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									       Fellowship ExpressAchieving Global Impact Through Collaboration

Ashoka Global Fellowship                                                                         Summer 2007 Issue 2

    What’s In             Dear Readers,
    This Issue            We are pleased to present the second issue of the Ashoka Fellowship Express! We hope
                          you will enjoy this edition’s mix of articles that highlight a diverse cross section of Fel-
   Africa Rising pg.1     lowship programs. Inside you will also find the very impressive recent accomplish-
            ■             ments of Fellows around the world. We hope these articles will give you a feel for the
 Isaac and the Pursuit    exciting collaboration happening between staff and Fellows in the Ashoka community.
   of Sanitation pg.1     Happy reading!
            ■             The Ashoka Global Fellowship Team
    A Day with Young
       Ashoka pg.2
            ■             Africa Rising: Jo’burg orientation-Induction
    Creating Integrity    Ashoka Fellows lead an increasingly vibrant citizen sector in Africa
   Systems, Fighting       On April 16, fifty Ashoka       For the first time, simultane-   creating together—a safer,
     Corruption pg.5       Fellows and staff from          ous French/English trans-        healthier, and more autono-
            ■              across Africa converged for     lation allowed for the full      mous continent that treasures
                           the 2007 Pan-African New        participation of our Fellows     natural resources and parti-
  Right to Information     Fellow Orientation and          from the Sahel. The partic-      cipates as a peer on the
  Established in Nepal     Induction in Johannesburg,      ipating Fellows reflected on     world stage.
           pg.7            South Africa. Fellows in        the diversity and vibrancy
            ■              attendance came from eight      of the citizen sector in         After sessions on Global
    Caroline Casey’s       countries, all points in the    Africa. During one of the        Fellowship and how to
   Beltway Diary pg.8      life cycle of a social en-      early exercises, Fellows in      build fellowship in Africa,
            ■              trepreneur, and every field     small groups drew maps of        Fellows identified over
                           of human concern, from          the Africa they envisioned       thirty-five potential local
     On the Brink of
                           sanitation to literacy.                                                            cont. pg2
  Abandonment pg.8
ASE: Health & Law pg.9    Isaac and the Pursuit of sanitation
                          Bringing markets to bear on everyday pollution
      Fellows in the
                          Ashoka’s Citizen Base Ini-       “150 Ways: How Citizen           social-impact organizations.
        Spotlight         tiative (CBI) has spent over     Groups Can be Rich and In-       For additional success sto-
                          ten years gathering stories of   dependent without Govern-        ries and more on the Citizen
                          successful innovators around     ment and Foundation Sup-         Base Initiative, please visit
                          the world. Many of these         port,” CBI will educate the         www.citizenbase.org
                          organizations have created       public, practitioners, inves-
                          unique ways to diversify         tors, and philanthropists of     Read on to learn about one
                          their resource base. By shar-    innovative strategies that can   Ashoka Fellow’s creative
                          ing the most successful sto-     be used to ensure long-term      strategies for financial sus-
                          ries in a publication entitled   sustainability of valuable       tainability.
      AshokA                                                                                                  cont. pg4
Fellows in the
                                A Day with Young Ashoka
                                An Ashoka Fellow adept       TEWA, Rita’s daughter Riva       The children then divided
   Prema Gopalan                at mobilizing funding for    spoke about the importance       into groups and selected
           India                gender empowerment, Rita     of philanthropy and public       pictures that they had to
                                Thapa recently hosted a Ne-  service in modern Nepal.         formulate into stories. En-
                                pal Young Ashoka event at    Connecting those principles      thusiastic, they produced
                                her organization’s headquar- with ways in which young         creative pieces that Vinaya
                                ters. Acting on the principlepeople can be involved in        is compiling and publishing
                                that Everyone is a Change-   society, she motivated the       as a children’s book.
