest Ranch, 9266 Bandera Creek Road, Bandera, 78003, 830-796-3037
                                               The Barn, 4th & Hackberry, Bandera, 78003, 830-796-7951
                                    The Farm Country Club, PO Box 831, Bandera, 78003, 830-589-2276
                                     Twin Elm Guest Ranch, PO Box 117, Bandera, 78003, 888-567-3049
                                        Whispering Waters, PO Box 2224, Bandera, 78003, 830-796-7386

                                  Hampton Inn & Suites,34935 IH-10 West, Boerne 78006, 830-816-8800
                           Best Western Texas Country Inn, 35150 IH 10 W, Boerne, 88006, 800-299-9791
              Tapatio Springs Resort, 314 Blue Heron Blvd, Boerne, Texas 800-999-3299 or 830-537-4611
                                                   Crescent Quarters, 170 S. Main, Boerne, 830-249-5868
                                   Guadalupe River Ranch Resort & Spa, FM 474, Boerne, 830-537-4837
                                              Holiday Inn Express, 35000 E IH 10, Boerne, 830-249-6800
                              Ye Kendall Inn & Limestone Grill, 110 E Blanco Rd, Boerne, 830-249-2138

                                       A Rockin River Inn, PO Box 7, Centerpoint, 78010, 830-634-7043
                                Althaus Bed & Breakfast, 510 River Oaks, Comfort, 78013, 830-995-2202
                          Beall Place Bed & Breakfast, 412 Highway 473, Comfort, 78013, 830-995-3347
                      Bed & Breakfast on Cypress Creek, 816 N Creek Rd, Comfort, 78013, 830-995-2479
                      Carrington House Bed & Breakfast, 13 Highway 87, Comfort, 78013, 830-995-2220
                                  Comfort Cabins, 110 Apacheria Pass W., Comfort, 78013, 830-995-3451
                                      Comfort Common, 717 High Street, Comfort, 78013, 830-995-3030
                                 Comfort River View House, Call for Info, Comfort, 78013, 877-633-8350
               Country Comfort Bed & Breakfast, 1010 North Creek Road, Comfort, 78013, 830-537-4262
                            Executive Inn - Comfort, 32 IH-10 & Hwy 87, Comfort, 78013, 830-995-5332
     Feathered Horse Ranch Bed & Breakfast, 1621 Stoneleigh Road North, Comfort, 78013, 830-285-2155
                                      Haven River Inn, 105 Highway 473, Comfort, 78013, 888-995-7200
                        Holecamp House Bed & Breakfast, 610 2nd Street, Comfort, 78013, 830-995-5554
                                            Hy Hill Ranch, 337 Hwy 289, Comfort, 78013, 830-995-3844
                     Idlewilde Lodge Bed & Breakfast, 115 Highway 473, Comfort, 78013, 830-995-3844
                          La Luna Linda Bed & Breakfast, Rt 1, Box 127, Comfort, 78013, 830-995-5062
                         Lantana Farm Guest Ranch, #8 Highway 27 West, Comfort, 78013, 830-995-2299
                          Lovett’s Landing Bed & Breakfast, Call for Info, Comfort, 78013, 830-995-2836
              Meyer Bed and Breakfast on Cypress Creek, 845 High Street, Comfort, 78013, 888-995-6100
                                    Skyline Bed & Breakfast, 204 Shirley, Comfort, 78013, 830-995-2111
                        Somewhere In Time Bed & Breakfast, PO Box 56, Comfort, 78013, 830-995-4174
                                                      Executive Inn, 32 Hwy. 87, Comfort, 830-995-5332
                                        The Holekamp House B & B, 610 2nd St, Comfort, 830-995-5554

