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Homosexual Family


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        <p><strong><em>A Stork for a Homosexual Family</em></strong></p>
<p>The last years can be really considered as social breakthrough in our
minds: we started accepting lots of problems differently and among other
things we have become more tolerant to gays and &lt;a rel="nofollow"
'/outgoing/article_exit_link/4143242']);" href="&lt;a rel="nofollow"
'/outgoing/article_exit_link/4143242']);" href="http://www.lesbian-"&gt;"&gt;lesbians&lt;/a&gt;. They
are not taken for some outlaws anymore and many legislation amendments
allow them protecting their rights on equal terms with heterosexual
<p>The beginning of the 21st century became the new era for many of them
as the law in Argentina, Canada, Belgium, Iceland, the Netherlands, the
UK, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, South Africa and some other countries
recognized their right for the same-sex marriage.</p>
<p>But the prejudice against lesbians is often much stronger than against
gays as men are historically considered to be more independent and the
women's mission is just to take care of their home place and family;
thus, lesbians' relations are more often considered to be some kind of
psychological deviation. Many people do not believe that these women are
productive and able to bear children and bring them up properly. Volker
Kauder, a German politician, even gave a speech in 2010 declaring that
gay couples must not be allowed to have children. In Russia homosexual
relations has stopped to be the crime since 1996 but have still remained
as criminally liable in the Criminal Code.</p>
<p>But many countries tend to provide the same family rights for same-sex
married couples. For example, the Law was adopted in Great Britain in
2008 allowing such families to mention two fathers or two mothers in the
child's birth certificate. That was probably one of the reasons of gay-
families baby-boom: about 350 lesbian couples passed extracorporal or in-
vitro fertilization procedure in 2009 as compared to 176 in 2007 and 36
in 2000. And due to in-vitro fertilization over 350 children were born
during the last tow years. The same law canceled the provision that only
heterosexual couples have the right to get use of in-vitro therapy.
Lesbians can get all the range of medical reproductive services
absolutely free and in accordance with the Human Fertilization and
Embryology Act if they applied for in-vitro fertilization at the state
licensed clinic these women will be automatically mentioned as serples
have the right to the lastwomen's mission is just to cбыстрому
рецепту. the child's parents in the birth certificate.</p>
<p>All these social and legislative changes prove that people become more
tolerant to homosexuals and ready to believe that gays or"&gt;lesbians can provide positive upbringing
for their children. So, lots of same-sex married couples won't be
deprived of parental happiness.</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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