                                maker, the program offered   children to enter the field
                                a space for Fellows’ kids to themselves.                      At the end of the day Sad-
                                share their experiences as   Riva shared her own expe-        hana briefed the participants
 SSP: Self Education for
                                children of social entrepre- rience as a child of a social    on the importance of net-
 Development founder
   wins gender prize            neurs and to gain exposure   entrepreneur. It was hard for    working with other Young
                                to Ashoka and Fellows.       her to cope with her mother’s    Ashoka members. Aiding
   May 2007. Indian Fel-
                                                             extended business-related        this is the new website www.
  low Prema Gopalan has          Young Ashoka Program absences, though she gradu-
   been selected the 2007
                                                                                              ashokitos.org, launched by
    recipient of the Mary        Young Ashoka aims to en- ally came to understand the         members Abhinav and Di-
  Fran Myers Gender and          courage and enable a new value of her mother’s work          pankar Kasajoo. It is a plat-
 Disaster Award. Prema is        generation of social en- and draw inspiration from it.       form to share with, learn
 recognized as an expert in      trepreneurs. It strengthens                                  about and engage other
community-driven, gender-        Ashoka as a caring commu- Vinaya Kasajoo, a Fellow           Young Ashoka members.
equitable disaster response      nity and an effective life- who trains barefoot journal-
  and resilience initiatives.    long network for Fellows ists, then taught the children      Members were then given
                                 and their children.         principles of writing stories,   their first task as a group. To
Lenin Raghuvanshi                                            both fiction and non-fic-        encourage true engagement
           India                Ashoka Nepal Representa- tion, to spark what he calls         in their communities, they
                                tive Sadhana Shrestha and “logical creative thinking.”        each received a fundraising
                                Nepali Fellow Vinaya Kasa- To reach out to the visual         box from TEWA. In three
                                joo facilitated the session, learners, he connected these     months they will reconvene
                                which was attended by eigh- stories with pictures and il-     and hold a formal event
                                teen Young Ashokans. After lustrations and showed how         pooling all the money each
                                introducing the mission of each portion enhances the          child has raised and donate
                                Thapa’s organization, called value of the other.              it to TEWA. ■

 Human rights advocate
wins 007 Gwangju Prize         Africa Rising: Jo’burg o-I (cont.)
and $50,000 honorarium
                                and regional collaborations.    de Villers work. Rachel       addressed the three levels
   May 2007. The 2007           Patrick Gathitu and Adrian      Mamoss (Kenya) wants          of threat and appropriate
Gwangju Prize for Human         Mukhebi, for example, want      to help Nkem Momah in         responses for each. The
   Rights was awarded to        to connect their agricultural   Nigeria to add a disability   many African Fellows
Fellow Lenin Raghuvanshi        improvement projects in         component to his emergency    working in environments
  for his work in northern      Kenya. Agatha Chukweuke         health care services.         of severe corruption sought
 India. Dr. Lenin leads the
                                wants to extend her Nigerian                                  to make security a higher
 People’s Vigilance Com-
                                support and advocacy net-       One of the most popular       priority in future meet-
 mittee on Human Rights
   which has over 50,000        work for service industry       sessions was on Fellow        ings. This session followed
members working against         employees to Uganda and         Security, led by global       from a Fellow Security
  caste discrimination and      South Africa, where Ma-         fellowship director Sam-      Consultation in Dakar in
 torture across five Indian     ria Baryamujura and Noel        jhana Upadhyay, where she     early July where 15 Fellows
                                                                                                                  cont. pg3
                                                                                            Fellows in the
Africa Rising: Jo’burg o-I (cont.)                                                            spotlight:
and staff members from motivation, that support of the citizen sector. Resulting
                                                                                                orri Vigfusson
the region met and built a being in a family.”            fundraising and partnership
cohesive strategy for Fellow                              opportunities have already
Security focused in Africa.                               set the groundwork for the
                                 Quotes from Fellows Ashoka Support Network
The other popular program Ashoka is like an engine, in Africa and for African
was a Fellow Visit to two it propels our ideas.           Roadshows in the US and
Senior Fellows’ workplaces,     - Adrian Mukhebi, Kenya Europe in 2008. Local and
which exposed new Fellows                                 national media coverage of
to projects that successfully                             the    Orientation/Induction
scaled. Veronica Khosa, Tailored to the African enhanced this, landing
elected in 2000, started context were workshops Ashoka on allafrica.com and                 Ashoka Global Fellow wins
Tateni Home Care Nurs- on ethics by South African on South African radio.                    the presigious Goldman
ing Services for HIV/AIDS Fellow Douglas Racionzer                                             Environmental Prize
patients, a model that the and regional representative Fellows showcased their                April 2007. Orri’s innova-
South African government Chimene Chetty and on achievements to the one                      tive approach and unwaver-
has adopted in more fundraising and resource hundred thirty attendees of                     ing commitment to reverse
than fifty places. Mandla mobilization sessions by the Pan-African Induction                 the near-extinction of wild
Mentoor, elected in 2002, CBI         Director    Geralda event held at an historic              North Atlantic salmon
enables township youth to Wildschutt and CBI Investee downtown           Johannesburg           recently earned him the
clean up their communities, Roche van Wyk.                hotel.    Regional     repre-     $125,000 Goldman prize. It
                                                                                              is awarded annually to six
changing garbage heaps into                               sentatives    and    veteran
                                                                                              environmental heroes and
what he calls Mountains of Other highlights included Fellows welcomed their new
                                                                                               is the largest award of its
Hope. Having converted one sessions on scaling up peers with warm words and                         kind in the world.