50                   HILL COUNTRY HAPPENINGS                                                        JUNE 2009
            A Get Away Ranch, P. O. Box 841, Fredericksburg, 78624, 830-997-3269
            Frontier Inn & RV Park, 1704 West US Hwy. 290, Fredericksburg, 78624, 830-997-4389
            Miller Inn, 910 E. Main, Fredericksburg, 78624, 830-997-2244
            1st Class B& B Reservation Service, 909 E. Main, Fredericksburg, 830-997-0443
            Al Patton Suites on Main, 232 W. Main, Fredericksburg, 888-991-6749
            Angels Above The Creek, 415 E. Austin St., Fredericksburg, 830-997-1615
            Comfort Inn & Suites, 923 Washington St., Fredericksburg, 830-990-2522
            Comfort Inn Motel, 908 S. Adams, Fredericksburg, 830-997-9811
            Country Inn & Cottages, 1644, Hwy 290 W., Fredericksburg, 830-997-2185
            Days Inn Suites, 808 S Adams St., Fredericksburg, 830-997-1086
            Deluxe Inn, 901 E. Main, Fredericksburg, 830-997-3344
            Dietzel Motel, 1141 W. US Hwy 290, Fredericksburg, 830-997-3330
            Earl Garrett Executive Suites, 800 Earl Garrett, Fredericksburg, 830-792-0800
            Fredericksburg Inn & Suites, 201 S. Washington, Fredericksburg, 830-997-0202
            George Grady & Sunny, 619 S. Washington, Fredericksburg, 830-997-7042
            Glenbrook Lodging, 1220 N US Hwy 87, Fredericksburg, 830-997-7099
            Hangar Hotel, 155 Airport Rd, Fredericksburg, 830-997-9990
            Hoffman Haus, 608 E. Creek St, Fredericksburg, 830-997-6739
            Inn on Barons Creek, 308 S Washington St., Fredericksburg, 830-990-9202
            La Quinta Inn & Suites, 1465 E. Main, Fredericksburg, 830-990-2899
            Peach Tree Inn & Suites, 401 S Washington, Fredericksburg, 830-997-2117
            Quality Inn By Choice Hotels, 908 S Adams, Fredericksburg, 830-997-9811
            Rose Hill Manor, Fredericksburg, 830-644-2247
            Sunday House Inn & Suites, 501 E. Main, Fredericksburg, 830-997-4484
            Super 8 Motel, 514 E. Main, Fredericksburg, 830-997-6568
            Town Creek Bed & Breakfast, 304 N. Edison, Fredericksburg, 830-997-6848

            MO-Ranch Conference Center, FM 1340, Hunt, 830-238-4455
            The River Inn Resort, 2960 Hwy 39, Hunt, 830-238-4226
            River Lodging, 1092 Hwy. 39, Ingram, 78025, 830-367-5612
            River Oaks Lodge, 1120 Hwy. 39, Ingram, 78025, 830-367-4214
            Hunter House Inn & Suites, 314 E Hwy 39 W, Ingram, 830-367-2377

            JOHNSON CITY
            Best Western Johnson City Inn, 107 Hwys 281 & 290, Johnson City, 78836, 830-868-4044

            Big Texas Inn, 2105 Sidney Baker, Kerrville, TX 78028, (830) 896-1711
            Best Western Sunday House Inn, 2124 Sidney Baker, Kerrville, 78028, 830-896-1313
            Comfort Inn Kerrville, 2001 Sidney Baker, Kerrville, 78028, 830-792-7700
            Econo Lodge, 2105 Sydney Baker, Kerrville, 78028, 830-896-1711
            Flagstaff Inn, 906 Junction Hwy, Kerrville, 78028, 830-792-4449
            Hampton Inn Of Kerrville, 2038 Sydney Baker, Kerrville, 78028, 830-257-0600
            HEB Lodge, 445 Upper Turtle Creek Rd S, Kerrville, 78028, 830-257-5202
            Hill Country Camp & Conference Center, 1325 Harper Road, Kerrville, 78028, 830-257-5714
            Hillcrest Inn, 1508 Sidney Baker, Kerrville, 78028, 830-896-7400
            Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites, 2114 Sidney Baker, Kerrville, 78028, 830-895-9500
            Inn of the Hills Resort & Conference Center, 1001 Junction Hwy., Kerrville, 78028, 830-895-5000
            Kerrville Days Inn, 2000 Sidney Baker, Kerrville, 78028, 830-896-1000
            La Quinta Inn & Suites, 1940 Sidney Baker, Kerrville, 78028, 1-800-531-5900
            Trails End Guest House, 180 Gay Dr., Kerrville, 78028, 830-995-2812
            Triple T Resort & Conference Center, 3900 Bandera Hwy, Kerrville, 78028, 830-634-3000
            Whitten Inn, 2127 Sidney Baker, Kerrville, 78028, 830-896-1511
            Y.O. Ranch resort Hotel & Conference Center, 2033 Sidney Baker, Kerrville, 78028, 830-257-4440
            Motel 6, 1810 Sidney Baker, Kerrville, 830-257-1500

            Frio Canyon Lodge, Hwy 83 & 337, Leakey, 830-232-6800

            Hill Country Resort, 17740 State Hwy, Medina, 830-589-7475
            Mountain View B&B, 2229 Mesa Verde, Medina, 78055, 830-589-2432
            The Nesting Place, 13495 Hwy 16, Medina, 78055, 830-589-7791

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