The Complete Artificial Implantable Heart-77 by vidyagattu


									The Complete Artificial
  Implantable Heart
           Santhosh J
           Prashanth J

    Dept of Bio-Medical Engineering
     Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of
        Engineering & Technology
Overview of the Discussion:

              •   Introduction
              •   Heart Anatomy & Disease
              •   Effectiveness of Transplantation
              •   Total Artificial Heart Development
              •   A Complete Artificial Implantable
              •   Design of Complete Artificial
                  Implantable Heart
              •   Conclusion
Heart Anatomy and Disease
             • Structure of Natural Heart
             • Chambers, Valves and
                major blood vessels
             • Chambers of Heart:
             Rt & Lt Atria
             Rt & Lt Ventricles
             • Heart Valves:
             Mitral or Bicuspid
Physiology of Heart
          • Flow path of blood
            through Heart:
          Oxygenated blood flow path
          Deoxygenated blood flow path
Diseases associated with Heart:
                • The Major disease of
                Coronary Heart disease
                (Hardening of heart walls
                   inside the Heart)
                Congestive Heart
                (Insufficient pumping of
Effictiveness of Transplantation:
                 • By definition,
                   “Replacement of
                   diseased/injured heart
                   with healthy donor
                   heart”(which is proved
                   to be extremely
                 • Differences between
                   Transplantation and
Total Artificial Heart Development

                  •   This is a completely self contained machine
                  •   Milestones in the Artificial Heart Technology
                  •   1960s – Surgeons implant the first temporary
                      artificial heart.

                  •   1970s – Engineers develop the ventricle assist
                      device as an alternative to artificial heart .

                  •   1980s – First long term artificial heart results in
                      poor quality of life. VADs show potential for
                      long-term support.

                  •   1990s – Transcutaneous technology eliminate the
                      need for skin-protruding electrical wiring,
                      patients with long-term VADs recover from heart

                  •   2000s – Results of the Abiocor reflect improved
                      quality of life for patients after implantation.
Complete Artificial Heart
             • This device is a permanent
                artificial heart that is
                completely self contained
                with in the body.
             • Need for going to this
             (Since the lack of availability
                of donor hearts and
                rejection of donor hearts)
Design of Complete Artificial
      Implatable Heart
               The subsystems of the device are:
               •   The Heart pump
               •   A Computerized pump controller
               •   A power source
               (All these subsystems weigh about 2kgs and operates so
                     quietly that a stethoscope is required to hear the
               The heart pump is placed from where the
                    ventricles are removed by the surgeons
               It consists of two HYDRAULIC MOTORS one
                    operates the pumping function to each
                    ventricle and the other one operates the
                    opening & closing of valves.
               CAPACITY: 9-10 lts per minute
               DURABILITY: By using the ANGIOFLEX
                    plastic material it gives smoothness and
                    allows less damage to the blood and can
                    withstand for 1,00,000 beats per minute.
     • Heart failure is the leading
       cause of death in India and
       also all over the World.
       Most people die from
       heart failure when the
       ventricles, or pumping
       chambers, fail to push
       enough blood through the
       body. A solution for this
       major problem is to adopt
       the Artificial heart
       technology which can be

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