of Soweto’s eyesores into a organizations by Olivier embraces. Participants spoke
thriving community center, Kayser and engaging the to Ashoka’s value on the
he is now spreading this business sector by Lisa continent. Newly elected                   Mercedes De Freitas
model to other townships.     Nitze,     Ashoka     Vice- Kenya Fellow Dennis Sonkoi               Venezuela
                              Presidents in London and said, “when you are working
Many of the inductee Washington. Fellows then in your little corner, Ashoka
Fellows were inspired by practiced at a Business-Social brings you out and lets you
both Veronica and Mandla. Bridge Breakfast Roundtable see how many people think
“Many Ashoka Fellows work with representatives from your idea is good, how you
alone,” said Dennis Sonkoi, Danone, Woolworth’s retail are respected and recognized
“but with Ashoka we get that chain, investment banks, and and validations of what ideas
                                                          you work on.”
                                                                                            Transparencia Venezuela
                                                                                            wins the $5,000 Change-
                                                             Special thanks go to the
                                                                                              makers competition,
                                                             Southern Africa regional          Ending Corruption:
                                                             team for hosting its guests       Honesty Instituted
                                                             brilliantly. As the hope for
                                                                                            June 2007. Three Ashoka
                                                             Africa grows, Ashoka will
                                                                                             Fellows’ programs were
                                                             be growing right along with      selected finalists in the
                                                             it—with social entrepreneurs    most recent Changemak-
                                                             leading the way. ■             ers competition. Merchy’s,
                                                                                               one of three winners,
                                                                                             enables citizen groups to
      Ashoka Fellows and staff in Johannesburg for the                                      openly evaluate their local
               2007 Pan-African Induction                                                   governments in an effort to
                                                                                                prevent corruption.

  Ashoka Fellow:          Isaac and the Pursuit of sanitation (cont.)
  Isaac Durojaiye
aka Otunba Gadaffi        Concerned about the health        leases them to community         Citizen Base Strategy
                          and environmental issues          members, who charge a
                          created by the absence of         small fee for their use.        Put the boys to work. DMT
                          public toilets in most Nigerian   Employing primarily jobless     made a bold decision to hire
                          cities, Ashoka Fellow Isaac       youth to run and maintain the   idle street youth, popularly
                          Durojaiye launched the            toilets, DMT allows a once-     known as Area Boys, to
                          country’s first portable toilet   disenfranchised part of the     manage its public toilets. By
                          initiative. In Nigeria, most      community to reintegrate and    giving youth an opportunity
                          public places have no toilet      earn income.                    to make money—workers
                          facilities, worsening the                                         earn income by charging a
• Studied graphic         already heavily polluted          By providing toilets, DMT       $0.02 USD fee for toilet use
  design and busi-        waterways, rivers and seas.       promotes a healthier envi-      and giving a percentage to
  ness administration,                                      ronment: it simultaneously      DMT—young people gain
  but ended up in the     As many Nigerians rely            educates the community          a sense of ownership and a
  security business       directly on unfiltered water      about proper waste disposal     stake in keeping the toilets
                          for cooking, drinking and         and provides a viable alter-    clean and functional. A
• Worked for years        washing, contamination only       native to streetside waste      typical    day’s     proceeds
  as the Chief of         adds to the spread of infectious  practices. DMT’s system         amount to roughly US$15,
  Security for an         diseases such as dysentery        results in a healthier, more    a wage well above Nigeria’s
  American Express        and cholera. Contaminated         dignified       environment     average      income.      The
  executive               drinking water and unsanitary     throughout Nigeria while        partnership ensures that the
                          waste disposal are closely        creating hundreds of jobs.      street youth not only earn
• Hired to provide        associated with diarrheal                                         decent salaries, but also gain
  security at a large     diseases, the second biggest Recently profiled in the New         meaningful work experience
  wedding, he rec-        cause of childhood death in York Times and by the BBC             and join in broader society.
