Environmental Endocrinology And Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement by anamaulida


									I am not sure if you were at the 1st planetarium convention, but I
remember standing in front of all these doctors, and I didn't know where
to start. So I asked them what their hormone replacement ideas were by
going round the room. They told me why and how they actually did it. And
I say what's your conjecture and one after another was just blundering.
It didn't make any sense and ultimately I said okay, we'll stop. "I have
a hypothesis", I told them. "My hypothesis is, you don't have one and
you're still prescribing and as a lady, I'm horrified. That you would
give me something that you do not understand, you do not know how it
works. That isn't OK. In fact, I'm sure the FDA does not think that OK
and that is the reason why we're having problems with them and bio-
identicals because you are just handing it out in the template of the
standard of care. And the girl with self-imitative claimed you would be
snuffed out by the simpler standard of care, if I am not mistaken. So why
do you continue doing this? When we have a model, we will use it through
the skin to let folk live long and healthy lives, like Type one diabetics
and insulin. Why can't ladies have hormones as they might have produced
them through the skin? I think we had a better plan. I always show it in
the convention, sleeping controls eating, how you eat, what you eat.
Sleeping and eating govern aging which we call menopause. So, how many
trips round the sun you're taking depends on what your food supply was
and whether or not it was three, four months of high insulin and long
life which is summer or it was 12 months and in which case you may age 4
times as quick because you just get one summer each trip round the sun.
You do not have the raw materials, and you understand all that when you
understand that as your hormones run out, simple entropy winds you down.
But to deal with the raw materials and the food, you do not have the
effectors to address it. You put all that back together and I'm fairly
confident it's the absolute best you can hope for. You can't tinker in
the powder, I mean. By putting the enormous pieces together first, the
standard of life goes thru the roof when folks get noticeably better."

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