  ognized that the        Nigeria.                         Network, Durojaiye was
  toilet facilities at                                     also selected as the Schwab      Target high-volume needs
  the venue would         DMT Mobile Toilets locally Foundation’s Social Entre-             for high profits. DMT covers
  constitute a security   manufactures toilets and then preneur of the Year in              93% of organizational costs
  threat                                                   Nigeria in 2005.                 by income from events
• Suggested and pro-         How We Have Changed Nigeria: DMT Mobile Toilets’ Own Perspective
  ceeded to construct         Sector Effect                      Impact
  18 toilets inside
                                                      Introduced a sustainable, innovative solution for improving envi-
  three containers.                                   ronmental sanitation and public health
  In his own words,                health             Created a national consciousness about Mobile Public Toilets
  “this worked
                                                      Enhanced convenience when attending major events
  perfectly well,”
                                                      Empowered youth and women with the Neighbourhood Mobile
  giving rise to DMT                                  Public Toilet Scheme (PAY-AS-YOU-SHIT)
  Mobile Toilets                 economic             Create job opportunities in waste management
                                                      Pioneered Nigeria’s human waste management industry
                                                      Demonstrated that there are practical ways for Nigerian youth to
                                                      reintegrate into greater society
                                                      Proved that with passion, focus and determination, you can
                                                      achieve your dream
                                                      Proved that the smallest idea can become a goldmine
                                                      There is nothing to be ashamed of in turning “shit business into
                                                      serious business.”

and sales of their goods and services. For        Hire locally. To ensure a steady supply of         DMT Results
example, it both rents and sells its toilets      mobile toilets, Durojaiye established a local      Impact to date:
to companies at premium prices. Cross-            factory to manufacture the toilets where he
subsidizing operations, the organization is       trained and hired exclusively local employ-        • Since 2003, DMT
then able to place toilets in heavily used        ees. This increased employment, decreased            has manufactured
public spaces. DMT also receives income           costs and made the organization more inde-           1,500 toilets
for providing services at major events,           pendent.
such as The 8th All African Games and the                                                            • At the 8th All Afri-
Commonwealth Heads of Government                  Be open to feedback. Women from the                  can Games, DMT
Meeting in Abuja. It supplements its income       local community once remarked to DMT                 provided and man-
through stall advertisement sales while           that the majority of those leasing the toilets       aged over 300 mobile
trying to keep costs low by working directly      were men, leaving women out of the cycle             toilets
with sanitary product manufacturers.              of prosperity. DMT therefore began working
                                                  with various states’ Ministries of Women’s         • The Nigerian gov-
Adapt imports for local production. Local         Affairs. To increase employment and                  ernment recently
production both empowers the community            alleviate poverty among women, it gave               donated 2,000 free
and reduces organizational costs. Originally,     them toilets in strategic locations to maintain.     toilets to DMT
DMT manufactured its own wagon toilets,           The organization also founded DETOWES
                                                                                                     • DMT plans to
basically wooden outhouses. In 1999, DMT          (Descent Toilets for Schools and Women
                                                                                                       expand to 13 other
imported 30 portable plastic toilets from         Empowerment Scheme), a social service
                                                                                                       cities in Nigeria
the UK, toilets that were both lighter and        arm that empowers women and provides
easier to clean. To reach the long-term goal of   free toilets for schools in order to promote       • DMT is working to
producing toilets locally, the company            better health and hygiene. ■                         devise creative av-
acquired the necessary knowledge and tech-                                                             enues for the future,
nology to begin manufacturing high-quality                                                             including recycling
plastic toilets on its own. This eliminated                                                            waste to generate
the costs of purchasing and shipment,
                                                                                                       bio-gas, electric-
created local jobs, and eliminated
                                                                                                       ity and fertilizer for
dependence on external resources.
           Lessons Learned                                                                           • DMT has contributed
                                                                                                       tremendously to a
Encourage ownership. Part of the reason                                                                cleaner environment
DMT’s model works so well is that each                                                                 and improved sanita-
toilet is “owned” by a community member                                                                tion in major cities in
– a young person motivated to maintain and Celebrating the government’s donation of latrines           Nigeria
care for the product in order to continue
earning a livelihood.                                                                                • Others listed at

Creating Integrity systems, Fighting Corruption
On May 24, twelve Ashoka staff and                Fellows addressed key questions on the
Fellows from across Latin America                 issue of corruption (see side bar, page six)
gathered in Lima, Peru, to find new               and shared their unique approaches. Ashoka
approaches to fighting corruption. The            staff introduced Ashoka’s Law For All
consultation occurred as a follow-up to           Initiative (LFAI) to show them how LFAI
July’s Changemaker’s competition on               provides legal guidance and resources to
“Ending Corruption: Honesty Instituted”.          Fellows. This gathering in Lima was the first
                                                  in a sequence of consultations to occur on
                                                                                      cont. pg6
Questions on              Creating Integrity systems (cont.)
the Table                 corruption. The next will be
Here are examples         held with Fellows in Asia in
of questions that set     the fall of 2007.
the groundwork for
                          Highlights and Outcomes
the consultation:
                             of Consultation
• What contributions
                          To spotlight the most effective
  can social entrepre-
                          practices used by experts
  neurs make to fight
                          in the field, each Fellow
                          presented his or her unique
• Are there barriers or   approach to fighting cor-
  approaches specific     ruption. Methods presented
  to the Latin Ameri-     included programs aimed at
  can context?            developing citizen groups
                          that monitor corruption at
• Which are the           the local level, increasing          Ashoka Fellows and staff gathered in Lima, Peru for
  current networks        governmental transparency                  the Global Fellowship / Changemakers
  that are working        and citizen access to infor-                    anti-corruption collaboration
  on corruption and       mation, and mobilizing youth resources and their represen- • Recognizing, promoting
  transparency? What      to play a more active role in tatives. As one Fellow put it,      and helping honest
  is their scope?         their local government.         “No one would let you come        leaders, institutions and
                                                          into their house and steal        citizens.
• Do social entre-                                        from them, but because it
                             Expanded Definition
  preneurs need to                                        belongs to the State, no one • Developing systems to
  interface with those           of Corruption                                              enable better inter- and
                                                          does anything.”
  networks?                Corruption is not only the                                       intra-sector collaboration.
                           embezzlement or misuse Changing              the     public’s
• Is it necessary that     of public funds or resourc- perceptions and attitudes • Effectively using the
  socially entrepre-       es, but any action taken towards its government                  justice system and other
  neurial initiatives      by a government official is crucial for marshaling               mechanisms to denounce
  transform into           that is not in the best in- citizen participation. Apathy,       and punish corruption.
  public policy? Why
                           terests of the people they cynicism and fear can cripple Fellows also developed a
  or why not?                                             even the most open systems. regional mosaic of solutions
• What are the risks                                      The group identified several for corruption based on
  and challenges of       While each Fellow employs key areas in which a shift in the online discussions on
  taking that leap?       his or her own method, it popular public attitude could Changemakers.net and on
                          was apparent that the focal have significant impact.            the fruitful collaboration in
• How would we            point of each approach was
  transform Fellows’                                      Other key components to Lima. While this collabo-
                          catalyzing citizen involve-
  innovations and                                         achieving effective citizen ration was only the start of
                          ment and participation, put-                                    a long and complicated
  strategies into a                                       control include:
                          ting citizens back in control.
  public policy?                                              Redefinition of Government Responsibilities
                          Taking stock of their many
                                                                Governments, and more importantly government
• What changes are        approaches      to   fighting
  needed to push                                                officials, have a duty to their constituency. They
                          corruption, Fellows then
  Fellows’ models to                                           have a responsibility to put the best interests of the
                          identified critical areas to
  their full potential?                                       public first and foremost, whether they are voting on
                          engage citizens. Individuals
                                                              new legislation or negotiating contracts with private
                          need to develop a sense of
                                                                   industry. They are the primary watchdogs.
                          ownership of the state, its

discourse, the group did adjourn with                                                           Fellows in the
several clearly defined goals:                                                                    spotlight:
• To create a basic anti-corruption and                                                            Victor Ananias
  freedom of information course for Fel-
  lows working in other sectors.

• To continue the dialogue and develop
  additional cross-sector best practices to
  fighting corruption while engaging other
  Changemakers in Asia and Africa.
                                                  Ana Teresa Bernal at the consultation
• To launch the Law For All Initiative in       ters access to justice. The initiative was
  South America.                                launched in India in December 2003 and has        Fellow honored by Tur-
                                                been active throughout Asia. Fellows im-         key’s Today’s Zaman for
The group was also joined by Ruchika Bahl,      mediately identified with its goals and saw      ecological contributions
the Director of Ashoka’s Law for All Initia-    its connection to their earlier work on cor-      May 2007. Victor created
tive in Asia and Gaston Wright, who leads       ruption. As a result, LFAI will soon launch        Bugday, an organization
Ashoka Group Entrepreneurship programs.         in South America. ■                                that has created the eco-
LFAI supports human rights defenders, fa-                                                         logically friendly agricul-
cilitates pro bono legal assistance, and fos-                                                    ture movement in Turkey.
                                                                                                  Elected the country’s first
                                                                                                   Ashoka Fellow in 2000,
                                                                                                  after 15 years of work he
Right to Information Established in Nepal                                                       has finally handed full con-
                                                                                                trol of the organization over
The revised Nepalese Right       India’s RTIA, potential      2. Independent appellate             to its Board of Directors.
to Information Bill was          amendments to the draft of   body: An independent Infor-
unanimously passed by the        the Nepali bill, and thoughtsmation Commission should              John Mighton
country’s interim parliament     on how they would affect     be set up where people who                 Canada
on July 13, 2007. Its earliest   citizens.                    do not receive satisfactory
drafts had many loop-                                         information within the pres-
holes, spurring Law for All      Nepal Fellow Rajendra cribed time can file appeals.
Director Ruchika Bahl            Dahal used a national news- Information Commissioners
and country representative       paper’s full page interview should have judicial back-
Sadhana Shrestha to start        with Arvind as a springboard grounds.
a national debate on its         to engage other CSOs and
provisions.                      parliamentarians, organizing 3. Exclusion clause: Items
                                 a working session with them. excluded from RTIA should
Taking input from Ashoka         It stressed a few critical be as few as possible.              Education reformer set to
Fellow Mandira Sharma,           clauses needed for an                                          publish his second book
they invited Indian Fellow       effective RTI Act outlined In testament to the work of         on teaching methodology
Arvind Kejriwal to Nepal to      by Arvind.                   all of these Ashoka staff and
                                                                                                 May 2007. Canadian Fel-
share his experiences with                                    Fellows, the bill that just         low John Mighton, now
Right to Information issues      1. Penalty clause: There passed in Nepal incorporated           a mathematics PhD, chal-
and local governance.            should be compulsory all three pieces of advice,                lenged conventional math
                                 penalty for an officer who finalizing       this    historic   teaching with his first book,
Ruchika and Arvind met with      fails to provide information legislation.                       The Myth of Ability. Now,
many Ashoka Fellows, key         within prescribed time or                                      drawing on examples from
CSOs, advocates, lawyers,        provides false, misleading, Congratulations to the Fel-        JUMP Math, a resounding-
and journalists. Arvind          incomplete or irrelevant lowship team in Asia for               ly successful tutoring pro-
shared his perspectives on       information.                 their successful role in mak-      gram he began in Toronto,
                                                              ing this legislation reality. ■    he has published The End
                                                                                                 of Ignorance: Multiplying
                                                                                                     Our Human Ability.
Fellows in the
                                Caroline Casey’s Beltway Diary
                                Persevering as a social entrepreneur
  Ayyappa Masagi
                                Irish Fellow Caroline Casey,      It seems to drive creativity.
                                who was selected in 2006
 Oustanding service to          for her work improving the        This passion is reliant on
society and environment         employment prospects for          moments of success. It is
    May 2007. The Essel         the disabled in Ireland,          what we live for. We are
 Group and Zee Network          made a trip through the           addicted to those moments
   recently honored Ayy-        United States this spring         when we shift a person’s
appa Masagi with the Essel      as an Eisenhower Fellow.          point of view, bag a fabulous
  Karnataka’s Best Social       During that time she wrote        funder, watch a vision
 Service Award. Ayyappa         The Beltway Diary, a weekly       become reality, but most-
   helps farmers learn and      column for The Irish Times,       ly when we experience
implement water manage-         from which these two pieces       the wonder of unexpected ing rolls into a two-hour
 ment techniques, showing       are excerpted.                    opportunity.                    discussion about how an
  them how to collect and                                                                         idea I have been nursing for
                                There is something incredibly     My first day in New York is some time around media and
 best use available rainfall.                                     a perfect example. At 10am I disability could become a
                                arrogant about believing you
                                have to be listened to, about     find myself sitting in front of reality. I have come to this
  Apolonio Gomez                getting up after being kicked     a senior partner and global advertising guru and, right
         Mexico                 down, and fighting blindly        managing director in Ogilvy. across the table from me,
 Sexual health pioneer in       to get what you want, but I       I can hardly believe my this man gets it! And, what’s
 Mexico heralded at pre-        would rather call it passion...   luck as my half-hour meet- more, he asks me back!
 mier Latino conference
    June 2007. Apolonio
 Gomez, an Ashoka Fellow
                                on the Brink of Abandonment
  from Mexico, was given        A story from Fellow Quratulain Bakhteari
the Hero of the Community
                                In 1992, the government           settled in as part of the       On the third night, as I lay
 award at Alianza 2007, the
  largest Spanish-language      of Balochistan (a state in        family. But I had a com-        in the heat and dust under
   Latino conference in the     Pakistan) asked me to             mitment to the government       a dark sky with few stars,
  US. He created the coun-      promote girls education in        of Balochistan, so I left for   I thought of my family and
 try’s first primarily mobile   the rural areas of the state      Panjgoor district.              children, my son looking so
   HIV/AIDS information         where no schools for girls                                        handsome with his lovely
 center, bringing education     existed. My approach invol-       Officers in the district’s      wife, the room I decorated
 and contraceptives to areas    ved organizing community          Department of Education,        for her but could not see
 without traditional access.    educators and identifying         I discovered, were cold         her enjoy. As I lay there, I
                                potential teachers––women         and uncooperative. They         decided to leave this village
  Roshaneh Zafar                with an eighth grade              were not interested in pro-     and project and go home the
        Pakistan                education. Site visits to rural   moting girls education and      next day.
 International recognition      communities were routine.         had not helped identify any
for financial transparency                                        potential teachers. After       Suddenly, I heard a young,
   June 2007. Roshaneh          But this time it was              three days of meetings, for     cheerful    female      voice
Zafar, founder of the Kashf     different: the community in       the first time in my life I     calling me by my name
Foundation, a microfinance      Balochistan was complex,          grew very unhappy and           and using the title of “Baji”
organization for women in       and I had to leave my newly       frustrated with work. I could   which means “elder sister”.
 Pakistan, received a Merit     married son and his bride.        not get through to the local    “Qurat Baji, Qurat Baji,
 Award from the Consulta-       In my culture it is a very        government officials. I be-     is it you?” said the voice
  tive Group to Assist the      important occasion when a         gan to miss the happiness       from the darkness. I was
  Poor, international certi-
                                new daughter-in-law joins         and warmth of my fam-           completely shocked. “Who
 fication approving of her
organization’s contribution     the family, and it was my         ily, wishing I was home         are you my child?” I asked.
to financial and accounting     responsibility to make the        celebrating the marriage of     The young woman lifted
        transparency.           bride feel comfortable and        my son.
                                                                                                                   cont. pg10
                                                                                                   Fellows in the
Later that evening I am         Shirlene, an art entrepreneur    my window, I have to pinch          spotlight:
eating a green curry with       from Singapore, and Chien-       myself. I may not have
                                Chi Chang, a Magnum              changed the world but I have          Aaron Pereira
    The Eisenhower              photographer from Taiwan.        seen the possibility of it.                Canada
      Fellowship                As I launch my diatribe
                                about disability represen-       We do what we do because
 EF gives its participants      tation in the media and arts,    we know we can change
 professional insights and      Chien gently pushes his          things; because our belief
    contacts, a broadened       recent book across the table.    and courage are fuelled by
  international and cross-      It is called The Chain, and      the entirely unexpected mo-
                                is a shocking testimony of       ments of chance, where ser-
 cultural perspective, and
                                life at the Lung Fa Tang         endipity throws you a line and
    a lifelong network of                                        an idea you have could very
                                mental asylum in Taiwan.
  colleagues and friends.                                        possibly become a reality.         Social Investment Ven-
                                He gets it!
   Its purpose reflects the                                                                         tures Fellow named an
   conviction that greater      By the time we leave the res-    In the business of business,        Architect of the Future
 understanding among in-        taurant, I have the support      social change or just taking
                                of someone I could not even      a risk, never forget: among       June 2007. Aaron Pereira is
 dividuals fosters greater                                                                          pioneering Canada’s only
                                have dared hope for.             the good, bad and ugly, the
    understanding among                                          bloody marvelous exists too.      national financial institution
  nations and contributes       By the time I get back to        And that, I have learnt, can      dedicated to serving citizen
    to peace and progress       the hotel, with the Manhat-      come any time, any place.         sector organizations. It pro-
            for all.            tan lights twinkling outside     Just keep your eyes open. ■        vides resources that CSOs
                                                                                                    currently lack: savings ac-
                                                                                                   counts, credit, investments,
Advocates for social Entrepreneurs                                                                   and financial advice. For
                                                                                                   this vision, he was awarded
ASE at the intersection of health and law                                                           a full scholarship to attend
The Advocates for Social        (mainly childhood cancer)        der to achieve meaningful         the conference of the Wald-
                                                                                                    zell Institute in September.
Entrepreneurs (ASE) net-        by helping their families ob-    access to justice and instill a
work is mobilizing a pro        tain critical information, get   genuine ethic of societal re-
bono, voluntary legal net-      the best available treatment,    sponsibility in the legal pro-         Anshu Gupta
work around the world. The      and improve their quality of     fession.
program has supported near-     life.
ly one hundred Ashoka Fel-                                     By encouraging a global ex-
lows through introductions      In order to assist Edith, the  change of information and
to high-quality legal ser-      Ashoka ASE team contacted      ideas that builds the capac-
vices. Together Ashoka Fel-     The Cyrus R. Vance Center      ity of members of the legal
lows, legal networks and law    for International Justice.     profession to affect positive
firms are strengthening the                                    change in their societies,
pro bono movement globally.     Founded on the principle The Vance Center immedi-
                                that lawyers have an impor- ately agreed to help Edith in          India Fellow wins grant to
Most recently, Edith Gryn-      tant role to play in promoting this project.                       scale up in a global World
spancholc, a Fellow from        social justice and strength-                                           Bank competition
Argentina who founded the       ening democracy, The Vance Now gaining the appropriate
                                Center works with organiza- legal knowledge, she hopes              May 2007. Anshu’s orga-
Natali Dafne Flexer Founda-
                                tions in democratic countries to build partnerships with           nization, GOONJ, has built
tion, expressed her interest                                                                       a nationwide movement to
to better understand laws re-   seeking to advance the role other leaders in the field to
                                                                                                   manage a massive transfer
garding cancer treatment for    the legal profession plays in influence public policy and          of used clothes, household
children in Latin America       promoting access to justice. to ensure that laws related            goods, and other essential
countries. Her Foundation       The Center also facilitates to childhood cancer are re-              material items to India’s
supports children suffering     collaboration between pub- spected and implemented                 rural poor. For his work he
from malignant diseases         lic and public sectors in or- throughout Latin America. ■          was named a winner of the
                                                                                                   World Bank Development
                                                                                                    Marketplace competition.
   A special          on the Brink of Abandonment (cont.)
  Thanks To:          the lantern to her face. She was about 20        Then I looked at her with excitement––I
                      years old and her eyes sparkled with deep        had found my first ally in the entire town!
   Rachel Land        excitement and love.                             I asked her if she would help me to find
   Lanna Walsh                                                         villages where there were literate women to
   Scott Rechler      Then she began to explain. She grew up in        recruit to be teachers. She jumped at once
                      a town called Baladia, a town of squatter        and said “Oh yes, I will come tomorrow and
  Bruno Borges        settlements I worked in during the early         I will take you to meet these women.”
  Gaston Wright       eighties to bring sanitation and hygiene
  Carol Grodzins      education.                                       With Bano at my side I established 60
    Ali Levine                                                         girls schools in Panjgoor in one and a
                      “You came to my house and talked to my           half months. It was an accomplishment
    Jessica Lee       mother about sending me to school,” she          I thought impossible upon my arrival.
  Caroline Casey      said, “and it was after hours so I could still   Now not only would girls have equal
 Sadhana Shrestha     work and earn money for my family. You           access to education, but the corrupt local
Samjhana Upadhyay     used to visit us a lot and gave us books.        officials would no longer be able to sell
    Quratulain        “Because of you I was able to go to school       fake teaching posts and pocket the money
     Bakhteari        until the tenth grade.”                          for themselves.
 Dan Tuttle, Editor                                                    My encounter with Bano gave me the
                      Her name was Bano. She had followed her
                      husband home to Panjgoor four years ago          strength, vision, and motivation to
                      and is now a math teacher at the only school     continue doing my work. She was proof
                      in town.                                         that I was helping to change lives. ■

                      Her hug sent a flow of warmth through my
                      sad and frustrated body.

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                                            in this issue, go to ashoka.org.


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